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There is an Argentine man that I cannot forget about. I never got his name but he pops in my head whenever I eat in a restaurant. I remember his smile more than anything.

I was in a nice restaurant in Salta, getting ready to order after reviewing the menu. The waiter came to me. He looked like Erik Estrada but with thicker hair. I told him I wanted a particular chicken dish and he looked at me, smiled, and with great energy said, “Perfecto señor.” Holy shit I ordered the best thing on the menu! I don’t remember the last time I dined at a restaurant like Panera and the pimply faced teenager said my sandwich choice was perfect. Erik Estrada approved of my selection, and because of that approval we had a bond that transcended between two very different cultures. The way he held the smile as he spoke and said “Perfecto señor” will forever burn his face into my brain, more so than the actual dish. This is starting to sound gay so I’ll stop but good luck getting that kind of treatment at Applebees.

Postscript: It seems like saying “perfect” is a common thing waiters do in Argentina, but Erik’s perfect was real. He knew me from my vibe.


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Seven Brazilian Girls Walk Into A Hostel

Sort of continued from yesterday.

The Brazilians were talking nonstop so I had to dive in without waiting for a pause in their conversation. I said, “I think I know where you guys are from.” South Americans don’t pick up on this type of set-up so two of them immediately said Brazil. Fast forward some fun conversation later and one is teaching me Portuguese, writing some common words in my notebook, while another is drawing a map explaining all the places I need to visit in Brazil. Another is putting her arm around me while all of them are interrupting each other to talk to me. When there is a pause in the conversation I just sit back because they all work to come up with questions to keep it going. Their hyper-warmth makes me feel cold, Argentine.

All the while other gringos in the hostel bar are staring at me, as if saying, “Bro-man invite me in there’s only one of you and seven of them!” Fuck you do your own approaches! One amateur tries to get in by offering us pepperoni pizza. Get that greasy shit out of here. The day I get outgamed by a slice of pizza…

These girls made me feel good, something that only two Argentine girls in five weeks have done. I firmly believe that Argentine girls are capable of this, but only after a very long period of bullshit and games. When a Brazilian girl likes you, you know it. When an Argentine girl likes you, she acts aloof and stupid. Keep in mind these Brazilians are of the wealthy variety with Prada bags.

Later they offered me their caipirinha’s and asked what I’m doing later in the night, but of course I was sick with yet another cold (story of this trip). That’s okay because Brazil is coming. I can’t wait.

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It’s That Bad

I was sitting in a cafe when I locked eye contact with a girl for two seconds. The first thought to my head was, “Not from Argentina.” I walked by her table of friends and they were speaking Hebrew.

Seven girls check into the hostel. Three of them lock eye contact with me. Definitely not from Argentina. I see a Brazilian flag on one of their bags.

Even though I have accepted it, I’m in disbelief that an entire country of girls can not perform such a minor, innocent move. Imagine when you want more than just eye contact. Imagine when you want an Argentine girl to put some real investment into you. I figured out a few things that make it easier, but damn I still can’t figure out the game that is consistent on Argentine girls. I think what I’ve gotten has been right time / right place, and I’ve tried about everything. I won’t figure it out on this trip.

Anyway I gotta go—those Brazilian girls just sat next to me.

CONTINUED: Seven Brazilian Girls Walk Into A Hostel

Four Months Update

I feel like I’m seeing too much for one man. My brain is so constantly stimulated with newness that I’m nervous back home I’ll go through withdrawal and just curl up in my dad’s basement. Unfortunately it flooded after I left so I may have to deal with some mold smell.

I’ve realized that my ambition, as judged by an American woman lawyer, is zero. Which means I will never experience amazing sex with a lawyer. I thought after some time I’d get an itch for the lifestyle back home but I still have no interest in having a “real” job, and the only itch I get is from bed bug bites. If I can live comfortably out of a 45-pound backpack for four months, only buying things that need replacing like socks and toothpaste, then there is no other possession I need in life. Things are so simple now—I just worry about my health, people I care about, and how I’m going to challenge and entertain myself. Until the money runs out, anyway.

There is an American I met here that stayed for only two weeks and everyone was shocked his trip was so short. “Typical American vacation,” I thought, “I had to do that.” We’re the greatest empire in the world, albeit a struggling one, but from my sample size we travel less than every other Western European country except Italy. We are looked upon by others as working too much and not getting out of the country, and it’s true because our idea of a vacation is usually the beach for the weekend. For the population we have in the U.S., there should be twenty times more of you down here travelling with me, but money and status are so ingrained in our culture that taking time off from making money to travel with few possessions in basic accommodations and challenging environments just doesn’t make sense. Plus that gap in your resume would ruin your carefully planned career path.

It looks like I will have more money leftover than I thought so when I return home I can continue the bum / slacker / coffeeshop lifestyle I left behind. It was the best time of my life, without a job, without a car, having deep conversations with my dad, eating Persian food everyday, watching my little brothers grow up, getting more action than I’ve ever gotten, waking up at 11am, thinking writing reading, swimming laps in the neighborhood pool. I can’t tell you how this compares until I’m done, until the parasites or whatever in my stomach passes through my system, and even then I’m not sure if you can compare a life that was stable with one that is constantly changing and over-stimulating with roller-coaster ups and down like a manic depressive. One day I’m in the gutter fantasizing about my airplane landing in Dulles, the next I’m researching how much apartments here cost.

On Christmas I will be around Montevideo (pronounced mon-tay-vi-DAY-oh) and then Punta del Este for New Years. I’m tired but there is still a lot left to see.

Gym & Chicken
Gym and chicken

Please Stop

This post is for everyone, including me. We need to stop saying “like.” Now. We’re the only English-speaking country that uses like as a filler word and it makes us sound retarded. I cringe when I meet an American, usually a West-coaster, who uses it in every sentence. I want to shake the shit out of them and say “PLEASE STOP YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT!!!” It’s distracting and serves no other purpose than to dumb down your speech. I’m all for slang though, especially English slang (to make out = snog, to like = to be keen, bang = shag, she wants cock = she’s out for it, etc.).

While I’m on this topic I have two other suggestions specifically for American girls.

1. Volume control. Why do you have to talk so loud? I’ve never had to ask an American girl to repeat herself.

2. Stop talking about yourself. No one cares about your very minor personal stories. Out of all the stories you love telling only 2% are worthy. Save the rest for amusing yourself on the bus when your IPOD runs out of batteries. After your story barrage is done and you leave the room, everyone makes fun of you.

The only potential problem American guys have is they all have the same haircut, but that doesn’t bother me.

Oh dude you left your pomade in the bathroom.

Cordoba and Rosario Argentina Nightlife

Argentine nightlife is much different than in the U.S. You go out here at the time clubs back at home close, making for an interesting cat-like sleep schedule. After 6AM you can party until the next afternoon by going to a series of afterhour clubs. (Some clubs only serve the purpose of being the after after club.) The longest I could go was until 8AM. There is a point you just look at the people still dancing and say, “This is stupid I’m not even horny anymore,” and hail a cab with the sun in your face. The endurance champion is this Argentine guy named Flaco. Once I remember him and his crew stayed out until 9AM and then went straight to the pool until 2PM. They all collapsed when they came back, reeking of beer and chlorine.

They funny thing is that most people have regular jobs. Many times I’m talking to someone in a club and they inform me they have to be at work in two hours.


Mitre. If you don’t want to meet any girls over 22 then come here. Music is top notch with a good mix of just about everything except salsa. This is the easiest place to find 16-year-olds, if you are into that sort of thing (that would be a birth date in the 90’s). Go starting on Thursday. $4 cover with beer.

Pobre Diablo. The after hours club that reminds me of Club 5 in DC. Don’t go here unless you already have a chick because there are packs of really drunk guys giving one last ditch effort to get laid. At least the average Argentine guy is more friendly and less belligerent than the average American guy. (I’ve been in Argentina for over a month and have yet to see a club fistfight.) $3 cover for guys.

Dorian Gray. Relatively new club that is popular on Saturday nights. Main floor plays house and a smaller room plays retro and even some hip hop. A little weird with the transsexuals walking around but I’ve had the most luck with Cordoba girls here. $5 cover with beer.

Club F. Way out in the boonies but worth it. I still have more traveling to do but this is the hottest collection of girls I’ve seen anywhere (sorry Gotica). Because no gringos make it out here your status will get you farther than back in town. Downside is that catching a cab back is so difficult that you may have to find a bus (people get so desperate that they throw themselves in front of cabs). Still, it doesn’t get better than this. Go on Saturday. $5 cover with beer.

Rondeau Street Bars
. Several blocks of just bars and clubs. The clubs are smaller than the ones above but they have friendlier girls. Don’t be scared to approach large groups of girls sitting down. There is also a few bars around where Fuctuoso Rivera turns into Larranaga. It’s dead here from Sunday until Tuesday.

Rosario Nightlife

Listen! Yeah there is an exclamation point in the name. Pretty decent bar that is just what I’ve been looking for: a club/bar combo. Plus there are no other gringos. The girls here are much friendlier than what you’d find in a nearby megaclub such as…

MDM (pronounced Madame). Me and three other gringos skipped the one block line when I said I was doing a review for the Washington Post. I don’t believe that worked, especially since I was wearing a cowboy hat. I have a feeling this club used to be a factory judging by the huge chimney stack in the back. It’s now a pussy factory, with more hot girls in one place than entire U.S. cities. Unfortunately there are more guys to match them and the girls here have an attitude problem, especially after 3:30AM or so. In fact, one of my wingmen got violently slapped. It was kind of my fault when I accidentally pushed his hand on a girl’s ass, but still, he didn’t have to squeeze. We should have stayed at Listen! $3 cover with beer.

One thing I really like about Argentine clubs is that there isn’t the obsession on making a buck with table service, though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until that changes. Missing are those guys who want you to look at them because they are able to pay a 700% premium on a bottle of “French” vodka that a French person has never heard of.

Now I go to Buenos Aires.



If you liked this post then I think you'll like Roosh's Argentina Compendium, a 64-page strategy guide designed to help you sleep with Argentine women in Argentina without paying for it. It contains dozens of moves, lines, tips, and city guides learned after three months of research in the country, where I dedicated my existence to cracking the code of Argentine women. Click here to learn more.

The Giants

Bobby Rio from The Seduction Bible asked me to recount a memorable pick up story. You can read it here.

My giant’s car was at my place so pulling up I used the reliable “How about I make you a peanut butter jelly sandwich?” She came in.

It was a pre-blog pickup, before my pretty face was recognizable on the streets of D.C. I got recognized about four or five times the month before I left. In South America I have been recognized zero times.

Re: School Of Argentine Girls

There were a few questions to the School Of Argentine Girls post. Here are the answers.

1. When I left the States I weighed 175 pounds. Right now I weigh 178 pounds. The extra three pounds is due to glazed croissants, the only available breakfast food in Argentina, and dulce de leche. Longer hair makes me look skinnier?

2. It’s very difficult to meet Argentine girls aged between 25-30, possibly because they are engaged or married. To meet girls over 30 you need to go to the old people’s clubs, which I still need to hit for research purposes. I have not noticed the “old guy in the club” phenomenon here, though when I tell girls I’m too old for them I often get something like, “No you’re not my last boyfriend was 28!”

3. It’s happened to me at least half-a-dozen times that I’m talking to a cute girl and find out she is 16. Usually they look older because of the dim lighting. One of the hottest girls I’ve talked to in Argentina was 17. Average age is more like 20.

4. In previous countries approaching was harder because I was doing it in Spanish, but I found out that by just doing my thing in English, regardless of whether they understand or not, approaching is far easier, especially after you’ve racked up a number of successful international approaches that build up your international game confidence. It snowballs until you start doing it in the daytime as well. I worry about the language problem after the approach, but the “problem” is actually my greatest asset.

5. As a commenter pointed out, saying “Quiero hacer cucharita” means “I want to spoon.” Girls love that shit.

6. Eye contact in the U.S. is usually an indicator that the girl likes you and wants to talk to you. It makes things a lot easier when you go to a bar or club and don’t feel like working too hard. But in Argentina the girls don’t make eye contact before you approach, so you’re going into each one not knowing how the girl will react. It’s actually better this way because you approach based on what you want and not necessarily what the girl wants.

7. My aussie wing is not holding the cigarette.

I’m currently taking a short break from the girls and visiting glacier land (Patagonia).

If you liked this post then I think you'll like Roosh's Argentina Compendium, a 64-page strategy guide designed to help you sleep with Argentine women in Argentina without paying for it. It contains dozens of moves, lines, tips, and city guides learned after three months of research in the country, where I dedicated my existence to cracking the code of Argentine women. Click here to learn more.

Shamefully Sloppy

My game is usually clean but I got sloppy and I think it cost me. It’s pretty pointless looking back and trying to figure out where things went wrong with a girl because you can never be sure about what it really was, but I’m pretty sure on this one.

I met up with a project I’ve been working on for ages and her friends at a bar. We’re drinking and having a laugh (Spanish only) when the girl asks me if I brought my camera to take some pictures.

Flashback: She wanted to hang out two nights before on Saturday but I told her I’m staying in when I actually went out. Going out was good and I took many pictures.

I told her not to look back at the photos thinking she would listen to me but some time later I wasn’t paying attention and saw her with my camera stuck on this rather innocent photo. There were others with the same girl, suggesting more than just a random photo op but less than a hookup. The sequence of photos made it obvious they happened recently, as in Saturday.

She called me a liar but with a slight smile, making me think I was fine. I mean if she was from the U.S. then it’s likely she wouldn’t care too much and maybe be even more into me because of the jealousy factor, but the girls here have a lot more pride.

We planned to meet a couple days later. Didn’t happen. Taking forever to reply to my text messages, if at all. Suddenly busy. Completely dead.

If you lie to a chick, don’t bring evidence of your lie with you when you see her.

Goodbye Cordoba

Most fun out of the twenty or so cities I’ve visited so far.

Seduction Master

Cordoba Dorm

Lochness Monster

Hostel Life I

Hostel Life II


School Of Argentine Girls

When I arrived in Cordoba, I was still trying to figure out the best way to pick up Argentine girls. Two weeks later, after going out most nights with a pack of almost a dozen gringos as motivated as I am, one of the last conversations we had was the smoothest way to take a girl to a love hotel.

It’s amazing how fast you learn with other guys. It’s similar to how you work out harder when you have a buddy standing over you on the bench calling you a pussy for not being able to push the bar up. Every night we’d talk about our experiences, share our revelations, and then use all that knowledge the following night. We all got pretty good pretty fast. As a couple of them have told me, “I’ve never in my life hit on girls like I have here.” I have! But it’s been a while.

Lesson 1: Get a cell phone. While one night stands happen, they are much less common than in the U.S. And how many of those have you gotten recently? A nice phone on a prepaid plan will cost you $50, and a $10 fill-up will last you forever since you will be mostly sending text messages.

Lesson 2: Know where at least one love hotel is located. “So do you know of a hotel around here?” is something you should never ask your chick. Take her out to a bar nearby the hotel to set up the “random” discovery. Going rate for a mostly decent room is $7-$14 for a two hour go.

Lesson 3: You need to average at least five approaches a day, and not just at night. Girls are everywhere: the park, the university, the gym. It’d be silly to wait until 2AM to start talking to girls. Remember that Argentine girls will never approach you. If you are a shy guy and have no intention of approaching, don’t come to Argentina.

Turns out it is very easy to talk to Argentine girls, but hard to escalate. Every guy has a story that starts with “She was loving me” and ends with “Fuck I don’t what happened.” We’re pretty sure that the novelty of talking to a gringo (there aren’t many here) makes them excited to talk to us for the first 20 minutes or so, giving us the impression that they are into us. Once the novelty wears off and the language barrier becomes more obvious and painful, things fade out. So you need to talk to enough girls to catch one whose attraction for you is enough to overcome the language problem. It helps if she hasn’t been laid in a while.

Lesson 4: You have significantly better odds getting laid when you meet a girl in a bar than in a loud club. Go to the house club only after trying your luck at the bars. Only problem is that the bars here are packed with tables and everyone is sitting down, making for tougher approaches. While the clubs have tons and tons and tons of girls, the young ones there are more concerned with dancing than hooking up. It really seems like most of them don’t want to get laid.

Lesson 5: Forget everything you have ever learned about eye contact. Don’t look for it, don’t expect it, and don’t wait for it. It is a very poor indicator of interest in Argentina.

Lesson 6: Young Argentine girls are more flakey and have less focus than American girls. If you can’t bang an American college girl, it will be very difficult for you to pick up an Argentine college girl, though 90% of girls you meet at night in Cordoba are in college. They also value attention more than American girls, stringing you along just for validation until they get their fix and move on.

The older girls in Cordoba have it tough. The competition is so great that they will make it extremely easy for you if you happen to meet them (I can count on one hand how many girls I have met over 25). Proof of how hard it is for girls out here is that I get much more love from the girl travellers in the hostel than when I was in ugly countries like Bolivia or Ecuador. But I don’t bother because, relatively speaking, even the cute gringas seem ugly. On the flip side, even the ugly Argentine girls are cute.

Lesson 7: It takes time. The quality ones are projects that take at least a week to crack if you even got a shot. You need to buckle down, play the text messaging game, hang out with her friends, and keep pushing things into love hotel where you just to “talk” and “hacer cucharita.” Do all this while working on other girls. If you stay here for only a weekend, you’ll need lots of luck.

Lesson 8: Dick game works better here. Girls respond better to jerk + funny than interesting + funny. For example when the girl tells you she doesn’t speak much English, say, “Why not? English is a very common language.” When she asks you what you think of Argentina say, “It’s alright. The girls are very weird.” Don’t insult, but make a lot of jokes that you are not impressed with the country or girls. Point out things like cultural flaws instead of mentioning how her country has the hottest girls you’ve ever seen in your life.

Lesson 9: Get ready for the head turn when you go in for the kiss. Every girl does it. Something that never happens in the U.S. may be traumatizing for an American guy, but keep in mind it’s a cultural thing and isn’t that bad because she sticks around after your attempt. Stay composed like it didn’t affect you and retry every 10 minutes or so until you get there. Resist the temptation to force it. If you don’t kiss her the first night you meet, forget about it.

The kiss here is a big deal. It’s the most frustrating part of dealing with Argentine girls. They make you put in a ridiculous amount of work for something that is so minor back home. But once you kiss them it’s like a light switch goes off: they instantly get more affectionate and warm. The amount of affection an Argentine girl gives you after the kiss is similar to what an American girl would give you on the second or third date. When an Argentine girl tries to convince me her behavior is the same as girls from other parts of the world, I ask her how many girls they have tried to bang that are not from Argentina.

Lesson 10: Leave your ego, pride, shame, and humiliation at home. It’s hard, and while I’m not completely sure if it’s worth it or not, you will not get anything if you are used to playing it cool and letting girls do the work. As I like to tell the guys, “If I put this much energy into getting girls at home, I’d get laid every single night.”

Follow these rules and it’s a 100% guarantee you will get action here, either from the suddenly insecure female travellers, the Argentine girls working at the hostel, the young ones at the club, or the older cougars who know their place. It’s up to you how much you get.

When my ass was exploding in Bolivia, I drew a strict travel plan on a cocktail napkin, including which cities I’d visit and how many days I’d spend there. I wrote down two rules: Do not visit a city unless there is something you want to see or experience, and only stay longer than planned if you are having the time of you life. I originally planned to stay in Cordoba for four nights, but I’ve been here for three weeks, and the only reason I’m leaving soon is because a buddy of mine is flying into Buenos Aires. My first night going out back in DC is going to be spent fighting back tears. I know it.

Another Bang Review

Via The Boston Bachelor:

Bang is a dense but informative read, full of advice even the most weathered Casanovas and “pick-up artists” can appreciate. The book wastes no time in breaking things down bit-by-bit from the approach to the date to the bedroom. For those of you who are more familiar with the whole “pick-up community,” Bang strikes a good balance between the structured, sequential “Mystery Method” and the more free-flowing “Charisma Arts.”

If there’s one chapter that stands out more than others, it’s the one titled “Late Game,” which breaks down the step-by-step (or article of clothing-by-article of clothing) journey from the end of the date to the end of the orgasm. The chapter titled “Internal Game” is another highlight, as it discusses the most powerful sexual magnet of all–the human mind. The odds-and-ends Appendix also serves up a great variety of tidbits, from approaching girls in cars to dealing with girls who suck (in a bad way) in the sack. I do wish that more specifics on body language and its importance were presented in the book–a minor complaint, all in all.

You can read the whole thing here.

My Travel Buddies

For two weeks I’ve been travelling with two moai statues. The first head I’ve named Little Steve.


After a day he complained about being lonely so I returned to the market and bought him a friend.


Meet Big Steve. He is made of stone and is a bit inconvenient to travel with. Last week I rested him on the ledge of the top bunk to be funny but he fell when the maid was making my bed and nearly killed her. Good thing she has a sense of humor! Since then I put him on my pillow and she never fails to tuck him in.


Signs that you are __________ while travelling…