Are There Differences In Race?

Every few months there is some eruption of race in the manosphere where I’m accused of “censoring the truth” about race differences and how I’ve taken the red pill on everything but race. On the flip side are concerns from those who are troubled that white nationalists are leaking into the community, especially from the human biodiversity and neoreaction spheres.

I personally believe that race differences exist. Varying evolutionary pressures in different environments created the world’s races, leading to genetic differences in personality, physiology, and thinking that can’t be entirely attributed to environmental upbringing. These differences give each race their own profile of strengths and weaknesses that make them compatible and incompatible with certain behaviors and features of society. For example, I believe Arabs, due to their kinship model of organization, are mostly incompatible with democracy, which focuses on individual rights and freedoms.

Beyond considering the scientific basis for some race generalizations, “race realism” stops for me. Race concerns me very little in the lifestyle that I believe is optimal for the individual man when it comes to improving his love life, well being, and overall happiness. The advice I teach is race blind, and this is shown by the diverse grouping of men from around the world who has been helped by it. While there are some biological differences that may give certain races an edge with a game program, such as allowing a black man to gain muscle mass faster than an Asian man, individual self-improvement minimizes race differences that can be more easily noticed on a societal scale when comparing large populations.

Unless you’re a policy wonk concerned with immigration, a university official in charge of an affirmative action program, or a politician who creates actual policy, race realism provides a marginal utility in your life. The main benefit comes with dating women, by finding a race of woman who is most receptive, attractive, and compatible to your game, personality, and appearance, of which race is but one component. Besides that, I can’t think of how my life has been benefited by knowing about human race differences, especially since I don’t aim for a political career. Benefits from studying race realism may apply to groups who subscribe to ingroup nationalism, but not to a body of work built on a foundation of game and male achievement.

Ingrouping is a powerful draw for many people. The easiest way to feel a sense of belonging is to find others who have the same skin color as you. I believe these ingroups have a right to form and further their own interests. The only problem with such nationalism is that the end game is subjugation or genocide of races deemed to be inferior. Race realism by white people leads to the idea that whites are the superior race and all other races are inferior (white nationalism). When this type of group ascends to power on a national level in a multi-racial society, they will naturally promote white interests while oppressing or persecuting “inferior” races. When a more extreme element eventually takes hold, subjugation and genocide become the logical conclusion in preserving and strengthening the race that has been deemed biologically superior.

It’s for this reason that intellectual Jews after World War 2 pushed the idea that race differences don’t exist: they wanted to prevent another Holocaust while strengthening their ingroup. If discussion of race differences are allowed, anti-Semitism tends to bloom and Jews get blamed for societal ills, leading to their persecution. There is a component of self-preservation in not allowing race realism if you’re a minority group, but it is not the truth.

That leads to a difficult realization: should taking the red pill lead to your own marginalization? If you are a black man, and are convinced by HBD that blacks are inferior because of IQ studies, where does that leave you? That leaves you in the exact same position as men in the manosphere who believe that “men are disposable,” a toxic notion I recently dispelled. A black man can accept that there are strengths and weaknesses of his race compared to others, but that should be the limit of how far he goes once understanding that the individual is not the group and that nature and nurture make the man, not genetics alone. If taking the red pill means emasculation, self-shame, and writing off on the potential subjugation of his race, then he shouldn’t take it. The truth should hurt, but it shouldn’t lead to your own destruction, and those who disagree with me are coincidentally a member of the race that they deem to be the most superior while pushing the false notion that genetics is 100% of personal destiny.

The general pattern I see with nationalists of any race is that they have foregone self improvement and hard work in favor of playing the societal victim. Some whites in America today are angry that their race has lost influence and relative population, and while I agree that the notion of “white privilege” is deeply flawed (along with “male privilege”) and that open-door immigration hurts society, I strongly suspect that active participation in white nationalist circles is a cover for feelings of personal inferiority.

If your life is not what you hoped for, and you are unwilling to put in the effort to make it better, patting yourself on the back that you’re part of a master race is a comforting notion that channels your frustration in life against outgroups. We even see this with guys in the manosphere pushing the “males are superior” notion. I believe males are superior in most ways over women, but I don’t use that as an excuse for my own failings, to sit alone in my apartment with no women with dreams of controlling, hurting, or subjugating them. While believing in the superiority in men may validate a few of my real-world observations, it does nothing when I’m actually trying to get benefits out of that world, and so therefore it is not a large component of my thinking. For a white nationalist, race is the end-all-be-all explanation for nearly everything he observes involving human existence. He is the mirror opposite of the blank slatist, when the correct answer is somewhere in the middle between the two extremes of genetics and environment.

So yes, there are race differences that range from trivial to significant, and those differences can affect societies, but besides using my knowledge of race differences to select a race of woman that I’m most compatible with, race should not be used as a pillar, foundation, or main component of your belief system, because it will have little effect in improving your day-to-day individual existence. Besides identifying basic race differences that can aid men with their dating lives, I’ll leave the race rabbit hole to white men. In the meantime, I’ll continue offering advice and information that can aid men of all races.

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