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I Am Officially Banned From The United Kingdom

Current UK Prime Minister Theresa May personally banned me from the UK during the time she was head of the Home Office. It happened in February 2016 during the meetup outrage when I was labeled a “pro-rape” advocate. I just found out the ban last month.

You can view the letter here, which details the specific quotes they used as justification for banning me from an entire country. Here’s a video I did about it…

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Tradthots Are Not Trad

“Tradthot” stands for “traditional thot,” a term of mockery for women who preach traditionalism online while catering to an audience that is composed almost entirely of thirsty beta males. In the following video, I point out the hypocrisy of advocating for “tradition” without living up to its code.

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Don’t Follow A Girl’s Lead

My newest video explains the importance of frame and why you shouldn’t allow a girl to dictate the terms of an interaction.

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The Black Pill

In this podcast, I examine the “black pill,” a frame of thinking that focuses on inaction and acceptance. After examining its core tenets, I describe the most common signs you are getting black pilled and why it’s inevitable if you happen to live in a declining society. I address the important connection between our internal emotional states and the external environment and also tackle the argument that inaction is a sign of weakness or cowardice. Lastly, I talk about where to draw the line in the sand when it comes to fighting back against wrongs that you encounter.

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Congratulations To The Man

Congratulations to the man who has been persecuted by the powerful, for he has found the truth.

Congratulations to the man who has found the deepest love and then lost it, for he has learned that nothing is permanent.

Congratulations to the man who stays up at night wondering about the meaning of life, for he has achieved material comfort.

Congratulations to the man who can’t get along with those in his generation, for he is able to think for himself.

Congratulations to the man who has held a dying person in his arms, for now he can live without delusion.

Congratulations to the man who got beat up in a fistfight, for he knows he is not made of glass.

Congratulations to the man who has thought of killing someone, for he is connected to his primal nature.

Congratulations to the man who was stabbed in the back by a friend, for he has learned to only count on himself.

Congratulations to the man who feels utterly alone in the world, for he is about to hear a knock on his door.

Congratulations to the man who has been publicly humiliated, for he can finally take off the actor’s mask.

Congratulations to the man who hates the sight of a girl he just slept with, for he knows what love is not.

Congratulations to the man who traveled too far down the wrong road, for he is steps away from the righteous path.

Congratulations to the man who wishes he could live in another era, for he has enough hope to see tomorrow.

Congratulations to the man who has gone from rich to poor, for he has learned the physical world is not his to own.

And congratulations to the man who is standing on the hangman’s gallows, for it won’t be much longer for his pain to end.

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FOR SALE: The Most Red-Pilled Ugly Christmas Sweater In The Universe

Starting today, I am selling ROK Ugly Christmas Sweaters that you’ll be able to wear in time for the holidays. The sweaters feature the message Merry (((Christ)))mas to celebrate the birth of Jesus while simultaneously signaling your awareness of the liberal agenda. The sweater also contains an obligatory Kratom joke.

To bring you this sweater at the insanely affordable price of $35 (only $10 more than our t-shirt), I am printing it on a standard red sweatshirt instead of an actual knitted sweater. Have no fear of soaking it with grandma’s eggnog since it’s easily washable. Red pill your whole family by proudly echoing your way through Christmas. Your secular Jewish friends will love your cheeky humor!

We will be taking orders for only four days: from today until Sunday, November 5. If you want one of these sweaters, you must order by November 5. The sweaters will be printed and then shipped to you on Saturday, November 25.

North American customers should get their shirt around December 2 and international customers around December 9, giving you ample opportunity for maximum holiday trollage. Click here to order your ROK Ugly Christmas Sweater today.

It’s A Mistake To Always Play Defense

At some point in your life, once you’ve accomplished goals centered around the pursuit of power, status, money, or women, you move from playing offense to defense. Energetic ambitions that led to action now become anxious plans of self-preservation. Once a flowing river, your life becomes a stagnant pond as you debate every little movement that you once did with little hesitation.

Defense can be a sound short-term strategy when you’re facing an acute problem that appears out of nowhere. For example, if you lost your job, it would make sense to greatly reduce your expenses until you find another one, but if no new job is forthcoming, you may be tempted to permanently alter your mentality from earning money to saving money, decreasing the odds that you’ll make a bold strike with a new investment or business.

As you may have noticed in the past couple of years, I’ve moved to a defensive posture. I have a goal to not get attacked severely, which has led me to pull a lot of punches. Articles I would have published without delay are now scrapped because I fear a worldwide response. Instead of trying to score viral hits on ROK, I became content publishing long-winded philosophical articles that readers didn’t care for. Instead of trying to increase my income, I’ve taken decreased book earnings on the chin, without actively finding alternative sources of revenue. Instead of fighting to hold more live events, I’ve not attempted to hold a single one, even when I was recently back in DC and could have easily done a happy hour. Instead of saying what I want on Twitter or YouTube, I filter myself constantly to not get banned. My entire mentality has shifted from one of freedom and fun to merely hanging on, as if I’m waiting for the culture to magically heal itself so I can do what I like without having to suffer major consequences.

I see nothing wrong in lacking material goals or not wanting to hit numerical metrics, but a defensive posture operates from a foundation of fear and anxiety. You feel like you’re being attacked even when you’re not as your ego moves from goals of conquest to self-protection. Consider when a man breaks up with his girlfriend of many years. It’s natural for him to be sad when the relationship ends, and mourn for a period of months, but if he’s still crying over her for more than a year without trying to find a replacement, his need for self-protection merely ensures a lonely outcome. Adopting defense as a long-term strategy may preserve some of the money, feelings, and reputation that you’re protecting, but in the long run you can’t avoid suffering a slow and steady decline, all while living in greater anxiety. Smelly, sulfuric algae blooms in still water, not raging rivers.

I’m getting rather tired of playing defense. It’s not that I want to anger millions of more people, or even make more money, but I want to do what I want to do without acting in fear that I may lose everything simply because I want to exercise my speech or hold a legal event. If I’m going to be a writer or publisher, I should write and publish, without a filter. Otherwise I’m just a slave, no different than a man who watches what he says in his corporate job for fear of getting fired by a Human Resources lady. The whole point of striking out on my own was to avoid that pathetic fate.

If I don’t want to write or publish anymore, I should shut it all down and start a new life. Either I go all the way, taking my anchor with me, or I pass the torch to men who are more vigorous, who are eager to do what I’m too scared to do. But I still possess confidence that I have superior ability when it comes to what I’m good at, and I don’t think I can accept playing defense for the rest of my days. I may have to fight the way I want, and accept whatever result the universe gives me, even if I wind up in a dungeon somewhere, somehow, wondering why I couldn’t simply keep my mouth shut.

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Washington DC Has Bottomed Out

Between 2008-2014, I noticed a degradation of DC nightlife and women each time I came back home from a trip abroad. Its decline was a major contributing factor in my expatriation to Eastern Europe, where I currently reside, but for my past two consecutive trips to DC, I’ve noticed that the city is no longer getting worse, across several areas.

Male-female Ratio: DC is still a sausage fest, and always will be thanks to the government and military jobs in the area, but the ratio has stabilized. If you go out early on the weekends, starting at 10pm, you will encounter quite favorable ratios that only start to flip around midnight. It may even be worth going out at 9pm when girls are wrapping up their foodie dinners.

Female Obesity: DC has plenty of land whales, especially among the black population, but they’re not getting fatter. Many foreign and white girls are only a few pounds overweight. Unfortunately, some women go in the wrong direction for their weight problems by doing CrossFit, which gives them a body of a boy who just went through puberty. I rather date a fattie than a muscular woman.

Average DC female

Female Style and Appearance: I was surprised to see many girls wearing heels in the bars. If I visited during the summer, I may have seen them wearing flip flops instead, but in my most recent trip that ended last week, they were dressed up quite nicely. Many girls had long hair and a select few had a rather sexy look.

Female Attitude: A growing problem here is that girls get triggered very easily if you say anything politically incorrect, but as long as you avoid political discussions, you could have pleasant interactions. I only did a handful of approaches on the latest trip, and didn’t try to get laid, but I wasn’t blown out or treated poorly. The girls seemed open to getting approached, probably because guys are doing it less than before. The game I saw being done was mostly by black men on white girls.

These observations come from going to places I already knew, so it’s quite possible that there are even better DC venues I haven’t been to yet. If I was forced to live in DC for an extended period of time, such as in the case of a relative getting sick, I would live near a Whole Foods for day game and find two or three medium-sized bars within walking distance of my apartment to do 2-5 approaches about twice a week. To supplement these efforts, I would try to find international venues where I could easily show value with European au pairs. I would also increase my target age range. In Eastern Europe I focus on 21-25 year olds, but in America I’d go for 24-29 year olds since large age gaps take more effort to pull off in the States. If I made all those changes, I could probably manage okay in DC without falling into a suicidal depression.

A bar named “The Pug”? I’m there!

Since the introduction of smartphones and social networking, we haven’t had any new shocks which would degrade women further. Almost every woman you encounter has owned a smartphone for more than five years. Her behavior declines in the first couple of years upon using a smartphone or other new cultural invention and then stabilizes. This is why DC women are not getting worse but Eastern European women are: the smartphone was adopted widely in the latter much later. Once Eastern Europe bottoms out in the next couple of years, I’ll probably find that the behavior of American and Eastern European women overlap much more than before the smartphone.

I must stress how shocked I was to see so many American women wearing heels. In Eastern Europe, a Scandinavian hipster fashion has taken over, and many girls under 25 now wear sneakers to the club. Even in Ukraine, the country with the most feminine women on Earth, there are more hipsters with tattoos than before. These foreign trends are expected because culture has become globalized—women in different countries consume similar media on the same devices while eating the same types of food. American girls who remain thin can soon compete well on a world stage, not because they’re improving, but because foreign women are getting worse. Once those foreign women hit a bottom, which will take 2-4 more years, they may not be that much better than American women.

Common uniform in Eastern Europe that girls even wear at night

Now that my player days are behind me, I don’t dread the idea of having to live in America like before, but I won’t come back anytime soon because of one reason: the cost. My living expenses in Eastern Europe are only 20-25% of what I would have to pay in DC for the same lifestyle. The only other real advantage I have in Eastern Europe is the ability to date younger girls who are more elegant and pleasing. I left to foreign lands for the adventure, freedom, and women, but it’s turning out that I stay because of money.

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Dating Doesn’t Work

After absorbing the experiences of hundreds of men (and women), it has become clear to me that dating simply doesn’t work for finding a life partner. No other tactic has a greater failure rate in creating stable marriages and families than Western-style dating, a method that only excels in finding short-term sexual partners.

Before writing off dating completely, we have to first define what a relationship success story looks like. I’d define it as a marriage that is maintained for at least 25 years and which results in the birth of at least one child, meaning no catastrophic divorce that harms the upbringing of children. Many people you know who seem happily married are not yet a success story, but since most of my readers are under 40, let’s lower the bar and define success as any stable marriage that is at least ten years in length.

How many people do you know who have been happily married for at least ten years? Now how many people do you know who have not been married for ten years and who likely have no hope for that outcome in the next decade? Unless you are a part of a religious community, I predict that you know far more people who have absolutely nothing to show for their dozens or hundreds of dates and hookups. As dating has become even more shallow thanks to apps like Tinder, most people will outright fail in finding a mate through the strategy of dating.

If dating was an experimental drug intended to treat cancer, the experiment would stop halfway through because of how disastrous it is on the patient. Randomly opening a phone book and marrying the first opposite sex name you come across would have the same success rate, assuming there is mutual physical attraction. There is nothing within our DNA that allows us to successfully sample a hundred or more people, often sexually, to find love or compatibility without also succumbing to hedonism, self-harm, alcohol abuse, or outright sterility through the contraction of STDs. This is no surprise upon realizing that dating in the West began with 19th century prostitutes and homosexuals to later be normalized for everyone without having to prove its utility. It was never intended as a way for heterosexuals to find long-term partners, and any culture that has implemented it has suffered both lowered marriage and birth rates.

Dating is merely a technique for gaining sex, not relationships. It’s a miracle invention for men who want no-strings attached fun, and I have benefited from it for over 15 years. I almost can’t believe that I can fuck a girl after only knowing her for a couple of hours, all from making a few jokes and maintaining a beautiful beard, but that’s exactly what dating allows. All parties come to an end, however, leaving me and many others of my generation with no partner we love or otherwise happy ending that you see in Pedowood movies, because dating was never designed to help you find life-long partners. It’s a dead-end that explains why so many Western adults in their 30’s have never had a committed monogamous relationship of even a year in length.

I often get emails from both men and women who want marriage but are struggling with the dating scene. Mainstream culture has taught them to essentially become a detached professional negotiator who plays endless psychological games while interacting with 1,000 or more potential partners in the hopes that one will work out. Imagine if you used this soul-crushing strategy with other areas of life.

  • Go on 1,000 job interviews to find one good job. There are a lot of jobs in the sea.
  • Test drive 100 cars to find the right car for you. Never settle for the car that isn’t perfect.
  • Inspect 500 homes to find your dream house. You deserve the absolute best.

Yet this is what we do with dating, and we buy into it because it’s not so bad in the beginning, especially for women. They like being hotly pursued by so many men in the prime of their physical beauty, thinking that they can hold out a few years until Mr. Right appears out of nowhere, but all those suitors just want to fuck and nothing more. Men like myself greatly enjoy the sex rewards that come with dating, but am I really going to marry the woman who slept with me on the first date and who will kiss my son with a mouth that has been gagged on by over a dozen cocks? I rather be single, and apparently, a lot of other men too.

The number of men a woman has to interact with before finding “the one.”

You may be one of the lucky few who got dating to work, likely from meeting someone in your social circle, but for every one success story, there are a dozen people who are failing or will fail in their marriage goals. Simply pull up a map of the world divorce rate and you’ll see a near perfect correlation of divorce with countries that permit widespread dating before marriage. In fact, any country that uses dating as a mechanism of pair bonding will inevitably suffer from cultural collapse, because they have no choice but to allow massive third-world immigration, often from incompatible cultures, to make up for the population shortfall.

When I’m in the mood for easy sex, I’ll date. I’ll approach a girl, spit my game, and bang her no later than the third date, but I’d be a fool to use that strategy to find a wife, because I know that a woman who is open to dating random men has a sexual history that my strict standards simply won’t be able to accept. Since I’m not plugged into a church community or traditional social circle, this means that I’ll be stuck on the more shallow end of relationships with women, an outcome that is not ideal, but one that I’ll accept far more eagerly than using dating as a means to find someone I could be with for the rest of my life.

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How To Make Money Online

I finally did a new podcast. After sharing my personal background of making money online, I give a broad overview of how you can do it as well by sharing the revenue-generating methods of display advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling your own products. I also talk about the importance of finding a good niche.

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Kill Whitey

For many years, I have been at the forefront of teaching men how to embrace their masculinity, maximize their potential, and sleep with beautiful women. During this time, I have come to believe that liberals have an explicit goal to crush men, primarily through the meme of feminism, but I now realize that that was only an intermediary step for a more comprehensive agenda: kill whitey. What I thought was a war against men is really a battle within a bigger war against white people.

You will only get attacked by the establishment if your advice, beliefs, or teachings can possibly help whites, regardless of your own race or sex. If your productive or artistic output could improve the status, reproductive potential, or income earning potential of whites, you will be attacked. If your output helps anyone but whites, or if you can prevent whites from being born by promoting sterility, homosexuality, or abortion, you will be declared a national hero.

Can your self-improvement advice possibly help white men become stronger and more masculine? You will be put on a hate list. Does your NFL activism raise awareness for the oppression of black men? You will be given media support for fostering unity and free speech.

Can your sex advice, written in English, possibly help white men improve their ability to reproduce? Your speech will be curtailed and your family will be doxed. Can your sex advice, translated in Arabic, help migrants reproduce with white women, diluting the white gene pool? You will be financed by the government.

This image brought to you by the German government

Can your commentary, as a gay Jew, be labeled as hate speech because it helps white men understand the forces they’re up against? You will be called a pedophile. Can your commentary, as a Muslim woman, be labeled as terrorism even if you call for Jihad and Holy War against the West? You will still maintain institutional support.

Does your traditionalist family advice possibly help white women raise white children? You will be demonetized or banned from Silicon Valley’s platforms. Does your abortion organization help kill 60,000,000 babies, many of them white? You will be given government funds for literally killing whitey.

It doesn’t matter if, like me, you’re non-white—if your work can possibly help whites be stronger or more fertile, you’ll be marked for destruction. This is why a black man like Tariq Nasheed, who taught pickup advice like me, though of the “we waz pimpz” variety, is now a media hero because he can’t go an hour on Twitter without declaring someone’s couch as white supremacist.

On the other hand, if you’re a respected black doctor like Ben Carson, you will be labeled racist because your opinions may help whites run their country better.

What a let down to realize that there isn’t a crusade against men as much as white people. By publishing masculine advice to a majority white audience, I was put in the cross hairs, but if I released game guides in Urdu, Dari, or Pashto, I would get big financing and puff stories in the media about how I empower marginalized men of color whose ancestors were victims of white colonialism. You’ve seen the media attack me for being “pro-rape” based on a satirical article yet they can’t seem to get around to reporting on the insane real-rape epidemic in Sweden and Germany.

If you want to know why there is a war against white people, I would start by asking yourself who is in control of the liberal establishment, and if that group of individuals may possess a pathological hatred towards the white race. Their movement used to put a “progressive” or intellectual veneer over kill whitey, but now they don’t even bother to hide it, and because I’ve helped red pill tens of thousands of white men on women, I get the public whip.

History shows that wars and genocides happen after a period of dehumanizing a race or people. This is what’s happening to whites as the kill whitey movement approaches its final stage. I do sympathize for the individual whites (and non-whites) who have been harmed in the kill whitey movement, but I’m confident they can take care of themselves. That said, do you happen to be fluent in Arabic? There are a few game books of mine that I would like to translate.

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The Past Is An Anchor

It’s tempting to think that you can start over at any moment, just pack up your bags and head to new places, but like a shadow, your past will follow you. Wherever you go and whatever you do, your memories, experiences, and mistakes will never be far behind.

The lives of my parents shaped me as a child, which shaped the teenager I became, which installed the itches I had to scratch as a young adult, which propelled me to notoriety as a grown man, which pushed me to soft exile in a place I myself won’t confirm. In the moment it takes a woman I meet to search for my name on the internet, the entire distillation of my life is presented to her eyes in computerized form. In the seconds it takes a man to connect my face to a name he’s heard before, he sees a frustrated 19-year-old guy who was stuck being friends with girls and nothing more. In the hours it takes a journalist to write a hit piece on me, images flash of a little boy playing by himself, discovering new patterns.

Everything that happens in this moment is anchored to everything that happened before it, and this I can’t escape. A random whim or flight of fancy I once tickled is still with me today, its unexpected repercussions I will never shake. A spontaneous flash of creativity in the past firmly shackles me in the present.

I wonder what it would be like to hit the reset button and start with a new identity, a fantasy that can only come from the mind of a man who wishes to reverse his fame and go back to being a nobody, but this heavy anchor I must lug around with me, even to a tiny village where it would just take a month or two until a local recognizes me. The gossip and the looks and the paranoia follow. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a meme, one that always stays with you.

When I’m sitting in public, I don’t put my back to the door. I scan every face. By now I can tell when someone knows me, when they’re talking about me, when they’re brave enough to take a picture on the sly. I have a speech ready for when she finds out, and I watch her face carefully as she decides to take it or leave it. I don’t invest time making friends with normal people because they won’t be able to handle what I’ve said in the past. Choosing to be alone more than not stops a lot of surprises, but I’m still ready for a loud knock at the door. If I must go to a new land tomorrow, and leave everything behind, including the little plants that I water every week, so be it. 

What have I done?

This anchor weighs on me heavily. I’m squeezed in tight, my body cramps. Why write a new book when it will be burned? Why open a new internet site that will be shut down? Why do a lecture when the hotel will cancel at the last minute? Why open a cute hipster cafe in old age when protesters will show up in front? I wait for something to change, but I know that nothing will. People have their own anchors to deal with than worry about mine. 

One day I will burst. I can feel it coming. In a moment of beautiful rage, I will use all my strength and pick up my anchor and lift it over my head and throw it at whatever or whomever I want to destroy. My target will perish, I have no doubt, but attached to my leg is a shackle and chain. I will fly through through the air and be destroyed myself. Everything that happened to me, and everything that happened to my parents, their ancestors, Adam, the first atom, and the whole of the universe will blaze before my eyes. My anchor will explode into 10,000 pieces as my consciousness returns to the source. Finally, I can stretch.

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Women Have Been Tricked Into Living Like Men

The biggest travesty that has happened to women in the past 70 years is not misogyny or sexism, but being put on the same education and work timeline as men in spite of having a completely different biology. Millions of women suffer every day because they’re living lives that were designed and optimized for men.

Most women lose the ability to have children without medical intervention at the age of 40. After that, it gets extremely hard for a woman to naturally conceive, and even if she manages to do so, she is 17 times more likely to transmit birth defects to her child than having conceived at age 20. Even at 35, a woman already sees a huge drop in her fertility.

The culture infects young girls with an obsession on career so that they attend an expensive university and rush to work immediately after graduation, all with the grand design of enslaving them into the rat race during the most fertile period of their lives, sharply reducing the number of children they can have. If a girl is lucky, she may have twenty fertile years starting at age 18, but during that time she’s expected to get a degree, move out of her parent’s home into a “vibrant” big city, establish a career where her skills remain in high demand, fall in love with a man who makes more money than she does, marry him, feel financially secure enough to have a family, and then have her first child. Does this at all sound reasonable to you when her male counterpart has double the time she has? My father had his last child in his 50’s. Can a woman do that?

Let’s assume for a minute that I won’t advocate for traditionalism or make the argument that a woman shouldn’t be able to make life decisions on her own, as I have before. What kind of solution remains that would allow women to pretend to be businessmen while still being able to have children before it gets too late? It is to get married and have children before attending university. If a woman does that, she merely has to wait until her last child enters kindergarten to enroll in whichever brainwashing factory she wants, graduate within four years through mostly day-time study, and then begin working while her children are being brainwashed themselves in public schools.

If we assume that a woman who got married early had her last child at a still pert 26, that means she’d be ready for university at 31 and enter corporate hell at 35. Based on current life expectancy figures, that gives her six more decades to decorate her cubicle and LARP as a businessman.

Right now a woman may be thinking, “But men get a head start in your plan, that’s not fair!” Yeah, well, you’ll live longer than me, which is not fair either. My solution allows women to take advantage of their biology and have children when their body is most ready for it. All that’s required is obtaining the love and commitment of a man who is asked to impregnate a young woman who is family oriented and not a whore. That will not be difficult. In fact, if you fit this profile, send me a full body photo and I may wife you up, but please don’t wait until you’ve sampled numerous penises because then your brain chemistry will have degraded to such an extent that you will sabotage any future relationship that has genuine love from a man who wants to provide for you.

I’m sure you can find a dozen other logistical problems to my plan, especially concerning the economics of having one wage-earner support a family for at least five years, but I assume that the wife will know how to cook, grow basic foods in a garden, sew, and not want to display expensive possessions to internet nobodies on Instagram. The major hurdle is not finding a man willing to wife up a supple young bride, but finding a girl with half her brain still intact after her parents threw her into the mud pit of blue-haired feminist pigs.

If you are a young woman in high school, I advise you to skip out on university, live with your parents, work a basic part-time job to earn money for tasteful makeup and clothing, learn important homemaking skills, and then use the remainder of your free time to securing the love of a man who wants a family. Assuming your standards in men are realistic (hah!), it won’t take you more than a year to find a worthy contender, because what man wouldn’t want to lay down roots with such a family-oriented woman?

As a man who has spent only six years working in a corporate career, one that was actually somewhat interesting, I can guarantee that any job a woman takes will cause more damage to her happiness than not. Women should look at all the men who are quitting the rat race to become location independent and ask themselves why they are being convinced to participate in a rigged game that increasing numbers of intelligent men want nothing to do with. Ladies: you’re not missing out on delaying your career for a few years. It’s better to focus first on creating a family first, while you still can.

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