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New Isn’t Always Better

What should the measure of success be for players? Number of notches? Quality of notches? Quantity / quality of sex?

The better my game, the less new notches I get. When you have sex with a growing number of girls, your rolodex gets large. Do I call the girl who is fun and knows how to do the anal move on me that I discovered in Brazil, or do I roll the dice in the field?

There is a large time / money / energy cost to new notches, and many times they are a total bust. I say build a pleasant stable and let that ride until the girls get tired of your shit. Or vice versa. Even lions don’t hunt all the time.

Going Forward… Into The Drain

I’m bored with the blog. After three years and ~1,175 posts, I feel like I’m rehashing the same shit over and over again, and I don’t want to do that thing where I would grab a news article and give my opinion about it. So I may blog a little bit less and try other things.


1. I think I want to go back to bartending part-time. I’m looking for a room to rent somewhere around Dupont / Adams Morgan / Columbia Heights. If you know anything in the $550-650/month range then please let me know. I don’t care if it’s a closet. The suburbs are sucking the life out of me.

2. I’m ready to start writing a book about my trip to South America. Maybe it will be something short and in the form of an e-book, but I definitely want to share what really happened down there (i.e. which flags I accumulated). And I don’t want to take a year to do it, like I did with Bang. Speaking of Bang I came up with a genius slogan: More Lays In 60 Days. It rhymes.

3. I bought the Flip Ultra video camcorder. I’m going to play around it and see if I can do anything interesting with video besides amateur porn.

4. I’m going to move some of my straight-up “how to get laid” advice off the blog into my game newsletter, which I plan on sending more than once a month. Putting things I still use on a web page that is one Google click away is making my life more complicated and awkward than it needs to be.

Next month I’m off to Las Vegas for a week with midget porn lover Virgle Kent (below). Sure it’s a cliche 20-something American vacation, but I have to see for myself what the fuss is about.

Here is the first post-South America Roosh photo. The anal beads I got from Brazil is making a strong impact to my style.


Two Videos

First one: “A people’s history of American empire” narrated by a sad-sounding Viggo Mortensen. If you’re interested in this topic I’d take a look at books by Chalmers Johnson.

Second video, and one that strikes closer to home, is what happens when the internet goes out.

Jerking Off With Your Other Hand

Previously: Video prelude to this post

Have you noticed that when you jerk off with your other hand, it feels like someone else is doing it?

When I was younger, I used to jerk off with my other hand so it would seem like an alien was abducting me. It was all fun and games until my mom caught me. I should not have told her the truth.

If women knew how to please me, I would not have to jerk off with my other hand.


How To Be A Master Blogger Like Me

In the video below I give you an exclusive behind the scenes tutorial in how to construct an amazing blog post. It gets going around 30 seconds in. Even if you don’t blog, I think you will be blown away by my innovative approach. It turned out slightly not safe for work.

Fallout From The Perfect Woman Post

Ever since I made my post on The Perfect Woman, I’ve received almost a hundred emails from girls asking if I was serious about it and wrote from the heart.

I told them the truth, that yes, I did write that from the heart and that I’m trying to change. I asked them out on a date so they could be a part of the transformation.

As you can see from my public Google calendar, my schedule is pretty full for the next couple of weeks. I just tells girls to add themselves to the calendar to make my life easier. I’m hoping that the deep conversation I have with them over beers will continue me on the path of introspection and self-reevaluation.

Here’s a couple of comments from that post…


The real question I have is – have we in our pursuit of ‘game’ added so much ‘baggage’ that even if we find the ‘perfect woman’ we won’t know it or be in a position to take advantage of the situation.

Do we have as much baggage as the 29 year old woman who is desperately trying to settle down and have a family?

It’s different – but it’s baggage…

The only thing that makes me different from a spinster in the bar is my gender, and that it’s more acceptable for me to be single much longer. Otherwise we are flip sides of the same coin, and probably deserve each other.

Winner of the most depressing comment goes to ovech:

The lifestyle is no doubt fun but what have I really accomplished? Maybe guys like us are truly damaged goods and doomed to a life of notches and stories. Problem is time goes by pretty fast and tomorrow we might be old and alone with nothing but our notches to keep us company.

I don’t see anything appealing about growing into old age alone.

Postscript: Click the names on the calendar to reveal a comment about that date.

Treating Girls Like A Dick

I’m disturbed and shocked that being such a dick still gets such a positive response in so many girls. Haven’t they read The Game by now… and my blog?

I was talking to an tipsy 23-year-old and she was being stupid and getting on my nerves. I did not want to take the interaction further. I said, “Alright I’m done with you—you go now,” and nudged her along. She let this gigantic smile, like I directly stimulated the part of her brain responsible for happiness, and she came back.

I treated her like a cheap hooker, added a bit of the Roosh charm every now and then, and she was stuck on me even though she lived with her boyfriend. I enjoyed telling her things like “What’s wrong with you?” and “Why don’t you give me a break and go flirt with some other guys?”

No, I didn’t bang her, but I shouldn’t have gotten as far as I did treating her the way I did when she had to go to Ikea the next day to buy a crappy living room set with her future husband.

If I were to estimate the percentage of girls who like it when a guy treats her poorly from time to time, it would be around 60%. But I like treating girls with respect. It is my hope that by treating girls like princesses, they will treat me like their prince.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Yeah right, whatever works, you cheap hooker.

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The Lost Emails

I noticed in the past two months I’ve been getting much less email than usual. Turns out that Yahoo is semi-blocking emails that originate from my host. I switched to using my Gmail account.

If you sent me in an email in the past two months and I didn’t reply, it’s because I didn’t get it. Try resending.

Postscript: I took away the post ratings thing at the bottom of posts. It was mostly useless.

City Paper Article On Me… Sort Of

I was recently challenged by City Paper to a haiku contest against two semi-professionals. If you are wondering why, it’s because I have attained rock star status on Yelp because of my nightclub reviews that are in haiku form.

Contestant No. 3: Silver Spring sex and dating blogger Valizadeh, 28, writes haiku bar reviews under the name “Haiku review guy” on Valizadeh has composed 23 haiku since he began posting on the user-generated site in 2006. His Tabard Inn haiku presents a paranoid vision of olde-tyme Washington—”Time warp into past/Presidents hanging on wall/checking out my date”—while his Local 16 review accesses the primitive jockeying of a modern U Street—”I am white person/Do you like my popped collar?/Damn, he has one, too.”

“I’ve been to lots of bars and clubs, but the bars that I’m going to now aren’t striking me,” says Valizadeh. “I have to be inspired to write a haiku. A place has to be really good or really bad.” For now, he’s found the bad: “I’ve popped into the Black Cat a couple times, and there are a lot of hipsters there, so I’m thinking about writing about that next.”

Like the other contestants, I was given five topics to write haikus about. They were springtime, meat, cherry blossoms, Franklin Roosevelt, and haiku. Then, a haiku expert from some university judged the haikus. I bombed.

I won a single category but I think it was out of pity. In fact one of my haikus were called “childish” by the judge. I tried. :gay:

Read article: Sweet Seventeen: Local haikuists/syllabic gladiators/who will be victor?

The Perfect Woman

This is perfect woman week, brought to you by a guy who needs help identifying the girl with the huge breasts in this photo. Here’s what four other fine bloggers before me wrote about this topic…

Roissy: The perfect woman does not treat love like a supplement to life.

VK: It’s a warmth and tenderness that lets you know that no matter how strong you are, behind closed doors you’re allowed to be weak in front of her and she won’t hold it against you..

The Rawness: Instead of complementing the male gender, the female of the species now aims to duplicate the male gender, and she’s lost a lot of what made her so special to begin with.

DC Hero: She’d have ageless beauty and the essence of youth. Lady in the street, freak in the sheets…

I can’t top what these gentlemen wrote, but it got me thinking, and…

It kills me how random life is. A big chunk of me has nothing to do with me. It’s just the environment I’m in, the events and people that cross my path. Wrong time, right place.

I was 23-years-old when I met a beautiful girl. I have no idea how I got her but I did, and I didn’t have the “game” that I have now. She liked me for me, an eager guy out of college trying to relieve whatever inadequacy he thought he had.

She crushed me, but that was okay. But I did something that wasn’t okay. I overcompensated, to the extreme. I had to get even better at the game so not only could I find a girl like that again, but I could keep her as well. You see there was an end goal of a happy relationship somewhere along the line, but it didn’t work out like that. The game was the end itself. The perfect woman I thought I wanted slowly slipped away. She morphed into this monster of easy sex and unrealistic expectations. Sex on demand, no later than the third date, and if you’re not exactly what I want then fuck off.

Part of me wishes I got swooped up by her. Maybe I would see women as more than just numbers and stories. Maybe I’d be in a happy relationship. Sure I’d be whipped and still working in some soulless job trying to pay a mortgage, but at least I’d have this woman who cared for me and loved me, and I would do the same to her. I think I was capable of that.

Instead I went down this rabbit hole… deeper and deeper… and darker. I see less than I used to. Too much experience, too used to easy attention and cheap thrills. You can’t undo your experiences, especially when there is just too many of them, their naked bodies, their smell on your fingers as you drive home racking up another score… your fantasies of their moans and kisses as you smile yourself to sleep. The way they laugh at jokes you’ve said a hundred times before.

It gets worse every year, the happy relationship with my “perfect” girl just gets farther as I become more incapable, as I become “better” at getting sex that has meaning but really doesn’t. I don’t even notice differences in girls anymore. But I can’t stop. I notice most other guys can. Am I… a validation junkie? An attention whore? Like the girls I criticize?

When that girl dumped me I cried. I went to her place to get my stuff, hoping I could keep it going. But it was done. I left and parked in a gas station and sat there and cried like a little baby. If that happened today, I wouldn’t even give a shit, and I think that’s my problem. I’m a machine with flesh, no empathy or love… another night, another performance.

She wasn’t perfect, not even close. But she was. Anyone decent looking can be made perfect. You already know it takes very little effort. But I haven’t done it recently.

So… she’s gone. Experience killed the perfect woman. It means nothing to me.

Re: Stop Cockblocking


Actually, here’s what the “girl talk” sounded like:

Me: “Are you ready to go someplace else? I don’t see anyone that I’m all that interested in here, so I’m ready to move on. Unless you think you might like this guy?”

My friend (girl 2): “Nah, he’s OK, but I’m ready to go check out someplace else. Let’s go!”

So get over yourself.

You just proved every single point I made.. thanks.

You had your chance with me and blew it. Move aside with grace and dignity instead of denying your friend a chance.

Stop Cockblocking

Me and VK were at the DC bar Marvin on a recent Friday night. If you’re wondering why we go all the time when the average age is 30, I think it’s because we’re the only guys there who have game (besides Roissy). We do alright when talent shows up.

Three cute girls were checking us out and wouldn’t stop. VK opened them and I joined in later to talk to the tallest one. Within a minute I felt something was wrong… it was like she had a rod shoved up her ass. Turns out she is going to law school. That was all I needed to know. I looked over her shoulder and saw nothing else, so it was this lawyer chick or nothing.

cockblocker.jpgI’m working on her and it’s going well. Five minutes into the conversation, in a pitiful attempt to compliment me which I’m sure took a lot of courage for her, she said, “You’re not lame.” She’s touching me and playing with her hair. I was on track, and she’s actually pretty good looking.

But then, out of nowhere, the third friend comes back from getting a drink. She looks at me, smiles, and just holds it. There it was. Instantly I think, “I want THIS one.” I didn’t care that I already put work into the lawyer chick because this other chick was just oozing warmth and I knew she was more my type. I take a break from the lawyer chick and started talking to the new girl. But we’re not even talking, just looking at each other. It was on and I was very pleased.

After a minute the lawyer chick says “girl talk.” The girls huddle up and start whispering to each other. I’m not worried—in fact I have to do guy talk often with my wingman to sort out situations. A minute later they are done and the lawyer chick says, “We’re leaving.” Then they walk away. :angry:

In Brazil I got with a girl and two hours into it I find out that she actually came with a group of friends. The friends never interrupted once. But here you have girls running around treating their friends like little kids, babysitting them and making decisions about which guys guys they should get with. Unfortunately in this passive culture it’s not common for one girl to stand up to her friend in the heat of the moment with other friends looking on. She passes on the desirable male to get approval so her already low self-esteem is not shattered.

I’m on board VK’s Stop Blocking Movement. From this point on every time I get blocked, I will go to the blocker and say, “I hope you get The Clap when you least expect it.” I know no other way to solve this problem.

I saw the lawyer chick a week later at the same bar. I poked her, she looked, and then ignored me. She won.

Example Of A Real Alpha Male

First, watch this video. A girl decides to “prank” her boyfriend by smashing a metal baking pan on his head while he eats a crunchy cereal breakfast.

Cute Girlfriend Gives Good Head…ache

Now watch his revenge…

Guy Gets Revenge on Girlfriend for Headache

Eight years ago I’d watch that and think, “He went so overboard. Isn’t he scared of losing her?” That’s why I couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse back then, and why he has a girl that all men would get on.

A lot of guys have this fear of offending a girl or losing her, but not having that fear is what quality women are most attracted to. It’s hard for women to resist a man who doesn’t care as much as he should. Deep inside this girl is happy he got her back, and I guarantee you after her ass healed she fucked the hell out of him.

Now watch that first video again. Look what happens at the 27 second mark when he turns around to look at her. We didn’t even have to watch the second video to know he’s an alpha male.

Here’s a second bonus example of an alpha male: