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Guiding Principle Of Male-Female Relations

This is going to be unpleasant.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years, and turns out I have failed to get across the guiding principle of male-female relations to women of the United States.

The guiding principle of male-famale relations:


If you are a woman over 30 who is single and unhappy, it is because you are overweight, have short hair, or have standards far higher than your attractiveness.

In Argentina the girls are fucking nutcases, but it is impossible to find a 26+ year old skinny Argentine girl with hair touching the top of her ass. Impossible.

In Brazil the girls are chubbier and less attractive but they have what is called sex appeal. Men are very attracted to this trait. Since you are American and have as much sex appeal as a woman from Afghanistan, your only hope is getting your looks together.

I know losing weight is tough with so many delicious flavors of Haagen Daz ice cream and Starbucks frappuccinos, but listen: calories in must be less than calories out. You can decrease calories in by eating less food, or you can increase calories out through exercise. Doing both will give you faster results. Also, lifting weights or doing toning exercises will give your body a pleasing appearance. This is something you have to do for the rest of your life. I know it will be brutal to miss your favorite television programs to get your body looking good, but this is the tremendous price you must pay.

Bonus tip: I have never met a fine bodied girl who washes down a night of beer or wine drinking with cheese or meat. Please research the calorie content of your favorite alcoholic beverages and the common late-night snacks you consume afterwards.

I know having long hair is a pain in the ass when it’s hot and I know it takes forever to dry, but you are not helping your cause with that “cute” bob cut. Men are not attracted to cute. If we did we’d all own puppies.

I’m sorry you have an unattractive face. Life is not fair. But you will have to significantly lower your standards if you want children or a husband. Not everyone is going to have an attractive mate. I have back and ear hair and various other deformities but since you are not as looks oriented as I am all I have to do is have personality, be interesting / confident, make jokes, etc. (i.e. have game) in order to get with women more attractive than I am handsome. These game traits help you so much less than me that it would be a waste of your time to work on them in place of body slimming or hair growing.

Also, have you have experimented with ways to maximize your looks potential?

You cannot compensate for fat, short hair, or an ugly face with education, an impressive job, or fancy purses.

“But Roosh I am thin and attractive with long hair but am over 30, single, and unhappy.”

Then you do not really want a husband or children.

I know every girl is going to write this off as too simplistic, mean, and unfair. It’s too easy for a girl to blame socioeconomic forces, a lack of “good men,” bad luck, or the media for her inability to hook one decent guy. So what I’m going to do is write a very complicated book called “Bang For Girls” that will be a glorious resource for how to look at guys, how to talk to them, how to date them, and so on. Let’s work on everything but your looks, which make the greatest impact on the men you get, so that you can say you are at least trying to make changes.

“But I don’t want a guy who just appreciates my looks. I’m intelligent, independent, witty, funny, blah blah.”

Reread the guiding principles of male-female relations again. Accept it or stay single.

Rio de Janeiro

I got a cell phone, signed up at a gym, and started taking Portuguese lessons. I have a feeling I will be here a while.

I need two weekends before I can share my initial thoughts. No snap judgments!

I’m dropping $100/day. Trying to hit $60. :shudder:

Did you know Prada makes a cell phone?


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I Hate Roosh

A girl blogger has this to say about me:

If you spend some time reading his blog you’ll find that he is a true misogynist. He never says he hates women, but it is between the lines in every entry. He has been spurned by women and now has chosen to subjugate them in lieu of therapy. Women are no longer people in his blog, we’re dehumanized, gutted, and decapitated for his pleasure/sadism. We are broken down into color, ethnicity, age, number of sexual partners while the bloggers own color, ethnicity, age, profession, number of sexual partners are inconsequential. I think he should do women a favor and visit a whorehouse with a diverse cornucopia of employees. Maybe if they simulate a bar-like setting and slip him their number, it will have the same effect and he’ll be removed from the effective man-pool. Because college, post-college, and young professional men are of the same mindset I think most of them are a waste of time. To be fair, Roosh says as much in the above entry. I hate him and yet were it not for the blatant honesty of his blog I think I would still be wasting my time on male attention.

I feel somewhat responsible that I sent this girl down some rabbit hole of man hatred, but sounds like that was the direction she was heading.

Speaking of DC blogs, a new one I’ve been reading is Jack Goes Forth.


Strong comment left on her post…

I wouldn’t call Roosh’s writing misogynistic, I’d call them observant.

He writes about his experiences trolling for snatch at bars and clubs.

The women he writes about go out to bars and clubs. They let Roosh game them and then go home with him. They make it easy.

You want to be valued for your mind? You want to be respected for “who you are”? Do you imagine that your career impresses people?

Don’t go to bars and clubs and let the Roosh’s of the world game you.

If anything, you’re the misogynist – you hate the girls who let him get exactly what he wants for only minimal effort. You hate these girls for letting men treat them as orifices to masturbate into. You hate them because large numbers of men will never waste time on girls who demand to be treated “like a human being” – a category to which I presume you belong – when there are so many girls who go out every night and spend hundreds of dollars a year for the privilege of being pumped and dumped by alpha males. I won’t even begin to mention the blatant misandry exhibited by this post. But then again you’re a woman so you don’t have a problem with double standards, right?

Look, every single person in this world is looking out for themselves. Roosh wants pussy. You want to be valued. Although you have a pussy I don’t think you and Roosh would make a good match. You will end up with a beta and Roosh will end up with herpes. In the end, your desire for men who treat women as princesses is no better or worse than Roosh’s desire for women who just want a one-night stand with a rugged ambiguously darkish guy.

In the end, you can’t blame Roosh for telling it how it is. As you admit yourself, his blog is brutally honest. Read more of it. You will learn how men really have always felt about women and will probably always feel about women no matter how many times the Vagina Monologues are performed at college campuses and no matter how many women leave the house every day in power suits.

Could it be that everything about women’s liberation is one giant experiment that couldn’t ever have possibly worked? Strange that 40 years later Roosh speaks for all men, isn’t it?

Hotel Miami

My second night at Hotel Miami in Asunción, I went to my bathroom and saw this:


It was big and not afraid of me. I couldn’t find anything to kill it with except my room’s soft-cover bible, but if I failed to kill it I was scared it get mad and try to kill me, so I just closed the bathroom door hoping the problem would resolve itself. It did because I never saw the lizard again.

I was hyper-aware after that and a few minutes later I noticed a gigantic bug on the pillow of the twin bed next to my full size bed. I grabbed the bible and killed it without mercy. I felt sorry for the poor sap who was going to use that pillow thinking it was clean (like it was clean before). The six inch lizard was a sign I should have searched for another hotel, but I pride myself on adapting to tough conditions.

Pride never did me anything good.

I went to bed on Wednesday at midnight. I woke up around 4:15am with my hand touching something on my bed. I pushed it aside and settled into a new sleeping position. About four seconds later it hit me that THERE IS SOMETHING FURRY ON MY BED. I jumped up and turned on the light. It was a dead rat.

I freaked out like I’ve never freaked out before, flailing my arms and making whimpering noises as I run to the bathroom to wash my hands. I examined my body in the mirror to check for signs of rat excrement or bites. I’m cringing, shuddering, gagging as I think about where this rat touched me.

I covered the dead rat with sheets so I didn’t have to see it. The placement of the rat seemed too perfect, almost like it was a prank, but the door was still locked.

I wanted to leave the hotel immediately, but it wasn’t the best time to go walking around Asunción searching for a hotel. I consider staying awake until the sun comes up but there is that twin bed. I turn over the pillow and lay down. Two hours later I fell asleep.

I get up around 8:30am and start packing. Less traumatized, I uncover the rat to get a closer look. Turns out it’s not a rat—it’s a bat.


It was hanging from the ceiling and just dropped dead next to me. I’m not a superstitious man and I don’t believe in omens, but when dead bats start falling from the sky onto your bed, it’s time to get as far away as possible. I packed up and went to the bus station and booked a ticket to Ciudad del Este, a city I can cross over from into Brazil. I had two hours to kill so I went to an internet cafe at the end of the bus station.

My scientific knowledge kicks in as I’m checking my email and I remembered bats carry rabies. So I’m in this internet cafe multiplying the odds this bat has rabies with the odds it bit or scratched me while I slept. I’m sure I would have definitely felt it bite me and a check of my body in the mirror found nothing suspicious. I hit Google. The internet is either saving my life or giving me OCD, I’m not sure, but I found things like this:

Of the 25 cases since 1981 in which people contracted rabies in [the U.S.], 22 involved strains that could have come only from bats, and 16 had the silver-haired bat strain found in the Virginia man. Everyone in those cases died, including several children. But only one patient was aware of having been bitten. In the rest of the bat cases, the exposure was described as ”unknown,” though in many cases family members or patients themselves recalled that a bat had got into the house or workplace.

But that means one can be bitten by a bat without knowing it, something most people would find hard to imagine.

Now I’m scared. The thing with rabies is that when you find out you have it, you’re going to die. It’s also bad news that this bat was hanging out with a human. With the window closed it had to work to get inside instead of choosing to drop dead in it’s natural habitat. I hop in a cab to the private hospital and get the first of five injections. The consultation with a doctor and the first shot was $35. Getting the rabies vaccine has been the easiest decision of my trip.

Rabies prophylaxis is 100 per cent effective if given before symptoms appear. Link

I still can’t relax.

I arrived in Brazil later that night, and stayed at a nice hostel that didn’t have more wildlife than a national park. It’s nice that traveling gives you such interesting and crazy stories, but I wish I did without this one.

For more on Paraguay, check out my Paraguay travel guide.


Paraguay and Bolivia are the two poorest countries in South America and the only two that are landlocked. Coincidence?

I had to escape from Asunción yesterday due to what happened to me at 4:15am Thursday morning. No, it didn’t involve a transsexual, or any other person for that matter. Story coming.

I’m starting to seriously consider my travel luck.

For more on Bolivia, check out my Bolivia travel guide.

Iguazu Falls

When you think of South America, the first thing that comes to you is Machu Picchu (or favelas), but as I get deeper into my trip I’m convinced that Machu Picchu is popular for only one reason: it’s entire essence can be captured in one easily digestible photograph. It’s popular because of marketing. Pompeii is a far more interesting ruin but it’s a complex site that doesn’t have that money photograph.

You’ve probably never heard of Iguazu Falls, but it’s the Niagra Falls of South America. Waterfalls are waterfalls, but this beats stone ruins any day.

Iguazu Falls I

Igauzu Falls II

The Devil's Throat

I uploaded a bunch of other photos this month.

Five Months Update

I’m excited to be done with Argentina. I spent a little over two months there, and while I loved Argentina, I have mixed feelings about the people. I always thought that Americans were cold, but compared to Argentina we are not so bad. Uruguay was an easy-going country that reminded me of Venezuela with the light-skinned, attractive, and friendly people. Only in Uruguay have shopkeepers insisted I carry a balance instead of worrying about finding change.

I think I may have what is called post-infectious IBS. It happens after something like a parasite alters the lining of your gut (sometimes permanently), leading to symptoms like bloating, pain, and gas for an indefinite amount of time. From my internet research it seems to be somewhat common after travel to third-world countries. Or maybe it is small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in two months and tomato sauce and many raw vegetables are off limits. If it’s a parasite then it’s a big parasite because sometimes it feels and sounds like something in moving around in there.

I’ve had ongoing stomach problems for three and a half months now, and while I think I’m getting better, it’s something I need to plan around and think about. At least it’s not affecting my face! This experience reminds me of when I had hives, which took over two months to resolve. One day at a time…

Next stop is Rio de Janeiro until Carnival. I decided to visit those three small countries after Brazil and make a go for every country in South America. Why not? If I can get to Veneuzuela then I’m confident I can make it.

I feel like I’m at the midpoint of my trip.

Punta del Este

The Odds

I just got this message:

A French canadian guy came across a guestbook entry at a certain hostel in valpo. He was astounded that the entry happened to be yours, as he had bumped into you in cusco and el chantel.

He then proceeded to tell us about your numerous bodily complications.. followed by the statement.. yeah Roosh is a funny guy.

We werent really listening to him up until the word Roosh was shouted across the hostel breakfast table. Turns out youre quite the backpacker celebrity! Luckily we were able to experience cosmonova without actually going there through your detailed recount.


I met a few Australian girls in Buenos Aires.

I met a guy in Cusco, Peru who is French Canadian. Two months later, I randomly bump into him again in Patagonia, about a thousand miles away.

In Valparaiso, after Peru but before Argentina, I stayed at a hostel that had a guestbook. After a horrible night out I put in a lot of care writing a warning to fellow travellers about a certain club. I signed it with just “Roosh.”

Both the girls and the guy went to Valparaiso at the same hostel at the same time and discovered that they both knew me through this guestbook entry, which I paste for you here (I drafted it on my laptop):

My opinion of Valparaiso will be shaped by what happened to me on Wednesday, October 24, 2007. I went to the club strip off the water and landed in a club called Cosmonova. The main bar only had a dozen people, so I explored and found a room guarded by a stocky bouncer. Inside was a semi-circle of guys sitting quietly in chairs, waiting for something. I thought this was the gay part of the club but there was another room nearby that only had girls. I asked the bartender what was going on but with her Chilean spanish she might as well have been talking in Portuguese.

A local overheard my confusion and escorted me back into the room of men. In the middle of the semi-circle was an overweight chilean woman, wearing only sunglasses. And I mean only sunglasses. Men hooted and hollered as they filmed her with their cell phone cameras. “Very sexy?” the local asked me, in a tone like he was trying to convince me how great his country is for having this spectacle. I nodded yes but it was as sexy as watching a hot dog eating competition. I went back to the bar.

The show ended 15 minutes later. I know this because an avalanche of men frantically searching for a meal poured into the bar. Many went hungry as there was only one girl for every three of them. I use the word “girl” loosely: many were over 30, the type who gets a kick out of watching a shaved, eyebrow plucked man wave his manhood while wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers.

I think it’s time to go back to Argentina.

South America is a big continent. Even with Lonely Planet, the odds of this happening is incredibly small. It made my day.

Argentine Girls Final Thoughts

PREVIOUSLY: School Of Argentine Girls

1. Argentine girls love disappearing. You think they are loving you hours after you first approached, and then they just ditch you. This may be a reason why Argentine guys are dicks: Why put in the work and be nice and spend all that time if she’s going to ditch?

2. Escalation is different. When an American girl starts touching you a lot and holding your arm, you’re money and can ramp up. When an Argentine girl does it, it’s bait and you should not escalate quite yet. If you bite too early, you “lose” and that’s that. You need to wait longer than normal for when the vibe of the interaction changes; she’ll start staring at you differently and smiling when there is nothing to smile about. Only then do you escalate. I’m still not too clear about this.

3. Dancing is crucial in almost all pick-ups. Since there is no such thing as grinding here, that means you dance for hours a foot away from her touching now and then, waiting and waiting like a puppy dog until you get the green light explained above. If you are the kind of guy like me who prefers leaning against the bar all night with a drink in your hand, you will get significantly less than your twin who hits the dance floor. While dancing offers no certainty you’ll get anything, it’s the only way to have her attention for long periods of time.

4. There is no cockblocking here from the girlfriends. I’m convinced cockblocking is a cultural phenomenon.

5. If I could try one thing differently, I would go serious push game. Constant challenging. Make it seem like every answer they give is wrong and she has absolutely zero chance with you. Saying things like “I wish you were…” While smiling of course. The only way to find out how far you can go is to make a few girls genuinely mad at you.

6. There is a “you’re not worth anything if you’re easy” meme floating in Argentina, which means an Argentine girl will never make it easy for you. It’s always a headache.

7. Argentine girls like sex, but on the surface the culture is not very sexually liberalized. For example I’ve never seen such conservative dress before; the girls never show cleavage and they think sexy is showing off their skinny arms. At the end of the night in a U.S. club, a significant number of people are making out. In Argentina it’s very few couples. You’ll find fast girls but on average they are slower than Americans.

8. In two months I’ve never seen an Argentine girl buzzed, tipsy, alegre, whatever. They just dance or talk all night. Plus there is no shooter culture like in the U.S. The nightspots don’t even have shot glasses.

9. Because Argentina does not have an easy pick-up environment, social circle is very important. Gringos who have done well with Argentine girls are ones that have enrolled in school for an extended period of time and built up a social circle. The advice that an American would give a friend to find a wife is the same an Argentine gives to get laid. The average notch count here has to be lower for both sexes.

10. In most cultures, when someone is staring at you, you look to see who it is. But the girls here will definitely not look at you if they know you are staring. If I’m walking on the sidewalk and notice a cute girl walking towards me, I avert eye contact and pretend I’m not paying attention until I feel her looking at me. Then I look at her eyes. She’ll panic and look away immediately. You are not supposed to know she is looking at you because that may mean she is interested. That’s how Argentine girls are.

In conclusion, the girls are a pain in the ass, but every system can be cracked—it’s just a matter of how long it takes. But why bother when Brazil is right next door?

Why She’s Leaving

When a girl wants to leave early from a club or bar, it’s because she’s not getting attention from guys. Recently I saw a couple random hostel girls I wasn’t hitting on start their exit after claiming they were “tired” and have to wake up “early.” But then they got approached on their way out and ended up staying longer than me. Fatigue or some type of work obligation is never enough to stop someone from spending time to get to know someone new they like.

When a guy wants to leave early, it’s because there are too many guys.

Beach Games

I noticed that we play completely different games at the beach. In the U.S. the popular beach games are frisbee, volleyball, and throwing the football. In South America it’s paddle ball, some weird horseshoe game I can’t figure out, and kicking the soccer ball. I don’t think it is possible to buy a frisbee in South America.


We tend to be early risers when going to the beach to catch the noon sun, but here the beach doesn’t peak until 5PM. If you go out around noon there will only be old people. From a skin cancer and just general comfort perspective, it really doesn’t make much sense to go out on the beach when the sun’s UV rays are strongest. 5PM sun will get you plenty crisped with that SPF-0 oil I see American girls use.

Beach Hair

I guess this is for the ladies (or the surfers). How do I get beach hair without going to the beach?

By beach hair I mean when your hair gets greasy and shiny with untameable thickness and stringyness. If I don’t wash my hair for a week outside the beach, it just gets greasy on the top and looks dirty instead of wild. If I don’t figure it out I’m considering bottling ocean water and taking it with me to the city to simulate beach conditions.

Salsa Revisited

I’ve concluded that salsa is the most humiliating dancing style for men. You’ve trained so long and so hard to dance with a girl for a few songs who then pats you on the back before moving on to the next beta. And this is just from what I’ve seen. I imagine my opinion would be more negative if I was actually victim to this.

The only acceptable dance style is if your crotch eventually ends up rubbing on her ass. Since that doesn’t happen in salsa, it’s unacceptable for men to become accomplished salsa dancers. It’s the only dance that even if you get a hard-on, your girl wont know since you’re three feet away from her spinning her like a ballroom princess.