Back To Basics

A sharp rise in your game from a hot streak makes you overconfident and arrogant, causing you to forget all the things that were getting you laid in the first place. This has recently happened to me twice:

1. In Iceland I was getting silly fast one-night stands in under an hour. I quickly got spoiled and felt like I didn’t have to work anymore to get laid. I went to Denmark, fully expecting to continue my one-hour bangs. I didn’t even come close. I had a chat with Virgle Kent and he told me to “go back to basics.” I stopped focusing on the goal of sex and instead wanted to have long, interesting conversations, which meant I had to go out earlier and be more thoughtful with the girls I approached. I got laid within a week.

2. My first two months in Poland was nonstop banging. Polish girls were supposed to be conservative but I was spending most of my time changing bed sheets. Then summer came and all the students left. Instead of taking a step back and re-evaluating the situation, I doubled down and tried to go even more direct to get faster bangs. The results were dismal, including one frustrating night where I brought two girls to my door within a couple hours of each other but couldn’t seal the seal with either. I went back to focusing on good conversation and customizing my game to their reactions instead of going HAM on each approach regardless of what they were giving me. Within two weeks, in the dregs of summer, I had a new bang.

Back to basics. That’s what you have to do when nothing seems to be working and you’ve become entitled that you should be having easy sex with quality women. Just like how we complain when women get entitled, thinking they should be dating Prince Charming, the same can happen to us with sex. When you hit those inevitable rough spots, where nothing seems to be working, humble yourself and think about all the things that led to your success so many times before.

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