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Review: Sony Mylo Personal Communicator COM-2

If you are wondering why I’m reviewing a gadget, it’s because the Sony people sent me a unit. I’m guessing you guys are their target audience.

The Mylo is an “internet communication device,” which means it’s a tiny laptop. The prime feature is you can use it like a phone with Skype because it has built-in wireless internet (there is a microphone and ear speaker). Mostly you’ll be using it to surf the internet but add a Sony memory stick (no SD cards unfortunately) and you can use it to open files and listen to MP3’s.

I’m going to rate it on two dimensions: looks and personality.

It gets a 7 out of 10 on looks. It’s lightweight and pleasing on the eye and has neon-looking lights at the ends. You won’t be embarrassed with it in your hand. The screen is bright and clear and the keyword is easy to use. The stylus at the end of the wrist strap is discreet. But it’s not hot enough that you make someone else feel insecure about their electronic device. iPhone people will look at it and act all smug-like, going off about the superiority of their phone in a passive aggressive mumble.

sony2.jpgThe personality could use an upgrade. When it’s dark you can’t see the navigation buttons and sometimes the unit doesn’t designed. For example, the zoom button on the browser doesn’t always work and it gets schizophrenic with the wireless network. But when you’re connected you can run AIM, YM, and Google Talk in addition to Skype, and also subscribe to RSS feeds. It takes pictures with the 1.3 megapixel camera, you can install flash games, and for offline use there is a text editor to take notes.

Since the Mylo will not replace your phone, the best use I can think of it is for travel if you don’t own a laptop. Many hostels offer wireless internet now and you can log on to check your email and then make phone calls back home. But you’ll have to pay for this privilege: Amazon is selling a new Mylo for $285. It’s too expensive for a budget traveler.

I think it’s a nice gadget, but with a cell phone and laptop I haven’t found a regular use for it. I’m re-gifting it to my 12-year-old brother.


Ecuador Death Road & We’re Pretty Much Homeless

I’m editing my next video production, which will be ready on Monday.

Here’s two other very short videos you may have not seen. The first is called Ecuador Death Road. Captions throughout help guide you through the complex narrative.

Ecuador Death Road from Roosh V on Vimeo.

The second video is called We’re Pretty Much Homeless. Here’s the summary:

Went out to MDM nightclub in Rosario, Argentina. We stayed until early morning and was ready to go back to the hostel but it was impossible to find a free cab. Many kilometers from the hostel, one Australian member of the party had a nervous breakdown which I was able to capture on film. Thirty minutes into our walk, a free cab was finally found.

Another Australian who stayed at the club a bit longer ended up jogging back to the hostel, asking directions in poor Spanish along the way.

My Australian friend is very good looking.

We’re Pretty Much Homeless from Roosh V on Vimeo.

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Does Anyone Speak Finnish?

A couple Finnish bloggers have been linking to me and even though I don’t know Finnish I have an idea what they’re saying.

The first one linked to my player quiz. The word romeo is in quotes, his quiz results state he is a beta male, and he highlights the correct answer to the first question (girls should be viewed as dumb cheap hookers). Most likely to point out how awful the quiz is. A hater.

The second one linked to Chaco’s old skinny girl post. There’s a nice photo of Scarlet Johansen. A fan.

The third one linked to my ejaculation post and got more comments than my original post. Obviously a girl, obviously a fan. I haven’t had sex with a girl from Finland but I would.

finland.jpgBy the way if you haven’t heard of the incredible story of how hopelessly outnumbered Finland fought off the Russians in 1939 then take time to read about the Winter War. More here, with videos.

To slow down the 163rd in the north, Finnish ski troops made wide circling flanking movements of 20 to 30 miles under cover of the long night and caught the rear and middle parts of the column by surprise. They found Soviet soldiers huddled around fires in -40° weather easy prey to sub-machine gun fire and grenades. Almost any wound was fatal. As the 44th approached Suomussalmi down the Raate Road, they had to pass between Kuomasjärvi and Kuivasjärvi on a narrow isthmus. 350 Finns in hand-to-hand combat closed the isthmus. Trees were now felled across the road in front and behind with the 44th Division strung out along the road. The 163rd only six miles north engaged in desperate struggles to push the Finns west, but were stopped. Much of this fighting was hand to hand


Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That
You Need Money To Get Laid

When I first moved into my Dad’s house, I was a little nervous about my sex prospects. I’ve always talked a big game about getting laid with just game, but it’s easier to believe that when you have your own place and a good job.

For the first couple months I was hesitant to reveal my unemployment and basement dwelling status, but then I received encouragement from a player friend who had a home stint of his own and told me it doesn’t make a difference. Turns out he was right.

If the main way you get laid is through status or money, then living at home will shut off your poon supply, but if you get laid through game then you actually get more sex because you have more free time to hit on girls. It’s that simple.

millionaire2.jpgAnd it gets even more interesting. I’d have these moments of self-doubt where I’d think, “Besides being this amazing man, I have nothing to offer girls. I can’t take them on vacations or nice dates. I won’t be able to get a quality girl like I would if I was more established.” But In the past year I’ve dated more amazing, intelligent, funny, passionate, and successful girls than I have in my entire life. I’ve dated girls who invested significantly more money into me than I have into them. I’ve dated girls who give me rides home because they don’t want me to take the bus. It’s not completely logical, but if you’re a guy you already know how flawed using logic is when it comes to women.

Bottom line: you will never miss out on notches by lacking a commodity like clothes, money, or auto that comes with very basic labor. As long as you offer something hard to gain and scarce (true game), then you will always be in demand, and don’t let the bonehead mass audience cause you to believe otherwise. For a short second even I believed it.

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Thoughts On Ejaculating Inside A Girl

Here’s what I wrote in Bang

…make sure you never ejaculate inside her, even if she is on the pill. Not only is the pill not 100% effective, no girl is perfect with taking it every day. Because you don’t want your player career to end prematurely with a newborn, don’t ejaculate inside a girl unless you accept the chance of having a baby with her.

I wrote that when I had a good job and a girl wouldn’t mind having my baby since I had the means to support it, but boy have times have changed. There is a new exception to my previous ejaculation rule…

The poorer you are compared to her, the safer it is to ejaculate inside her.

The reason is obvious: she does not want to have the baby from some deadbeat who can’t even buy diapers. While I don’t remember the last time I ejaculated inside a girl, if I got into a relationship with a lawyer you better believe that I’m busting inside her every night. “Cool keep the baby if you want. Hey can I borrow two bucks to take the bus back to my Dad’s basement?”

But let’s say she’s a Polish au pair in America for a short amount of time. Absolutely no creampies for her even if her tubes are tied. While I’m poor by most standards, to a Polish au pair I’m middle class and having my baby would mean a potential green card if I marry her. The incentives for her are just too great to keep the baby and the last thing in life I need right now is a little Rooshy running around.

Ejaculation safe professions: Lawyer, engineer, publicist, human resources manager, government worker above GS-10, model/actress, doctor, urban planner

Ejaculation unsafe professions: Teacher, retail clerk, artist, writer, barista, bus driver, storekeeper, librarian, secretary, social worker

Sometimes you can tell just by looking at the girl…





It’s ironic that the more likely a woman can support a baby on her own the safer it is to spread your potent seed inside her. I think we can blame thank feminism for that.

Mermaid Sex Revisted

Previously: “You are alone on an uninhabited island, which one of these would you choose as your companion.”

Futurama’s take on mermaid mating…

Living Room


These two can also be seen in my Big Leagues movie feature.

Not Dead Celebrities Of Las Vegas

In addition to my Hooker Spotting In Las Vegas post a couple weeks ago, I also just finished a more travel-themed article for Volette called Not Dead Celebrities Of Las Vegas.

The city itself is plopped right in the middle of a desert, originally as wayward transfer for railway shipping goods out of nearby mines. Then the mafia and Bugsy Siegel got its hands on developing the Flamingo hotel, the first “complete” casino resort that had the revolutionary idea of making visitors go through the gambling area to get to their rooms. Just like how modern sports stadiums follow the model of Rome’s Colosseum, casinos still match the Flamingo of 1946, with no windows, no clocks, dim lighting, and jacked up air conditioning to prevent gamblers from dozing off.


Read the article here.

11 Signs She’s A Keeper

1. You’d still hang out with her when she’s on her period and there is no chance of sex.

2. You don’t get the inexplicable urge to leave after you ejaculate inside her.

3. You don’t bother to notice if other girls are checking you out when you’re with her.

4. Because you actually enjoy chatting with her you have to make a conscious effort to not contact her too much so you don’t put out a beta male vibe.

5. You think about her when jerking off instead of the blonde bimbo on the screen taking two up the butt.

6. You don’t wonder if you could do better.

7. You want her to meet your friends, sure of their approval in your mate selection.

keeper.jpg8. You feel more like a man when you’re with her because of her bursting femininity.

9. You think about how lucky you are to catch her at the right moment, right time.

10. She’s concerned, almost obsessed, with your needs and pleasure, especially in the bedroom.

11. You love displaying her on your arm, like a caveman would be when dragging home a mountain lion that almost killed him in intense battle.

This is more of a cumulative list… only a couple may pop up with any specific girl.

Rock Band Audition & Possible Summer Internship

Roissy and I have started a rock band called Heavy Sack. He plays bass while I rock out on guitar. We are looking for a female singer to take our band to the next level. Of course I’m talking about Rock Band the video game and not an actual rock band, though I’m sure with a couple months practice on a real guitar I would be qualified enough to start a decent band.

The audition will be Tuesday night at Reef around 9pm or so, which is their Rock Band night. You will sing along to rock classics and be graded by a computer that tells you how much higher you have to go to hit those high notes. We will select a singer not only based on singing ability but pleasing demeanor as well.

The Heavy Sack band name is not in reference to getting blue balled but from having too much testosterone. Our manager and image consultant is Virgle Kent, who will be watching from a distance taking notes in his head.


Also, I think I would like to add a female intern for the summer. You would follow in the footsteps of the wonderful Sally and Dasha, whom I still keep in touch with. :wave:

If you are interested and can write and hold a camera with a steady hand to document my adventures, you may be a good fit for this demanding position. The pay would be $0, but you would hang out with me and my friends who will probably buy you beers from time to time. Email me for more details.

Flag Day Is Tomorrow

Each year when it’s time for my birthday I reflect back and see if it topped the year before. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to a year that simply can’t be topped, but I sit here right now feeling pretty good about the future even though on the surface it seems to be going backwards (with the living in dad’s basement thing). I’m working on a plan that will get me out of here for hopefully a long time, but I don’t see much happening before 2009.

I’ll never know if I made the right choices since I can’t turn back time and try something else, but I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made (so far). It has been 14 months since I’ve had a job and I forgot what’s it’s like to sit in front of a computer reading blogs trying not to glance at the clock because I know not much time has passed since the last time I looked at it. I just didn’t fit with the corporate world and with my now useless degree the decision was easy to pursue a more mobile lifestyle of freelancing/writing/blogging. Sure it’s not for most people, but for me it is and I’m enjoying it even though I have to count every dollar I spend.

So tomorrow I will be 29. Last week I noticed some grey hairs in my beard. :shudder:


Important Life Tips

The caffeine content in Red Bull is much lower you think. Drinking a cup of coffee will give you more caffeine than a can of Red Bull. If you want a real boost in energy, stop drinking caffeine altogether.

Shaving cream is not necessary for razor shaving. Simply lather up a bar of soap and apply to your face. Then shave. A sharp razor is more important to a good shave than shaving cream.

If you want to increase your chances of getting laid in Rio de Janeiro, do not go during Carnival.

Your body produces weirder smells during travel. If your underarms are foul, trim the hair and dab rubbing alcohol daily before deodorant application. If your shoes and feet smell, apply rubbing alcohol to your feet after showering followed with a talc powder application. semi-liquid-heart-attack.jpgAlso put talc powder in your shoes daily. Takes about three or four days to notice results in either case.

Wear ear plugs if you get up often during the night. It takes about a week to get used to them, but vastly improves the quality of your sleep… until the wax buildup in your ear becomes gross and unbearable.

Stomach illnesses or questionable food can give you messy solids. Wiping can make the situation worse and take more time than the actual dump. Use the dab / blot technique instead, like you were getting red wine out of a white carpet.

Your hair is oily because you wash it too much. Wash your hair only once a week and after a month you will notice your hair puts out considerably less oil and has more natural shine. This is because taking the oil out every day with shampoo tells your scalp to keep producing more oil. (Unfortunately during summer months you have to double washings to twice a week.)

If your taint is sore after bike riding, you’re doing the type of damage that leads to impotence. You must get a better bike seat.

Don’t use SmartCards for the Metro bus because it limits your transfer time to only two hours. Paper transfers give you longer transfer times through driver laziness and allow you to cheat the system in other ways much more easily.

If you want to travel more but keep wussing out, buy a cheap world map and put it on your bedroom wall. You’ll have your first ticket booked within a couple months.

Latex condoms tend to dry out a girl after prolonged lovemaking. Don’t be shy to spit on her vagina to keep things lubricated. She won’t mind.


I go to the same Starbucks next to a retirement community so I recognize many of the old people that come in. Last month a man came in with a walker. He was leaning it on heavy and struggling to move just a half foot at the time. He almost fell down while bending over to sit.

A year ago I remember him coming in on his own, walking a little slow but still walking, and buying one of those pink frappuccino drinks. He dropped it and I watched him grab some napkins to help the barista clean up the spill. He was upbeat then and I used to exchange a few words with him, but now he just looks down on the ground as a younger woman helps him around and gets his drink. He sits closest to the door, silent, with no color on his skin, and within a few minute he falls asleep. He just started coming in a wheelchair, and judging by pain I see on his face he won’t be coming in much more. sunset.jpg

You think it’s going to come gradually. That one day you have trouble getting out of bed and think to yourself that in a year or so you will need a cane. And then in a few years maybe a walker from time to time. But nature doesn’t work on your clock. It comes when it wants to come. I know this man did not expect to decline as rapidly as he has, one year independent and walking around, the next year barely able to bring the cup to his mouth.

There’s an elderly couple I see all the time. They have to be at least 80 years old, with a bond that gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll find someone to live out my last days with. They’d come in, get their coffee, and read the newspaper for an hour before setting out. The woman always had trouble walking so the man would hold her arm, like you would see a young couple do at night. Then they started coming in less and less. I used to see them every day, but it’s been a month since the last time. I think I know what happened.