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Why The Manchester Terrorist Attack Will Change Nothing

I did a video discussing the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, UK…

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Culture Is Downstream From Politics

A popular expression these days is “politics is downstream from culture,” which was said by the late Andrew Breitbart. While it is certainly true, the reverse is also true. Culture and politics are deeply intertwined, affecting each other proportionally within an escalating feedback loop.

Where did game come from? In a recent podcast, I explained with a guest that game was a direct reaction to feminism, which was a top-down political effort by the elites, such as the CIA, to employ women (to lower the price of labor) and to destroy the traditional family unit (to make women dependent on elite-controlled institutions instead of men). Game was an effective individual response that helped push new political action in the form of “rape culture,” which attempted to allow most instances of sex to be defined as rape. The game reaction to that is to avoid leftist women, record sexual encounters, or expatriate. The leftists will react to that in due time, perhaps forcing a man to date certain woman like a Christian baker is forced to bake cakes for homosexuals.

Where did the alt right come from? It is a direct reaction to a high number of non-white immigrants to the United States, which began with the 1965 Immigration Law. The culture of pepe, cuck-shaming, and a white ethno-state is the 50-year delayed response to one law. The rise of the alt right affected politics by helping elect Donald Trump as President while introducing many dissident figures to the mainstream. The political reaction of trying to shut them all down is ongoing.

From every dissident reaction came before it a law that was created in response to a previous cultural reaction, which was formed from an even older political reaction. This chain of causality can be traced back to the first society in a process resembling a Hegelian Dialectic of action clashing with reaction to form a synthesis that will then collide with another action. Everything is connected from the beginning of man, and what we do today will have ripple effects for the remainder of humanity.

What’s interesting to note is that feminism and immigration to the Western world was disproportionately promoted and enabled by Jews. Therefore in the case of modern dissident movements, a more apt saying would be “reaction is downstream from Jewish action.” If you are to believe that Jews are at the top of most Western institutions, dissident movements are a reaction to their power.

The life of an elite Jew is to control the non-Jew through both cultural and political means. The non-Jew responds and then the Jew adapts to that response. The lives of Jews and non-Jews are therefore inexorably tied together. Understand that any attempt to control something external to you means that you are also being controlled by it, since your existence becomes primarily a response to the external. The fact that the behavior of a Jew is at least 95% identical to that of a non-Jew is testament to that.

I respect the late Andrew Breitbart and the work he did into jump-starting the dissident right, but I believe he missed the other part of the equation of how strongly politics, particularly laws, influence culture. If I stop and think of my life, it is primarily a result of laws surrounding immigration (hence my birth to Middle Eastern immigrants in the USA) and feminism (hence my foray into game). My “culture” would be rather different in the absence of these two forces, and that’s assuming I would even have come into existence at all.

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The Barbarians Will Solve Your Sterile Existence

Why can’t the Muslims, Africans, and Indians be more civilized like people in the West? Why do they insist on endless breeding when their children have no chance of attending an Ivy League university? Isn’t there a way we can help them to see the light of civilization, rationale thinking, and clean hygiene? These are questions you may have asked at some point when looking down on the third-world barbarians, but from the perspective of nature, it’s not them who are the problem. We are the problem. We are the defects of nature that will be eradicated.

Nature does not care about education, “high quality” offspring, college degrees, equal rights, cleanliness, sustainability, philosophy, or the environment. It cares about fertility and might, and the species or race that is most fertile and most powerful will be rewarded with the bounty that the Earth provides. The people who are able to take over the planet in sheer numbers, regardless of their intelligence or manners, will come to rule the world, just like how homo sapiens came to overrun the more intelligent Neanderthals by breeding at a far superior rate. The most intelligent race on the planet can use their smarts to fortify themselves in caves as the more numerous barbarians take over the planet, even if they’re nothing more than mindless zombies.

Rational thinking from the enlightenment era, when taken to its logical end in proving that families, divinity, and traditional standards aren’t necessary, along with the notion that the individual is God, leads to the suicide of society. Rationale, in it’s beautifully cherished civilized form, leads to the end of any race who participates in it, while the stupid barbarians with IQs of 95 or lower, who follow a 1400-year-old book that implores them to conquer and chop off heads, continue to multiply and take over more lands.

We are the mistakes of nature. We are the grotesque. We have been condemned for replacement, forsaken by God for enabling over one billion abortions in just a few decades while we attempt to change the rules of nature, to declare man woman and woman man. Our goal is not one of spiritual enlightenment but of achieving the most vile feats of degeneracy.

Because of our cultural and biological sterility, I believe we have been fated for destruction. Even though this end stares us right in the face, the best we can muster is a few rants on internet web sites, while the barbarians are raping, conquering, and breeding. I promise you they will win. History shows that the barbarians always win. They are the solution to a broken people. They faithfully worship their gods while we worship our Facebook likes and celebrities. We are so hopelessly sterile, so anti-life, that nature will celebrate when we are replaced by those who can barely read. But they will treasure the life of their kind, and that’s enough.

Even if we solve all the political problems of the day, and neutralize the most  vulgar of our society, what are we left with? A shrinking population and citizens so atomized that they are even losing the ability to communicate with each other, who have to use computerized apps and alcohol to fornicate while the female is on sterility medication, which her parents awarded her upon turning 16 years old. Our punishment is coming. Lands of the West will be given away, and even if the barbarian horde can be beaten with technology, there will be a day where there’s man left to stand against them to push the kill button. The barbarians will inherit the new world until they become civilized themselves and the cycle renews once more, like it has many times in the past.

Nature doesn’t care about your egalitarian laws or your superior IQ. It cares about reproduction and power, and what the barbarians lack in intelligence, they make up for in life energy. We are the anomalies, we are the mistakes, and unless we re-discover the ways of family, tradition, and God, we must be ready to accept the inevitable end that it was us who become so weak as a people that we didn’t even bother having a gate, and that all the barbarians had to do was walk right in.

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The Influence Curve

Many men want the influence of being followed by a great mass of people without understanding the costs to gaining that influence, not just from a fame standpoint, where you lose your privacy, but also an adversarial standpoint, where your influence starts to encroach on the interests of powerful groups. I have learned firsthand that past a certain point of influence, you will suffer exceptionally damaging attacks that don’t offer a proportional increase in influence. The “curve of influence” dictates that you should stop attempting to increase your influence past a certain point.

Every day, a man somewhere begins a journey at gaining influence. He uses his existing talent and experience to produce articles, videos, podcasts, or tweets. The early stages will be rough as his work will not be readily rewarded with influence, but if he persists, he will eventually cross a threshold where his influence rises rapidly and his following becomes dedicated. Soon, his influence begins stepping on the toes of other people, especially if he’s a dissident that is not controlled by the mainstream establishment. He will then be attacked.

The creator is happy with attacks, because it causes his influence to rise, earns him more money, and gives him the recognition that is natural for the ego to crave, but the attacks are likely to increase in intensity to the point where he now has to dedicate more time at defending against them instead of producing the work that gained him influence in the first place. Soon, his influence starts going down as his output becomes entirely framed by his enemies and no longer provides value to his core audience.

Here is a graphical representation of how this looks:

The sweet spot is the point where the creator has high influence but sustains a minimum exposure to attacks. If he seeks higher levels of influence, he must then engage with the enemy. This increases his influence further, but only by a small degree. He continues until hitting peak influence, which is no more than 20% higher than the influence he had at the sweet spot, but this comes at a heavy price of being attacked more regularly. The creator’s existence now consists mostly of responding to the attacks instead of producing work. This causes him to lose influence.

My creator career fits this curve. There are three notable attacks I’ve sustained: (1) being placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center misogynist list in 2012, (2) getting attacked by Canadian mayors in 2015, and (3) having to shut down my meetups due to worldwide outrage in 2016.

I approached the sweet spot with the SPLC denouncement, surpassing it three years later during Canada. The meetup outrage was my moment of peak influence. Every man has a limit to the influence he can gain, and by continuing on the path I was on, my influence would actually decline. So I ignored my ego’s call for more influence. Otherwise, there is a fair chance I’d be dead right now, because my ego would have convinced me that I’m not truly influential unless people are trying to kill me. That did not seem like a productive outcome.

The curve doesn’t account for great personal costs in seeking influence. Once the attacks against you are ramped up, you become less able to produce the work that you love and instead become more paranoid and jaded. The moment you need to hire bodyguards to ensure your personal safety, or when you have to study operational security tactics written by former CIA agents, is when you know you’re close to your peak influence.

The solution is not to pass the sweet spot. This means you must purposefully take actions that limit your influence by using enemy attacks as an indicator of where you stand. If attacks against you are increasing, you are proceeding on the curve. If the attacks against you are stable or decreasing, you are not moving on the curve. I have moved leftward on the curve since the meetup outrage by not holding events, not trolling on hot-button issues, reducing my profile on social media, and not actively trying to produce viral content. Taking these measures is quite hard for my ego to accept, because I know that if I do an event tomorrow, there will be spectacular riots that will shoot my name to the top of the news headlines. It’s imploring me to go through the entirety of the curve, but I understand that listening to it will prevent me from creating the work I like in the first place.

I guarantee you that not a single creator will follow my suggestion and purposefully limit their influence. Getting attacked by the enemy is extremely validating as you begin to judge your self-worth based on how often people come after you, but within that lies the paradox that your influence will actually decline as you become more of an entertainer than a thought-leader. Even though I understand this, a part of me still craves that moment of peak influence and the intoxicating effect of when the eyes of the whole world are upon me. Time will tell if I can avoid that temptation.

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The Girls Of Brazil

Quintus Curtius joins me to discuss Brazilian girls and what they can offer men. We describe their general appearance, their demeanor, and what type of game will lead to successful intimacy with them. We share what you can reasonably expect from a 1-2 week trip there, including how much you will spend per day and how to stay safe in a country that has become more dangerous over the past decade. We also discuss if Brazilian girls are worthy for long-term relationships and marriage. Lastly, we analyze the direction Brazilian culture is headed, and if we expect a future decline in the women that puts them on par with American girls.

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Public Schools Are Brainwashing Factories For Children

ISBN: 0865714487

Dumbing Us Down by John Gatto is a book that gives you the red pill on modern education and how it is tragically failing those who have to endure it. Since I am a product of the public schools in a predominately Democratic state (Maryland), and received a steroidal dose of liberal brainwashing in university, it’s a small miracle that I was able to fully digest the red pill since the whole point of those who educated me was to keep me ignorant.

School is a twelve-year jail sentence where bad habits are the only curriculum truly learned. I teach school and win awards doing it. I should know.

This book is nothing new to those of you who are already aware of the problems in education, but there are a few key segments that I want to share as Gatto offers his perspective from working as a public school teacher.

The [establishment] ensures a workforce that will not rebel — the greatest fear at the turn of the 20th century — that will be physically, intellectually, and emotionally dependent upon corporate institutions for their incomes, self-esteem, and stimulation, and that will learn to find social meaning in their lives solely in the production and consumption of material goods.


The schools we’ve allowed to develop can’t work to teach nonmaterial values, the values which give meaning to everyone’s life, rich or poor, because the structure of schooling is held together by a Byzantine tapestry of reward and threat, of carrots and sticks. Official favor, grades, or other trinkets of subordination have no connection with education; they are the paraphernalia of servitude, not of freedom.

To keep people engaged in playing the rat race, you have to give them material rewards as young students, priming them for addiction so that as adults they will eagerly take on debt and other hardships to continue receiving more shiny rewards placed just beyond their reach. Public education teaches children to greatly covet the material through the focus on class status, prizes, and the benefits of having a “good job.” When these children grow up to be adults, their self-esteem is wrapped around the gain of material items, making them obedient and compliant workers for the elite class who happens to control what goes in the school curriculum.

I began to realize that the bells and the confinement, the crazy sequences, the age-segregation, the lack of privacy, the constant surveillance, and all the rest of the national curriculum of schooling were designed exactly as if someone had set out to prevent children from learning how to think and act, to coax them into addiction and dependent behavior.

He makes the analogy that public schools are essentially prisons, but now that schools are doing away with physical education, you actually get less exercise in schools than being locked up in jail.

I’ve come to see that truth and schoolteaching are, at bottom, incompatible, just as Socrates said thousands of years ago.

How much can we blame those on the left, who put their fingers in their ears and scream and yell as you speak the truth, when they are logical products of the education they received? We have to accept that humans were never meant to be self-aware after decades of indoctrination, and that once a mind is lost, it is likely lost forever. Instead of sharing the truth to those who are no longer capable of receiving it, the better option is to neutralize them away from positions of power and influence so that the health of society is not negatively affected.

Lives can be controlled by machine education, but they will always fight back with weapons of social pathology: drugs, violence, self-destruction, indifference, and the symptoms I see in the children I teach.

Forcing students to sit through mind-numbing lessons for hours causes so much inner tension and conflict that the only way they can balance that is to act out in expressions of “freedom” that tend to be destructive and degenerate. This is also commonly seen in children with strict parents who try to control all aspects of their lives.

Adults are also not immune from the balance equation. If you forbid me from having sex, and I am unable to release that tension, I will find another outlet to release the aggression. For example, it’s so common to see fist fights among men at the end of a weekend night in the city because they are frustrated that they could not act on their sex urge. Other outlets for repressed sexual energy include accumulating excess material wealth, using drugs, and joining the cult of social justice.

Networks do great harm by appearing enough like real communities to create expectations that they can manage human social and psychological needs. The reality is that they cannot. Even associations as inherently harmless as bridge clubs, chess clubs, amateur acting groups, or groups of social activists will, if they maintain a pretense of whole friendship, ultimately produce that odd sensation familiar to all city dwellers of being lonely in the middle of a crowd.

The problem with communities is that they only cherish one specific part of us, while ignoring the rest of the whole. In your work network, what will happen if you talk about your thoughts on women? You’ll be fired. In your gym network, what will happen if you talk about the latest philosophy books you’ve read? You’ll be looked upon as too brainy. Loose communities are a poor simulation of friendship, which is more suitable to share the totality of your experience and being.

As we approach the twenty-first century it is correct to say that the United States has become a nation of institutions, whereas it used to be a nation of communities. Large cities have great difficulty supporting healthy community life, partly because of the coming and going of strangers, partly because of space constrictions, partly because of poisoned environments, but mostly because of the constant competition of institutions and networks for the custody of children and old people, for monopolizing the time of everyone else in between. By isolating young and old from the working life of places and by isolating the working population from the lives of young and old, institutions and networks have brought about a fundamental disconnection of the generations.

We’re segmented, we don’t talk to each other, we don’t understand each other. You probably look at someone just five years older or younger than you as belonging to a wholly different generation. Thanks to the internet, we’ve become so used to interacting only with people who have the exact same niche interests as we do that we are losing the ability to talk to those who differ only slightly from us. This artificial tribalism is further amplified in urban environments if people who live in your neighborhood studied at the same liberal schools, consume the same mainstream media, eat the same trendy foods, and work similar types of politically correct jobs.

…every institution’s unstated first goal is to survive and grow, not to undertake the mission it has nominally staked out for itself. Thus the first goal of a government postal service is not to deliver the mail; it is to provide protection for its employees and perhaps a modest status ladder for the more ambitious ones.

This applies to every organization. Whatever their stated goal of helping citizens or providing a service, it is always subservient to the interests of individuals who are a part of the organization. When it comes to organizations related to intelligence or defense of the state, you will find that they may actually work in opposition to the country they’re supposedly in service to.

One of the surest ways to recognize real education is by the fact that it doesn’t cost very much, doesn’t depend on expensive toys or gadgets. The experiences that produce it and the self-awareness that propels it are nearly free. It is hard to turn a dollar on education. But schooling is a wonderful hustle, getting sharper all the time.

How much did it cost you to educate yourself on game, fitness, and politics? You bought a few books, read reams of text on free web pages, and watched some Youtube videos. Compare that to what you paid for during your university education, and what your parents paid in taxes for your public education. These expenses amounted to a colossal waste that can no longer be justified in the internet age where education now merely requires motivation instead of money.

…some disturbing evidence exists that the income of working couples in 1990 has only slightly more purchasing power than the income of the average working man did in 1910. In effect, two laborers are now being purchased for the price of one — an outcome Adam Smith or David Ricardo might have predicted. And an unseen social cost of all of this has been the destruction of family life, the loss of home as sanctuary or haven, and the bewilderment of children who, since infancy, have been raised by strangers.

By pushing wives into work, feminism is a war against the middle class for no gain in household wealth while children can be “educated” in Marxist and far-left thought. The elite pocket all the monetary gains from having an increase supply of cheaper labor at the same time they successfully put a wedge between men and women, who are now forced to compete against each other for resources instead of bonding together to create a strong institution of family that can resist negative governmental influence. All the while, children suffer because they are educated to be weak, ignorant, and dependent on the system for the entirety of their lives.

…people are less than whole unless they gather themselves voluntarily into groups of souls in harmony. Gathering themselves to pursue individual, family, and community dreams consistent with their private humanity is what makes them whole; only slaves are gathered by others.

And that’s why the community we have here, especially at Roosh V Forum, is so powerful, because it was self-organized based not only on mutual interests, but also the values of how a society should be, and through that community we educate each other in a more profound way than what we experienced in the schooling system.

If I ever have a son, I will either home school him or find a specific school that is not intent on brainwashing him to be another beta male slave in the machine. Because leftists have unsustainable birth rates, the only way they are able to further their movement is to capture the children of those on the right. It makes no sense for me to feed my children through their machine, for them to score another convert to their sick cult.

While Gatto’s book focuses more on education, it’s essentially an introduction to the red pill by showing us how we can relay the truth to the next generation so they are more sane and fulfilled. I strongly recommend it, especially to those who plan on having children or who already have them.

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The Documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” Shows The Destructiveness Of Porn

I recently watched Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary about how easily girls are recruited into porn, mostly from the Midwestern parts of the United States. The fact that there is now so little stigma for girls to get banged on camera for money shows how broken American culture has become.

The documentary focuses on a male recruiter based in Miami who puts up ads for “erotic models” on Craigslist. A complimentary air ticket, the promise of fun and fame, and a few hundred dollars per sex scene is all it takes for girls to sign up, usually when they are right out of high school and at a crossroads of what to do with their lives. The film intended to show how difficult life is for these girls, but instead it shows how incredibly entitled and spoiled they are.

Many of the girls come from middle class families, with no obvious signs of abuse or dysfunction. So why go into porn? They want to party, they don’t want to work a real job, they want to be adored by fans, and most commonly, they want “freedom,” because having the opportunity to go to university and work hard for their bread is simply too constricting or boring, and even worse is becoming a housewife, a “slave.” The girls who enter porn are not facing a do-or-die situation where they have to do porn to eat—they’re doing it because they want money and the easy life of opening their legs and laying there. In one case, I get the impression the girl entered porn just because she always wanted to visit Miami.

In terms of the sexual market place, these girls are subconsciously maximizing the value of their vaginas, especially when considering that on average, they are no higher than a hard 6 (without excessive makeup). In a Midwestern town, the best a 6 can do is get pumped and dumped by a handful of bad boys before having to settle down with a normal man and take care of the family home, but that simply isn’t enough for a girl who was taught to believe that she’s capable of anything. The alternative is for her to live in Miami, have thousands of followers online, and become used as sex meat.

With no constraints on female behavior and choice, it’s not hard to see why there is an endless line of cute girls choosing the “magic bullet” of porn instead of working on their wife skills to satisfy a man who doesn’t look like Ryan Gosling. The main flaw in their strategy is that they don’t do the research beforehand: most girls who enter porn wash out within a year after spending all their earnings, thanks in part to unexpected expenses like medical care where infected cysts and boils grow on their labia. Let’s just say that they don’t go into the endeavor with a business plan, and the documentary shows how idealistic they are with yells of “Whooo… I’m so glad I’m here to party away from my parents!!”

The parents of one of the girls were especially heartbroken. Their daughter was given every opportunity to have a good life, but unfortunately they did not understand female nature and how it demands boundaries and control from a strong male figure. The father, even when he knew his daughter was doing porn, said that he supported her in whatever she did because he loved her. He was raised in an era where people did the right thing, and only “love” was needed, but those days are gone.

In an age where the social constructs have melted away, we see how he failed to keep his daughter from appearing in bondage porn that roughly simulated her rape spliced in between interviews of her colleagues crying while recounting their “facial abuse” scenes. Within every girl is a seed of self-destruction, and unless that is restrained, either by a male in her tribe or by societal forces, she will destroy herself, while tens of thousands of men can wank to it.

A part of my heart wanted to be sympathetic towards the girls, since we can’t expect the lesser sex to make prudent decisions, but on the other hand, their reasoning for getting into porn is so idiotic, the failure of their parents so great, and the feminist beliefs of everyone involved have been so debunked, that I don’t have any sympathy to spare. I actually laughed when the girls complained that the male owners of porn studios they shoot for, who are almost entirely Jewish, are making “like so much money.” No matter how empowered they think they are, this is still a man’s world, and the only reason they were given “empowerment” is so they can be legally prostituted by the pimp producers or enslaved in a rat race to earn corporate owners trillions of dollars in wages thanks to a massive increase in the work force supply that feminism allowed.

Welcome to America, where a small group of rich men vacuum fertile girls from middle America to monetize their pussies, and where parents, cuckold boyfriends, and society as a whole cheer along as it happens. What kind of country do we have where this has become so normalized? A country that is on the decline, that deserves to be ravaged because of the decadence it eagerly accepts.

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Warning Signs That A Girl Isn’t Worth Your Time

This podcast contains more than a dozen warning signs when a girl is damaged goods or is not worth pursuing. The warning signs are categorized according to her appearance, day game approaches, night game approaches, setting dates, going on dates, and relationships. They have held true for me across multiple continents to help save both time and energy while focusing on girls who are more likely to please me in short-term and long-term relationships.

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The American Cold Civil War

The left has decided that they no longer want to live among people who share different views than them. They are plugging their fingers in their ears while yelling racist, fascist, Nazi, and Hitler. They are refusing to yield, compromise, debate, or even accept that their political positions are starting to lose in democratic elections despite suspected cheating that aids them. This has put us squarely in the middle of a cold civil war where both sides of the political spectrum are warming to the idea of killing each other.

A confirmation of the left’s defeat is apparent when you see how their maniacal behavior converts more people, especially moderates, against them. The biggest recruiting tool against the left has become the left. Every time they protest, riot, screech against white people, or show their vulgarity, the remaining mentally sane of America realize that the left’s platform has become so out-of-touch that it no longer represents the basic ideals of the country. The non-cucked right needs to merely show up after temper tantrums and say “Look how crazy they are” for the converts to come pouring in.

The left is out of options

Many people are wondering why the left has become a recruiting agent for the right by promoting or engaging in violence. First, they simply don’t know what else to do. When a parent tells a child that he can’t eat candy for every meal, and the child doesn’t have a logical argument about the merits of eating that candy, what does he do? He cries, stomps his feet, threatens to run away, throws out insults like “meanie” and “jerk,” and may even hit his parent to get his way. Donald Trump and his supporters are the parents who won’t yield to an emotional child.

The second reason why the left is hurting their cause with violence is because its billionaire controllers, particularly George Soros, want to divide America to such an irreparable extent that a hot Civil War is forced, giving them an opportunity to increase their power. Soros wants to create so much hate, animosity, and chaos that any resulting conflict has a chance of him holding absolute power, compared to the current situation where he has “only” a moderate amount. In other words, he rather take the chance of war to solidify his grip further.

The leftists that Soros sponsors in the Woman’s Marches and the antifa outbursts may also want a Civil War, but a quick look at their physiognomy shows they would struggle to even go one day without electricity, and that they possess the same psychological directive as the child who is angry that he can’t have candy. Soros is the creepy old neighbor who promises them the candy they crave because he wants to build their trust and get them alone. The child, naive about the extreme danger that lurks behind the likes of Soros, decides to follow him into a van parked in the alley to spite its own parents and their righteous authority.

The reason the right has been reluctant to respond with violence is because they’re winning. Violence comes not from a position of strength, but desperation, when every other option has been extinguished, and should serve as a signal to you of what the real score between the left and right really is. Without violence, the left currently has a 100% chance of losing, continuously and humiliatingly, for at least the next eight years. All the gains that took them decades to achieve will be lost if we ravage and rape their power structures.

With a hot civil war, the left has a 25% chance to win, a bet they are willing to take even though there is a high chance they will be among the first to die in the conflict. A logical person would ask why they would push for a conflict that is sure to destroy the infrastructure of the urban centers they live in, and one where food, water, and other basic necessities would be lacking. The answer comes upon realizing that a child does not realize that eating candy every day will make him sick. The child must therefore be commanded for its own good, because it does not have the capability to take care of itself or understand the consequences of its actions.

We all lose in a hot war

Before the warrior in you gets excited at the prospect of crushing the left in a hot war and killing antifa members with high-powered weapons as they wield sharpened mop handles at you, understand that any war in the United States would quickly become a proxy war involving all major military powers, particularly China and Russia, who would rush to spend billions of dollars to have ultimate control of the country. It would be protracted and match the first civil war in terms of brutality, where 2% of the population died.

With the current population, a 2% death rate would result in over 6 million deaths. Compared to the 3,000 that died on 9/11, which was seen as the greatest national tragedy of modern times, a hot war would effect every single American in a profoundly negative way. No sane person with a family would wish for this outcome, which further highlights the insanity of much of the left in pushing for this very result. They rather see millions of people dead and the country ruined than accept a democratic process where their crazy ideas lost.

Even if we avoid a hot war, the underlying problems are not solved. The left will constantly subvert against the country in hopes of achieving a hot war, use both economic and physical violence against those on the right whom they disagree with, and inevitably descend into terroristic violence that rivals ISIS. It’s intolerable for things to proceed as they are, but if we remove a hot war from the table, what option is left?


I recommend the long divorce option, which has three components. The first is extreme law and order. Starting with the Federal government, every single instance of leftist threats, intimidation, and violence must be investigated, prosecuted to the maximize allowable by law, and publicized. The left have been getting away with their illegal acts for too long, to the point where violent protesters don’t even fear arrest, thanks to Democratic mayors and police chiefs who allow it. The FBI must uphold the law and punish those who break it, and municipalities or universities that allow illegal acts must be punished through withholding of Federal funds. This will immediately shrink the number of violent agitators on the left and limit the power of their institutions.

The second component of the long divorce option is to excise the left from all centers of cultural power so that they cannot actively convert the youth. The fake news, already on its last legs, must be replaced by organizations that are not so vehemently anti-American, academia must be purged, and all globalist traitors working in government, both on the Federal and state level, must be removed from positions of power.

The media is hemorrhaging money and viewers, millions of citizens are getting red pilled to the subversiveness of the academic system (particularly its anti-male and anti-white agenda), and Trump has begun to right the ship in the Federal government, which will certainly trickle down to the local levels. Because the leftist establishment is losing control over their narrative, the younger Generation Z is already showing signs of rightward thinking thanks to being raised on 4chan memes more than TV programming. This means that we simply need to remove millennials from power and wait for them to die of old age or AIDS while preventing them from causing further damage to American institutions.

Halting immigration is the third component of the long divorce option. The left has not been able to show how immigrants benefit American citizens besides more diverse restaurant options, and emotional pleas of “human rights” and “compassion” is not sufficient enough to turn the United States into a big welfare office. Open-borders immigration is hurting existing citizens, serving as a cynical means for leftists to gain more votes in elections while browbeating their enemies with “hate speech” codes that demand you love non-Americans more than Americans.

We must also advocate for a white population that increases from where it currently stands, because America is no longer America if that number dips below 50%, and will instead look something like an international airport. Once immigration is stopped, and illegal citizens are deported, it will become monumentally more difficult for open-borders politicians to win nationally again. This can be absolutely ensured if woman’s suffrage is repealed, a proposition that I know many find unpalatable, but one that would usher in an era of permanent winning.

For us to win without a hot civil war, we have to retake the reins of power and peacefully co-exist with bitter leftists over the next fifty years while the culture slowly heals itself. Once institutions are purged of anti-American leftists, the new left will exist in more of a classical liberal form and believe in nominally nationalist ideas while accepting cultural values that are shy of traditional. The long divorce option will not excite you because of the length it takes to see a resolution, but it’s one that will preserve life and the existing infrastructure of the United States.

Four future outcomes

There are four outcomes that can proceed from the juncture of which we stand. The first is a globalist resurgence at the polls thanks to demographic changes that push the vote far to the left, starting in 2024. If this happens, we will have a president that is more authoritarian than Hillary Clinton. The boot will come down on all facets of American life, especially speech, and we will essentially be living in an open-air prison.

The second outcome is a hot war where we win. The country will be ravaged and millions will die, but at least most of the deaths will be leftists.

The third option is a hot war where we lose because of foreign involvement. Not only are we much more likely to die in this engagement, but the globalist boot will come down with such a viciousness that those on the right who survive may hope that they had died in the war.

And the fourth option is the long divorce, one that we will easily win if the recommendations I made above are taken. Very few people die and life can proceed with high stability and prosperity for the majority of the country.

The globalist left has so damaged the country from the decades they’ve been in power that there is no quick fix, and those of us who are alive today will likely not see a resolution that can be argued as “complete victory” during our lifetimes. I understand the frustration that many on the right have, and the desire they have to be immediately cured of poisons that the left has unleashed, but we must carefully analyze any outcome that results in the deaths of our loved ones and even ourselves. There is a time and place to die for what you believe in, but I hope I have convinced you that we have not yet reached that critical moment and that we can avoid the downsides of a hot civil war and the globalist boot by taking on the option of the long divorce to still win in the end.

The laws we have on the books are enough—let’s enforce those and allow the country to focus on itself instead of empire building and policing while the media and universities collapse upon the weight of their own lies and degeneracy. Besides, the entertainment value in watching the left screech and yell for the next several decades is sure to bring us reams of pleasure. That’s a better outcome than outright war.

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What Questions Do You Want Answered In The 3rd Edition Of Bang?

Before I release my new game book, I want to put out a 10-year anniversary edition of Bang with a new foreword and appendix (I will not modify the original text). The foreword will give a general update on the state of game and the appendix will answer big picture questions that you have.

So what questions do you have for me that you would like to see answered in print? Focus more on general strategy and technique instead of specific situations that don’t happen often. Leave your question in the comments below.

I’d like to release the 3rd edition of Bang towards the end of the year. The new game book will be released next year.

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Women Who Don’t Have Babies Go Crazy

A girl recently told me that she hopes her female dog would breed. Otherwise, the dog may have a false pregnancy where she pretends she is pregnant and shows increasingly unstable behavior. This was the first time I learned about the scientific condition in dogs called pseudopregnancy. I was immediately struck by how similar it is to the behavior of adult human women who don’t have babies, especially ones who live in the affluent West. After studying this condition extensively, I speculate that women who don’t fulfill their biological program of having children exhibit the disturbing signs of false pregnancy by becoming insane.

The symptoms of false pregnancy stem from hormonal changes. The female dog, which I will refer to as the “bitch” from this point on, experiences enlarged mammary glands and may secrete milk. Her abdominum swells, she gains weight, the vagina discharges a fluid, and there may be nausea and vomiting. The bitch may even exhibit cravings for certain foods alongside increased appetite.

Emotional changes are soon to follow. The bitch shows overt emotional attachment and even defensiveness for abstract objects like toys or clothing. Her nesting instinct causes her to hoard random objects like tennis balls, and she will often appear confused or disoriented. Other symptoms include aggression, depression, restlessness, and anxiety.

When I read the symptoms of canine false pregnancy, I realized that the majority of childless women over the age of 25 exhibit the exact same symptoms. The most obvious symptom that we can visually observe is weight gain. It is hard, if not impossible, to find a female past her fertile prime that is of normal weight. Next, the human female shows emotional attachment to objects that are outside of her personal domain of home and family, specifically minorities and Islamic migrants. A childless woman collects animals and third world migrants like a bitch collects tennis balls, as if she is their mother trying to protect them from danger, but of course poor brown people are not her children, and may view her as stupid.

The barren human female also displays aggression against those who threaten her “children.” If you try to take away a tennis ball of a bitch who has false pregnancy, she will attack you. The same happens if you try to “take away” the brown migrants that a human female has coveted. She will be vicious in calling you racist, fascist, literally Hitler, and whatever bad man of history that she happens to remember from her history classes in high school.

Understand that aggression is the most dominant trait of the false pregnancy, because the bitch actually believes that someone is trying to kill her “offspring.” In human females, you see displays so full of anger and violence that even include calls for an uprising that overthrows or kills a democratically elected president. The nurturing instinct, which is useful in women who have children, goes horribly wrong in women who fail to have children.

If a woman doesn’t hoard brown migrants, she will procure a cat or dog and pretend that the animal is a human child. It is now common to see women dress up their pets as if they’re actual humans and talk to them using a baby voice. The motherly instinct becomes hijacked by these furry animals.

The other symptoms of false pregnancy, such as depression, restlessness, and anxiety, seem to perfectly describe childless Western females, who are so mentally ill that at least 25% of them need to be medicated with pharmaceutical drugs. The combination of their sterility and the extreme enabling of their behavior in Western culture has created a perfect storm that is leading to societal mass hysteria.

It turns out that false pregnancy is common in the mammalian world, occurring not only in dogs but also cats, mice, swine, and yes, humans. In human cases, the woman has to think she is falsely pregnant to be diagnosed with the disorder, but I believe that a woman experiences the same symptoms without actually thinking she is pregnant. When reading the scientific literature on female dogs, I had to remind myself that it wasn’t about human females—that’s how similar the clinical presentation of the symptoms are.

If you know a woman who is showing signs of false pregnancy, I recommend you do an intervention to remind her that she is not pregnant, brown migrants are not her children, and  Donald Trump is not a threat to her pug. Unfortunately, there is no cure unless she actually becomes pregnant, but that would require her to emotionally bond with another human being and sacrifice for its needs in a way that goes beyond superficial virtue signalling. That may be asking for the impossible, but unless women start having babies, I expect them to continue descending into greater levels of madness.

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Two Best Responses To Donald Trump’s Flip-Flop In Syria

Donald Trump recently ordered the launching of missiles against Syria in response to a dubious gas attack against Syrian children by its President, Bashar al-Assad. Even if it was a real chemical attack by Assad, bombing Syria went against Trump’s “America first” campaign promise to avoid another neoconservative Middle East boondoggle.

I want to highlight two responses to Trump’s decision. The first is from Quintus Curtius  (permalink):

It was natural that there would be a wish that Trump would be completely different from what came before him. I was skeptical, given his history, his character, and his words. But I was willing to give him a chance to see what he might do.

But to me it’s now clear that he’s not much different from all the others. At the end of the day, it’s just business as usual. Maybe a better analogy would be: Trump is flying by the seat of his pants. He’s an “ad hoc” president. He has no real fixed, deeply-held belief system. He’s an opportunist who’s out for himself and his family. He’s a thin-skinned egoist, lacking any real depth of character. He doesn’t read, has no curiosity about the world, and has the attention span of a ferret on a double-espresso. He’ll say and do anything at the moment to satisfy whatever whim needs to be taken care of.

Clinton would have been just as bad.

There’s been way too much projection of our own wishes and desires on to this president. Instead of looking and seeing what’s right before your eyes, we tend to see what we want to see.

When you say, “Well, then what hope is there for anything, then, if he’s just like all the others?”

My answer is the same as it has always been:

Stop looking to political figures to solve your problems or to advance you in life. You’re on your own, and always have been. No one is going to save you. What we need are spiritual revolutions—upheavals of the soul—and not political revolutions. These political “leaders” are all owned by big business and foreign governments. They hate you and want to see you marginalized and sent to oblivion. Trump is not your savior. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and his family.

Look to yourselves. The truth lies within you. It does not lie outside you. And it definitely does not lie in Trump.

In this era of lies, hypocrisy, and false “god emperors” (what a bloody sham), the only solution is to turn away from the evil and elevate yourself. Improve yourself. You now have to be bigger, better, stronger, faster, and tougher than ever before. You have to be stronger now than you ever thought you could be. Because we have all been sold out and left by the wayside. But they underestimate us…our power and your power. When the time is right, the dividend of all your hard work will be paid. But the road will be long, bitter, and full of despair along the way. You need to dig deep now.

Our renaissance begins only when this point is truly understood.

The second response is from RVF member Neo:

I was angry today because of this. I didn’t support Trump for the country to get involved in pointless wars.

I never cared to even vote before Trump, and every politician I’ve seen or met has been sleazy, just like nearly every corporate executive.

I do know this; I’ve become an angrier person by following national politics so closely. I understood the cause, I began shifting from an internal to an external locus of control.

I don’t recommend we bury our heads in the sand and ignore the issues we face.

What I’m going to do however is transition to focus on the sphere I can actually influence. My friends, my community, people I care about. That’s what most of us I believe deep down are here for. A sense of community with like minded men.

At the end of the day you must be your own salvation. There is nobody, not Trump, not anyone that you shouldn’t trust in more than yourself. If you believe in a higher power then know that part of them is in you.

It’s like a story I remember from my old priest…

A terrible storm was approaching a man’s house. He sees it’s dangerous and they are warning to evacuate. He says: “No, I will stay God will save me.”

As the storm came his neighbors began to leave and offered him a ride in their car. He said: “No, God will save me.”

The flood got so bad he had to climb to his rooftop, he sees a helicopter drop a ladder he says: “No, God will save me.”

Finally the storm sweeps him away and he dies. When he’s in heaven he asks:

“Father why didn’t you save me?” God replies. “I sent you a warning, a car, and a helicopter, what more did you need?”

Trump is not the savior of Western Civilization and he never was.

I did a podcast three months ago that echoed their sentiments on how our individual behavior is more important than counting on politicians to act in a way that we want.

I won’t take the step to disavow Trump because I was not counting on him to aid me. My only expectation is that he doesn’t attack men in a way that Hillary definitely would have. With Princess Ivanka in his ear, however, I’m not sure if that will hold true in the next four years. I’ll wait and see.

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