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Women Don’t Listen

My sister called me up with a game question. A guy she likes said he wanted to take her out on a certain night but did not set a time and place. The day came and she wanted to call him to see if they still were going out. First thing I told her was put down the phone.

It’s his job to make plans so the worst thing you can do is encourage his breezy behavior by doing the work for him. Have a cut-off time, where if he calls you before you will agree to go out with him but if he calls him after you say you already make plans because you weren’t “sure” if you were still going out. This will let him know he has to be a little more firm in making plans.

She agreed with me and picked a reasonable cut-off time of 7PM. If she lets him call at any time then she is sending the message that she is a great backup plan. Note that this is a guy she likes and not just wants to have sex with, which in that case it wouldn’t matter.

He called after 7PM, and she agreed to go out with him anyway. It’s not a big deal but I think if you want a guy to take you more seriously it’s better to send the message that you are for a “limited time only” instead of “unlimited supplies!”

The Three Best Cities In South America

I’ve been to 33 cities in every South American country except Colombia, Guyana, French Guinea, and Suriname. Even though I’m confident three of those four countries would never make the list, I may have to make an edit to this post some time in the future.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The secret has been out for over fifty years. Yes, Rio has a very serious crime problem and the police won’t go into many areas without armored vehicles and full SWAT protection, but if you’re a guy looking for a sex vacation and you don’t like Asian girls there is no other city in South America that touches your high odds of getting ass here. Pussy doesn’t fall from the sky, as you might be thinking, but the native girls actually like gringos. Even the native guys like gringos. Go out every night, don’t be a wallflower, and you will get to experience what I plan on experiencing again in the future.

juice-bar.jpgIf that hasn’t sold you, how about the a gorgeous backdrop and beach weather nearly year round? Sure the water isn’t sparkling blue, but you’ll be busy on the Ipanema sand angling to get in with the girls in ridiculous bikinis laying next to you.

Low-End Budget: $100-120/day

2. Cordoba, Argentina. The Cordoba tourism agency is going to contact me any day now to thank me for single-handedly increasing tourism to this city by 1000%. I will never get tired of saying that Cordoba has the most beautiful girls in the world. And it’s cheap. And the nightlife jumps. There are no fewer than 30 universities here so good luck meeting a girl over 22. The spinsters here don’t even go out at night because the competition is beyond intense.

A downside of this place is the girls are pretty damn difficult—especially if you don’t know Spanish—but I guarantee you will begging for them when you return home. Their beauty will spoil you until you die. I think I missed American girls for a quick minute until I snapped to my senses: I rather have difficult girls that are my type than easy girls I want to immediately dump after I have sex with them. This is the only place that I talked to 9’s every time I went out, uninterrupted. There is no cockblock brigade in Argentina (or anywhere else in South America). I’ve been back to the States for two months and talked to a 9 once, and I had to compete with only FIFTEEN other guys who felt it was their do-or-die moment.

Low-End Budget: $50/day

3. Merida, Venezuela. I traveled to Venezuela for a random 10 day vacation a couple years back, and Merida is still on my mind. This is like a Cordoba-lite with a large college population that loves to party. I still remember the bar El Hoya de Queque, perhaps the best bar in South America, where I got rejected by my first Venezuelan beauty (9+) who at the time was probably the most stunning girl I talked to. I remember how excited I was just because I had the chance to have a conversation with her.

merida.jpgThe girls are not as hot as in Cordoba and there are less of them around (in Cordoba you walk outside and in two minutes you see more beautiful girls than a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday going out in Washington DC—no exaggeration), but Merida has a fantasy setting on the doorstep of the Andes mountains. There’s a lot to do here like horseback riding, canyoning, nature tours, and riding up the tallest cable car in the world. Too bad for Merida that it’s part of a country ruled by a dictator who is doing everything he can to kill the tourism industry. “Who needs gringos when we have this black stuff that is bound to run out some day!!”

Low-End Budget: $60/day

A few people have asked me about my future travel plans. Colombia is high on my list so I can claim to be a South America girl expert, but I’ve been eyeing Eastern Europe lately, and by eyeing I mean I’m asking guys how easy the girls are in Eastern Europe. Perhaps I’ll visit Cordoba and Merida for a nostalgic return, but Rio is going to have to wait a bit until I get my money right, which is not going to happen as long as I stay addicted to Guitar Hero 3.

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Kissing Makes Me Drowsy

Not long ago I posted about getting approached by girls and gave an example of a girl who complimented me. A friend of mine wanted the whole story with juicy details so here it is.

One of my first night’s out back in DC, I go out with three Russian guys to Tattoo, a “hip” bar that seems to be hit or miss depending on the night but definitely hit when it comes to your wallet. We were standing in a circle of power when a girl came up to us and asked if we were Greek. Eventually she started talking about my luxurious long hair and how I had Greek features.

I like meeting Greek girls because I’m half-Turkish, and the Greeks and Turks aren’t the best of friends. I tell them that if my mom knew I was taking to them she’d kill me. Actually my mom has a lot of Greek friends and wouldn’t care, but I like saying it.

jail.jpgThe conversation was going very well for the first ten minutes, with some light touching. But then a guy in her group bought her and her friends a drink. She turned around to get the drink and didn’t turn back. When a girl gives me the back, I don’t wait for more than five seconds. I turned around and continued hanging out with my friends. We reformed the circle.

Twenty minutes later she came up to me and asked why I stopped talking to her. I said, “You turned around and you didn’t look back, so I thought our conversation was over.” We continued talking and I eventually “broke up” with her because of some random reason. Then she said, “Umm, I kinda have a boyfriend.”


I asked her if she was happy and she said yes. Looking back that was a very stupid question to ask because if she was ready to say no then she wouldn’t have even brought it up in the first place. But I was lazy and wanted to find out quickly if I should continue or not. Then I half-joked, “Yeah ’cause if I was a girl and happy with my guy I’d definitely talk to other guys that I’m attracted to.” Eventually she went to the bathroom. It’s at this time I noticed her friends watching me very very carefully, and I imagined how much farther I would be if her friends weren’t around.

I re-approach her some time later. Her friends were spying and I didn’t want to get cockblocked so I was more focused with being the fun, cool guy instead of trying to get somewhere, but she was really touchy-feely. I needed to isolate her. Half thinking out loud, I said, “How about you come with me to the dark corner over there?”


Without hesitation, I grabbed her hand, led her to the bathroom hallway, and we started going at it. We were doing that for about five minutes, but then I noticed she stopped kissing me. You know how when you kiss for a while it puts you in that relaxed, drowsy state? My eyes were still closed and my lips were searching for hers. I open my eyes slowly and see her right next to one of her friends, who’s holding her arm. The friend looks at me and yells, “BUT SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND.” In no mental state for a good comeback, I smiled and said “Huh?” before wiping my mouth.

Her friends wouldn’t let her out of their sight after that, and I they actually snarled at me a couple times. I managed to get her phone number but with the boyfriend cloud, friends who I’m sure destroyed me, and the fact she was leaving town for a week, I knew my odds weren’t so good.

Most phone numbers go nowhere so it’s important to always push for the one night stand. It doesn’t matter how much she is into you, but if you don’t capitalize on that hot moment then it may pass forever. I didn’t have a chance with the cockblock A-team.

We’ve talked a few times but I haven’t been able to get her out since. It would have been a Greek flag.

Happy April Fools!

Why I Came Back Home From South America Earlier Than Planned was an April Fools joke, obviously.

I also did a joke on Virgle Kent. On Sunday night a “cute brunette” made a post on Craigslist missed connections about our night out on Saturday:

This was upstairs in the patio. I was watching you hoping you’d come talk to me.

You=black man, very built, with beige jacket. You were hanging out with a very hairy man with long hair.

Me=cute brunette with black dress. My friends were being anti-social. I’d love to touch those muscles!

I thought I’d have to enlist the help of a confederate to help spread the word but Roissy and Arjewtino both found it within a day and emailed him.

Part of VK’s email to his missed connection:

I’m betting that this is probably a hoax from one of my other friends or a group of spinsters I know that don’t like me. I’ve got money riding on it being a set up. But yeah, I was the bald black guy with the hairy friend.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Why I Came Back Home From
South America Earlier Than Planned

Six weeks ago I wasn’t completely honest when I gave reasons for why my trip to South America ran short. Something happened.

A couple months into the trip it became very obvious that I wasn’t going to meet a “serious” girl. The language barrier and my one-city-every-four-days routine made it difficult to happen. There would often be physical attraction, but nothing that had enough substance to last. I thought that would change in Cordoba where the girls are extremely beautiful, but their attitude was quite different than what I have become accustomed to. Even there, nothing got past the physical.

By the time I got to Rio de Janeiro, I gave up any idea of meeting a girl that I would consider dating long-term. I hung out with some fun Australian guys I first met in Cordoba and we did our thing of going out and hitting on the locals. We’d drink and not really care besides getting some cheap thrills. But on my seventh day there, I met someone.

Camera shyThe only reason I approached her was because I swear she gave me a look. We talked and within just a few minutes she told me she liked me. Things moved fast—and not just physically. Next thing I know I’m checking out of my hostel to stay with her. We’d cook together, she’d show me around the city, and we’d come back into her studio apartment and have intimacy. During that time I wondered why it was so much harder to do this back home.

I had to do some serious thinking. If the end game is meeting a girl you consider a life partner—someone that you can maybe even love—then I made it. I’m there. Finally, after approaching a million girls, I’m satisfied. And I doubt it’s a coincidence that she is one the most beautiful girls I’ve ever been with. She didn’t want to come to the United States (I don’t blame her), so I had to make a decision.

I’m a firm believer in taking risks and adapting to whatever situation you put yourself in. I do believe she is worth it, more than any other girl I met. So we decided to make a go of this. I came back to the States to tie up some loose ends and spend time with my family and friends, and I return back to Rio exactly one month from today. I’m tired of looking at just a photograph of her taped to my bedside. I’ll be back to visit around Christmas.

The blog will continue of course, and maybe even get better as I can write more about how to have a fulfilling relationship. This just feels right.

Putting Women On A Pedestal

I remember when the act of getting laid used to be a big deal. I’d bang a girl and pat myself on the back like I just accomplished something special. My friends did the same thing. But then we got older and the more sex we got the less of a big deal it became. While I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why getting laid isn’t a problem for us now, it’s not a coincidence the more I put pussy on a pedestal, the less I got. Problem is it’s hard to fake not caring about pussy. You still have to want it (you won’t get something you don’t want), but you must barely care if you don’t get it.

I do think you have to go through that awkward stage where you care and try hard to get laid enough until it’s not a big deal. Then, in a slow process, you start getting more with much less effort. So part of the secret is time, something you can’t really teach or bypass. The rest is just hard work.

Jane Goodall-Style Anthropology

In response to Black Guys Game:

Where to begin … Roosh kicks things off with the Jane Goodall-style anthropology of black men and approaches in the DC scene – there are two kinds of black men and over 50% of the time he observed one approach – “the Yo you got a man?” line. His experience and his blog. Let the fun begin.

Roissy takes a shot at guessing about black women’s preferences from years of experiences with them, their sociology and socialization in the black community and self esteem. He has gamed and fucked them so he must know them.

John Smith at 9 hours 17 minutes cites a researcher linked to eugenics and the pioneer fund. I would say more but my genes and social community have not provided me with sufficient brain power to determine what Rushton means when he uses words and sentences. (Perhaps someone can summarize it for me)

JP, VK and T bring the black man perspective and explain their game conquests and hash out the details to support their brother(s) in humanity and banging. They were born of black women and/or black men so they must know what they are talking about, right?

I applaud the diversity of voices on the “game” here and confess that I like reading the social science that you guys put into your game. As an old married guy I can keep up with you crazy kids via the internets. Crazy what technology can do, in my day you had to wait for a letter by post or Life magazine article to get the story. But I digress.

What was my point … oh yeah, I get a little nervous when generalizations turn to characteristics defined by race.

There is a pattern to these blog posts that are informed by or characterize behavior by race. Invariably someone points to statistics to prove the causal connections (check), someone (their race is unimportant) makes general statements that label stigmatize and grossly generalize (check, check and check), someone gets called a racist (check) and someone blows up and starts it all over again while pointing out that someone of the particular ethnicity that is allegedly offended supports their reasoning/truth/experience and tells someone to fuck off. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. A time honored dance of racial misunderstandings. Every few cycles someone tries to set a new tone, but they are ignored.

I am not saying that half-truths and generalizations can’t be used in these discussion. I do it all the time myself. In this case, such statements are in service to points they cannot adequately support. In short, you can’t get there from here.

Would You Bang This Behemoth Woman?

Cassidy is a 6 feet 3 inch “model.”




And here’s a strangely erotic video of her arm wrestling a girl in her panties. She’s not as strong as I imagined. I’m sure she blamed her poor performance on having “too much leverage,” which is the reason I lose arm wrestling competitions to my shorter friends.

Several years ago I banged a 6 foot volleyball player. I had to give her clear instructions in bed because moving her was impossible. What a nightmare when one night she asked for a piggy-back ride. I prefer petite women because they are much easier to handle (and more importantly they make me look bigger), but I will have sex with just about any body type except morbidly obese.

As for my answer, hell yeah I’d bang that. For the story alone.

Player Or Poseur?


If I was in Brazil at Club Help and saw these two on the dance floor I’d give him a wink and a nod for scoring a sexy prostitute at what I imagine would be a reasonable price, but this was taken in Washington DC.

The guy does not possess any obvious player qualities. In fact, he would be a good example of the anti-player: he’s way out of shape, he has the sleeves of his stale stripped shirt rolled up to reveal what appears to be a calculator watch, and he makes zero attempt to enhance his look with something like creative facial hair. But there is something relaxing about his Chris Farley-like smirk.

The girl is obviously having fun. Judging by the way she is dressed and the care she put into her hair, she wants to continue that fun in the bedroom by engaging in sex. The question is with who. Does she seem like the type of girl that would let any overweight white guy put his meaty paw on her waist and his crotch on her ass? Ultimately, the answer lies with body language.

They’re out on their third date. This man is a player.

Getting Men To Commit

A common question girls asks me is how to get a man they are dating to commit. When it comes to dating or relationships, this question is much harder than helping guys get laid. Casual sex is more like trying to find a funny t-shirt while commitment is shopping for a house. But I have two suggestions for girls:

1. Read The Art of Seduction. This is not a self-improvement book for those of you that freak out by that genre, but the stories and strategy in here is guaranteed to give you some ideas you can use. It shows you through historical examples how men (and women) have turned into mush with concepts that more or less still work today. Plus it’s just a great book. For example, a chapter most girls I meet need to learn is Master The Art Of Insinuation:

The way insinuation works is simple: disguised in a banal remark or encounter, a hint is dropped. It is about some emotional issue—a possible pleasure not yet attained, a lack of excitement in a person’s life. The hint registers in the back of the target’s mind, a subtle stab at his or her insecurities; its source is quickly forgotten. It is too subtle to be memorable at the time, and later, when it takes root and grows, it seems to have emerged naturally from the target’s own mind, as if it was there all along. Insinuation lets you bypass people’s natural resistance, for they seem to be listening only to what has originated in themselves. It is a language on its own, communicating directly with the unconscious. No seducer, no persuader, can hope to succeed without mastering the language and art of insinuation.

The only time girls insinuate these days is when they want to complain about something you aren’t doing right.

2. Use jealousy. There is no emotion stronger than getting the feeling that a girl you like and have been breezy with is slipping through your grasp and about to be taken off the market. If that doesn’t cause the man to act fast, at least temporarily, then it’s time to accept that he will never be ready to commit with you.

Even though I know a girl is using jealousy, I can’t just tell my brain to shut down the uncomfortable feelings that drive me to her even more. It’s powerful, and deadly if used to your advantage. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: if you are a guy with your eyes on a particular girl, letting her see you laugh with a girl prettier than her will do more to help your cause than any line or routine you can think of.

Black Guys Game

hand-on-ass-technique.jpgThere are two kinds of black guys: the urban / hip-hop kind that is heavy on the slang and mimics stylings they see in rap music videos, and college-educated black guys whose style is a mix of urban and suburban mall-strip culture. I’m not impressed with the game of the former.

Over 50% of the time, I notice their opener is “Hey *slang identifier*, you got a man?” If you are a single girl that has no information about this guy besides his appearance and common line, why would you say no? He’s giving you an out and the whole interaction that follows is usually him trying to convince the girl to put the man aside and give him a chance. Direct game does have its uses, but the boyfriend question puts you at a huge disadvantage as soon as you open your mouth. It would be like calling the cops and telling them which bank you are going to rob right before you rob it. Why make it harder for yourself?

I’m confident there is a whole generation of black men growing up that is used to the fact that 99% of all women have a boyfriend.

Introductions Between The Opposite Sex

Since I’ve been back I noticed that every time I’m introduced to a girl the accepted move is to shake her hand. After cheek kissing a thousand girls in South America, I find our custom to be quite distant and unnatural. I wondered if this was only an American thing, so I contacted some people to see what the custom was for other countries.

Argentina: One cheek kiss
Brazil: One cheek kiss, but two in Rio de Janeiro
Chile: One cheek kiss
Czech: Handshake
England: Handshake
Greece: Two cheek kisses
India: You put your hands together and say “Namaste”
Iran: Absolutely no touching
Italy: Two cheek kisses
Netherlands: Handshake
Nigeria: Handshake
Russian: Confusing
Sweden: Handshake
Turkey: Two cheek kisses

Creative Commons License photo credit: ravenmaven

And then there is France. I’ll let my French buddy Gregorie explain:

It really depends on the region but it is basically a 2 to 4 cheeck kiss. Most common is two. Four in Paris suburbs or Britany (very stupid, it is a waste of time). Three in some areas but not very common. Bourgeois give only two, lower class three or four (Argentina Mendoza was one kiss…. that was kind of sexy.)

Men usually shake hands, except for V. Good friends tend to cheek kiss but they have to be above 16 to do it. Family, cousins, and uncles kiss each other. When you are introduced to a girl if you are same age and under 30s you can kiss her hello, after it is quite complex there is no rule at all.

It is science & the secret of french love.


I was more than ready to conclude with “Western countries are more distant in their introductions,” but I cannot make such a conclusion, though I do find it is ironic that this culture is perhaps the most germophobic in the world but we continue the practice of hand-germ exchange every chance we get. I’ve started to teach girls I meet about the Argentine introduction, which I find to be most agreeable, but I don’t think it’s catching on.

Taking Your Game International

I wrote a guest post for The Seduction Chronicles called Taking Your Game International.

3. Approach in massive numbers. The big myth of traveling is that you will get more abroad than you do at home, but there are so many obstacles (no cell phone, no pad, no wingmen, language barrier, lack of venue knowledge, and so on), that the only way to make up for them is to approach a lot more than you normally do. With many girls closed off to having sex with a gringo who is only in town for a weekend, sometimes you need to keep going until you find a girl who doesn’t mind and speaks your language. It takes a lot more energy than you are used to.

You can read it here.