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It’s not a good recap unless there is a picture of Cookie / Jessica:


Thanks to my cohosts and everyone else who showed up. I’ll miss a lot of you guys. :sob:

Also thanks to the Steve, the owner of Science Club, who treated me well and bought a copy of Bang. And the bartender—she knows who she is.


Postscript: Picture of me and my two former interns, laughing at one of my awesome jokes…


I don’t remember who unbuttoned my shirt.

What I’m Doing Today

1. The pool. Going to swim some laps and then demolish the little neighborhood kids at sharks & minnows. I strongly enforce a no drains and no human chain rule. I will also be maintaining my recent beach tan with SPF 4 sunblock.

2. The Starbucks. I’ll get a tall iced tea ($1.58) and then go through a stack of Spanish notecards. I’m taking a step back to study alphabet pronunciation.

3. The Happy Hour. My last one for hopefully a long time. I’m bringing copies of the book in a box (I just bought these).


First Impressions

I used to come across an older Russian woman in the hallways of my former job. I would often make eye contact and offer up a small smile but she never reciprocated. I remember even saying hi to her one time only to get silence in return. After that I avoided eye contact and never tried to be nice to her again.

Years later, after half a dozen corporate restructurings, I found myself in the same team as her. Great, I thought. We ended up having lunch in the same break room next to our cubicle / lab farm. She turned out to be the friendliest person on my team, someone I could talk about things besides work. She even agreed with me on my thoughts about American women and spinsters, which would have never been shared unless we had strong rapport.

On my last day of work, I had my exit interview right after lunch. It was time to say goodbye to my lunch bunch. I gave the Russian a hug and she said, “Who would have thought that someone who seemed so mean would be such a nice guy!” Somehow two friendly people came across as total jerks to each other.

First impressions are useful because it serves as a shortcut to help us decide who to associate with and how to treat them. The only problem is when that impression is wrong, when someone is not aware of a rough vibe they are putting out. It’s a question of whether you should give people the benefit of the doubt or not when they don’t immediately respond to you in a positive way. How much perceived slight should you take when getting to know someone? I don’t know, but I will speak louder when saying hi.

The 1-10 Scale

I’m familiar with two ways to rate a girl’s appearance: the binary scale and the 1-10 scale. The binary scale tells only says if a girl is bangable or not, but doesn’t describe the degree of bangability like the 1-10 scale, which my circle of man friends prefer using.

We calibrate the 1-10 scale by starting with 7, a rating that describes girl-next-door cuteness. She has no major flaws and is girlfriend material for 90% of guys. The problem with 7’s is one of relativity: while out with one you run into a handful of girls who are better looking than her. In most men this stirs thoughts of “Can I do better?”


An 8 is very cute. The relativity problem disappears but one of personality emerges instead. The hotter a girl is, the less she has had to work on her personality to be liked by others. Because her looks have been enough to get her what she’s wanted throughout her entire life, she does not have the training or desire to go the extra mile to please and engage you.


A 9 is what most men would describe as “hot.” Getting a 9 seems to be more luck and timing than skill because—besides celebrities—there is no man who consistently gets them. The personality problem you had with an 8 is multiplied with a 9 in logarithmic fashion.


The only difference between a 9 and 10 is makeup, clothing, lighting, or photoshop, so therefore 10’s do not exist naturally in the wild. Describing a girl as a 10, or dime piece, is unreasonable since you are admitting that the girl is perfect, something that no human is.

A 6 is a girl who is cute when she works at it, but her flaws are easier to notice. Still, it’s a respectable rating. Anything under a 6 means you need to drink alcohol to get aroused for sex, especially when you get into the “monster” range of 3 and below. Every man has banged a monster in his life, because men are unable to resist free, no investment sex.

Except me, of course. :paranoid:


Bang is back after being unavailable on Lulu for about 36 hours starting on Sunday night. If you were waiting to buy it, grab it here.

How To Teach Yourself Spanish

I’ve been studying Spanish on and off since December 2005 and often get asked what materials I use. While I’m far from being an expert in Spanish, I think I’m stumbled on a formula that makes studying easy and relatively inexpensive. This method is for individuals who want to study at their own leisurely pace without taking classes.


Pimsleur audio courses. Pimsleur is a language instruction brand that teaches you through 30-minute call and response audio lessons. For Spanish and other popular languages, there are three units, each with thirty 30-minute lessons. At thirty minutes of practice a day, it took me about nine months to knock out all three units (some lessons need to be repeated several times). If you finish one or two units and study a Spanish phrasebook that has the most common tourist sayings, you will be comfortable getting around in a Spanish-speaking country. The downside of Pimsleur is that your comprehension of native speakers is low—they often talk much faster than the speakers in the course.

You can download the torrent or buy the courses from about $152 a unit (Google around).

Reading materials. After you finish Unit 1 of the audio course, it would be a good idea to know how the language looks. The Spanish For Beginners textbook fills in gaps from the audio course, and if you study one chapter a week by three months you will be able to read and write in Spanish. Everyone, especially Spanish speakers, will make fun of you for having a book written in 1958, but it’s the best Spanish textbook I’ve found and you can find it used on Amazon for under a dollar. I think the author is dead.

ISBN: 0064632717
Spanish For Beginners

The Bertlitz phrase book’s travel chapter is most helpful, with phrases like No me siento seguro aquí and ¡Eso es un escándalo!

ISBN: 2831578434
Berlitz Spanish Phrase Book

Throw in an idiom phrase book and a common word book to expand your vocabulary.

ISBN: 0486291138
1001 Most Useful Spanish Words

ISBN: 0844273252
Guide To Spanish Idioms

Another helpful book is a reader.

ISBN: 0844270512
Easy Spanish Reader

This reader defines new words in each new passage and builds off previous lessons until you are reading semi-difficult works in Spanish.

Finally, something handy to have around is a verb conjugation book. It’s optional because you can always look up conjugations online.

ISBN: 0658014870
The Big Red Book Of Spanish Verbs

Make a notecard for every word you don’t know in the textbook or reading materials. It’s important to make a notecard of a word regardless if you think you’ll use it in conversation or not because you can’t predict when you’ll hear the word in speech. Maintain a “living” stack of notecards, where you regularly add new words and take away ones that you’ve memorized.

Words I know

It’s helpful to use a mnemonic to memorize words. For example, the word for crab is cangrejo. That’s hard to remember until you tell yourself that crabs come in cans that are grey. Eventually the word sticks in your brain and you no longer need to use the mnemonic. Once you know the words, the next challenge is to use them in a conversation with someone. Example: Creo que tengo cangrejos (I think I have crabs).

Spanish media. To get used to the tongue, rent movies in Spanish and listen to salsa or reggaeton. This helps your brain get used to hearing the language, and perhaps you’ll pick up on a few words through osmosis.

Recommended Movies


There is no secret to studying a language other than spending time to memorize and practice the material. After a few months of a few hours a week of study, you can travel through a South American country and not feel lost and confused trying to get around. With one year of study, you’ll be able to read menus, understand directions, and have conversations with the locals. When I went to Venezuela I had completed Unit 1 of the Pimsleur course and studied the phrasebook and got around without too much difficulty. Between my bad Spanish, their bad English and hand signals, the gist of things were understood.

If you want to put in the least amount of work to learn the language, only get the Pimsleur audio course. You can convert the audio files into MP3’s and do them while you are stuck in traffic. Once you are ready to be tested, go to South America where there are much fewer English speakers than in Spain. You will feel insecure about speaking for the first couple days, but you get comfortable fast once you realize that other people understand what you are saying. Buena suerte! (Good luck!)


Several months ago during the early stages of writing Bang, I met a beta male who caused me to change the book. He was awkward and had poor conversational skills, and while I did not ask him about his sexual history, I would not be surprised if he was and still is a virgin. Based on the direction the book was going, would him and his buddies be covered? At the time I could not say yes. I thought about him for a few days and ended up adding more beef to the conversation and bedroom portions of the book. He is not aware of his contribution, and I don’t think he wants to be.

One of the hardest parts of writing the book wasn’t the actual writing, which was already in my head in the form of various memories, beliefs, and truths, but striking a balance where both the virgin and intermediate player would be taken to the next level, however distantly parallel those levels would be.

A section the inexperienced man will like is in the Late Game chapter where—in excruciating detail—I go over how to take off a girl’s clothes, including the ideal order of removal. When you are reading this part, imagine me thinking back to all the girls I had sex, trying to crack the most seamless pattern.

Next up are socks. First take off hers, then followed by yours. It’s very rare a girl will resist you taking off her socks. But if she does, simply skip this step and move on to the next one. Unlike most previous steps, taking off her socks is not necessary to continue because you can always try again later when more clothing is gone. Still, I imagine it would be awkward if you were having sex with a girl and her socks were on.

I hope to get at least one email from a guy who is devirginized because of my work. This is my contribution to the world.

Until You Try To Bang A Girl

A lot of girls act skeptical when I tell them stories about the dating behavior of their kind. With a tone that insinuates I’m exaggerating or even lying, I get responses like, “I don’t know where you are meeting these girls” or “I don’t know any girl that does that.” There is no possible way that girls are as bad as I make them up to be, they say, and I must be only going after the really fucked-up ones.

The thing is, until you try to bang a girl, you will never know her true nature. Your college girlfriend who you’ve shared millions of tears with? You two are actually strangers. That girlfriend you’ve known since grade school? You might as well have just met on the street.

You do not know a female unless you push the emotional buttons that come with trying to enter her vagina. Her true nature is not talking about fashion or having pillow fights in silk pajamas—it’s how she acts when she is being romantically pursued by a real man. If you have not tried to have sex with her then you’re only experiencing the tail end of the coin. This is why so many girls think their kind is reasonable and normal, when in fact they are capable of the evilest of evil the world has ever seen.

Salsa Class

I just finished taking my 5-hour beginner salsa class. If you are unfamiliar with salsa, it is a dancing style where the man always leads. This means my partner cannot do anything unless signaled by me, her God on the dance floor.

That leads to the main problem with salsa: I have to lead. When you are dancing with a girl to house or hip hop, you are doing your own thing and she is doing hers, with no real coordination besides keeping the beat. You grab her hips every now and then and rub your boner up and down on her and that’s it. But with salsa you have to think about what you are going to do next and if it’s a good move. Should I turn her now or do the cross body move? On what count do I do that intimate over-the-head caress / waterfall move? There are zero opportunities to rub your crotch on her and you can’t drink while dancing because both hands must be devoted to maintaining God status.

A friend of mine said I’d be an idiot not to learn how to salsa before going to South America. I have a feeling though that my five hours of experience will not get the panties wet. How was I supposed to know that being good in salsa takes months of work? Well, my backup plan is ready—“Hola, soy gringo.”

Exodus Happy Hour

I’m very satisfied with how this image turned out.

Who: Arjewtino, I Now Pronounce You, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me

When: Friday, June 27 @ 8PM

Where: Science Club

A lot of people are getting ready for summer travel along with myself so why not have a leaving into the unknown theme. As with the previous happy hour, we are continuing our Bring Fresh Meat concept, where it was nice to see fresh meat having stimulating conversation with old meat. I’m going to bring a Sharpie and a few copies of the book (my “Roosh” signature has been perfected after 20 minutes of practice).

Even though this will be my last happy hour for quite some time, I don’t want any tears from the ladies at the happy hour. I’ll be posting plenty of pictures throughout the trip that you can set as your desktop background to maintain the closeness. As for the guys, drink buying and the Persian double cheek kiss and hug combo greeting is acceptable, but nothing gay.

A Streetcar Named Desire


I finally saw A Streetcar Named Desire after getting tired of not understanding its references in film and television. The movie is about Blanche DuBois, a woman with serious issues who stays with her sister Stella and brother-in-law Stanley, a violent alpha male who is so hot that you can’t help but forgive the first time he slaps his wife around. (From the movie one must conclude that she liked it.)

In one scene Blanche discusses her beta boyfriend Mitch along with truths that are as relevant today as they were 60 years ago.

I guess I’m a little nervous about our relations. He hasn’t gotten anything more than a good-night kiss. That’s all I’ve given him because I want his respect. And men don’t want anything they get too easy. On the other hand, men lose interest quickly, especially when a girl is over 30. When I mentioned marriage, they even forgot where I lived.

Poor Mitch didn’t know at the time that Blanche was the go-to whore back in her home town. She was deceiving Mitch about her previous past, lying that she is chaste and inexperienced when in fact she had many “meetings with strangers.”

I meet Blanche DuBois every time I go out. They are past their peak, desperate, and damaged, but they still want to get the attention that dating offers while waiting for a millionaire Shep Huntleigh to sweep them off their feet. They believe 40 is the new 20. Hopefully unlike Blanche they don’t get raped and end up in a mental institution, but the common fate of winding up a cougar with too much disposable income does not seem like a happy alternative. The only difference between now and then is that back then at least the girls hid the fact they were playing the field. Serial dating has become such a badge of honor now that girls will discuss their experiences with anyone who’ll listen over a martini at happy hour, even their date.

First Bang Review

I’m so used to instant feedback on the blog that it’s a little nerve racking having to wait for opinions on the book. Here’s the first review, posted on Lulu.

If you have never read any book on the subject this book is a highly recommend because it sequentially covers all aspects of attracting a girl. It talks about; confidence, approaching, cock blocks, phone game, logistics, conversation, dates, first kisses, removing clothing, relationships, and breaking up.

For people who have read other material, such as me, it’s still an enjoyable read largely due to he unique perspective of the author who lets you inside his head.

Some things that stood out for me…The phone game description is some of the best I’ve seen. Taking clothes off is something most authors skip, this author walks through it. The part of dumping a girl to maximize your chances of banging her later is great. Certain dating rules….

My only complain is that it was too short. It’s 140 pages, I read it in one day. The book has no fluff which is probably why I was able to read it non stop.

The intended readers are people who are not getting the results they want with their current methods or people who enjoys reading different perspectives on “game”. If you have never read anything on “game”, buy it immediately, there is logic to the madness.

66 copies sold in the first five days. :wideeyes:

City Paper & Late Night Shots

The City Paper dealt some hilarious ownage to Late Night Shots on Thursday. The reporter’s encounter with three LNS members:

Then the bearded one in the middle busts out with this: “Do you like anal sex?” I squint. I’m confused. “Do you do anal?” he repeats, head bobbing with excitement. The litany continues. Do I want to take it in the ass? Have I ever taken it in the ass? My silence is taken as an affirmative and he announces that this interview will go no further unless he receives a hand job.

I bet you these guys thought it was the funniest thing in the world to ask a reporter for anal, high-fiving each other and laughing it up for being such badasses—until she published names. Now members mentioned in the article are crying libel in the comments like little bitches. :laugh:

Code words like “turbo” and “turbette” help posters maintain the site’s exclusivity. The lingo ranges from abstruse to obvious. In addition to “takedowns” and “going to poundtown” or “PT” (getting laid), there’s “big timing” (snubbing someone, often a member of the opposite sex, at a bar), “smoke” (an attractive LNS member), and “RBV” (a Red Bull with vodka, the preferred drink of many LNSers).

I guess they have to come up with new code words now that everyone knows what the cryptic “poundtown” means. Another LNS member showcases his superior game:

He says he knows people talk behind his back, but he doesn’t care. He’s rich, and that’s all that matters. “My brother and I, we do all right,” he says. “Guys with money can do whatever they want.” He grabs me again and says, “You’re kind of cute.”

He failed. Overall I found the article to be fair and balanced.

A part of me feels sorry for LNSers, especially the guys. They are just going through college withdrawal and want to be a part of a community where they can get laid with look-at-my-business-card game. As long as they keep their stripped collars and funny boat shoes in the tourist hell that is Georgetown, let them think they are special and high-brow, where nothing says class like a Red Bull and vodka.

Average Late Night Shot member → a2m.gif ← City Paper reporter