Is It A Bad Idea To Ask For Phone Numbers?

Here’s an email I received recently:

I’ve recently realized it’s usually a bad idea to ask a chick for her phone number.

1. If she’s truly interested, she will ask you!

2. By asking her for her number, you are raising her status in the interaction between the two of you.

3. Getting her number gives her reassurance that she doesn’t need to sleep with you that night because you are already into her enough to want her number.

4. If you know you will never ask a girl for her number unless she offers it, you will quit spending so much time overanalyzing your time with her, wondering how to manipulate the interaction to get the number.

1. Many girls do, but not all, including girls that you can get out and fuck on the first or second date. By keeping this rigid rule you cost yourself notches, plain and simple.

2. Not by as much as you think, especially when you preclude the number ask with “you seem cool.” Understand that most women of the world like confident guys who make the first move. I’m convinced that my aggressiveness and persistence gets me laid more than my awesome jokes. Don’t confuse those qualities with neediness or desperation.

3. I don’t see why this is relevant when you only get the number after you’ve tried all you can to hit that first night. Many of the numbers you get should be on the steps of her house or in the narrow dark alley right next to it.

4. I agree with you for guys who only think in numbers. But if your interaction with a girl is cut short, it pays to ask.

Let me put it this way: say a very low 1 out of 50 numbers you get results in a bang. And the time it takes to get a number is 20 seconds. And the time to call or text that number is 60 seconds. (80 seconds x 50 numbers = 1 hour of time). Is it worth one hour of time spread out over weeks or months to bang an attractive girl?

Of course, especially when you consider that one hour is at least the amount of time you spend jerking off in a week. Fact is one hour is a drop in the bucket. Get numbers all the time after you’ve already pushed the interaction as far and long as you could. Don’t hope to meet those confident girls that can ask. Not only is that as much luck as game, but those aggressive “in charge” girls have slept with tons more guys than the more timid ones. Every now and then I still like seeing the girl grimace upon initial penetration.

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