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Charlottesville Was A Disaster For The Dissident Right

This article was originally published on Return Of Kings.

I carefully followed the events from Charlottesville this past weekend that culminated with a declaration of emergency for the state of Virginia and the death of a liberal protester who was ran over by an alleged Nazi sympathizer. Regardless of the peaceful intent of the alt right protest, I believe this was a catastrophe that has given the establishment key momentum to marginalize and harm dissidents whose ideology is not based solely on white nationalism.

Charlottesville saw the exact same story we’ve seen during my Canadian lectures in 2015, university events by Milo Yiannopoulos, and spring time protests in Berkeley of coordination between the state authorities and far-left groups like antifa or Black Lives Matter. In the case of Charlottesville, city government and Virginia state police shut down the alt right event before it started through a state of emergency that made any assembly “unlawful,” even though a Federal Judge sanctioned the legality of the event a day before.

Police proceeded to eject alt right protesters from a park into the waiting arms of rabid antifags, who proceeded to attack by launching pepper spray and other objects. One alt right personality, Baked Alaska, is looking at permanent eye damage from what may be a diluted acid attack. Many others on his side sustained serious injuries.

The police determined that any assembly was unlawful for the right, but not for antifa and Black Lives Matter, who gathered bats and other weapons to protest on the streets, completely unmolested. That is when an alt right protester plowed into a crowded intersection with his car, causing the death of a 32-year-old leftist and injuring over a dozen others.

It turns out that the driver was a fan of Hitler and Nazi imagery (other protesters showed up with a Nazi flag). With the narrative now sealed, the media has the death they need to link the alt right to Nazism and domestic terrorism, providing a perfect rallying cry for leftists around the world to dox, harass, impoverish, and threaten dozens of men associated with the protest. I have no doubt that ROK and myself will be put back on the chopping block once the alt right is weakened from this massive assault.

Many dissident commentators are speaking out on how the police were unfair. The left was given a pass, they say, to run wild and attack with impunity, but that doesn’t really matter. This is the game as it is, not as you want it to be, so if you expect fair treatment while the rule of law applies to you but not your enemy, you will lose. If you’re counting on the police to protect you, you will lose. Might makes right, and right now big chunks of the dissident movement is flailing their arms crying about how the enemy is not playing by the rules while they get their clock cleaned. This is not a tactic that will lead to victory.

The reaction of the biggest alt right leader, Richard Spencer, tells me that he was neither prepared not qualified to deal with the events in Charlottesville. His post-mortem podcast was painful to listen to—he joked around and complained endlessly about it being a “set-up.” If I didn’t study properly for an exam, I’d think the teacher set me up, too, upon realizing I don’t have any of the answers.

Would you show up to a rally next month if led by a man who is jovial a day after one of his associates was blinded by a chemical? His actions after the Charlottesville debacle make me question his leadership, and while he may be sincere and gutsy, that’s not enough to prevent injuries and deaths getting racked up on your scorecard. To his credit, he did tighten up in his press conference, but he needs to do some serious soul-searching on whether he’s the man who can continue as a leader for his followers.

There are two psy-op triggers that are buried deep in the American mind: rape and Nazism. When I triggered the world with my How To Stop Rape article, I took the loss and stopped talking about rape. When the alt right triggered the world with their “Hail Victory” Nazi salute, which I defended on free speech grounds, they doubled down until someone who legitimately believed he was a Nazi killed someone.

It’s clear that the Nazi trolling, encouraged by the likes of The Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff, will get you meme-making internet fans and at least one real-life idiot who ends up killing others, whether accidentally or not. The Charlottesville death vindicates prior denouncements by the likes of Gavin McInnes, Paul Ramsey (Ramzpaul), and Mike Cernovich, who seemed to know what an appeal to Nazism would lead to.

If Donald Trump doesn’t need to meme about Hilter to win an election, you don’t either, unless you want your movement to die or be seen as controlled opposition. It’s no surprise that Trump came out to speak against “racism” and “hate,” throwing the alt right under the bus. Their stench is just too great, which is why I will continue to moderate pro-Nazi imagery and users from all sites I operate.

There is a personality called Millennial Matt. Watch this clip of him giving a hospital update of his friend Baked Alaska:

I know that look on his face, because I had the same back in February 2016 during the meetup outrage. It’s when a man is pushed to his limit, when he feels the walls closing in around him, and when he’s hoping that things will just blow over, but sometimes the momentum is too large and things don’t blow over—it continues for weeks. I expect civil lawsuits by those injured in the car accident in the near future.

This isn’t a game, this is war. You may scoff at that comment, but if you’re going to a rally without the expectation that someone there will try to maim or kill you, you run a high risk of being maimed or killed. We have broken the seal of death, and people will start dying at increasing rates. Antifa will want payback for the death of one of their communist allies, so you should not attend any rally unless you’re able to defend your life. Big boobed e-thots should stay home. I repeat, this is not a game, and there is zero excuse for you to be blindsided from this point on.

An important question is what to do next. Rallies and other public events should be crossed off the list unless you’re prepared to run them like a counter-terrorist operation, which is how I was able to pull off my Canadian lectures. It makes absolutely no sense to announce the time and place of your meeting for the main benefit of appearing in fake news, all to be ambushed by antifa who have nothing to lose through their felonious violence.

Unless you’re an e-celeb with a huge ego, you don’t need public events, you don’t need to make the news, and you don’t need to gather massive groups of men you don’t know. Build your movement slow and steady instead of attracting whack jobs who praise Hitler and run people over with cars. Create flash events where leftist foot soldiers don’t receive advance notice on their iPhones of your whereabouts, and focus on winning hearts and minds with poignant, effective, or humorous engagements that are publicized through images or video and allow you to grow slowly as you gain needed experience.

If you insist on facing off with antifa, it’s going to be a fight that will likely lead to injury or imprisonment for you, but not imprisonment for them, and with the My Paycheck Matters police on the side of the state, it’s a hill you don’t want to die on until we enter a hot Civil War scenario. If you can’t become as competent on the field as a genuine Army Major, do not lead people into what will be sure ruin.

It should be clear that we have no allies in existing state and cultural institutions. They hate you and wish you would disappear, because you’re the one remaining obstacle to allowing them to permanently rule and usher in their “end of history.” They’re currently treating you with kid gloves, but we’re fast approaching the point where it will just be easier to outright kill you through their antifa or BLM zombies.

Before you associate with any dissident leader, ask yourself if he will get you maimed or impoverished through his incompetence, unpreparedness, or stupidity. Are you following a leader with an ego or an ego who doesn’t know how to lead? Since we’re still about 2-4 years away from violence that will make Charlottesville look like nothing, you still have time to decide the best way to proceed for you and your country.

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The Hunt For A Moral Woman

A lot of men I talk to think the best way to find a good girl is to visit a small town or village. The girls will be more pristine, they figure, and they’re generally right about that, but there’s just one big problem: those girls have not been tempted enough for us to know what their true character is.

There are two kinds of “good” in a girl. The first is situational, where she appears good only because the devil has yet to tempt her. The second is tested, where he made his offering but she resisted. When a man identifies a girl who has upstanding character or morals, what he actually found is a girl who has yet to be tossed into a world of sex, drugs, money, or attention (fame). Once that temptation occurs, or she is removed from a bubble that has kept her good, it’s nearly certain that she will dive head-first into the ocean of human depravity.

In Eastern Europe, I noticed that a girl is most kind and sweet in the six-month period starting with her freshman college year after moving from the village to the city. She’s also the easiest to get into bed. Her sexuality and raging hormones have been bottled up in the village, watched carefully by her family, but now that she’s in the city, she can finally do what she wanted to do all along. It wasn’t that she was a good girl in her village, but that she lacked the opportunity. As much as I would like to think I’m a casanova for sleeping with such a girl, the reality is that I was her gateway into a promiscuous lifestyle, soon to be forgotten after her 20th or so sexual encounter.

If I go to a village today, and meet a 22-year-old girl who didn’t have the chance to attend college and who has a notch count of less than five, is that confirmation of her goodness? It’s not, because she has yet to be put in a sinful environment. I think we already know what she would do if she had the opportunity to move to a cosmopolitan city like New York, London, or Toronto.

The saying “all women are like that” implies that if you tempt a woman with a city lifestyle where she can have anonymous casual sex with men who turn her on, she will do it. Some may just experiment, a notch here or there, but a girl won’t say no unless she happens to be part of a tight-knit community that constantly watches her. The number of women who are capable of resisting are in fact so few that they are statistically insignificant. We should therefore assume that no woman can pass the test of temptation, and perhaps no man as well.

Every single female you meet has succumbed or will succumb to temptation, and it may be unfair to expect anything otherwise. This is why, as women have degraded sharply in the past century, the only way to keep men interested in marriage is through sustained cultural programming that makes them accept obesity (as beauty), vulgarity (as strength), promiscuity (as experience), bisexuality (as sexy), and equality (as just). Constant offerings of temptation are causing female value to plummet to such an extent that men have to be literally brainwashed to believe that women are still beautiful princesses who must be cherished and beholden to.

Upon realizing that no woman can truly resist temptation when tested, we encounter a simple solution: don’t test them with temptation. Create a better society with built-in safe spaces where the sweet and kind teenage girl stays locked into situational goodness thanks to male efforts shielding her from the temptation she has no innate immunity against. If Eve could not resist from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, today’s modern woman cannot resist even the smallest bread crumb.

The challenge for men wanting to create a family is therefore not trying to find a good girl who can resist temptation but one who, through good parenting or sheer luck, has not yet been excessively tempted, and keep her there by building a firewall which prevents the devil from knocking on her door when you momentarily step away. The only way I can see this reasonably happening today is to find a girl who has economically poor parents that are religious and where she eagerly accepted their religious teachings. You will maintain her faith and give her a slightly upgraded standard of living that is valuable to her and her parents but not so valuable that you tempt her with status and riches. Go to the village to find the good girl, but you’ll have to keep her there, or you’ll find out for sure that she has no innate goodness like you may have thought.

Understand that the problem of goodness is not exclusive to women. When I had the opportunity to experience carnal and worldly pleasures, I took it… for over a decade. The fact that I realized it was a dead-end does not make me a moral man, and the only credit I can accept is eventually understanding what hedonism really stands for. I’m not impressed by men who preach to me their moral goodness because it’s almost certain they haven’t been tempted around the world by beautiful women, but if they have indeed rejected Brazilian, Colombian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Croatian women who wanted to sleep with them, something that I found impossible to do, I will personally commission golden crowns of morality for them to wear.

There’s no need to despair upon realizing the flawed nature of women, because it’s really the flaw of humans. When presented with options of excitement, sex, and sin, we almost always take the low road. Instead of asking women to possess moral strength that they simply don’t have, we should simply identify women who haven’t yet been tempted or who have made tiny mistakes when tempted strongly. If a woman moved to a big city, refrained from drinking, and maintained a religious social circle, it may be prudent to accept her if she made one or two mistakes.

There aren’t many girls out there like that, but if you find and marry her, do your part in helping create a home, a neighborhood, a society where temptation is moved to the background of life like it was in the past, instead of being thrown directly in our faces like it is today.

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How To Play Real-Life Tinder

I was hanging out with an Italian friend recently when he asked me if I wanted to play “real-life Tinder.” Intrigued, I agreed.

He positioned me at the top of a park staircase and told me to wait. A pair of girls climbed the stairs but did not look at me. “Keep waiting,” he said. Then a girl walked up and locked eye contact with me. I heard a yell from behind, “It’s a match! She swiped right.” It turns out that I’ve been playing real-life Tinder for 15 years without even knowing it.

There are only two steps to real-life Tinder. First, confirm that a girl is paying attention to her environment and not walking fast. This means she installed the real-life Tinder app and wants to play. Then you look at her. If she looks back at you without immediately looking away, you matched her and can start a conversation using a basic opener. If she smiles or gave you a rape stare, you have a super-match and can open with literally anything, even a primordial grunt. (Of course you can approach girls you don’t match with, but the responses will be hit or miss.)

The best thing about real-life Tinder is that there is minimal lag. You never have to wait more than one second for her reply, and if you’re good at reading body language, you’ll perceive instantaneous reactions that approach zero lag. Forget about the frustration of waiting minutes or hours for a reply to come in!

Another benefit of real-life Tinder is that girls rarely have sustained conversations with men they don’t like. If she thinks you’re not her type, she will look away quickly, because the last thing she wants to do is give you encouragement. Compare that to Tinder, where what may appear to be a solid match turns into immediate silence after your opening text. In real-life Tinder, you always get a response, even if it may not be one you prefer.

Real-life Tinder also makes it impossible for a girl to ghost on you while in the middle of a conversation. Due to the laws of physics, it’s simply impossible for a girl to vanish or teleport to another location while she’s standing in front of you. When she wants to leave, she has to say goodbye or give some sort of excuse as to why she’s ending the conversation. In Tinder, she can disappear without any excuse, even if you had what appeared to be a nice conversation, and feel no remorse about displaying anti-social behavior.

But by far the best reason to play real-life Tinder is that you know exactly how she looks like. She won’t be able to defraud you by sharing old or photoshopped photos taken at precise Myspace angles. I only went on one Tinder date in my entire life, and boy did she not look like her photos. In playing real-life Tinder for 15 years, it has never happened that my eyes defrauded or deceived me in any way—not even once!

The argument that Tinder takes less time than real-life Tinder over the long run seems dubious, and even if Tinder was faster, it requires you to stare at a screen that you already stare at for several hours a day. Aren’t we technologically zombified enough? For men who are trapped indoors and don’t have time to play real-life Tinder, I suspect they have bigger problems to solve than meeting women, and should vigorously question their entrapment.

I like to play real-life Tinder when I have a sexual need. I walk out my front door and within five minutes I can begin swiping. I can do 200 swipes within an hour, depending on the time of day, and get a handful of worthy matches. Four hours of real-life Tinder will yield enough leads to keep me busy for a week. Since I’m able to and willing to put in this real-life work, I have no need for the original Tinder.

There’s one final advantage to playing real-life Tinder: you feel like a man doing it. To aid in your live-action hunt, your body produces testosterone, but when playing Tinder, your body halts testosterone production since no hunting ability is required. I believe it’s the lowered testosterone which allows men who exclusively play Tinder to accept the demoralizing behavior of impressing and entertaining girls who are either not that attractive or happen to be secretly fat.

It’s a great feeling to get a real-life match with an attractive girl. Only three feet separate you from her, so you can absorb her entire essence without lag or fakery, and be able to trust your instinct on her value. By comparison, Tinder seems archaic. It introduces unnecessary obstacles that any socially competent man who lives in at least a medium-sized city should feel constrained by, but if you’re a woman, it’s an app from heaven that gives you the attention you desperately crave without having to put forth any social effort.

I can’t help that I love to look at women in the flesh. I enjoy their efforts at attracting men such as myself, assuming they know how, and am titillated when I can sense they are attracted to me and want my penor. Tinder simply doesn’t give me this feeling, so it’s only the real-life game that I will play.

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A Face That I Could Love

When I’m hunting, I view a girl who crosses my path from the bottom up. Her legs, after seeing so many thousand pairs, reveal to me her body’s size and shape, even if she’s wearing a long winter coat. I look away if the legs are misshapen or lumpy, not daring to risk accidental eye contact. Otherwise, my eyes move upward, excitedly, to see what kind of chest, face, and hair she has. I then make a snap judgement of her overall condition and if she’s worth my effort.

When a girl passes my visual inspection, she’ll have at least a good body and an average face with one unique quality that is exquisite. That’s more than enough to pursue a night or two of sex, but for more than that, I need much more—I need a face that I could love.

A face that I could love may not contain the most beauty, or the least amount of flaws, but it is a face that I’d enjoy looking at every day for the rest of my life, one that I would instinctively risk my life for if a group of men more barbarian than me tried to take her away. A face that I could love will still contain objective beauty, because a man of my experience and age can’t be anything but a widower of beauty, but I rather stay alone than to be with an ugly face that I cannot possibly love.

A face that I could love will not be the same face that you could love, and that’s something we should both be grateful for. I can try and describe it to you, the softness of her cheeks, the silent invitation of her eyes, the gentle moistness of her lips, but it would just give you the wrong idea. A face that I could love can not be measured or quantified. If I explained it to a police sketch artist, he’d up drawing a monstrosity, because the heart cannot put into words what it wants. A face that I could love is imprecise, maybe awkward even, but always beautiful, like the the first flight of a bird after its mother encourages it out of the nest.

Love is a decision. When you perceive that a girl is deserving of your love, you let go. You turn off your shield so things happen as they may. While she may refuse that love, and stab you in the back with a hundred serrated knives, the decision must be made for you to feel what is love.

If you do not make the decision for love, the end will be decided at the beginning. When the novelty of her energy or naked body fades, or she dares to do something the least bit bothersome that you wouldn’t even notice on a girl who has a face that you could love, you’ll end it hastily, cruelly, without regret. The course of events with a new girl is written in the first meeting, if not the first minute, if not in the first moment you glance at her, top to bottom or bottom to top, with a most careful examination of her face. None of this requires your conscious awareness. You know if you will love her before you know if you will love her.

When I’m with a girl who has a face that I cannot love, I avoid her eyes. What a waste to be with such a girl! I’ll get some orgasms from her, as cheaply as I can get them, but the time it takes to get an orgasm from a face that I cannot love means I miss out on the opportunity, the chance meeting, with a face that I could love, but the need for sex is stronger than the need for love, and even easier to satisfy, so it’s sex I have pursued for so many years and sex that I will continue to pursue, but I know this is a devil’s bargain, for while I can experience the sexual satisfaction of sultans of old, the chance of love fades with every new girl.

The better I’ve become at gaining sex, the less I am open to the possibility of love, and sometimes at night, when I lay on my bed before going to sleep, I wonder what would happen if I write off sex completely to just talk to girls who have a face that I could love, a face I see once every several weeks, often while looking at the face of a man whom she already loves. I fall asleep. The anonymous women who come in and out of my dreams seem to mirror the ones that come in and out of my life. The pattern holds firm, the grey hairs steadily increase in number, and my motivation to work for women fades, so I greedily hold on to any short-term pleasure while the chance of making a sacrifice for a face that I could love becomes ever more improbable, until it will finally disappear. My heart will give up soon, and then it will be hard to look at faces anymore.

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Achievement Is The Conversion Of Willpower And Time

I used to take personal achievement very seriously. If I wasn’t achieving, accomplishing, or even doing something productive, I believed I was moving backwards in life, wasting away like a drug addict. Metrics had to be hit, whether related to money, women, fitness, web site views, or accumulated knowledge. Otherwise, I was not realizing my true potential.

Looking back, I see that my thinking was flawed, and my achievements were really nothing more than conversions of one form of energy into another. It’s not so much that I was creating something out of nothing, but playing a game of musical chairs.

Achieving any goal comes down to willpower and time

Willpower is needed to go from doing an easy activity, like watching television or napping, to a hard activity, like going to the gym and activating your muscles. Time is needed to read or study resources that teach you how the activity is competently done, and of course the actual time to do it. That’s the formula to achieve anything in life, and when that happens, what you’re really skilled at is not necessarily the activity itself, but dedicating willpower and time in a way that many others cannot.

Why are some men so good at summoning willpower and time to specific goals? How can I have labored for so many years getting laid around the world when most other men can’t be bothered? How can a man go to the gym four times a week when I’m fine with going once or twice? What can push men to completely dedicate themselves around achieving a materialist goal that surpasses their true biological and physical need? The answer is emotion. The only way to push a man beyond what his nature requires is to make him feel so emotionally inadequate and insecure that he feels the only way to patch up the hole is to dedicate his being—and sometimes his entire life—to the achievement.

I was a late bloomer who didn’t go through puberty until my late teens. This wrecked my confidence with women and caused me to get less attention than my male peers, leaving a gaping void around women and masculinity that had to be filled with 13 years of achievement in game that I shared publicly with the world in the process of becoming a teacher and “influencer,” until finally in my mid 30’s the hole was patched and I no longer wanted to dedicate as much willpower and time into the same tasks.

Your wounds create emotional cravings

Look at a man who is most obsessed about money and you will uncover memories of his youth where he felt ashamed for not having toys his friends had. Look at men who have the biggest muscles and you’ll uncover stories of being picked on in childhood. The only motivator that causes men to go above and beyond any area of achievement is inadequacy, and when that hole is filled, the willpower and time spent on the task will fade. The man will then feel frustrated and unsure of what to do next.

The self-realized and content man is a loser in the eyes of others, because he never surpasses his need enough to be a public expert in anything. He is fine with an average income, average sex life, average body, because he has no emotional hole that is begging him to convert his willpower and time into grand achievement. If a woman is self-realized, why would she feel the need to show off her body and genitals to the world through pictures and revealing clothing? Why would she ache for fleeting sexual encounters that rarely even comes with orgasmic pleasure? Look at a person’s goals and you can discover where they suffered emotional pain.

I’ve met men who, to bang more women, take supplements to increase their horniness. They have used game to satisfy their sexual needs, but once that happened, their ego wanted more and forced them to artificially manipulate their need so the banging could continue. Game started as a tool for them, subservient to their being, but now it’s their master. Productivity gurus do the same when it comes to money. They teach you how to manipulate your schedule, lifestyle, eating habits, and personal relationships all to accommodate more money making, so you’re an accomplished merchant in the eyes of others.

What is your true need?

Of course I’m not giving you an excuse to be homeless, unhealthy, or to choose a life of involuntary celibacy because you are afraid of taking social risks, but there is wisdom is knowing when enough is enough. If you have to take dubious supplements and sustain injuries to achieve your fitness goals, you’ve surpassed your body’s need. If you’re cutting off potential long-term relationships or love because you want to bang more girls to brag to your friends, you’re merely trying to fill a hole. If you’re exhausting yourself at work because you want to buy a toy that you don’t need, you’re trying to find self-worth in the material, and if you have a goal where, upon achieving it, you simply decide to gain more of it, you’ve found not a goal but a black hole, and soon your life will revolve entirely around it.

I’m currently writing a new book. Usually I’d make sacrifices to other parts of my life to finish it quicker, but then the book, the achievement, ends up owning me during that entire time. I don’t need more fame or more money, so I’ll write the book at my own pace, and when it’s finally done, people can buy it if they want. Unless I can enjoy the process of writing a book on a timeline that feels balanced for me, I allow the goal to become my master. Once you achieve basic material comfort, work on goals without timelines, without pressure. Enjoy them for their own sake instead of what they may provide.

I have to warn you that if you follow my advice, you will watch as others pass you by. They will get more money, women, and fame than you. They will dangle their prizes in front of you and teach you how to work as hard as them, and try to make you feel like a loser if you don’t. But they’re just converting their emotional holes into willpower and time and finally into materialistic achievement that can be measured and compared. This is why achievement has to involve a number to keep score: number of bangs, net worth, bench press one rep max, number of Youtube views, number of countries visited, and so on. The best way to win this kind of numbers game is not to play at all. Let others choose to be a slave to numbers while you never lose touch of your true need.

Passing on things I’ve learned to you as I approach middle age may come across as foolish, especially for those of you who are under 35. If you are young and full of both energy and the need to prove yourself to the world, it’s best you ignore my advice and keep converting your willpower and time into the type of achievement you believe will satisfy you. In a best case scenario, your achievement will patch a hole, like it did mine, and you can release it as a goal and pursue it at your own enjoyment. In the worst case scenario, you go deeper and let the goal control you, watching hopelessly as your self worth paradoxically goes down upon comparing yourself to men of even higher achievement who are just slightly better than you at converting their time and willpower into materialistic gain.

When I started looking at achievement as mere conversion of one form of energy into another, I started doing things for myself and those in my inner circle than for the world, because it’s not really achievement that is taking place when I write an article like this or a book—it’s just the moving of furniture in a room. I hope I’ll soon forget about achievement so I can become an average man, a mediocrity in the eyes of the accomplished, but after pursuing it for so long, and becoming a “somebody” in the eyes of many, I wonder if it’s really possible to go back.

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The Dissident Right Can’t Win Without Parallel Institutions

As the culture war drags on, many men ask me what they can do to improve the situation in their country outside of helping their tribe or spreading red pills through global informational warfare. The answer is creating or helping maintain a parallel institution that serves the same function as one the left has already taken over and excluded from us.

Every single institution the left has is crucial to maintaining their power. This includes universities, media, think tanks, corporations (including tech companies), Hollywood, public schools, churches, and both local and national politics. They have achieved their power by taking over every single institution that touches your life in a meaningful way and using that position to ban anyone who disagrees with their neoliberal globalist cult. The solution is to take back these institutions through our own long march or simply create our own.

The dissident right has already created many parallel institutions. Here are just a few examples…

The left has women’s studies departments. The right has masculine studies in the form of game and Return Of Kings.

The left has the mainstream media. The right has Alex Jones, Red Ice, and alt lite Twitter personalities who disrupt the news cycle.

The left has all the think tanks. The right has web sites like Social Matter, Thermidor, and The Unz Review. They share ideas not found in establishment think tanks financed by the likes of Qatar.

The left has Hollywood. The right has meme shitlords and video channels like Murdoch Murdoch, which reach the youth in great numbers.

The left has a collection of celebrities who get attention when they share their political ideas. The right has Richard Spencer, who gets reported on from tweets he shares while in his pajamas, along with his alt right allies.

The left and cucked right has talk radio. The right has a collection of independent podcasters like Weimerica, (((The Right Stuff))), and Radio Derb.

The left has Reddit, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Patreon while the right has 4chan /pol/, Infogalactic, Gab, and

Since we’ve only just begun building parallel institutions, we have no replacements as of yet for universities, public schools, the advertising industry, most of the Fortune 500, most of Silicon Valley, and converged Christian churches. This process will take multiple decades, but is absolutely necessary if we want to build enough power to defeat the left in a cold civil war scenario.

We also don’t have our own politicians. While Donald Trump did win the latest Presidential election, he lacks the “1000 statesmen,” as Ryan Landry put it, to carry out his agenda without being obstructed at every turn. He may control the brain of the millipede, but not its legs, meaning that he risks not fulfilling his agenda. We need leadership organizations that can groom young red-pilled men to defeat cuckservatives sponsored by the same billionaires that back the globalists.

And we have to do all of this better than the left and with less money. Simple, right? In case you’re holding your breath for our own billionaire to come in and save the day, understand that every single billionaire in the world got there by being a globalist, not a traditionalist, and if a billionaire did come knocking on our door, I’d be extremely skeptical of his intentions. There is no money in advocating for tradition, so we’ll have to accomplish what the left has without handouts as if we we’re bootstrapping a business. It will be slow, but the message of the dissident right is seductive enough that people will put their blood and sweat—and soon their lives—into it.

Simply take a look at what the left controls that we don’t, and then duplicate it for the right. If that’s too much work for you, or beyond your current ability, simply find an existing parallel institution and donate your time into making it stronger, but don’t compete or attack an existing dissident group for short-term political gain, like we’ve seen recently between the alt lite and alt right.

My suggestions assume that you already took care of yourself, your friends, your family, and possibly your neighborhood. Only then would I advise doing institutional work, because there is absolutely no point in helping out your country or society if you or those immediately around you are in bad shape. For us to really defeat the left, we’ll need hundreds of our own institutions that are supported by tens of thousands of people who share similar belief systems as we do. It’s no easy task, but it is the path that will lead to victory.

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The Problems With Teaching Men How To Find A Wife

I recently read an article by Michael Perilloux titled How To Catch A Wife, the latest example of how modern game teachings have impacted traditionally-minded men. Unfortunately, I believe Perilloux’s advice falls short in helping men actually find a wife.

I have my first kid on the way with my beautiful traditional wife. I’m blessed to have her, but our relationship was not a lucky accident.

A few years ago, I decided I was going to get married. So I did. I made plans, restructured my life, and developed the relevant skills. It worked.

His declaration of victory is premature. With a short courtship, rapid pregnancy, and a bun still in the oven, he may still be in the honeymoon phase of his marriage, or at least in the phase where major differences, such as with child-rearing, have yet to surface. I do hope his marriage is successful, but we should not give much weight to the article’s initial demonstration of authority. There are many divorced men who would not have reported problems to you during their ex-wives’ first pregnancy.

The first problem men have is “Naïve Romanticism,” which is the belief that you can just cruise through life, relax, and not worry about getting married, and “the one” will come along at some point and sweep you off your feet like some kind of romantic comedy.

I don’t know a single man who has that problem. If anything, it’s the problem of women. Men hesitate towards marriage today simply because there are more downsides than upsides in getting married. With the abundance of free sex, casual relationships, digital entertainment, and urban fun, there is no advantage in marriage unless you specifically want to create a family, and that comes with the knowledge that the state is ready to destroy you through punitive family laws. Men are abstaining from marriage because of rational choices, not idealism.

You know what else is unromantic? Dying alone with no children.

The fact is that this is the most important problem in your life. You need to take it as seriously as your professional career, starting a business, or planning an invasion.

The only downside he mentioned of not getting married is dying alone. This is a fear shared by many, but the problem with a fear like this is that to avoid it, you rush into flawed actions and make decisions that cause the fear to own you.

If I fear dying alone, and catch my girlfriend or wife cheating when I’m in my 30’s or beyond, I’m more likely to make the disastrous decision of keeping her, nearly guaranteeing I’ll be cucked again. A better approach is to accept your fears and then make the choice that serves a positive gain to your existence instead of one that merely avoids a negative pain.

Our ancestors lived in a very different society. They had homogeneous, high-trust communities where their neighbors were of the same class, folk, faith, and social circles. They all grew up together, went to church together, and were well-integrated in a social fabric where everyone knew each other. As a matter of course, every young man knew multiple eligible girls who would make good matches. The parents, friends, busybody old women, tradition, and random happy circumstance would conspire to make successful marriage almost automatic. Naïve romanticism was a perfectly adequate strategy in such an environment, because marriage was supported by such a powerful social machine, which no longer exists.

Perilloux is correct that the path of least resistance in the past was marriage. In other words, the social structure was such that a good wife would land on your lap from having a full-time job, or even merely the intent to have one. You didn’t have to date, learn game, go to the gym, step up your banter, be cocky, and so on.

A society is healthy if creating a family is the default mode of relationship structure that is also rational for men to do. Marriage has its problems, but the alternative back then of not getting married had far more downsides, especially in a climate that was not as promiscuous or as welcoming of the eternal bachelor lifestyle.

One reason why marriage was such a good deal was because you didn’t have to study game, fitness, and psychology and then apply that learned knowledge through hundreds of hours of work just to get into a meaningful relationship. If you have to do this work today to get married, and the sword of Damocles is hanging over your head through an anti-male culture with full court backing, does marriage still become a low friction endeavor? It doesn’t, so Perilloux has no choice but to apply an achievement model to his hunt for a wife to make it happen in a degenerate age.

To replace naïve romanticism, we need the fundamental masculine skill of life in the real world: the will and confidence to take a problem seriously and deliberately figure out how to solve it. You can sit down and think this problem through, come to an understanding, make plans, and reason things out. This is the only way anything real ever gets done.

In throwing out naïve romanticism, which is a fundamentally passive strategy, it is useful to have a much more active and high-agency model to work from.


Modern women also have all kinds of little psychological blocks that will derail your chance at marrying them, unless you go in with an iron will to bust through all their silly resistances and win them. My own courtship, for example, was full of rocky uncertainty, resistance, and lack of will on her part. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t disregarded all that and put my will into making it happen.

To find a wife, Perilloux urges us to treat it like a business by being goal-oriented and transferring will and energy into the task. I’ve used my will in the past to do things I dreamed of when I was younger, such as quitting my job, traveling to dozens of countries, expatriating from the United States, and bedding many women, all of which were more-or-less individualist crusades, but I’m hesitant to use that same process to find a wife.

As a man, I can surely hunt and work for what I desire, but relationships are different in that you want a woman to put in as much investment and will of her own. The more she’s invested, the more likely she will stay. If I put in full will, and she puts in less than me, it’s inevitable that I will feel underappreciated and become fatigued as she coasts or takes advantage of my efforts, which will not be easy to maintain indefinitely.

Just like when launching nuclear missiles, two officers have to turn their key simultaneously, and outside of being a leader and fulfilling the masculine roles of the relationship, I do not believe a man should do all the work in maintaining it, which I suspect Perilloux is doing. How do we know that his wife is just going along for the ride because he makes it so easy for her? What happens if he gets tired, sick, or has employment difficulties? Will his wife stay with him?

We don’t know the home situation or the type of challenges his wife puts him through to be convinced of his method, which seems to reduce the investment the female has to make for the singular goal of getting a wife. We also don’t know what other sacrifices he has made. The costs will simply be too much for most men, especially those who are not convinced that marriage is the most rational choice to make, such as myself. Men who took the red pill can’t simply pretend they don’t know the true nature of women and the societal odds stacked against them to perform Perilloux’s mission.

People often don’t keep their eye on [the] fundamentals and become confused with ideas about true love and such. But love is a side-effect, not a fundamental. If the fundamentals are good, love will come. If the fundamentals aren’t good, love won’t help. Consider the outcomes of arranged marriages, where the families set up marriages with good fundamentals without regard for love. They are very stable, and they end up in love anyways.

Good luck convincing the modern woman that love is a side effect! It’s not just Hollywood that pushes romanticism but the entirety of the West, and that has been going on since the 18th century. You are simply not going to get the average woman to adopt the practical standards of Indian women who get into arranged marriages, for example, and if you do find one, none of your tactics mattered anyway because she was already primed to be with a man for practical reasons.

It’s not that Perilloux convinced his bride to be practical about love, but that she was already convinced, perhaps from being raised in a more traditional environment. For most men who live in urban areas, these traditional women are wholly out of reach, so I suspect Perilloux lives in a smaller town.

Odds are you are reading from a mega city like London, New York City, and Toronto, so I’d have to urge you to move to a smaller town, get a new job, or drastically change your environment and habits to essentially become a new person for the prospect of finding a wife to be responsible for who, odds are, has a 50% chance of kicking you to the curb at some point. That’s an impossible sell.

When it comes to finding a wife, the problem is not one of game or standards, but societal: there simply are not enough traditional women to go around for men currently living in urban environments that tip the balance of marriage from being irrational to rational. Sure, if I move to a specific area, join the church, and give value to the community, I’ll probably find a wife, but upending your life for a goal means the goal steers you, now and for the entirety of that marriage. I can’t in good faith urge men to make drastic life changes beyond matters of general self-improvement or taking a two-week trip to Brazil.

In the past, men didn’t have to upend their lives to find wives, and the likelihood of divorce was far lower. Why should I make more sacrifice for less potential gain? While I definitely see the value in having a family, and would be open to being a father, the woman and situation has to be just right for me to take such a huge risk in today’s climate. Telling me and men like me to essentially “man up and get married” is not going to cut it.

Perilloux’s article shines when it comes to evaluating a girl based on her wifely standards:

Is she feminine and traditional? You want a traditional woman who acts like such. Many “anti-feminist” women don’t practice what they preach, so watch out. She should feel comfortable taking the feminine role in marriage.

Is she a virgin? You don’t want the kind of girl who did a lot of “partying” before “settling down”, you don’t want the baggage, you don’t want her thinking of you as her retirement, and you don’t want the spectre of those other men haunting your marriage.

Does she have good domestic and family skills? Can she keep house, cook, clean, deal with finances, decorate, host, sew, fix, and so on? Is she good with kids? Is she comfortable and happy doing these tasks?

Does she want to be a wife and mother to lots of kids? Women can be hard to convince. Big bonus if she already wants a big family.

Does she believe in traditional marriage and oppose divorce? There will be times when she doesn’t like you anymore. For the marriage to work, she has to be committed anyway, because she believes in marriage. Make sure she’s committed to the idea of marriage itself, not just to you.

Not surprisingly, no girl I’ve been in a relationship with has hit on all of his points. I have standards that I believe are optimal, but in reality they are unrealistic if I can’t find it “in stock” at the marketplace. While it’s an encouraging sign that traditionalism is emerging as a new counter-culture, that change will be too slow for men who are in their late 20’s or beyond to hope and wait. Many will miss the fatherhood boat, most likely including myself, but our experiences can at least aid men of future generations.

The most flaccid portion of the article is when Perilloux attempts to share how to meet a wife, a pressing urge for men who are already well-versed in game and know what they’re looking for.

Social proximity. You need to maximize the number of good women in social proximity. The more good women moving through your social network, the better. This means changing your lifestyle, social circles, and activity level. Some places are going to be much better than others; search for the places and social circles with the most good women. Good traditional churches, hobby groups, friend circles, parties, family networks, charity organizations, where you live, even dating apps. Whatever you have or can get should be used.

Spotted. You need to keep an active lookout for good women, so that you actually notice them. You’re screening for the more visible factors: is she pretty, is she young, is she feminine, how does she dress, is she of your people, how does she carry herself, does she look virtuous, what does her social interaction look like, who is she associating with?

That’s the extent of his advice, which may have as well been cribbed from the Art of Manliness. He missed a great opportunity to share how he met his wife and what the process was like, but instead kept it so general that it gives little in the way of action items. I’m forced to guess that he met his wife at church for her to hit all the traditional notes.

A few months ago, I started researching churches in my area, not to meet women but to put myself in a more spiritual environment. I also researched local ways to volunteer to help others, since my stay-at-home internet job doesn’t put me into contact with many people. I haven’t yet pulled the trigger, since I fell back into old game habits after a recent break-up, but if inserting myself into these environments puts me into contact with traditional women, and getting into relationships with them becomes a rational choice with little friction that is encouraged by my most immediate surroundings and society at large, I would certainly pursue it.

However, I will not attempt Perilloux’s “will to power” strategy because I’m too red pilled to put on the blinders for a singular goal that I’m not absolutely convinced is worth it in the end, no matter how open I am to fatherhood.

I also know firsthand that will alone is not enough, and will lead to easy-come-easy-go scenarios where things flag off if my will is reduced, like is so often the case when meeting a girl through cold approaching. This isn’t to say that I’m not willing to put in work, but as I’ve painfully learned, it takes a village to maintain a relationship, because even if I do everything right, things can still go south.

If these times make it too sick to create a family through rational means then I won’t create a family, though I would certainly wish the likes of Perilloux luck and observe from a distance to see how he created his marriage safe space away from the evils around him.

In the end, we have to be careful about taking advice from men who have a sample size of one marriage. It’s easy to create rigorous models for game because you can develop your theories from sleeping with hundreds of women and tease the patterns from that, but you can’t have more than one successful marriage. There is just too much variance between one man and another when it comes to such an advanced goal, which is why I think we will never have solid information on finding a wife in a dying civilization. This is a problem that you’ll have to figure out on your own, assuming you even want to.

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You Become What You Fight

Once you declare an idea or person to be your enemy, you give them a room in your mind. Within that room you insert their history, strategies, tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. You dedicate more of your waking hours to understanding how to defeat them. As time passes, items from that room start to leak out into your being, until you look in the mirror and realize that you are not that different from your enemy.

At the height of my PUA days, I declared feminists as my enemy. They were degenerate, anti-family, and promiscuous. This was at the peak of when I embarked on behavior that was degenerate, anti-family, and promiscuous. My attacks against them were one way of relieving the guilt and discomfort of my own behavior, since most of the girls I slept with had to have feminist thoughts in their minds to allow me to gain easy sex. I was experiencing pleasurable orgasms with the enemy in the evening then writing about how bad they were the day after.

I went one level up. Who created feminism? Who pushes their ideas? The Jews. They were crafty, intelligent, persistent, and masters of propaganda. Their negative influence on Western civilization must be countered, I thought. I examined their tactics and mimicked some of them in my own informational outlet, Return Of Kings, which has Jew-pilled thousands of men. I started thinking how to be more effective with propaganda and create opposing narratives, until I realized that in order to counter the Jew, I had to become more like the Jew.

Recently, Trump supporters Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer tried to shut down a New York play that attempted to normalize violence against the President.

If you mute the audio of the video, you may think Posobiec and Loomer are left-wing activists, since this is the same type of tactic that leftists have used for years. I don’t particularly mind their disruption of the play since it gives the left a taste of their own medicine, but it was inevitable that those on the right would copy the left, just like how you should now expect the left to copy the right’s use of effective memes. However righteous your movement, understand that you will think and become more like your enemy as you fight him.

Even battling against something clearly immoral like pedophilia forces you to get in the head of pedophiles. What triggers them to abuse children? What kind of abuse do they perform? How do they network with each other to carry about their abuse? You start to think like pedophiles with the intention of stopping them, until the only step remaining is to actually view child porn yourself like in the case of reporter Kurt Eichenwald, who established financial ties with a child porn producer to investigate him.

Declaring a man as your enemy is the start of an intimate relationship that stems from three possible motivations: (1) you want to be more like him by having his power or wealth, (2) you want to gain more of your own power by hurting or crushing him, or (3) you want to relieve your inner guilt from already being like him, like in my case with feminists. The enemy will be present every single day of your life as you study him, interact with him, and probe him for weaknesses that you can exploit. At the end of many years of battle with your enemy, do not be shocked when you look him deep in the eyes and see a reflection of yourself.

Defend yourself against those who wish you harm, but understand the cost in having enemies. They are merely a mirror into your own demons and inner conflicts. Find out why you hate something before you start attacking what you’ll become more like with every passing day.

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The Purity Challenge

When people attempt to fix their fatigue or mood problems, they may become dependent on substances or drugs that actually have the opposite intended effect with the added detriment of long-term issues. I recently embarked on a 30-day period of purity that has allowed me to troubleshoot health problems, stabilize my energy and mood, become more in tune with my natural state, and reduce psychological dependencies.

In your physical prime, you are not likely to give a second thought to drinking a couple espressos a day or having fun on the weekend by pounding shots with your friends. Your sexual vitality may also remain high in spite of excessively consuming drugs or estrogenic compounds. This changes once you reach your 30’s. Your old habits start to drag down your energy and mood while masking lifestyle or health problems that need to be resolved.

I wake up and I’m tired so I drink coffee throughout the day. Then I’m too jittery so I drink a couple beers to take me back down. I’m too busy to go out during the daytime so I take vitamin D pills instead of getting sun. I’m bored at home so I watch some porn and jerk off. Suspecting that these habits were harming my natural state, I quit them cold turkey. Here’s how it all went…

No caffeine

The first thing I used to do when waking up was brew a strong black cup of coffee. I would sometimes add a second cup throughout the day or drink a pot of black tea.

As I’ve written before, the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine are quite serious, revealing how potent it is as a drug. On the third day of the purity challenge, I was exceptionally tired, and had to take daily naps for several days. I also experienced bad headaches for more than a week. It took approximately ten days for all withdrawal symptoms to subside.

To substitute my coffee habit, I would drink one cup of green or white tea in the morning, which has exceedingly low caffeine, and herbal tea after that if I craved additional hot beverages. The result is that my energy is more flat throughout the day, without the highs and lows I had before. I also know that if I don’t go to bed at a good hour, there will be no way to relieve my fatigue the next day unless I take a nap.

No alcohol

Over the winter, I developed a habit of drinking at least one pint of beer every evening. This was quite easy to stop from an addiction standpoint, but it was more challenging on a social and dating level.

Whenever I go out at night with my friends, they’re all drinking. I can directly see how the alcohol helps them enter a more relaxed and fun state where they enjoy the loud venue while I remain stiff as a board. I was also reminded how deeply alcohol is integrated into modern dating, since girls insist on drinking copious amounts of booze at night and on dates. It wasn’t a big deal that I wasn’t drinking at the bar while hunting, since my soda water with lemon could easily be confused for a drink, but not drinking on dates ensured the girls wouldn’t drink either, greatly reducing the speed to sexual fulfillment.

I’ve had some experience with “sober game” in Ukraine, where I met girls who didn’t drink, but having to do it on every single date posed a big challenge. The result of sober dates is that you actually have to like each other beyond physical attraction, because your logical mind remains quite strong, ready to dismiss the girl for practical reasons that you wouldn’t have come up while inebriated.

Going completely sober ultimately means that it will take longer to sleep with any girl. The benefit is that you’re unable to bang subpar girls just for the notch and are able to spot genuine connections that don’t require a drug to blossom. In terms of health, the benefits are no hangovers and improved sleep, especially on nights I would have consumed more than two drinks. I can stay out late on the weekend and wake up the next day without feeling any negative effects.

No supplements, medicines, drugs, or cigarettes

My supplement stack was fish oil, magnesium (to counter heart palpitations caused by caffeine), and vitamins B, C, and D. I stopped all of those cold turkey, added more vegetables to my diet, and spent more time in the sun on warm days.

I do think vitamins work in theory, but I don’t believe they get absorbed in the same way as nutrients from food. We also have to be careful about thinking a substance has a benefit for us when it was tested on populations that differ in genetic profile. For example, the benefits of fish oil are heralded as reducing heart disease, but it’s mostly tested on Asian populations where fish is a staple of their diet. The problem is that I’m not Asian. I also didn’t know exactly how these vitamins are made, and whether companies cut corners during the manufacturing process.

I haven’t noticed any obvious changes after stopping all supplementation. This is not surprising since most of their benefits are supposed to be long-term. If you happen to smoke cigarettes or take pharmaceutical or illegal drugs, you can halt those too for the purity challenge.

No porn

Lastly, I quit porn. I’m already familiar with the damaging effects of porn, particularly how it programs you to greatly desire sluts while harming long-term penis function, but what pushed me over the edge was that I was experiencing less spontaneous boners. For years I have been training myself to only get boners when I watched porn or was with a naked woman. Porn also caused me to masturbate not when I was horny but when I was bored.

Masturbating without porn meant that I had to be genuinely horny, enough to imagine sex with my mind, which I haven’t had to do in over 15 years. Since using your mind to masturbate isn’t as fun, the effect is you fap less and have a higher baseline of horniness that helps with your game.

Another big impact in not using porn is that I’m far more sensitive to seeing female flesh or images of girls in lingerie. It’s possible for me to get a half boner right now if I catch sight of a girl out my window in a bikini top. I’m 38 but feel that my penor vitality has gained a solid decade in youth. If you think you’re masturbating too much, you can also add no fap to the challenge.

Lessons from the purity challenge

Even after the 30 days of the challenge passed, I decided to continue because of the strong benefits. Not drinking caffeine has stabilized my energy, forcing me to fix fatigue with rest and sleep instead of the short-term benefit of coffee. Not drinking alcohol has improved my ability to seek a different kind of connection with women while I enjoy better mood and sleep. Not taking supplements has pushed me out the door to get more sun while improving my diet. And not watching porn has given me more frequent boners and higher overall horniness.

Another change is that I’ve become extremely perceptive to tiny changes in my body. Coffee and alcohol tend to mask your natural state, but now I can link a change in energy or mood to either my previous nights’ sleep, a meal I just ate, bad news I received, or a tense conversation I experienced. It has become easy to connect why I’m feeling a certain state with my most recent actions. This has led me to conclude that getting proper sleep is the absolute best way to have a good day. Following that is is avoiding foods that have high glycemic index like pizza, which may cause you to feel sleepy, and steering clear of people who start arguments or drama.

The first two weeks of the purity challenge may be a drag for you as your body copes with withdrawal symptoms, so wait until weeks three and four to observe its true benefits. I’ll certainly backslide when it comes to alcohol and coffee, but at least I’ll remember that their benefits are cancelled out by costs which have a measurable impact on my body, and that existing mainly on sleep, food, light teas, and water puts me close to my most primal animalistic state.

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10 Favorite Quotes From Fydor Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov”

ISBN: 0374528373

The Brothers Karamazov is a book published by Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky in 1880 that explores themes of spirituality, psychology, and the changing nature of Russia. It’s a mammoth 800-page piece of work that would never get written today, but nonetheless provides value to those who read it, especially if they are interested in understanding the Russian soul.

Here are my favorite quotes from the book…

A man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point where he does not discern any truth either in himself or anywhere around him, and thus falls into disrespect towards himself and others. Not respecting anyone, he ceases to love, and having no love, he gives himself up to passions and coarse pleasures, in order to occupy and amuse himself, and in his vices reaches complete bestiality, and it all comes from lying continually to others and to himself.

Without self-awareness, man is not able to see the errors of his behavior, and will always forge down the wrong path as if blindfolded. Even worse, he may attack anyone who attempts to remove his blindfold.

‘I love you madly,’ she says, ‘even if you do not love me— no matter, only be my husband. Don’t be afraid, I shan’t hinder you in any way, I’ll be your furniture, the rug you walk on … I want to love you eternally, I want to save you from yourself …’

I don’t believe it is possible to find a woman who would state the same thing today. Instead she’d explain, “I love you madly in this moment only, and I expect you to treat me like your queen. Be afraid, because if you hinder me, I will walk on you as if you’re my living room rug, and ensure that you do not escape my punishment.”

There is no more ceaseless or tormenting care for man, as long as he remains free, than to find someone to bow down to as soon as possible. But man seeks to bow down before that which is indisputable, so indisputable that all men at once would agree to the universal worship of it. For the care of these pitiful creatures is not just to find something before which I or some other man can bow down, but to find something that everyone else will also believe in and bow down to, for it must needs be all together. And this need for communality of worship is the chief torment of each man individually, and of mankind as a whole, from the beginning of the ages.

A man may make bold proclamations about being free, but as soon as he becomes free, he quickly seeks out an object or being to submit to, whether it’s a vice, a woman, or a god. It is impossible for a man to exist in nature without worshiping what he believes is higher than himself.

With bread you were given an indisputable banner: give man bread and he will bow down to you, for there is nothing more indisputable than bread. But if at the same time someone else takes over his conscience— oh, then he will even throw down your bread and follow him who has seduced his conscience. In this you were right. For the mystery of man’s being is not only in living, but in what one lives for. Without a firm idea of what he lives for, man will not consent to live and will sooner destroy himself than remain on earth, even if there is bread all around him.

As soon as a man sates his needs, he will then develop a new need which begs for satisfaction. The way to control men, it seems, is to keep them in an enduring state of need, so that they don’t escape the slavish cycle of worship.

Freedom, free reason, and science will lead them into such a maze, and confront them with such miracles and insoluble mysteries, that some of them, unruly and ferocious, will exterminate themselves; others, unruly but feeble, will exterminate each other; and the remaining third, feeble and wretched, will crawl to our feet and cry out to us: “Yes, you were right, you alone possess his mystery, and we are coming back to [the church]— save us from ourselves.”

Here’s the Western “freedom” to create drag queens out of children

Freedom from God and tradition did not lead to true freedom. Instead, it led to submission to egalitarian ideas, rationale that is manipulated by the ruling class, and the female form, which is lofted above us as the new gods that must be worshiped by all.

The world has proclaimed freedom, especially of late, but what do we see in this freedom of theirs: only slavery and suicide! For the world says: “You have needs, therefore satisfy them, for you have the same rights as the noblest and richest men. Do not be afraid to satisfy them, but even increase them”— this is the current teaching of the world. And in this they see freedom. But what comes of this right to increase one’s needs? For the rich, isolation and spiritual suicide; for the poor, envy and murder, for they have been given rights, but have not yet been shown any way of satisfying their needs.


Taking freedom to mean the increase and prompt satisfaction of needs, they distort their own nature, for they generate many meaningless and foolish desires, habits, and the most absurd fancies in themselves. They live only for mutual envy, for pleasure-seeking and self-display. To have dinners, horses, carriages, rank, and slaves to serve them is now considered such a necessity that for the sake of it, to satisfy it, they will sacrifice life, honor, the love of mankind, and will even kill themselves if they are unable to satisfy it.

Materialism has failed, as Dostoevsky predicted. It produced such a spiritual void that the suicide switch of society has turned on by those on the left who want to destroy us all. While they actively engage in the promotion of sterility, authoritarianism, and death, the elite class is enjoying the decline to experience riches that were not fathomable in Dostoevsky’s time.

And therefore the idea of serving mankind, of the brotherhood and oneness of people, is fading more and more in the world, and indeed the idea now even meets with mockery, for how can one drop one’s habits, where will this slave go now that he is so accustomed to satisfying the innumerable needs he himself has invented? He is isolated, and what does he care about the whole? They have succeeded in amassing more and more things, but have less and less joy.

In a world where anything can be bought, what is valuable? If you can travel to anywhere, where is worth visiting? If you can take a picture every second of your life, which picture deserves another look? Pleasures that would have satisfied kings of past elicit a mere shrug from the normies of today, and even if they release themselves from the material and embark on a journey to “help others,” it comes not out of personal charity but to signal moral superiority, that I am better than you because I’m helping someone other than you. The drive to “help” becomes a personal weapon to attack others because it allows one to receive an egotistical pleasure that is higher than material pleasure.

If the wickedness of people arouses indignation and insurmountable grief in you, to the point that you desire to revenge yourself upon the wicked, fear that feeling most of all; go at once and seek torments for yourself, as if you yourself were guilty of their wickedness. Take these torments upon yourself and suffer them, and your heart will be eased, and you will understand that you, too, are guilty, for you might have shone to the wicked, even like [Jesus], but you did not. If you had shone, your light would have lighted the way for others, and the one who did wickedness would perhaps not have done so in your light.

It’s easier to declare someone an enemy than to hold a mirror to ourselves and identity the true source of our anger. Instead, our first instinct when someone conflicts with our views is to mock them and then share the mockery for all to see, which I’ve personally done on numerous occasions. When you’ve lost the connection with your fellow man, and when your neighbor acts as if he’s from another country, there is no motivation to seek mutual understanding.

Your work is for the whole, your deed is for the future. Never seek a reward, for great is your reward on earth without that: your spiritual joy, which only the righteous obtain.

I can’t help but think that this work would not succeed today because of its length. Attention spans are too short and patience is too limited for all but continual drama and action. Instead, it gives us a slice of family conflict and soul-searching as a country embarked on great change that mirrored much of what happened in the West. In Dostoevsky we can add another prescient author who clearly warned us about what would happen if we killed tradition and God.

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“When The Shoe Fits” By Osho Is A Deep Introduction To Tao

ISBN: 1842930850

When The Shoe Fits is a transcription of a lecture given by Osho in 1974, based on the teachings of the ancient Taoist Chuang Tzu. Osho is one of the more famous modern Taoists who achieved cult-like status among his followers. To remove suffering, he advises men to not achieve and just allow life to happen to you. This advice exists on an opposite plane when compared to what is taught within Western culture.

And whatsoever you achieve through will always remain a burden to you; it will always be a conflict, an inner tension, and you can lose it at any moment. It has to be maintained continuously – and maintaining it takes energy, maintaining it finally dissipates you. Only that which is attained through effortlessness will never be a burden to you, and only that which is not a burden can be eternal. Only that which is not in any way unnatural can remain with you forever and forever.

When you gain something through effort, you experience a feeling of pleasure, and then must continually work so that both the gain and pleasure are maintained. If you do not maintain it, you will lose the gain and experience suffering in an equal and opposite way to the pleasure received.

If I earn $1,000,000, I will experience pleasure, but if I lose it, I will experience an equal amount of opposite suffering. Even if I don’t lose the money, trying to hold onto it will cause anxiety because of the sizable fear I’ll have of losing it in the future. If I go to the gym to get big muscles, I will be happy with how I look, but if I lose those muscles, I will mentally suffer whenever I look in the mirror and see a decline in my appearance. Any campaign of effort has suffering built in, because it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a gain for the entirety of your life.

Every child is born in Tao, then we cripple him with society, civilization, culture, morality, religion… we cripple him from every side. Then he lives, but he is not alive.

Osho argues that if a human wasn’t born in society, but raised among animals in the forest, he would have no suffering if his survival needs were met. Because he would not have any human being to compare himself to, he would have no need to compete, no need to gain power, no need to prove himself to others, and so he would exist in harmony with nature.

Allow nature! And don’t give any goal to nature. Who are you to create goals and purposes? You are just a tiny part, an atomic cell. Who are you to force the whole to move according to you?


Look at nature, everything is so perfect. Can you improve upon a rose? Can you improve on nature in any way? Only man has gone wrong somewhere. If the rose is beautiful without any effort on its part, why not man? What is wrong with man?

Because you exist in an ignorant, flawed state, any goal you create is almost sure to create suffering since it is from a place of society instead of nature. You simply do not have the awareness or knowledge to create goals that are in harmony with your true nature, and what you may describe as “success” is—upon achievement—the beginning of a cycle of frustration or suffering.

Meditation will only help you to understand. It will not lead you to the truth, it will only destroy the mind, so that whenever there is truth, you can see it.

Osho believes that the Buddhist ashram style of meditation is an unnatural behavior that goes against the Tao, because it attempts to put man in a blank state of “no mind.” Osho does not believe in the asceticism of the Buddhists, and sees them on the opposite extreme of the hedonists. Both sides have lost balance with the Tao.

You need a compass because you are not confident of life; you need moralities, precepts, principles, Bibles, Korans, Gitas to direct you because you are not confident of the inner force. That is your life…. So many precepts to be followed, so many principles to be managed – so many moral concepts. You have so many things imposed on you that your inner life cannot be spontaneous.

People want to be told how to live. They want an instruction booklet as if they were assembling furniture from Ikea. Scriptures are dead books—they weren’t written for your environment or your situation, and must be squeezed into modern life in some way (often after being maliciously interpreted), but that still does not eliminate suffering if you follow it. Osho believes that there is no need for rigid morality if the Tao is followed, but since balance with the Tao is subjective, I see a situation where Tao alone can’t prevent us from sliding into a situation of degeneracy like we have in the modern West.

Don’t be against anything. Why? Because whenever you are against anything it means that deep down you are for it, otherwise why be against it? A man who is not angry deep down will not be against anger. Why should he be? A man who is not greedy deep down will not be against greed. Why should he be against it? There is no problem for him, it is not a choice, he has not made any distinction. Remember, it is always greedy persons who are against greed, sexual persons who are against sex, angry persons who are against anger, violent persons who are against violence. Then what do they do? They create an opposite goal.

If a man becomes emotionally engaged against a cause, it’s a certainty that that cause is a part of him in some way, and his emotion is a sign of either an inner guilt or deep love that his ego refuses to consciously accept. The most violent members of society today are leftist protesters who tell you they are against violence. The most sexually degenerate people of today are those who say they stand against rape. I have stated my hate for feminists in the past, and criticized their loose sexual morals, while I myself engaged in loose sexual morality with feminist-minded women. That which you hate exists within you. That which you’re apathetic about does not.

You always choose the difficult because the difficult gives you a challenge and challenge gives you the ego. Difficult is right for you; easy is never right. Because with the easy there is no conquering, the ego cannot feel fulfilled. The more difficult a task, the more the ego feels exhilarated, ecstatic. It has to be done – Everest has to be conquered, the moon has to be conquered.


The difficult attracts. The more difficult it is, the more it attracts you. It becomes more valuable because through it, if you conquer, you will achieve a greater ego. Even if you fail, you will achieve a greater ego because you at least tried, while others have not tried at all.

I have given advice to men in the past stating that if they’re faced with two options, they should do the harder one because they’ll become stronger and achieve more than if they had succeeded with the easier task. Osho has me pegged in that my strategy is one of ego satisfaction, of putting in harder effort to achieve something greater. From the standpoint of Western materialism, my advice will yield more “gain.”

With nonstop messages in the West of achievement and accomplishment that make doing the easy task be seen as “lazy,” it’s hard not to see that the entirety of the West is built upon an ego proposition, which is great for society in terms of the heights it achieves, but poor for the individual who suffers because of it.

If you win a war and kill millions of people you make history. If you just brush your teeth in the morning how can you make history? And EASY IS RIGHT! You take a bath, and you sing a little song, how can you make history? You eat your food and you silently go to sleep without any dreams. How can you make history? No! History takes no notice of persons who are easy and natural. History takes notice of people who are mad, obsessed with something, who create trouble in some way or the other. And difficult is wrong, easy is right; be easy and don’t try to be in history. Leave it for fools and mad people, you just stay out of it. Because you cannot have both.

Either you can have life, or you can be remembered in history. If you have life, you will be just an easy and simple man, doing simple and small things, and enjoying them. You will not create any trouble for anybody, nobody will take any notice of you; you will exist as if you never existed. That is what easy is – existing as if you are not existing, existing as if you are not, not in anyone’s way.

I want my work to leave a legacy so I slave over my computer every day, typing up a storm, like I’ve typed this review, and life quickly passes me by. I will have my legacy, but at what cost? What have I missed?

Doing anything, if you feel easy doing it, it is right. If you feel uneasy doing it, something is wrong. If you are tense, it means you are living an uneasy life. If you cannot sleep, cannot relax, cannot let go, it shows you are living an uneasy life – you are after difficult things, impossible things.

If I were to take his advice, I would work just the minimum to satisfy my material needs, and then relax for most of the day. I’d go for walks, do a basic level of exercise that doesn’t involve having big muscles, cook simple meals, and seek out pleasant company. Instead, I have a schedule set out for me before I wake up, meaning my day is dead before I even open my eyes. I have strategies to maximize the amount of work I do. I have exercises for my right wrist which is experiencing chronic pain due to excess computer use. I have special stretches for my lower back to combat the effects of sitting all day in front of a screen. I sacrifice my body for work and excess material gain.

Nature is vast, and all man created laws are narrow. They are like funnels – the more you move into them the narrower they become, and a moment comes of cul-de-sac, you cannot move anywhere, and the tunnel becomes your grave. That is how everyone is stuck.


…laws and regulations cannot protect you, they only give you a feeling of protection. But nothing protects. The laws cannot make you secure, they only give a feeling of security which is false. Death ultimately comes and shatters all your securities. You will stay trembling, fear-filled, unless you come back to the source – the inner tower of the spirit.

Following scriptures, rules, and laws is the same as following the dictates of men before you, and what they have decided is the proper life for you to live.

Fulfillment comes through nature – not through society. You carry your destiny within yourself but it is an unconscious thing. Follow it. Nobody else will know that you have reached but you will be aware. You may not get a Nobel prize because it has never been awarded to a fulfilled person. Nobody fulfilled has yet received a Nobel prize, no Buddha, no Jesus, and it won’t happen in the future either, because the Nobel prize is given to somebody who has obeyed society very sincerely, and who has achieved society’s aims – not his own. Look at the Nobel prize-winners and you will not find sadder men than those. Most of them commit suicide, and this is not accidental, it has deep meaning in it. Most of them feel unfulfilled. Prizes cannot fulfill you. Allow the conscious nature, don’t force it consciously.

Society has awards in the form of money and material trophies to keep you playing the game, but winning the game is Pyrrhic, because the moment after you victory, once the cheering crowd disappears, you’re disappointed that you feel no different than before.

Be sincere to your inner nature and help others to be sincere to their inner nature. This is what I call a religious man. A religious man is one who is sincere to his inner nature and helps others to be sincere to their inner nature. You are here to fulfill your destiny, and others are here to fulfill theirs. Don’t expect anything from them, otherwise you will turn them into liars. Don’t expect anything from anybody, and don’t fulfill others’ expectations of you.

The only way to get anywhere in society is to network, build alliances, and curry favor. Scratch this man’s back and maybe he’ll scratch yours in the future. Pretend to be nice to that man so maybe he won’t criticize you to others. At what point do we turn into actors, sacrificing who we are, for future gain that is not even necessary?

Whenever others appreciate you – beware, you are moving on a dangerous path. Sooner or later they will punish you. When people talk about your success – beware, now failure is not far off. When they put you on the throne, escape, because sooner or later they will throw you off. But you are so foolish and stupid, that you never see the fact that somebody else was there on the throne before you. They put him there, and now, for you, they have thrown him off. Now they are garlanding and welcoming you, but sooner or later they will find another showman and they will throw you out. This happens to everybody who lives through public opinion. Don’t ask for any success in the outside world and you will not have any failure. Don’t ask people to respect you, then there will be no insult.

But then how will I get fame? How will I get riches? How will I feel validated that I “made it”? Most people fear the ordinary life as much as they fear falling from a high position, because they crave the adoration of the masses that allows their ego to feel that they are a somebody instead of a nobody.

Nothing is lacking and nothing is missing. You are perfect as far as there is any possibility of perfection.


It is difficult for you to think that at this very moment you are gods, but I ask you – what is lacking? What is missing? You are alive, breathing, conscious – what else do you need?


If you say, ’If those conditions are fulfilled then I will be blissful’, then these conditions are never going to be fulfilled. And, secondly, even if these conditions are fulfilled, by that time you will have lost the very capacity to celebrate and enjoy. And moreover, when these conditions are fulfilled – if ever, because they cannot be fulfilled – your mind will create further ideals.

Something is always wrong with us. We’re close to an ideal but still far off. More work must be done; if we can only have this thing, or that thing, everything will be perfect, life will be complete, but imagine a carrot at the end of branch, and just after you leap up and grab the carrot, a bigger carrot suddenly appears, and the branch is moved ever so higher so that you have to work harder to get it.

The whole is vast, you are just an atomic cell. The ocean is vast, you are just a drop in it. The whole ocean is salty, and you are trying to be sweet. It is impossible!

When you fight with the world, you fight with yourself, because you are a part of the world, a part of the whole. Everything in this world influences you in direct proportion to how you influence it, and so what you fight against is certainly already a part of you, because the part can not be separated from the whole. You are not distinct or unaffected from what you see around you.

If you fight, then the enemy impresses you, and remember… even friends don’t have such an impact as enemies have. If you fight with someone continuously, you will be influenced by them, because you will have to use the same techniques to fight them. Ultimately, enemies become similar.

If a general wins a war, the man who he most respects will be the general of the opposing side, because he is barely different from him. The uniforms are different, but the man is the same. They’re supposed to hate each other, but instead a mutual admiration is developed.

…when you are ready to fight at every moment, you are a coward. Fight is a cover-up. You want to prove that you are a brave man. The very wanting, the very desire to prove, means that you are not. A man who is really wise will never in any way be searching for opportunities to prove that he is wise. A fool is always in search of a way to prove that he is wise. A man who is really in love, who has become love, will not try to prove that he is in love.


When you think you are confident of your strength, remember well, you are hiding something from yourself. What do you mean when you say: I am confident? If you are really confident the word is meaningless. You are not confident, you are pretending. And not only to others, you are repeating to yourself: I am confident. You are creating an auto-hypnosis. If you repeat it long enough you may start feeling it but that feeling will have no inner energy in it.

To prove that I am good with women, I had to sleep with many of them, but the very fact that I needed this proof is only proof of the struggle I had with them. And then finally I did become good with women, I could sleep with them consistently enough, and then the need for proof disappeared. I become dissatisfied with my behavior and stopped. To find what out what a man is, look at what he doesn’t try to prove. To find out what he isn’t, look at what he is trying to prove.

Treat all that is beautiful, good and true, just like a seed. Give it some soil, a hidden place in the heart, don’t display it. But just the opposite is done by everybody: whatsoever is wrong, you hide it, you don’t want it to be known by others. Whatsoever is ugly you hide and whatsoever is beautiful, even if it is not, you try to advertise it, you magnify it, you display it.

What is a first date but a grotesque display of acting? The woman shows her fleeting and transitory beauty, enhanced by makeup, clothing, and special effects, along with a politeness that will be the peak of you experience from her, and the man packs in his best jokes, statements, moves, and stories into a clown performance that he hopes is enough to get into her pants. Two actors pretend to be someone they aren’t, and fall for what isn’t.

So if you want to prove something it shows that you are doubtful about it. You want to destroy your doubt through others’ eyes, through their opinions. You are not really convinced of your beautiful person, you would like others to say that you are beautiful.

This piece of advice is often done in the reverse, where any positive quality must be immediately displayed, and once it is praised and talked about, the magic and beauty of it is lost, and now you race to find another trait to display to garner the same amount of praise, until you run out of displays and the audience becomes bored and moves onto someone else.

You may go on thinking yourself a beautiful person but nobody thinks that way about you because everybody is concerned with his own beauty, not with yours. And if anybody nods and says, ’Yes, you are beautiful’, he or she is just waiting for you to nod about his or her beauty. It is a mutual bargain: You fulfill my ego, I fulfill yours. I know well that you are not beautiful, you know well that I am not beautiful, but I fulfill your ego, so you fulfill mine.


If you are an exhibitionist then you will remain a commodity, a thing. You can never become a person, because ’person’ is hidden deep in the recesses of being. It is the deepest possibility in the whole of existence.

The most insecure people in the world are actresses and models. Their entire conception of self is based on external validation, not inner contentment or understanding. Once that validation dries up, and it always does, they are as unsure of themselves, and begin mutilating themselves with plastic surgeries to regain the praise they lost.

You see a musician and you want to be a musician; you see an actor and you want to be an actor; you see a doctor and you want to be a doctor. You want to be everything except yourself – and that is all that you can be, nothing else. Nothing else is possible, and nobody else is like you, so nobody can become your ideal.

Western philosophy teaches you that you’re a thing-becoming, not a thing that has already become. There are many parts of you that are wrong and you need to learn, strive, work, and exist in constant want to become the final thing that should instantly give you everlasting fulfillment, but this is a lie, and the goal you treasure is a dead-end because nothing external of you will give you fulfillment. You are already the thing-become.

It is good to try to understand leaders of men because they are the great monkeys. And you think you are following them? Basically, deep down, they are following you. A leader is always a follower of his own followers because he always has to look where you are going, what you are doing. He must know beforehand where the wind is blowing so that he can be just ahead.


There are many ways to crucify a man, crucifixion is only one. You can also put him on the throne, then too he is crucified, and in a subtler way; very non violently you kill him. Whenever you start respecting a person you have started killing him, because now he has to pay; he has to look at you – what to do, what not to do.

A leader is a victim to his own followers, because his status can immediately be revoked if his followers feel that it is in their best interest to follow someone else. The leader’s talent is that he knows what his followers want before they themselves know. He comes up with a slogan that touches them deeply in their hearts, and the followers cry out in pleasure that they have found their leader, when merely they have found someone who is holding a mirror up to themselves.

A man of Tao moves absolutely without identity. Why? Because if you show talent then people cannot forgive you. People can forgive fools, but they cannot forgive wise men. That is why Jesus was crucified, Socrates was poisoned. You feel so utterly inferior before a Jesus or a Socrates, how can you forgive them! It is natural, you will make a concerted attack. You will all make a concerted attack to kill that man. Then you will feel that a burden has been thrown.

One of the easiest ways to be liked by others is not to step on their egos. Allow them to think of you as an inferior man, a simple man, and they will not strike you down. The second you assert your superiority over them by showing virtue or talent, resentment is built, and they will wait for their opportunity to hurt you, to prove that they are not inferior to you.

And a man who has not known his innermost being is always like a thing, always on display in the window of a shop; always waiting for somebody to come and use him with all his certificates, distinctions, talents; always crying: Come and use me, make me a thing. I am a most valuable thing, you will never get any thing better than me. Come and use me!

To be useful is to be enslaved by those who find you useful. They have expectations of you to continue being useful, and so your life becomes a mission of ensuring you are always useful, always a somebody in the eyes of others, but being this somebody is an illusion, because one day you will no longer be useful, and all the validation and attention will be removed. The illusion of your superiority will be shattered as you watch a new man receiving the admiration that you once had.

In the spiritual world no footprints are left. It is just like the sky: a bird flies – no footprints are left, nobody can follow. Just take a delight in me, be happy with me and you will absorb. And that will become a light within you and that will show you the path. But don’t copy, don’t believe or disbelieve, don’t be head-oriented. Don’t be a monkey – be a man.


You can know yourself only in total freedom – and rules are prisons. They are prisons because no-one else can make rules for you; he may have discovered the truth through these rules, but they were for him. Nature differs – they helped him but they will not help you; on the contrary, they will hinder you.

There is fear of being your own man, because you may fail, embarrass yourself, be hated, be seen as inferior. So men look to other men for guidance and instruction to help assure their success, but the only result is they become a copy of a copy, a man who mimics another man’s life for material gain and ego gratification.

If you are a little understanding, give others around you freedom to be themselves and don’t allow anybody to interfere with your freedom. Don’t make anybody a slave to you and don’t become a slave to anybody.

We rarely accept people for who they are. The second we meet a girl, we think about how she can be improved. The second we bond with another man, we think of how he can be made more useful to us to achieve our goals. We meet people and do calculations in our head about how we can extract from them, benefit from them, and they are doing the same. Friendships and relationships become mere business arrangements.

The first thing to understand is not to take life as a question. Once you take it as a question you will be in trouble; you will have already moved on a wrong path – it will be a cul-de-sac. Somewhere, in some theory, you will be stuck. Everybody is stuck somewhere in a theory, and then it is very difficult to drop the theory. You cling to it because the question scares you – at least a theory is some consolation, at least you feel that you know.


…life will not wait for you and your theories, it is moving fast. Soon death will happen and you will die with your theories in your hand; and they won’t help, they are just dead ashes.

The first thing you do once you notice things in life is to construct a theory based on your patterns. Not only does your theory aid in your ego’s need to feel superior, since you will share this theory to anyone who will listen, but it’s also an attempt to alleviate the anxiety of living in a world where anything can go wrong at a moment’s notice. You hope your theory will predict the future with some accuracy to keep your safe, but no theory has withstood the test of time. They all have flaws, they all have failed, and yet man will not stop at trying to construct the ultimate theory, the theory of everything, to feel that he has figured it out and is immune to the spontaneous nature of life.

Buddha has said that when you find an old man as happy as a youth, there is something there – bow down to him, listen and learn from him. In India, it was the tradition that whenever we found an old man happy, dancing, we would make him a master.

It is very easy to be happy when you are in your prime. You’re at your peak health, beauty, and physical fitness. Everything is new, with a world of experiences before you, and the daily stimulation of novelty and discovery ensures you won’t get bored. But to be happy when you are old, when the river has dried up, that is something special. When your health is gone, your beauty is gone, your phallus no longer works, your muscles are atrophying, your back is crooked, your prostate is the size of an orange, and when people all around you see you as a burden, waiting impatiently for you to die; if you can be happy at that time then there must be true fulfillment within. Show me a happy old man, a man who has been tossed aside by the generations that have preceded him. He is someone I want to learn from.

That which is caused cannot be forever; that which is uncaused can be forever. Remember that always whenever you are happy; remember… is it something uncaused or caused? If it is caused then it is better to be sad, because it is going to be taken away. It is already on the way, it has already left you – sooner or later you will realise it has gone.

Anything that makes you happy, once removed, will then cause you suffering, and if it is caused by something, it will certainly be removed. If you are ever thinking that having a person or situation in your life will bring you happiness, you are generating the energy for the suffering caused by its removal. Nothing in the material world can give fulfillment, because they will all be taken away from you. If there is something caused that makes you happy, I hope for your sake it is something simple that is hard to take away—a hot cup of tea, a breath of crisp cold air, being alone with your thoughts, a good night’s sleep, or a pleasant conversation with someone you trust.

You cannot find the answer in the past because nothing is the same today. You cannot find the answer in the past because the answer is not the thing, it always dies with the man who has discovered it. But ghosts go on haunting. Your Vedas, Korans, Bibles, Gitas, they are ghosts. They are not realities now, they are long dead.


Whenever you are too engaged with the past you are engaged with dirt, with graves, you are a gravedigger. You live in a cemetery, you are no longer a part of the living phenomenon that life is.

If the great men of the past were alive today, would they still share the same advice and knowledge that they left? Would they have the same teachings, in spite of a different environment? It’s unlikely. They were men of their times, and so we go on learning about the past and how to live in that man’s time, instead of looking with our own eyes in the present.

Needs can be fulfilled, but desires cannot be. Desire is a need gone mad. Needs are simple, they come from nature; desires are very complex, they don’t come from nature. They are created by the mind. Needs are moment to moment, they are created out of life itself. Desires are not moment to moment, they are always for the future. They are not created by life itself, they are projected by the mind. Desires are projections, they are not really needs. This is the first thing to be understood, and the deeper you understand, the better. What is desire? It is movement of the mind into the future.

Most suffering in the West comes from trying to satisfy desires. The second you satisfy one, and grab the carrot from the end of the stick, the bigger carrot immediately appears. Forever you work at grabbing what’s at the end of the stick, but always you feel a lack. Once you have satisfied your material needs, and reach basic comfort, you are now free to find your path, to explore life, but most people instead immediately ensnare themselves to a new desire, and keep themselves stuck in its pursuit until they die.

Needs are beautiful; desires are ugly. Needs are bodily; desires are psychological. But look at your so-called saints and sages: they always condemn your needs and always help your desires to be projected. They say: What are you doing? Just eating? Sleeping? Wasting your life? Try to reach heaven! Heaven is the ultimate desire. Paradise is waiting for you, and you are wasting your life on ordinary things – just vegetating. Stand up and run, because there is not much time left! Reach! Knock at the door of heaven! Reach God! But don’t stand there!

I’ve shamed men in the exact same way, particularly in my essay Thoughts On Being An Excellent Man, where I package Western ideas of ego gratification in a pompous display of telling men to essentially be like me in order to be “excellent.” Your ego will have you believing that you are the most superior man in the world if you let it, better than billions of people. Who am I to tell other men what greatness or excellence in manhood is? I can only teach what I’ve learned about being a man, without value judgements, and no more.

Life is dangerous, but that is the beauty of it – it is insecure, because insecurity is the very nature of movement, aliveness, vitality. The more dead you are, the more secure. When you are in your grave there will be no danger. What can happen to you anymore? Nothing! Nobody can harm you when you are dead. But when you are alive, you are vulnerable, you can be harmed. But I tell you, that is the beauty of life.

Most of what we do in life is an attempt to remove all insecurities, spontaneities, and anxieties—to make life a dead thing that will never harm or surprise us. By living safe routines, we succeed instead at deadening life while the anxieties never go away, because merely by trying to address them, you give them power over you. Kill one anxiety and another will appear, just like with desire, and so we live in cage as if we were a scared chicken, imposing artificial limits and rules just to avoid the dangers of life.

Life is insecure! Let this truth penetrate deeper and deeper in you. Let it become a seed deep in your heart – life is insecure. It is its nature and nothing can be done about it – all that you do will be poisonous. You can only kill. And the more secure you feel, the more dead you will be. Look at people who are really secure with wealth, prestige, castles around them – you can see they are
dead. Just see their faces, the eyes look as if they are made of stone.

The most fearful people in the world are the rich. They have elaborate security systems, bunkers, panic rooms. You don’t build a bunker unless you fear for your life, unless you believe catastrophe is around the corner. You don’t lobby the government for power unless you deep down fear another man coming to take away your wealth or the poor masses putting your head on the chopping block. You hire professionals to guard that wealth, a team of lawyers to protect it, and are more fearful than a homeless man who has nothing to lose, who knows that no one can take anything away from him.

Insecurity is the nature of Tao. Don’t make securities – otherwise you are cutting yourself off from nature, from Tao. And the more secure you are, the further away you will be. Move into the unknown and let the unknown have its own way.

This quote remains me of Jesus feeding bread to the multitude:

When Jesus heard of it, he departed thence by ship into a desert place apart: and when the people had heard thereof, they followed him on foot out of the cities.

And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.

And when it was evening, his disciples came to him, saying, This is a desert place, and the time is now past; send the multitude away, that they may go into the villages, and buy themselves victuals.

But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat. And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two fishes. He said, Bring them hither to me.

And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.

And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full. And they that had eaten were about five thousand men, beside women and children. Matthew 14:13-21

Don’t be afraid. God, Jesus, nature, Tao, or whatever great force you believe in, will provide for your needs. As a creation of this Earth, you were given the ability to attain your bread, and as evidence of that, I bet that you have never gone a full day without food. You will endure until you must die, like all other creatures must, and your being, soul, spirit, and molecular composition transforms into a different energy or state that allows the entire cycle to continue existing as it has.

You love thinking because thinking can become instrumental in achieving something: you can become a great thinker, or, through thinking, you can become a great leader. Through sleeping have you ever heard of anybody becoming a great leader? They all condemn sleep, they all condemn laziness. They all condemn people who simply enjoy life and are not too active – they call them hobos or bums, vagabonds, and condemn them. But have you ever observed the fact that the world has never suffered from any lazy man? Because no lazy man can become a Hitler, no lazy man can become a Nixon, no lazy man can become a Mao, a Ghengis Khan, a Napoleon. No lazy man can become active. Action has brought all the wars. Action is the most mischievous thing in the world. But still we go on saying that action is needed – because everybody is ambitious.

If you are plugged into the rat race, into the Western mentality, you will react with anger to Osho’s teachings. You will say, “But look at India, where people defecate on the streets!” You will exclaim, “Look at Africa and the laziness that one can witness!” You will yell, “But we are the most advanced civilization in the world!” And you would be correct in that the West does not have sewage problems, and its technology and skyscrapers are a sight to behold, but at what cost to the individual? What has the individual man in the West had to endure to have such splendid material marvels, to have clean streets? What is going on in the homes on those streets, in the minds of those who have to live in this splendor?

We arrive at the conflict between individual fulfillment and societal magnificence. What’s good for the individual may not be good for society, and what’s good for society may cause suffering to the individual. I agree we must have standards within a society to prevent it from succumbing to every degenerate cause under the sun, but it’s a danger to place it above that of the individual.

Osho’s words help me check myself during the times I’m blindly carrying on in life, stacking my plate full of multiple projects, aching to make a difference in the world to mold it into my imagined image of righteousness. He helps me realize that my ego is a parasite that steers me onto paths that serve me little or no benefit, that all my needs are already achieved and I can stop and enjoy life for what it is instead of creating tension, conflicts, and distractions that put me on a path to misery.

I see Tao as a logical extension of Stoicism, because while the latter insinuates that are you a thing-becoming, Tao argues that you have already become. If you do get value out of Stoicism, I believe you will enjoy this book by Osho.

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What I’ve Learned About Women From My Long-Term Relationships

I’d like to share some things I’ve learned about women from the relationships I’ve had. A lot of that experience comes from Eastern European girls, who are more feminine than American girls, but I believe the true nature of women is the same no matter where you go, lurking underneath regardless of outward presentation and behavior.

1. They lie a lot

Men assert their interests through logic, dominance, and physical strength. Women assert their interests through beauty, guile, and deception. A girl has self-interest in a relationship that may not overlap with yours, and will use her strengths to maintain that interest. Lying is one of the ways she steers the relationship into her desired destination, and this is often done unconsciously to the point where she may actually believe the lies she is telling you.

Girls who are more moral or “good” compared to others can still lie by omission. Because they feel some guilt with bold face lies, they instead craft narratives that leave out damaging facts which may cause her to lose power or standing in the relationship. Lying by omission requires a careful editor within their minds that are meticulous about removing details that can cause problems, especially in their encounters with other men.

For example, imagine a a girl asking her man what he did during the day. He replies, “I ran into a girl I knew today and we had a cup of tea.” He was walking home from work, suddenly recognized a girl he went to college with, popped into a cafe to talk about old friends for twenty minutes, and then gave her a handshake goodbye without any suggestive touching or flirting.

Now imagine a man asking a girl the same question. She replies, “I ran into a guy I knew today and we had a cup of tea.” The event happened in the same way as the man, right? Wrong. What actually happened was an old flame contacted her on Facebook, they exchanged several dozen suggestive messages that included kiss emoticons, he asked her to meet at a specific time in front of a cafe, they went inside and talked for two hours, their legs touched underneath the table, they reminisced about a past drunken hookup, they went for a walk to a nearby lake where more incidental touching happened, and then finally they said goodbye with the guy failing to get a lip kiss and having to settle for a playful grab of her ass.

What she told her boyfriend about the event was not a lie in her mind, but he thinks the event happened in the same way if he recounted it to her. As you can see, asking a girl to narrate an event will not get you close to the truth, because the truth would damage her standing in the relationship. The truth can only be uncovered after asking specific questions.

  • How exactly do you know this guy?
  • Did you hook up with him in the past?
  • How long were you at the cafe?
  • Did he try to touch you?
  • Where did you go after the cafe?
  • What exactly did you talk about?
  • How did he say goodbye to you?

This is exhausting for you to perform, but may be prudent if you are suspicious about a certain encounter. If she hesitates at an answer, you are witnessing her editing mechanism at work, and can assume she has gone from lying by omission to outright lying.

2. They’re time vampires

The late comic Patrice O’ Neal, who dropped reams of red pill relationship advice on the Black Philip Show, called women “time vampires.” He described how for men, the actual sex act is the most pleasurable part of being with a woman, but for a woman, merely having a man spend time on them is the sex. They like being taken out, doted on, entertained, and so on. This explains why they will go on dates with men they don’t even like, because the act of going out and being “hunted” by a man is so extremely validating.

Men just want sex, a bit of intimacy, a companion to eat or watch movies with, and space. Women want sex, cuddling, and endless hours of conversation about nothing important. She wants her man to be a problem solver, psychologist, warrior, and punching bag all in one, and even if you satisfy those needs, she will always want more, because it’s in her nature to keep extracting value.

For whatever reason, a woman finds it impossible to be alone. They’ll spend time with someone they hate, or who they are intensely jealous of, than be alone. A woman rather have a gaggle of gay friends, and hear them constantly talk about butt sex, then watch documentaries or read old books. Their primary fear in life is being alone, something that many men actually desire. A man would not spend time with someone else he dislikes from fear of being alone, because it’s during his alone time that he can recharge his batteries and process his experiences.

When a girl identifies you as a romantic boyfriend, what she really has found is a “time friend,” someone who can now spend dozens of hours a week with her, just so she doesn’t have to be with her own mind. For men who do value their alone time, this causes the bulk of relationship conflicts, but since pussy feels so good, we continue making the sacrifice, as we have been doing for millennia.

3. They have nothing going on in their lives

Waiting in line for a little cupcake

Time vampires need other people’s time because they have nothing going on in their own lives. Men have peculiar interests and hobbies that can occupy them endlessly. I’ve gone days without human contact while working on a particular book project or web site, and didn’t feel particularly pained.

Women don’t have hobbies or interests that are not external projections of how they wish to see themselves. Their primary life interest is men, because only men allow them to construct an image to others of who they want to be seen as: a good girlfriend, a girl in love, a girl who another man greatly desires, a sexy woman, an honorable woman, and so on. The man is a needed accessory in this manipulation, which is why it’s so common for a girl to dive into a long-term relationship, and profess her love for a man, only to cheat on him from the weakest of impulses. The relationship merely serves as validation of how she wants to be seen, not who she really is. The gap between who she wants to be and who she actually is gets taken care of by her advanced rationalization mechanism that prevents her from accepting she is rather clueless and makes grievous mistakes.

It’s her relationships with men that give her definition to her life, because outside of it, she has nothing but Facebook news feeds, Instagram, pop trends, a mind-numbing job, and friends who mainly talk about other men, gossip, text messaging, and feminine hygiene. Besides work, which she pursues partly to have more leverage in her relationships with men by not needing their money (compared to many men who actually enjoy their jobs), she has no identity that she can call her own, no interests to ground her, no passions that are unrelated to men and being seen as attractive by them.

The above is a nice way of saying the following: if women were judged by how they judge men, they’d be losers. Put a dick on just about any woman you know and watch her instantly transform into a loser, one who is addicted to social media, overpriced restaurants, toxic entertainment, and endless validation from strangers. The biggest male loser is as accomplished, talented, and skilled as the biggest female “winner,” and the only reason very few girls are seen as losers is because they have a pussy, and just about all pussies feel good, regardless of who it’s attached to.

4. They are unable to perceive their own hypocrisy

Women will hold you to a standard, at the threat of dumping you if you break it, when she herself is not holding that standard. They do the very things they wouldn’t want you doing, and rationalize it by saying that what she’s doing is actually different, when in all likelihood it’s even worse. They remember every thing you said, even from years ago, but can’t see a behavior they did just last week that contradicts her standards for you.

Women have no objective standard or morality, and thus no way to identify if they are right or wrong about anything. Instead, they use pure emotion to guide their behavior. If they feel good then it must be just. If they feel bad then it must not be. Since emotions can twist the perception of any event, she will simply do what she wants to do and find an emotional path or false strain of logic to convince her it was right.

The most amazing behavior I’ve seen in women is denying something that you caught them doing. You can show them evidence, right to their face, and they will deny it, and then find a way to blame you for it. I have been warned about this before, but was skeptical until I experienced myself. She is such an unreliable “witness” to her own behavior that there may be no point to ever getting an explanation from her about anything. If you don’t know the facts about something, and need her side of the story to get the facts, you’ll never get the facts.

5. It takes a village to keep a woman monogamous

I don’t care how much of an alpha male you are, or how tight your game is, but if you are the only positive influence in your girlfriend or wife’s life, and everything else around her is pushing her to feed her primal need of pleasure, fun, and higher status men, you will get burned. You will not provide an “oasis” of tradition and monogamy if everything else is programming her for feminism and promiscuity. You may be able to keep it together for a few months, a few years, and maybe even a decade, but eventually it will collapse.

I’ve learned that having game is only half of the component to maintaining a healthy relationship. The other half is having her in an environment that tells hers to “cherish your man, be faithful, have children.” Otherwise you will lose. We’re all products of our environment, whether we want to admit it or not, but this impacts women even more because they operate on the consensus of others.

If everyone started jumping off a bridge tomorrow, she would too, because it’s the social proof which convinces her that it’s an activity she would feel good doing. On the other hand, men operate on hierarchy, and we only follow the top dog. If everyone is jumping off the bridge, but our leader doesn’t, we do not jump off the bridge. A man will not follow a crowd of weak men because they are numerous, unlike a woman, who thinks that participating with the majority will make her feel good by lowering her chance of being rejected or ostracized from a group.

For one of my relationships, I tried to create a serene bubble of patriarchy and goodness, and it worked for a while, but eventually I lost out to Facebook, her promiscuous friends, her enabling relatives, and to the degenerate majority. By dating one girl, you date the world around her, and if that world is sick, a negative outcome is inevitable.

6. Red flags are red for a reason

If a girl has done what you consider a red flag, you know she will not be suitable for a long-term relationship. But when you really like a girl, and emotion starts to cloud your logic, you find a way to transform a red flag into a yellow flag. You ignore the advice of your friends, ignore your own instinct, and start looking for insignificant green flags as counterweights to justify the relationship until it all falls apart.

A woman’s actions do not lie. I repeat: a woman’s actions do not lie. Her words are an unreliable witness and must be ignored. The way she acts and behaves is who she is, not what she says. If her actions tell you she’s not quality material, don’t make her a wife. The problem is that men get so caught up in a girl’s beauty and pussy that they actively try to turn the ho or feminist into a housewife.

I can now see the futility in asking a girl how many partners she has been with. You won’t ever get the truth. A girl has the most incentive to lie about this, along with other features of her past, so look at her actions instead. How comfortable with sex is she? How flirtatious was she with you in the beginning? How slutty are her friends? From these observations, you will be able to surmise a number, even if she tries to lie about her actions by playing hard-to-get with you specifically. If a girl couldn’t resist your game, she also can’t resist the game of many other men.


When it comes to relationships, my standards are impossibly high, and I will be the first to admit that, but it’s based on the logic of modern relationships and the fact that I don’t want to experience a divorce like my parents did. If a woman marries the wrong man, divorce is easy for her. She gets the children, house, monthly payments, and community support for being so brave. If a man marries the wrong woman, his life is ruined. He gets depression, destitution, suicidal thoughts, and children that are programmed to hate him. Who has to be more careful about any decision to enter a long-term relationship that may result in children?

I have high relationship standards because the stakes are high, so I will use my knowledge of the true nature of women, which I’ve spelled out here, and then use logic to determine which woman may be the mother of my children. If I ignore that true nature, I may enjoy bliss for maybe a few years (if I’m lucky) until the hammer comes down on me, and I’m left in a miserable position compared to an ex who is galloping away with my property and children. I’m at the point in my life where I wouldn’t mind having children, but I am also a man who can accept being alone. The latter is surely a better option than being a victim to something I could have predicted would happen.

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