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Introductions Between The Opposite Sex

Since I’ve been back I noticed that every time I’m introduced to a girl the accepted move is to shake her hand. After cheek kissing a thousand girls in South America, I find our custom to be quite distant and unnatural. I wondered if this was only an American thing, so I contacted some people to see what the custom was for other countries.

Argentina: One cheek kiss
Brazil: One cheek kiss, but two in Rio de Janeiro
Chile: One cheek kiss
Czech: Handshake
England: Handshake
Greece: Two cheek kisses
India: You put your hands together and say “Namaste”
Iran: Absolutely no touching
Italy: Two cheek kisses
Netherlands: Handshake
Nigeria: Handshake
Russian: Confusing
Sweden: Handshake
Turkey: Two cheek kisses

Creative Commons License photo credit: ravenmaven

And then there is France. I’ll let my French buddy Gregorie explain:

It really depends on the region but it is basically a 2 to 4 cheeck kiss. Most common is two. Four in Paris suburbs or Britany (very stupid, it is a waste of time). Three in some areas but not very common. Bourgeois give only two, lower class three or four (Argentina Mendoza was one kiss…. that was kind of sexy.)

Men usually shake hands, except for V. Good friends tend to cheek kiss but they have to be above 16 to do it. Family, cousins, and uncles kiss each other. When you are introduced to a girl if you are same age and under 30s you can kiss her hello, after it is quite complex there is no rule at all.

It is science & the secret of french love.


I was more than ready to conclude with “Western countries are more distant in their introductions,” but I cannot make such a conclusion, though I do find it is ironic that this culture is perhaps the most germophobic in the world but we continue the practice of hand-germ exchange every chance we get. I’ve started to teach girls I meet about the Argentine introduction, which I find to be most agreeable, but I don’t think it’s catching on.

Taking Your Game International

I wrote a guest post for The Seduction Chronicles called Taking Your Game International.

3. Approach in massive numbers. The big myth of traveling is that you will get more abroad than you do at home, but there are so many obstacles (no cell phone, no pad, no wingmen, language barrier, lack of venue knowledge, and so on), that the only way to make up for them is to approach a lot more than you normally do. With many girls closed off to having sex with a gringo who is only in town for a weekend, sometimes you need to keep going until you find a girl who doesn’t mind and speaks your language. It takes a lot more energy than you are used to.

You can read it here.

Happy Iranian New Year

1. Tonight is the Happy Hour. Check upstairs of Marvin around 9pm for me and a tall white guy. We’re expecting a surprise performance by Snow Patrol.

2. Couple new blogs to check out. The first is The Modern Savage, a pick-up blog, and the second is Bittersweet Amalgam, run by a one Angelo who lives in the DC area. His drawings are hilarious and over-the-top.

3. Yesterday was the first year of the Iranian calender. We celebrated by eating a gigantic stuffed fish. There is a set tradition where you have to lay out several items, each with their own meaning. You eat the goldfish alive when the festivities are over.


4. I leave you this Friday with a quote from an old book…

The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. If you find yourself lacking in persistence, this weakness may be remedied by building a stronger fire under your desires.

Player Or Poseur?


This man looks like the chaperone to the young girl in the pink jacket, picking her up after what appears to be a very rough day at the office. Notice how he kind of just floats out there in the ether instead of being included in the photo—even the flash of the camera escapes him. Poseur. He also bears a striking resemblance to the president of Pakistan.

President Pervez Musharraf


This guy has a hot piece of ass on his crotch and he doesn’t even give a damn. It’s almost as if he’s being bothered by yet another attention whore who will do anything to gain his favor. Obvious player.

Bonus picture:


You see the ridiculously good looking girl on the left? That’s what Argentina has to offer—in the millions—every time you go out. But here she is a beauty queen and will get drooled on by at least a dozen guys a night. I can only imagine the size of her ego (shit, I would have a big head if I was relatively hotter than everyone else too).

If I was at the club that night and bombed with her, I could go home because there would be no other girls worthy at her level.

The Brazilian Consumption Card

The bars and clubs in Brazil have a weird system. In the U.S. you simply order a drink and then pay for it when it’s served to you, but in Brazil you have to give them your consumption card when you order. Here’s an example of a consumption card:


They put a hash mark in the box next to your drink and then they seve you. At the end of the night, you give your card to a cashier, pay the total, and get a stamp needed to exit. It sounds efficient but there are three problems:

1. You will lose your card. A lost card is an automatic 200 reals ($120—and increasing) charge. A lot of gringos waxed about drinking more than 200 reals worth of booze and losing their card on purpose to scam the system, but I did not meet anyone who attempted this. (I found it amusing that whenever a guy shared this idea he thought he was a genius for coming up with it.) A vodka drink is around 8 reals so you’d have to get consume 25 mixed drinks to get there. A beer is usually under 5 reals.

2. Long lines. When you want to leave after 2am or so, the line can be painfully long. It’s like you’re trapped. If you only ordered two drinks, you will usually wait much longer than the time it took to order and pay for two drinks.

3. Rip-off friendly. The amount I paid was almost always higher than what I added up. (One of the reasons the line moves so slow is because half the people are challenging the final amount.) Sometimes the cover charge goes towards your drinking but other times it doesn’t. Transparency is lacking.

This system reminded me of Salta, Argentina, where you had to carry the same glass with you all night long. When you leave they ask you for your glass and if you don’t have it you have to pay something like a 50 cent charge. It was common to see guys tearing it up on the dance floor with a cocktail glass in their back pocket.

One more thing. Remember when I wrote that Brazilians refer to spooning as “lying like oysters?” I was close—it’s actually to lie like seashells. With the Brazilian girls I met in Rio, I can confirm this as 100% fact.

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Getting Approached By Girls

Something interesting has been happening since I returned home: I’m getting approached in bars a lot more, generally by cuter girls who are more direct in their affections.

Before I left, I’d get approached maybe once every couple months by a 5 or 6. I’d talk to her just to be friendly. But each week I’ve been back, girls are either gawking at me or just approaching me outright. The other night a pretty Greek girl said, “I saw you from across the bar and I told myself that you’re hot and I have to talk to you.” I don’t think I’m ugly but I don’t have stereotypical good looks valued by this culture. If the first time you are called hot is when you are 28 then you know something else is going on besides looks. What has changed in six months?

A friend of mine suggested that times are changing and girls are approaching more. I do believe this. I think the seduction industry has filtered down to girls and they are taking their sex / love lives in their own hands instead of waiting passively to be swept off their feet. But is six months too short for a cultural shift to occur?

07-10-15-argentina-170.jpgMy theory is impossible to prove and has to do with body language. I’ve always believed that a person’s experience, confidence, and attitude is somehow transmutated into their body language. Whatever I experienced in the past six months is being told, like a story, with the way I carry myself. This body language is hitting some unconscious button on a couple girls, and they act with the justification that I’m physically attractive. But looks without the context of body language or vibe is pretty useless unless you are a guy still oogling the pages of Playboy.

So what am I doing differently? Nothing… that I’m aware of.

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Ironic Hipster Happy Hour

Me and Roissy (and possibly Arjewtino) are throwing a happy hour this Friday at Marvin.


Stop by and do the opposite of what this guy sings about…

Finger Eleven – Paralyzer

South America Travel Guide

I have finished my South America Travel Guide. I give overviews of each country and city along with a “Chance Of Hooking Up” rating. It’s geared for guys.

1 out of 5: You have an extremely low chance of hooking up. Don’t visit for the girls.
2 out of 5: You’ll need quite a bit of magical luck.
3 out of 5: There are girls around, but it’s not necessarily easy.
4 out of 5: You have a very good chance of hooking up if you put in an honest effort.
5 out of 5: Hooking up is guaran-fucking-teed as long as you aren’t disfigured.

I provide a handy list of all the cities I visited sorted according to their rating. Only one city gets a five (you’ll be surprised). I came up with the rating because almost all the guys I know are using women as considering for travel, but popular guides like Lonely Planet and Frommers don’t offer help in that department. In each country’s overview, I give a general description of the girls. Here’s what I say about Ecuadorian girls:


Ecuadorian girls look very indigenous with straight black hair, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, and small eyes. …most of them look like pictures of Native Americans in your high school history textbook. In smaller cities, the white man is looked on with an extra dose of curiosity, and his gringo status will attract an occasional prostitute working pseudo-undercover.

My best guide is on Rio de Janeiro, most likely because I stayed there for a month. I think Argentina will also be popular.

This project gave me a glimpse into travel book writing. Turns out it’s a pretty boring and tedious gig. My guides are basic but they took a ridiculous amount of time to put together.

Monday Morning Reading

Many began to realize that the magic of leverage could also lead to their ultimate ruin.

I don’t know if you read Kunstler but his doom and gloom predictions seem to be coming true.

Comments Of The Week

First, DoIsRight offers a very detailed unsafe sex point system.

I do a point system, like I am counting cards. I assign points to every risk factor. the higher the points the higher the risk. No particular order:

1) Where she lives/ Where she hangs out/ Where you are banging – If she lives in vermont, frequents chelsea, and you are banging her in long island. Vermont has only like 450 cases of hiv, while chelsea is infected by bi men, and if she is willing to go to long island with you to bang she probably has been banged previously by a guido. She has a higher chance of being infected. 3 points.
2) Casual questions about drug use. Alcohol frequency, weed, Coc, K, Meth. For coc, k, and meth girls are willing to get fucked in the ass to get high = Infected. Any sign of intravenous drugs – DO NOT BANG. 10 points for coc, k, meth. Alcohol to black out 5 points. Alcohol to loosen up 2 points. Weed a lot 1 point.
3) Race – not being racist but it is a huge factor facts wise when it comes to STDs. 1 point.
4) Economic status – poor people dont go to the Doctor. Lets hope a democrat gets elected so we have less STDs. 2 point.
5) Age – the younger the better. obviously. post 35 – 3 points – post 28 – 2 points – post 22 – 1 point. pre 22 – 0 points.
6) If she doesnt ask you to put on a condom, doesnt bring up condoms, just straight to insert. 4 points.
7) How many times you have to play just the tip and she does the hip squirm before inserting. No squirming 2 points. Medium 1 point. A lot of squirming 0 points.
8) While you are banging if you can stick your thumb in her ass without much effort, that is a bad sign. 2 point.
9) If she voluntarily tells you to cum inside of me [sic]. 7 points.
10) If you ask where should I cum, and she says inside of me. 5 points
11) If you ask, can I come inside of you and she says yes.3 points. If she says hell no. 0 points.
12) If she she asks you to put it in her ass. 15 points – almost like being gay

Second, Nomadz is insulted by people who whine about getting dumped.

The problem is we live in a society where pain, any kind of pain or suffering, is considered un-natural, and to be avoided at all cost. No one actually accepts anymore that pain, being hurt, suffering, are normal components of a human life and cannot always be avoided. Because a girl (or guy) gets hurt once, she or he takes shelter in a “i don’t want to suffer so i’d better never fall in love again” attitude, which is plain ridiculous.

What ? Say again ? You have been dumped ? you’ve had your heart broken ? BIG DEAL ! Get a life. Everybody has. Every human being suffers. Gets rejected. Gets his/her heart broken. THIS IS FUCKING LIFE, and if you can’t accept such a small amount of pain, well, just shoot yourself, or become a Buddhist so you can extinguish your worldly desires. This is not pain. This is nothing. Maybe if you were born in a war-torn african country and had your whole family raped in front of you just before you were enlisted as a child-soldier at the age of 8, well, maybe I’ll feel compassion, and understand that you need to build a defensive armour around your soul and mind so as not to become completely crazy. But don’t fracking tell me you need to be a cold-hearted, cocky bitch for the rest of your life because you prom date actually just wanted to fuck you and you felt disappointed.

Learning During Cold Streaks

Excerpt from Bang:

Some productivity experts recommend you attach a deadline to your goal. For example: “I am going to sleep with a mother and daughter team within six months.” I don’t advise doing this because the game is so unpredictable and quirky that time goals can be discouraging during the inevitable cold streak. As you gain skill, there will be periods where you sleep with multiple girls in a short amount of time, followed by nothing for several months.

When I was a full-time student of the game, I went to great lengths to get out of a cold streak. I would pull out a piece of paper, write a short-term goal, and make a bulleted list of all the things I should do and try to get out of it. The goal was usually set a month from when I started to write down this list. The sad part: I never achieved the goal within the deadline, and stopped making lists.

It took myself years later to realize what happened. During the goal month I experimented a lot with a shotgun strategy, trying to hit something that can get me out of the cold streak. I was learning instead of succeeding. Once the month was over and I was disappointed with the results, I put my list away and then unconsciously only did things that worked well. Then I hit.

At least once a month I go out and spit the craziest and weirdest shit I can think of. I remember one time I got out a scrap piece of paper and pretended I was reading simple lines like “Hi. How are you. What is your name?” Then the girl would peek at the paper and see a stick-figure drawing of me and a cat. And she would give me this look like “Who are you?” I don’t do this to get laid but to learn how girls respond to things and where the limits are. Learning and success go hand in hand, but they don’t always happen at the same time.

Girls and monogamy-included men really hate the methodical approach to game where you set goals in the form of vaginas and write down notes or ideas to accomplish them. I’ll admit it is a little weird, and it’s not something I’d tell to people who aren’t doing what I’m doing, but it works.

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Marvin Review

Marvin is a bar that just opened in October 2007. It is located in the “up-and-coming” area of U St near Busboys & Poets.

Ambiance: Your grandmother’s house.

People: Semi-hipsters. The late 20’s / early 30’s people here are “new” hipsters who have just taken up the cause, instead of being the hardcore type with skinny jeans who only goes to Black Cat and drink beer from a can (a low-class way to drink beer in my opinion).

Being a hipster used to be a way to get away from the mainstream, so I find it ironic that hipsterdom has been co-opted by the mainstream.

marvin1.jpgGirls: Uninspiring for the most part, but posing spot selection makes a big difference. Instead of hanging inside where you’ll just meet frumpy girls who can’t dance, head to the patio where there is more girl traffic ensuring for a better selection. Some undesirable, older women have given me very strong indicators of interest here.

Chance Of Hooking Up Rating: 2 out of 5. You’ll get a number but that’s it unless you are very aggressive with tight game.

The Verdict: Go if you want a tolerable place where people are not obviously lame, but if you want to meet girls who are easy then head deeper into the dregs of Adams Morgan where Grand Central is still a winner.

I’m 28-Years-Old And Not Jaded Or Bitter

I was at a bar talking to a girl who kept bragging that she was a bitch, and quite literally: she repeated “I’m a bitch” several times when I questioned her abrasive attitude. It made me think back to this girl I met in Brazil, who was feminine and gentle and would be embarrassed to say something like that about herself. But this is America.

I don’t mind a challenge under the influence so I wanted to see if I could crack her candy-coated shell to get to the gooey lubricated center (I know, I’m reinforcing the behavior). Whenever you meet someone who has a shell, 99% of the time it’s because they have been hurt badly in the past, but since everyone has been hurt, why is it some people get colder as go through the human condition and others get more.. human? Well I think it’s because one group has a belief that pain is bad and you must do everything to avoid it, while the other sees value in all experiences, good and bad.

truck.jpgAfter I built rapport with this girl, I asked her why she’s so rough. I told her how much attractive she’d be if she’d be more like a gentle flower instead of a box of razors. Eventually it comes out that she has been hurt. Her eyes well up and I felt a moment. Most girls I meet are intolerable and I wouldn’t want to spend time with them outside the bedroom, but you get these moments from them where they are so vulnerable and sweet. Her shield collapsed and I felt like this was the real girl and I wanted to get to know her. There was a short kiss and I got her number.

I bump into her one hour later. It was obvious the moment was gone and I’d have to work to get it back, but it wasn’t worth it. She’s capable of being the type of girl I want, but I shouldn’t have to constantly dig to find the real person inside. Any girl in her 20’s should come pre-fabricated to livable specifications. I’m not a dog trainer. So I never called her.

Exactly one week later I met another girl, also young. She wasn’t a bitch but she had a shield up as well and referred to being jaded from “crash and burns,” which I took to mean “pumps and dumps.” “Twenty-two and jaded already?” I worked it like other girl and had a nice moment with the “real” or natural girl. Her sister, who was a bitch, became alarmed and dragged her away per the tired American female cockblocking ritual. One hour later I saw her, but the moment passed, and I didn’t bother.