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Rock Band Audition & Possible Summer Internship

Roissy and I have started a rock band called Heavy Sack. He plays bass while I rock out on guitar. We are looking for a female singer to take our band to the next level. Of course I’m talking about Rock Band the video game and not an actual rock band, though I’m sure with a couple months practice on a real guitar I would be qualified enough to start a decent band.

The audition will be Tuesday night at Reef around 9pm or so, which is their Rock Band night. You will sing along to rock classics and be graded by a computer that tells you how much higher you have to go to hit those high notes. We will select a singer not only based on singing ability but pleasing demeanor as well.

The Heavy Sack band name is not in reference to getting blue balled but from having too much testosterone. Our manager and image consultant is Virgle Kent, who will be watching from a distance taking notes in his head.


Also, I think I would like to add a female intern for the summer. You would follow in the footsteps of the wonderful Sally and Dasha, whom I still keep in touch with. :wave:

If you are interested and can write and hold a camera with a steady hand to document my adventures, you may be a good fit for this demanding position. The pay would be $0, but you would hang out with me and my friends who will probably buy you beers from time to time. Email me for more details.

Flag Day Is Tomorrow

Each year when it’s time for my birthday I reflect back and see if it topped the year before. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to a year that simply can’t be topped, but I sit here right now feeling pretty good about the future even though on the surface it seems to be going backwards (with the living in dad’s basement thing). I’m working on a plan that will get me out of here for hopefully a long time, but I don’t see much happening before 2009.

I’ll never know if I made the right choices since I can’t turn back time and try something else, but I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made (so far). It has been 14 months since I’ve had a job and I forgot what’s it’s like to sit in front of a computer reading blogs trying not to glance at the clock because I know not much time has passed since the last time I looked at it. I just didn’t fit with the corporate world and with my now useless degree the decision was easy to pursue a more mobile lifestyle of freelancing/writing/blogging. Sure it’s not for most people, but for me it is and I’m enjoying it even though I have to count every dollar I spend.

So tomorrow I will be 29. Last week I noticed some grey hairs in my beard. :shudder:


Important Life Tips

The caffeine content in Red Bull is much lower you think. Drinking a cup of coffee will give you more caffeine than a can of Red Bull. If you want a real boost in energy, stop drinking caffeine altogether.

Shaving cream is not necessary for razor shaving. Simply lather up a bar of soap and apply to your face. Then shave. A sharp razor is more important to a good shave than shaving cream.

If you want to increase your chances of getting laid in Rio de Janeiro, do not go during Carnival.

Your body produces weirder smells during travel. If your underarms are foul, trim the hair and dab rubbing alcohol daily before deodorant application. If your shoes and feet smell, apply rubbing alcohol to your feet after showering followed with a talc powder application. semi-liquid-heart-attack.jpgAlso put talc powder in your shoes daily. Takes about three or four days to notice results in either case.

Wear ear plugs if you get up often during the night. It takes about a week to get used to them, but vastly improves the quality of your sleep… until the wax buildup in your ear becomes gross and unbearable.

Stomach illnesses or questionable food can give you messy solids. Wiping can make the situation worse and take more time than the actual dump. Use the dab / blot technique instead, like you were getting red wine out of a white carpet.

Your hair is oily because you wash it too much. Wash your hair only once a week and after a month you will notice your hair puts out considerably less oil and has more natural shine. This is because taking the oil out every day with shampoo tells your scalp to keep producing more oil. (Unfortunately during summer months you have to double washings to twice a week.)

If your taint is sore after bike riding, you’re doing the type of damage that leads to impotence. You must get a better bike seat.

Don’t use SmartCards for the Metro bus because it limits your transfer time to only two hours. Paper transfers give you longer transfer times through driver laziness and allow you to cheat the system in other ways much more easily.

If you want to travel more but keep wussing out, buy a cheap world map and put it on your bedroom wall. You’ll have your first ticket booked within a couple months.

Latex condoms tend to dry out a girl after prolonged lovemaking. Don’t be shy to spit on her vagina to keep things lubricated. She won’t mind.


I go to the same Starbucks next to a retirement community so I recognize many of the old people that come in. Last month a man came in with a walker. He was leaning it on heavy and struggling to move just a half foot at the time. He almost fell down while bending over to sit.

A year ago I remember him coming in on his own, walking a little slow but still walking, and buying one of those pink frappuccino drinks. He dropped it and I watched him grab some napkins to help the barista clean up the spill. He was upbeat then and I used to exchange a few words with him, but now he just looks down on the ground as a younger woman helps him around and gets his drink. He sits closest to the door, silent, with no color on his skin, and within a few minute he falls asleep. He just started coming in a wheelchair, and judging by pain I see on his face he won’t be coming in much more. sunset.jpg

You think it’s going to come gradually. That one day you have trouble getting out of bed and think to yourself that in a year or so you will need a cane. And then in a few years maybe a walker from time to time. But nature doesn’t work on your clock. It comes when it wants to come. I know this man did not expect to decline as rapidly as he has, one year independent and walking around, the next year barely able to bring the cup to his mouth.

There’s an elderly couple I see all the time. They have to be at least 80 years old, with a bond that gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll find someone to live out my last days with. They’d come in, get their coffee, and read the newspaper for an hour before setting out. The woman always had trouble walking so the man would hold her arm, like you would see a young couple do at night. Then they started coming in less and less. I used to see them every day, but it’s been a month since the last time. I think I know what happened.

Adjusting A Girl’s Rating Based On Her Nationality

Is a 7 actually a 7? It really depends on where she is from. Not all personalities are created equal and girls from different countries put out different vibes that sometimes adds to her physical rating and sometimes not.

For example imagine we have an American girl who rates a 7 on looks. Let’s account for her brain to give her an overall rating. Chances are she obsessed with celebrity culture and fashion. She has expensive tastes and high standards. Her conversational ability revolves around television shows and who’s fucking who. She needs attention like a dog who wasn’t loved enough as a puppy. Therefore you must subtract 1.5 points to get her overall rating. An American girl who rates a 7 is looks is really a 5.5. In other words she’s an undesirable. country1.jpg

How about other cultures?

Argentina. Minus 1 point. Hard to deal with until you get the kiss. Guaranteed chain smoker. Since you’re dealing with 8’s and 9’s though the one point hit does not affect your motivations.

Australia. Minus 1.5 points. No real difference from American girls. In fact other than Vegemite and Outback Steakhouse the Australian culture seems to be a poor knockoff of American culture.

Brazil. Add 1.5 points. Warm, affection, kinky and horny as hell, likes anal play, fun all-around. This means a Brazilian 5.5 is on par with an American 8.5, which is hard to believe but any guy who has had a couple Brazilian girls will agree with me.

Czech and Poland. No change. Beautiful chicks who age well but period of communism have left them distant and skeptical of outsiders who don’t speak their difficult language.

England. Minus 1 point. Boring conversationalists with a tired posh act and way too heavy on the drug use, especially cocaine.

country2.jpgGerman. Add 0.5 points. Submissive girls who aim to please and value strong men. This is how American girls should have turned out.

Ireland. Add 0.5 points. Cool chicks who wouldn’t complain if you took them to a lyme disease infested wood for a first date. Heavy drinkers make them easy to shag if that’s what you want, which you do.

India. Minus 0.5 points. Date her and you might as well be dating her mom.

Israel. No change. Naturally beautiful but rough and tumble vibe makes you wonder if she’s secretly a man. A littler hairier than average but as long as it’s not on her face who cares.

Italy. Minus 0.5 points. Beautiful faces but tough exterior and “please me” demeanor.

Iran. Minute 1 point. Very feminine but the hardest game players the world over due to. A shame, really.

country3.jpgJapan. Minus 1 point. Super duper weird chicks. It’s like interacting with a child who has a giggling disorder.

Netherlands/Dutch/Holland. No change. These girls are naturally friendly and love exercising on bicycles, saving you money on dates and grocery.

Peru. No change. She will serve you until you die and make delicious stews but will eventually turn into a revolting beast.

Puerto Rico. Add 0.5 points. Absolute animals in bed. I’ve never had a girl tell me her vagina is, in fact, mine.

Russia. Minus 1 point. Very similar to Argentine girls in terms of initial coldness and nonstop smoking, but naturally low maintenance… until they get a taste of Western culture. After that all bets are off.

South Africa. Add 0.5 points. Wicked, hippie chicks. The kind you want to travel the world with. I’m talking about the white ones with dreadlocks because I’ve never met a black South African girl.

Sweden. Plus 0.75 points. Charming girls that surprisingly are not all blonde. Cute accent with cuter faces and down-to-earth vibe similar to Dutch and German girls. Probably the most progressive chicks you will meet.

country4.jpgVenezuela. No change. Cool chicks overall whose asses continue to defy human nature well into their 30’s.

I have yet to find chicks cooler than ones in Brazil. Do I give up my search for the coolest chick and just move there or do I head to the Philippines like one reader recommended and risk having sex with a lady boy? Would I be considered gay if I had sex with a clever lady boy who knew how to appear like a woman? Either way, I must admit this list is incomplete.

Mystery Bonus: Each girl in the pictures are from the same country…

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Blog Recommendations

The first is See Mike Draw, a brilliant cartoonist who has a very disturbed sense of humor. I looked at his archive to highlight his best cartoons but they’re all good. Start with this zombie inspired one.

Second is I Was In Korea, about a young (?) traveler currently in Dubai who likes picking up girls along the way.


There Is A Pattern

I saw a comment the other day asking me to update my reading list but I haven’t touched an inspiring book in a while. I am almost done with Collapse right now (it’s the environment, stupid!) after giving up on a couple travel books not worth mentioning. It’s a good thing I consider many published travel books boring because it means I have a good chance with mine.

Anyway I went through my stats for the past three years to see the most popular books you guys click over from ones I mention. Here they are in order, and notice the common theme…

2. Influence (Persuasion)
ISBN: 0688128165

3. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson (Persuasion)
ISBN: 1555520529

4. Mean Genes (Evolution of persuasion / alpha males)
ISBN: 0142000078

5. The 48 Laws Of Power (Persuasion)
ISBN: 0140280197

6. The Art Of Seduction (Persuasion)
ISBN: 0670891924

7. Spanish For Beginners (Persuasion in different language?)
ISBN: 0064632717

8. Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Alpha male)
ISBN: 0393316041

9. An African in Greenland (Alpha male)
ISBN: 0940322889

10. The Game (Persuasion)
ISBN: 0060554738

And the number one book is….

1. Bang (supreme alpha male, persuasion)
ISBN: 1438214235

It just got plugged into Amazon. (Check out the “Customers Who Bought Items Like This Also Bought” for some eyebrow furrowing.) Sales Rank: #422,732 in Books


The Rise And Fall

The checkpoint in this video was nearly 50 miles north of the Mexican border, so it would have been utterly pointless in stopping illegal immigration.

The real purpose of these checkpoints is to condition Americans to get used to the police state.

You can read the guy’s blog here, which has other videos as well. Reading the comments though you get the feeling that he’s fighting a cause that most Americans don’t care about. Example:

I just have to give cuddos to the work that is being done by our Men and Women of Law Enforcement and Homeland Security. Where would be without them protecting us. The problem that people fail to remember is that without these people, immigration/drug smuggling/terrorists would be running our beautiful country. As a Homeland Police Officer myself we deal with the things others don’t want to and better yet, if some Hippie Scumbag has a problem with the work we do then move back to Mexico/Canada/or live on a deserted Island and get out of this Country that I love.

Whatever rights are being eroded, remember it can’t be done unless normal Americans like the border agents above or the bureaucrats with a law degree go along with it for a paycheck and a feeling of importance and power.

I was just doing my job.”

The authority / spying business is now too big to be stopped. The next twenty years is pretty much already set, regardless if you’re a Hillary or Obama fanboy (sorry Hillary fans).

If you’re stopped by police, here’s what to do. Note the article may be dated depending on whatever court decision or executive order is declared in upcoming weeks.

Did you know that if you leave the country with a laptop, border agents can randomly examine and search the contents of your hard drive and download files? If you resist then they can supposedly deny you entry back into the country. I don’t know if I have the balls to find out if that’s true or not. Courts ruled this legal on the defense that the data on your computer is the same as something you’d carry in your suitcase.

“Sir the girl in this Dirty But Innocent porn clip sure looks young. Can you verify she is 18 years of age?”

I took pictures of Rio’s beaches and in one of the picture was a four-year-old boy laying on the sand. He had a speedo on like many of the adults. How about if an agent saw that picture, what would he think? I deleted the picture before I hopped on the plane home. I lose, terrorists win, etc.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking. I’m being too “paranoid.” Hey, it’s not paranoia if they’re scanning your emails and telephone calls. But who cares as long as we can fill up our cars with cheap g…

How come no one is talking of the staggering outflow of money leaving the country every month to finance a society built around the automobile? South American cities like Santiago and Rio de Janeiro put Washington DC’s public transportation to shame. Sure in Rio your chances of being robbed on a bus at night is 100 times greater, but at least there is a bus at night. The Metro is a joke with buses that come ever 30 or 40 (!) minutes on main arteries with no Sunday service.

Spend the next ten minutes of your life reading this fascinating article, by the author of a book that just came out called Reinventing Collapse. It paints the case how the collapse of the USSR will be benign compared to the US collapse. And please no “The United States will never collapse” wishful thinking. Every empire collapses (a book I’m reading now is in fact called Collapse). It probably won’t happen in our lifetimes but it will happen.

Or will it?

I have 30% of my net worth in foreign currencies, the Yen, Franc, and Krohn. The end game for every fiat currency is hyperinflation, but which currency will bust first? I’m betting it’s not Japan (this is a little arguable), Switzerland, or Norway. Are you prepared if the dollar falls through the floor and your hard-earned savings is wiped out? Most people in Argentina weren’t prepared.

The Communist party offered just one bitter pill. The two Capitalist parties offer a choice of two placebos. The latest innovation is the photo finish election, where each party buys 50% of the vote, and the result is pulled out of statistical noise, like a rabbit out of a hat.

“If voting could change anything they’d make it illegal.”

There is nothing on the horizon that gives me hope about where this country, or the world, is headed. I watch my back and believe nothing my government tells me.

When Too Many Girl Options Is Bad

random-skanks.jpgAbout a month ago I went out like any other Friday night with one male friend. I dressed like how I normally dressed and barely drank. By the time the night was over I got four phone numbers. The unusual thing about this is I talked to six or seven girls during the entire night. 60% conversion rate from approaches is a superstar number and does not typically happen. One number or make-out from four or five approaches is more of what I experience.

The following Monday I had a total of six numbers to call (two were older) and with so many choices I didn’t particularly care which ones I got out. So I called them one by one. Two answered and for the ones that didn’t I left messages.

Fast forward one week later. The entire pool was whittled down to two girls I was still talking to. I thought about it a little more and concluded they weren’t even that cute, so I stopped calling both of them. So nothing happened with any of those girls.

Two weeks after that brouhaha, I met a pretty Brazilian girl at a bar. This was around the time before the Las Vegas trip when I barely went out to save money. But we’re still talking (and texting), and the initial connection I had with her was superficially less than most of the girls from the four number fest.

Looking back the previous couple years, nothing happened when I had a boatload of new numbers. I get laid by focusing on a girl and making it work, not blasting with a shotgun and hoping I hit something. That inefficient robot game doesn’t work because you simply don’t have the time or energy to work on the huge number of girls to get such paltry results. It’s necessary for some guys starting out but in the long run you’ll burn out and swear off the game forever.

Having options is good up to a point, but then with too many options you actually start getting less. You’re like a kid in a candy store and you’re too excited to make firm decisions. So you really have to do care about these girls, at least a little bit, or else you won’t bother to take it to the next level. But then if you care a tad too much you’ll get nothing either. The game is an unforgiving beast.

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Hooker Spotting In Las Vegas

The guy who looked most like a bitch had the hottest bitch in the bar. He was a short aging rocker with eyeliner and long stringy hair and a lip piercing and was almost more feminine than his girl. From ten feet away I could not spot a flaw in her appearance.

There was a hooker with a going price of $500. If the first question out of their mouth is “Where are you staying?” then you know they are a hooker. Problem with spotting hookers is that every other non hooker-girl dresses like a hooker too. With the help of a can of hair spray, four inch heels, blonde dye, dim lighting, and a black cocktail dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, 6’s were now 8’s. A gallon of makeup can hide just about anything and any girl who wasn’t morbidly obese could elevate herself into hot girl status. All for just a few hours of work.

The only purpose of Las Vegas is to part a man from his money. (Fyi I lost $300 at blackjack). Men literally lined up to part themselves from their money at the casino clubs, begging to grease the bouncer to enter in addition to paying a $30 or more cover charge. Even guys who are dropping hundreds or thousands on tables had to wait in line.

highroller.jpgThe first night I went to Body English club at Hard Rock with my partner in crime. The girls were friendly and opening was easier than back at home. The hottest girls I talked to since South America would maintain eye contact with me and smile as I talked. But conversations didn’t last as long as I liked. Sometimes it was just a standard cockblock but other times the girls would excuse themselves to some guys table to get free drinks. More than half the club was dedicated to table service. It seemed like every guy was throwing alcohol their way and besides that the only game I saw here was tatted up body builders wearing Affliction t-shirts.

Second night we went to Blush lounge in the Wynn Hotel, a place some Wall Street trader told me was “the most superficial place in the world.” He said I don’t belong there and I agreed, but this was the special Vegas weekend and I had to party like a rockstar or something. When it comes to slowly losing my money at the $10 blackjack table or hanging out in a club with rich and beautiful idiots, the decision is hard.

I got a couple numbers from the friendlier club girls but I knew nothing would happen. Same night or bust. Plus girls had a “one for all, all for one” mentality (no soldier left behind). Hope of easy sex grew dim until we were led to the bar inside Hard Rock’s casino. There was no line, no cover, no loud music, and an interesting mix of UFC wannabes, hookers, fake breasts, local girls, and out of towners. A fascinating place where every girl wore high heels instead of flip flops.

It was four of us now. The shots were big and by 4am one guy got kicked out and puked in front of the lobby and another was sleeping in the garage. A stunning and gentle 18-year-old named Kylie stuck by my side until her “cool” mom took her away, a 30-year-old woman blonde lawyer from LA who said I was “mainstream but trying not to be mainstream” found out about the Turkish kiss, and a 47-year-old attractive Italian woman wanted to bang me. Even at 4am there was still fresh girls rolling in from whatever shithole club they went to, probably the one that, believe it or not, had the slogan Status Is Everything.

By the the time the sun was coming up it was just me and a gutter slut with some sort of beret hat. She was talking her head off and I all I could do was nod and say “Yeah?” because I was trying to not vomit on her face. I don’t know if I didn’t get the urge to take my camera out of my jean pocket because she was a monster or because I didn’t remember having a camera in my pocket, but she definitely was not one of those model chicks I saw on the arms of wealthy looking guys that zip right into the club and make me question the starving artist lifestyle. Either way thank god what happens in (…)

Climbing over fences, clenching wet napkins at the blackjack tables, escaping in the morning, lost walking through a Sam’s Club parking lot, sharing a bed with another man, disappointment the adorable big-eyed girl is a hooker and not really into me, one and a half meals a day, stealing other people’s drinks, not getting into the club, getting into the club, perma-hangover, and being reminded why I stopped playing poker, the most boring card game on earth. Seven days was too much.

Texting Your Way To Love

Funny on-topic video…

Texting your way to love (

Is The Age Of Calling Girls On The Phone Coming To An End?

I think we’re arriving to the point where girls, especially ones under the age of 25, are becoming reluctant and unable to pick up the phone to call a guy they feel positive but not crazy about. Even though text messaging costs more than sending data from the Hubble Telescope, our hyper-ADD and multi-task culture is becoming increasingly focused on meaningless bursts of communication focused around sentence fragments and abbreviations. This is especially jarring for guys like me approaching their 30’s who didn’t even send their first text message until two years ago.

It’s not too hard getting first dates now without even calling. I first did this in Argentina because of the language barrier but since then I’ve done it here too. For college kids this is common perhaps but for me it’s a revolutionary shift in game. It’s just surprising that a girl will go out with you when you put less effort into contacting her, yet the young ones actually prefer you text. In fact I’ve met quite a few girls who tell me specifically that texting is the best way to contact him. Our parents generation will be the last to have written love letters to share in semi-tearful moments some thirty years later.

A good way to get someone to commit is to make someone invest time and energy into you. This is why you meet some girls and they start asking you for little favors. I think they do this unconsciously—perhaps it’s genetic—but there is that escalating ladder of favors until next thing you’re at Zales buying her diamond earrings. To their unfortunate detriment women are now making it easier for guys to fuck them without putting in this crucial investment. I’m shaking my head at how they continue to dig their own spinster grave (Sex and the City movie is coming out soon!), but this is great for guys like myself who just want hot sex. I can only smile when I blast the same message on Monday to multiple girls I just met and get responses trickling in for just ten seconds of work.

There is still a need to have phone skills, but possibly not as much in the past. The end goal for guys is to find the easiest yet most efficient way to get girls out. I need to experiment a little more, but my hypothesis is it will depend on the girl’s age and the breeziness of your text message style.

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A Taxi Driver From El Salvador

I went out to Fly recently for a birthday party, ironically on the day I criticized the idea of bottle service. If you don’t live in DC, Fly is one of those generic new clubs that push Grey Goose and orange juice behind velvet ropes. But I have to give the owners credit: the lounge has a cool airplane theme with very attractive flight attendant wait staff. The DJ was taking the crowd through a journey of 90’s hip hop and the bathroom was stocked with thick paper towels.

It’s all nice and good until you get to the patrons: 75% guys giving way too much power to the few girls, most of them were average at best. The hottest ones were dancing on couches with their hands on the fuselage shaking their asses for the men and their fresh barber cuts in the economy section. I noticed everyone is still taking cues from US Weekly and MTV on how to dress, look, and act, and other than my wingman there was no one I wanted to talk to. There wasn’t a single girl there who was worth my opener, something that takes motivation and follow through.

motorcycle-bolivia.jpgOne woman pulled me aside and asked if I was a soccer player. I went along and we talked for a couple minutes, but even in the dim lightning I could tell she wasn’t a day younger than 35. There was nothing wrong with her, but come on. I’m in my prime I shouldn’t have to converse with that. She should just grab my hand and lead me to the bathroom and be done with it. During the day time when the advantage is out of her favor I wouldn’t even notice her existence, but here she is getting plenty of attention.

I end up in Adams Morgan for a while until I decide to have a jumbo slice instead of the usual falafel. It’s been a year… and I see why: it was shit. The cheese came from a crate rejected by Papa Johns and the sauce was a sprinkling of the pale colored juice you drain out from a cheap can of tomatoes. This is the worst pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life. Even worse than the pizza in Bolivia, a place which doesn’t have a single Italian or whoever invented pizza to pass on critical pizza-making knowledge to a generation of pizza makers.

I’m alone and two girls share a table with me, savoring every bite of the worst pizza is the world. They kept saying how good it was. One of them has a look like she’s about to puke on my face and the other has a blob of grease on her half covered breast. Grease breast chatted with me for a couple minutes and asked me how it’s possible I’m single. Because I refuse to go out with girls like you. I felt like a jerk for even thinking it.

Everyone else is shoving dough in their mouth with eyes half closed and loving every minute of it. As I step outside I’m saved from stepping on a gigantic pool of red vomit, a waste of what I’m sure was a fine pasta meal. Twenty minutes later on the subway ride back home I hear a splash and turn around to see a man slumped over three seats away vomiting all over himself. A stupid slut I picked up in a club years back did the same thing but in my car. I remembered looking back and seeing a fountain of pink vomit eject from her mouth and land on her chest and then trickle it’s way to my seat. Americans are fucking disgusting.

I had to take a cab the rest of the way home. This driver was a talker. He asked me about my night and I told him how it’s getting harder to go out. You never think at 22 or 23 you’ll get older and become that guy that rather sit at the bar on a weekday and stare at the wall. Drinking some gold cachaca in a shot glass, making my own personal music mix and maybe getting an hour or two worth of work done is starting to seem more appealing. He asked me if I was an artist.

We talked about girls and he put me on the spot. He asked me to give him one tip that would help him out. It’s been two months since he’s even talked to a girl, and he told me a typical story of a girl he liked that he bought gifts for eventually getting into a relationship with someone else. The pressure was on to help this guy out, and I thought about it for a minute before I answered.

There has to be a point where you’re talking to a girl or interacting with her and you’re about to do something or say something and think… ‘I’m going to lose her.’ But you do it anyway.

He thought about it for ten seconds and thanked me. I hoped I made a difference, but I don’t know for sure. I doubt it.

I had conversations with maybe five girls during the course of the night. But the one with the taxi driver from El Salvador was by far the most interesting and the only one that put a smile on my face after it was done. I shook his hand and wished him luck.