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Love At First Sight

One of my carioca lady friends was relaying a story to me and and three other girls. It was about a guy who saw a girl on the subway in New York and fell in love. But instead of saying something to the girl, he went home, drew a picture of her, then made an internet site with the picture and forwarded it to his friends. The site got around and they found the girl, who happened to be Australian. The media got involved and made a big deal about it and reunited them with tears of joy all around. They “dated for a while,” which means once the thrill died down she dumped him.

The other girls were touched by this story and went silent as they looked at their drinks, perhaps wishing they could meet a man who obsesses over them like that. Thing is I’m sure they have, but since there was no media coverage they just put those guys in the friends zone.

At risk of being banished from the group I raised my hand to speak and said I thought the guy was a loser who has trouble with women. My comment was not well-received.

“Don’t you believe in love at first sight?”

“No,” I said.

“You’re not romantic at all.” They shook their head, regretting they ever made friends with a gringo.

I dropped the issue because I wanted to make it from the table alive, but there seems to be a very fine line between being romantic and being a pathetic beta male. Or perhaps there is no line.

Postscript: Apparently the story is true, but “dated for a while” actually means “went out for coffee.” Here is the original site he made and here is more information than you’ll ever need to know about these two people.


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you read only one of my Volette travel articles, it should be this one. I wrote about my Carnival experience, how it’s like, and some tips in case you plan on visiting.

There are two parts to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: the street block parties called blocos and the elaborate samba parade at the Sambodromo stadium. Both are required for the full Carnival experience…

I’ll admit that the Carnival marketing got me. I saw the pictures of half-naked women on floats and thought Carnival had to be just about sex. It’s more about…

Read it here

I included a dozen photos in the article. Here’s a couple:



My previous Volette articles:

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Brazilian Gym Culture

A different side of Brazil most gringos don’t see is the gym. I don’t consider myself a meathead but with the metaphorical anal pounding my body took I was turning a little soft and figured Rio would be a good place to work on my musculature.

First thing is the cost: gyms in Brazil are expensive. The first gym I looked at cost $150 US a month, and it was almost $200 if I wanted to use the pool. While it was the most beautiful gym I’ve seen in my life, with brand new equipment in spacious rooms and even computers with free internet, I opted for the budget $100/month gym. The only major difference it had from a regular gym like Golds or Sport & Health was the LCD screens with satellite television attached to every treadmill.

Just like in the States most gym-goers are guys, but in Brazil the guys are universally huge. 90% of them were gloriously large and ripped, even the one’s in their 40’s. So many carioca guys are in shape that showing off your muscular body on Ipanema beach for example will get you about as much attention as cruising South Beach with a BMW 3 series. I saw only one or two guys during my dozen or so gym visits that were smaller than me. My gut instinct is to think they are on steroids but then again Rio has hundreds of juice bars that have caloric shakes which can be supplemented with protein. It’s also common to see GNC-like shops throughout the city. Creatine for all!Brazilian Girl On Beach

Most importantly let’s talk about the girls. In the States you see a lot of young girls in the gym because of the popularity of female high school and college athletics, but in my Brazilian gym the average female was slightly over 30. But these were the hottest 30 and over women I’ve ever seen in my life, even if a fifth of them had fake breasts. Not only do they have the means and motivation to look good, but they are working off the foundation of Brazilian genes which gives them that legendary ass. If they had it, they definitely showed it.

The best part is that many women wore skin-tight lycra ensembles where you can make out the shape of their vaginas. Do you know the machine that works out the hamstrings, where you have to lay on your stomach and curl up your legs? Imagine the views that machine could offer a gringo pervert who looked at Brazilian women with epic asses wearing one-piece outfits that revealed everything. The calf machine offered very good views of those using the vagina machine. Right now my calves are the biggest they’ve ever been in my life.

Brazilian Guys Playing SoccerThere is more of a pick-up vibe in American gyms, where you see guys and girls chatting with each other for extended periods of time without working out. In my gym this was rare but I did try to feel out the vibe by fishing for looks and engaging in light bilingual conversation. It would happen where a girl asked me in Portuguese how many sets I have left or if she could work in (you could tell which by her body language). I would respond in English with something like, “You can work in with me,” but almost every time she’d scatter off after smiling. In other cases I would ask a girl in English how many sets she has left. Instead of offering to let me work in, she would usually say she’s almost done. Even though she’d maybe check me out later, I never got that invitation to conversate, and no girl took the easy bait of asking “Where you from?” that was super common in the clubs. It could be the language barrier but my guess is there is less picking up in Brazilian gyms than American ones.

In conclusion, American gyms are good for being social and listening to T-Pain on your iPod. Argentine gyms are good for spying on the aerobics room were 95% of girls are hot. Brazilian gyms are good for looking at vaginas attached to showroom asses. Brazil wins.

If you liked this post then I think you'll like Roosh's Brazil Compendium, a 98-page strategy guide designed to help you sleep with Brazilian women in Brazil without paying for it. It contains dozens of moves, lines, tips, and city guides learned after seven months of research in the country, where I dedicated my existence to cracking the code of Brazilian women. Click here to learn more.

Culture Shock?

This list you are about to read are things I’ve always noticed about living in the States but which are especially obvious after being away for six months.

– People come in extremely large sizes. It’s amazing how much weight the human body can handle. Also…

– There is no fat stigma or shame, perhaps because we are taught to accept ourselves just the way we are. So you see gigantic beverage and food portions consumed by gigantic people in public. Unlike in some Asian countries, it is not acceptable to tell people you barely know they are overweight.

– People wear corporate logos like North Face, Under Armor or Armani Exchange with pride. They seem to identify with these logos.

Israeli Girls in Rio– There is a mind-boggling variety of food sold in warehouse-like buildings (supermarkets), but healthy, non-processed, and somewhat natural food such as organic fruits and vegetables are far more expensive than typical food most likely derived from corn or soy.

– On the Metro, everyone has a book with them, with titles such as Making Globalization Work (no lie). You have to be doing something while waiting for something else.

– Americans are pretty funny. If they say their favorite show includes Seinfeld, The Simpsons, or Friends, they are guaranteed to make a good joke at some point in the conversation.

– Most of the middle-class population seems to have a computer phone. At bars half the crowd is typing away on their cute little keyboards.

– It’s okay to put toilet paper in the toilet bowl. But where all that flushed toilet paper go???

Making Globalization Work– There is a heavy display of wealth. People are showing off that they (may) have a lot of money as a judge of their self-worth. This is a bad idea in many other parts of the world.

In Chile I met a young Dutch guy who was telling me about his girlfriend. She went to India for a month and was so taken in by the culture that when she came back she had “serious culture shock,” moreso than when she arrived in India. He told me that in India there is less display of affection between men and women, so when he picked her up from the airport she only give him a distant hug while in new ethnic garb. At the time I thought, “That girl is full of shit,” and I can confirm it now; I’ve been gone for six months and there is no culture shock. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve been gone. :paranoid:

Layout Changes

I made some changes to the blog.

– Widened the right column to fit in sponsor buttons.

– Moved site search form to top right.

– Added link to get posts via email.

– Added “Recent Comments” section.

– Added “Top 10 Most Popular” section, which is calculated according to views and comment counts.

– Added a “Share This” button at the bottom of every post.

– Fixed up the related posts section at the bottom of every post.

– Added a post rating system. Rate a post without leaving the page.

– Made “Editor Favorites” current. It used to be called “Still Hot.”

One of my goals was to make the blog more revenue friendly to search engine visitors without annoying regular readers (you). There are no ads in the main text of recent posts.

How Much The Trip Actually Cost


Most people guessed way too low. Six months in South American cost me $12,471.28.

Let’s take off the $3,000 I spent in Rio (one-sixth of that went to the worst hostel in South America for their six day Carnival package). That leaves $9500 for five months, or $63 a day. Out of that I’d estimate $30-40 was spent on lodging, food, local taxis, and going out. But it was the miscellaneous costs that rammed me: new camera ($300), hospitalization ($550), visas ($200), bus transportation, doctor visit ($150 for a dermatologist in Rio), clothing replacement ($100), new 220-volt shaver ($50), Machu Picchu ($120), etc. Plus I took Spanish and Portuguese lessons ($200). It was very hard to keep costs down.

If you want to take a long trip but don’t want to spend this amount of money, here’s my advice:

1. Don’t get sick, or take out a travel health insurance policy with the lowest possible deductible. Taking out a high $500 deductible like I did is retarded unless you plan on your appendix rupturing.

2. Stay longer in less cities. Not only do you minimize transportation costs but by knowing the city you can eat and get around more cheaply. I can live a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in a nice city like Cordoba, Argentina for around $1000 a month.

3. Don’t eat out more than twice a week. It saves you money and minimizes your chances of getting sick. Make big meals and save leftovers for the next day’s lunch and dinner.

4. Try to make friends on sites like Couch Surfing to lodge for free. I never did this but if I’m in a money crunch it’d make sense. Plus you’ll have a more locals experience. Or you can get an older girlfriend who has her own place. I can tell you right now that you will get tired of both hostels and gringos after a month.

5. If you really want to save money and get your costs down to $10 a day, bring your tent, wash your clothes, and never use internet cafes. Or sleep in hammocks.

On to the contest winner. First here is my favorite guess:

$0. I think you spent the whole time in your dad’s basement avoiding homosexual thoughts.

Wrong! In close second place with a guess of $12,000 was Rajia. She gets no prize. The first place winner, and champion of this contest, is Brian with a guess of $12,885. Here’s what he had to say about winning the book.

Man I really don’t believe it! I mean I’ve always wanted the book but I just don’t want to pay actual money for it. I’ve been hoping for some type of sweet contest so when you announced this one on Monday I almost shit my pants at the opportunity.

Just kidding I made that up, but I imagine that’s what he would say. Thanks for playing!

Postscript: What he really had to say…

Some of those guesses were downright retarded. How anyone could guess like $3000 or $4000 is beyond me.

Top 10 Signs A Girl Is Open To
Having Sex While Abroad

This guest post is written by Craig Heimburger of He has been traveling for three years.

I’ve been watching travelers for a while now, and started noticing long ago what types of female backpackers had slept in their beds the night prior, and which didn’t.

On their own, none of the items on the list below mean much in the way of forecasting if a girl is likely to hookup on any given night, but start combining these traits, and you’ve got a better than average indicator that she’s open to some lovin’ abroad.

1. She’s traveling with a guy she isn’t romantically involved with

2. She’s been traveling for a few weeks without any romantic encounters

3. She’s got a week or less of her trip left

4. She isn’t traveling with another girl

5. She’s sleeping in a shared (dormitory) room

6. She gets showered and made up before going out, but not overly dressed up

7. She’s been drinking

8. She’s smoking a cigarette

9. She doesn’t mention a boyfriend (real or fictitious) as a defensive mechanism

10. She’s not from the USA, Israel, Sweden, or the Netherlands

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My First Night Out In DC

I was judged.

I went to Marvin (2007 14th St NW), a U-street hipster joint, with VK, Roissy, and fan favorite Insomnia. It’s a tough decision of whether I rather be alone in a mega-club filled with future models that don’t speak my language or with friends in a bar where I can count the hot cute girls on one hand. It was most interesting that most of the male patrons there had style that was better than a stylish Argentine or Brazilian girl—but they weren’t gay (consciously, anyway).

Two young girls walked passed us and I said, “My friends like cats.” It worked of course because of my supreme alpha body language. Three of us rotate between the two girls, just feeling out the vibe. I had a short conversation with one of them, a 21-year-old American college student at George Washington University. She was attractive without major physical defects, but just four days out of Rio I wasn’t inspired.

It took about six minutes for her to ask me what I “do.” I told her I don’t do anything, just some things here and there. She asked me what I used to do and how I can survive without a job. “I have some money saved up,” was my response. Then she said, “You are so idealistic.”

A couple years ago I met a girl who was aggressive in exchanging numbers. We did a coffee shop first date and talked for an hour. It was obvious to me there was no match but I was still nice. At the end of the date, unprompted, she said to me, “I think I know what your problem is…” and then proceeded to tell me what she thought was wrong with me. She was American as well.

Does every girl think she is a psychologist because she took a couple Cosmo personality quizzes?

I didn’t call the 21-year-old out for being a baby who doesn’t know anything besides drinking, homework, and sucking the occasional dick. We already know what her response would have been: “But I’m so experienced for my age!” (Why is it the only people who tell me that are young, white, and privileged?) I politely let the conversation fade and went back to enjoying my Stella beer. I know my revenge will come one day, when about five years down the road she’s in a situation where she questions her path and will regret not asking a couple open-minded questions to a mature man who questioned his as well.

I downloaded some new porn when I got home—I’ve been watching the same shit for six months.

South America By The Numbers


…days there: 188

…countries I visited: 9

cities I spent at least one night in: 30

…days my stomach has not been right: 130+ and counting

…times I washed my only pair of pants (jeans): 4

…items the laundry places lost: 2

…times I used a laundry place: around 20

…bridges I jumped off: 1

…times I hand-washed clothing: 0

…months until I had to take a shit in a bus station restroom: 5

…months until turned into a “beer guy”: 3

…posts I wrote for this blog: 89

…words I wrote in my travel journal: 76,000

…nights spent camping: 0

…haircuts: 0

…times I got robbed: 1

…total number of hours on the bus: 253 (10.5 days)

…average length of a bus ride: 8 hours

…percent of my time in South America spent on the bus: 5.6%

…longest continuous bus ride: 24 hours

…longest continuous journey without a bed: 45 hours (4 buses)

…pairs of ear plugs I went through: 8

…different gyms I used: 5

…percentage of hostels that I’m sure had bed bugs: 15%

beaches I swam in: 3

…hospitals I’ve stepped foot in: 4

…drug or vaccine injections: 8

…times I was awaken by dorm-mates having sex: 2

girls I met that I’d consider dating long term: 1

…Irish people who broke the “Irish people drink a lot” stereotype: 0

…pairs of contact lenses I went through: 5

…times I took language instruction: 3

…new porn video clips I downloaded: 0

…books I read: 0

…times I was bodily searched outside an airport: 1

glaciers I saw: 5

…postcards I sent: 67

…times I thought I may not make it out of South America alive: 2

…South American countries I have not stepped foot in: 4

…hotel room in a small Bolivian city: $3

…large smoothie with protein in Rio de Janeiro: $3

…Red Bull in a Rio de Janeiro gas station: $4

…night at the Copacabana Palace hotel: $520

…money I spent not including airfare: ???

…cost to Quito, Ecuador by air: $475

…one-way ticket home from Rio: $1025

…price of round-trip ticket from Rio: $1025

…regrets: 0

How Much The Trip Cost


A question I’m being asked is how much the trip ended up costing me. I’ll let you guess first. Person closest to the actual amount wins a autographed copy of Bang.


1. The total amount does not include airfare to and from South America (~$1500).

2. It includes purchases I made that will be used back at home, like a replacement camera, flash cards, and t-shirts.

3. It includes small gifts I bought for about a dozen or so people.

4. Even though I did stay in hostels, I don’t think I roughed it compared to others. I ate out 90% of the time and never camped.

5. I had only one flight within South America.

Contest ends Thursday at noon. Winner and the answer will be revealed on Friday. You can comment with an anonymous name but leave an email address in case you win.

Good luck!

I Wasn’t Kidding

In my six month update post I told you guys that I’ve been regularly working out at the gym. That’s noticeable in this video I made upon my return. I was just messing around with my new webcam.

Brazilian Girls


Most Brazilian girls look like half-Middle Eastern and half-Western European, darker than Argentine girls but lighter than girls from other South American countries. Since Brazil is similar to the United States with its large immigrant influence, it’s harder to pin down their physical features as easily as the Argentine girl.

If the average girl in a US club ranks a 5, and in an Argentina club she ranks a 7, in Brazil she’d be somewhere between a 6 and 7. This means the average Brazilian girl is bangable, but what separates Brazilian girls from the others is their vibe. If you are a guy and you look at a Brazilian girl, your mind jumps to sexual thoughts much faster than usual. Since it is not because she is more attractive, I think it’s a combination of body and body language. Having a larger than average ass helps. Argentine girls are beautiful dolls you want to show off on your arm, but Brazilian girls you want to get to the bedroom. American girls are a mixture, excelling at neither.

Most Brazilian girls in Rio speak English, and it’s not hard to see why with an English school on every other block. Your approach will be the same as on American girls, and their initial response will be the same as well (sometimes a little aloof), but what’s different in that if the Brazilian girl is feeling your game, things ramp up quickly and within two minutes it will be obvious if things will progress. She will ask you a bunch of questions, ask you to dance, or ask you to come hang out with her friends. You will get the “kiss me” vibe much faster than other girls as well, and the head turn you see in Argentine girls simply doesn’t exist here. Brazilian girls can be extremely aggressive if they like you, which means grabbing you or kissing you outright. To me that is novel and fun, but to some Brazilian guys it is annoying.

Argentina is the biggest conformist culture I’ve seen, more so than the United States. Argentine girls have the exact same hair, shoes, jeans, and even cut-off shirts. And they all smoke. One reason it’s so hard to select an Argentine girl out of a group you approached is being they are carbon copies of each other, but Brazil’s culture is more individualistic where creativity is rewarded (wait until you see pictures from the Carnival parade). Girls in the same group are very different so it will be rare you are debating between two of them.

Some problems that exist in the United States exist in Brazil as well. If you move up the socioeconomic ladder to the Brazilians who are wealthy and hold Western culture as their idol, their attitude will be just as bad or as worse than the yuppie lawyers you may hit on in DC. But there is less of a problem that a girl who ranks a 7 in Brazil will pretend she is an 8 or higher, as is common in some U.S. cities.

The best thing about Brazilian girls is they play far fewer games. I think it’s because they simply don’t know how. Many times I’m dealing with a Brazilian girl and think, “Doesn’t she know she is making it so obvious she likes me?” They show affection fast and often. On the other hand, American girls are professionals at playing games that slow down the interaction. If you show genuine affection to an American girl you are casually dating, you will be punished in some way. The interaction always has to be breezy so no one is showing “too much” interest, whatever too much is. (A person cannot handle affection if they don’t know how to give it.) The Brazilian girl is so unbreezy that you don’t have to think about regulating or keeping track of the affecting you give—in fact you won’t even be able to keep up with her. The way I view and interact with women would be completely different if I was raised dating Brazilian girls; I would put so much less mental energy into girls this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

I’m Back


Did I miss anything?