Argentine Girls Final Thoughts

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1. Argentine girls love disappearing. You think they are loving you hours after you first approached, and then they just ditch you. This may be a reason why Argentine guys are dicks: Why put in the work and be nice and spend all that time if she’s going to ditch?

2. Escalation is different. When an American girl starts touching you a lot and holding your arm, you’re money and can ramp up. When an Argentine girl does it, it’s bait and you should not escalate quite yet. If you bite too early, you “lose” and that’s that. You need to wait longer than normal for when the vibe of the interaction changes; she’ll start staring at you differently and smiling when there is nothing to smile about. Only then do you escalate. I’m still not too clear about this.

3. Dancing is crucial in almost all pick-ups. Since there is no such thing as grinding here, that means you dance for hours a foot away from her touching now and then, waiting and waiting like a puppy dog until you get the green light explained above. If you are the kind of guy like me who prefers leaning against the bar all night with a drink in your hand, you will get significantly less than your twin who hits the dance floor. While dancing offers no certainty you’ll get anything, it’s the only way to have her attention for long periods of time.

4. There is no cockblocking here from the girlfriends. I’m convinced cockblocking is a cultural phenomenon.

5. If I could try one thing differently, I would go serious push game. Constant challenging. Make it seem like every answer they give is wrong and she has absolutely zero chance with you. Saying things like “I wish you were…” While smiling of course. The only way to find out how far you can go is to make a few girls genuinely mad at you.

6. There is a “you’re not worth anything if you’re easy” meme floating in Argentina, which means an Argentine girl will never make it easy for you. It’s always a headache.

7. Argentine girls like sex, but on the surface the culture is not very sexually liberalized. For example I’ve never seen such conservative dress before; the girls never show cleavage and they think sexy is showing off their skinny arms. At the end of the night in a U.S. club, a significant number of people are making out. In Argentina it’s very few couples. You’ll find fast girls but on average they are slower than Americans.

8. In two months I’ve never seen an Argentine girl buzzed, tipsy, alegre, whatever. They just dance or talk all night. Plus there is no shooter culture like in the U.S. The nightspots don’t even have shot glasses.

9. Because Argentina does not have an easy pick-up environment, social circle is very important. Gringos who have done well with Argentine girls are ones that have enrolled in school for an extended period of time and built up a social circle. The advice that an American would give a friend to find a wife is the same an Argentine gives to get laid. The average notch count here has to be lower for both sexes.

10. In most cultures, when someone is staring at you, you look to see who it is. But the girls here will definitely not look at you if they know you are staring. If I’m walking on the sidewalk and notice a cute girl walking towards me, I avert eye contact and pretend I’m not paying attention until I feel her looking at me. Then I look at her eyes. She’ll panic and look away immediately. You are not supposed to know she is looking at you because that may mean she is interested. That’s how Argentine girls are.

In conclusion, the girls are a pain in the ass, but every system can be cracked—it’s just a matter of how long it takes. But why bother when Brazil is right next door?

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