Asking A Girl When Was The Last Time She Had Sex

In a neverending quest to optimize my fuck funnel, I’m always looking to correlate a girl’s answers to my questions with her sexual behavior. If girls who eventually fuck me give the same answers to a specific question, I will look for that answer in the future.

In Poland, I began asking girls when was the last time they had sex. I’m not sure why I first did it, but the information I got from asking has encouraged me to now always ask during night pickups.

When there’s a pause in the conversation at about the 30 minute mark or beyond, after there has been flirting, I look her in the eyes and say, “Can I ask you something…. when was the last time you had sex?” She will be taken aback and remark how personal your question is, maybe asking “Why?” Then say, “Because I have an answer in my head and I’m just curious. If it’s yesterday then that’s fine, I won’t judge you.”

Logic would tell you that the longer her answer, the more likely she will bang you that night, but your logic would be wrong. The optimum answer is 2-6 weeks. The answer is poor if after six weeks and godawful if after three months. Worse yet is if she refuses to answer at all, which likely means she has sexual issues. The most conservative girls answered me even if she wasn’t at all interested in having sex.

Before we analyze why shorter time frames are better, understand that girls will lie. Just like how when you get pulled over by the cops on a weekend night and automatically say you’ve only had “two drinks,” a girl’s default answer to seem normal is “two weeks.” In fact, I hear it about 50% of the time, which should be statistically unlikely. It’s a safe answer that insinuates she’s neither a prude nor a slut.

I’ve found that an answer of two weeks generally means she has an infrequent fuck buddy and will put him on the side burner for better. The good news is that the more likely she has a fuck buddy, the more likely she needs to fuck just to fuck, with no emotional connection required. These horny girls are a player’s bread and butter. They will not take much time to lay because they need sex. When a girl says two weeks, commit to the interaction and try to get her home.

Up to six weeks is also acceptable, but between six weeks and three months means she has the ability to go without sex and doesn’t find fucking as necessary. You are less likely to get more than a kiss on the same night, though she will probably fuck you within two or three dates. If you get such an answer on a Saturday night when the venue is packed with girls, you may want to eject early. If it’s an off night and there are few other options, stick to the interaction and see what you can get out of it.

If a girl says under two weeks, she has a semi-serious fuck buddy or boyfriend. Girls are constantly worried about what you think of them, so if she has no problems telling you that she just got her vagina demolished, she is less likely to view you as a future sex partner. You want her to be shy about saying she just got fucked—even though you told her you wouldn’t judge her for it—so that she doesn’t think you view her as a slut. If she doesn’t care how you view her, which comes from answers under two weeks, she’s not that interested in you. It has happened where girls I’ve suspected of having a boyfriend gave an answer such as “two days ago.” She doesn’t care what I think because she’s happy with her dude and is just using me for entertainment.

If you hear a longer answer over three months, you’re tempted to think that you hit the jackpot of a horny girl who needs the cock, but these girls actually don’t need sex at all. They’re sexual camels. Think of how many dudes have offered her cock during that dry spell and how she has refused all of them. It won’t matter if you happen to be better than the dozens of dudes that have tried during that time period because she places her sexual needs (or lack thereof) above your value as a man. When a girl tells me an answer of over three months, and she’s a pretty girl who is likely hit on every time she goes out, I get the hell out of there. Let some other guy try to crack her dusty vagina.

Asking a girl when was the last she had sex is like gathering intelligence for an upcoming covert operation. You need all the information possible to make a smart decision on not only what to do with your time but how to proceed with the seduction. I no longer “go with the flow.” I don’t hope that luck is on my side. I figure out what she wants and her level of horniess. If I consider her a good prospect, I act on that information in order to close the deal as expediently as possible. If I close then great, but if not then I think about the interaction and what can be learned to optimize my fuck funnel and increase my future close rate. Romantic, yes?

Every night I’m out, I either succeed or learn. I’m guided by experience and knowledge, not luck. All players reach a point where luck is no longer part of his vocabulary. All that matters is skill and work.

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