Are You The Player Or Are You Getting Played?

There are only two roles that can exist in any male-female relationship:

  • The player
  • The person who gets played

The player has the upper hand in the relationship. He or she dictates terms. He or she determines the frequency and depravity of sex. For the last girl you dated, I want you to ask yourself: were you the player or did you get played?

If you’re not sure, you got played. If you didn’t get what you wanted out of the relationship, you got played. If you were often waiting by the phone, filled with anxiety, hoping for a text reply, you got played. If you wondered what she was doing when she wasn’t with you, you got played.

But if you left her wanting, you were the player. If you degraded her in bed to your satisfaction, you were the player. If you put the brakes on her affections, you were the player. If she sent you back-to-back messages, hoping for a reply, you were the player. If whenever you said goodbye to her, you possessed no fear of never seeing her again, you were the player.

There is no other role that you can fill. There is no 50/50. Either you’re the player or you’re getting played. Someone has control and is getting most that they want. Someone doesn’t have control and is not getting all that they want. Which are you?

Remember that time when you started off as the player, but then you got played in the end? I know why that happened. It’s because you stopped giving her the game that got her in bed in the first place. Man, I feel sorry for that girl. She was happy at meeting a men who knew how to turn her on, who wasn’t needy like all the other men she meets, and then after a couple of bangs you started treating her like she was your girlfriend and shit. What a disappointment for her to have to be the player when she was the one who wanted to get played. She desperately wanted the drama of an aloof man so that she has something to cry to her friends about, but you decided not to be that man and got played in the end.

Remember that time you started off getting played, but then you ended up playing her? She didn’t really care about you. She treated you like a nobody, but then she saw a girl as pretty as her giving you love. She heard through the grapevine that you’re a better man than she initially thought. How happy she was to find a man that could now play her! You assumed your rightful role and got what you wanted while she could hope and guess as to what you’d do to her next, relieved that she didn’t have to lead.

Girls are players when they can’t find a worthy man to play them. They truly hate being players, because it makes them be assertive, a trait that goes against their nature. They have no choice but to act as players because they keep meeting men who want to get played. Stop getting played and be the player she seeks. Care less than she cares. Be more aloof than her. Withhold your affections. Don’t fall for the traps she lays for you that tests whether you are really the player or not.

Women are practically begging men to play them but very few are strong enough to stay the player. They show flashes of it, but they get lazy and weak, and then wonder why their girl started acting weird, stopped fucking them, stopped picking up the phone. If you want a woman to be disgusted with you, simply let her play you. If you want a woman to choose you as a provider who provides feelings instead of sex, get played. Choose the right path, my friend—the path of being a player. It’s what she truly wants.

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