Back To Basics

A sharp rise in your game from a hot streak makes you overconfident and arrogant, causing you to forget all the things that were getting you laid in the first place. This has recently happened to me twice:

1. In Iceland I was getting silly fast one-night stands in under an hour. I quickly got spoiled and felt like I didn’t have to work anymore to get laid. I went to Denmark, fully expecting to continue my one-hour bangs. I didn’t even come close. I had a chat with Virgle Kent and he told me to “go back to basics.” I stopped focusing on the goal of sex and instead wanted to have long, interesting conversations, which meant I had to go out earlier and be more thoughtful with the girls I approached. I got laid within a week.

2. My first two months in Poland was nonstop banging. Polish girls were supposed to be conservative but I was spending most of my time changing bed sheets. Then summer came and all the students left. Instead of taking a step back and re-evaluating the situation, I doubled down and tried to go even more direct to get faster bangs. The results were dismal, including one frustrating night where I brought two girls to my door within a couple hours of each other but couldn’t seal the seal with either. I went back to focusing on good conversation and customizing my game to their reactions instead of going HAM on each approach regardless of what they were giving me. Within two weeks, in the dregs of summer, I had a new bang.

Back to basics. That’s what you have to do when nothing seems to be working and you’ve become entitled that you should be having easy sex with quality women. Just like how we complain when women get entitled, thinking they should be dating Prince Charming, the same can happen to us with sex. When you hit those inevitable rough spots, where nothing seems to be working, humble yourself and think about all the things that led to your success so many times before.

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  • jonesdrew=god

    Dam roosh post some pictures of these bitches!

    Good article

  • Alpha

    I find myself having to slow down and remember that it really is the basics.

    You know, everything in life really is just basics being built upon. A lot of times I go back and read my own writing to make sure I remember the basics. I wrote a post yesterday about books every player should own (you got an honorable mention ;p) and it gets to the point where you can predict what I’m gonna say: “I pick this book up and re-read it every few weeks.”

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve read Bang and the others. Its all about keeping the basics in mind and building on them.

    Great post

  • Nudge

    Good post

    I had a string of not much effort one nighters recently and it made me very impatient which is probably coming off as needy with the new prospects. Gotta take it easy and just get back to basics as per your wise words.

  • Solo

    I concur, the game is like a roller-coaster you go through your ups and downs

    Went out last night, and was gaming the hell outta the Waitress I mean textbook shit (negging, qualifying, push N pull etc) she was lapping it up

    Problem is, I was “over-gaming” her to the point that even my buddies were like “Yo Sollie slow your roll you going in waaaay to aggressive” But I couldn’t stop. Maybe cause she was absolutely gorgeous and I was gass’d (it happens). So when it was “closing” time, I got blown the fuck out. That rejection stung, it’s been awhile since I’ve had one stung that bad.

    I gotta go back to my $$$ shit

    Bruce Wayne type Frame-control
    Less is more–easy on the “negs”
    Authentic expression
    Tight Verbals
    Energy control
    STOP BEING REACTIVE—this one is killing me right now the most. Once I get my Frame control in order this one will auto-correct.

    Fuck, thank god tonight is another night, time to tighten up.

    Great post Uncle Roosh!

  • Nestorius

    My method: become friend with the girl, but keep focusing on the pussy.

  • Anonymous

    This is GOLD!!!

  • Dirt Man

    That’s sage advice Roosh. It reminds me of the Han Solo line, “Great kid. Don’t get cocky.” I have to remind myself of this sometimes. It’s probably fortunate for me that my hot streaks are likely warm compared to others so I’m generally in the same kind of zone and mindset most of the time and try to read every new situation in terms of itself.

  • random

    This is off topic, but it would be interesting to read a post about how you think smart phones affect girls’ attitudes…I know you were tweeting about it a lot.

  • Time

    Good post. Let´s face it: Game is a fun but time-consuming hobby for most of us. Challenge for most of the dudes here is TIME: most of us can´t do full time gaming, so there´s little time for those long conversations… As a part time gamer myself I am forced to stick to the basics. Which makes it hard to keep game tight, when time is hard to find…as you discussed in another post.

  • virgle Kent

    Spit that booty chatter

  • JP

    Solid advice. A good way to find the proper method more consistent bangs in any environment.

    By the way, I see at the moment that you are in Latvia. Now I personally have never been there, but if the Latvian chick I pumped and dumped is any indication, Latvian girls tend to be blonde and blue eyed with big boobs, and have no gag reflex.

  • The G Manifesto

    I wrote about this recently.

    It is just like boxing.

    You start getting quick knockouts because you are focusing on the body and the head is opening up.

    So then you think you can knock everyone out, and abandon the body attack and strictly head hunt.

    Then the knockouts stop and you punch yourself out. Kind of like Alfredo Angulo VS James Kirkland.

    You need to go back to the basics; focus on the body and stick a stiff jab and the opportunities will present themselves.

    – MPM

  • The G Manifesto

    “if the Latvian chick I pumped and dumped is any indication, Latvian girls tend to be blonde and blue eyed with big boobs, and have no gag reflex.”

    You can’t really draw conclusions about a whole countries’ females from one girl.

    There are plenty of brunettes, many with crystal blue eyes.

    And they do gag.

    – MPM

  • middle finger

    This is not the right place, but here goes a link for your twitter… :)

  • thecaptainpower

    Thanks right Roosh, back to the basics also with getting into shape. Sometimes taking a break is good, you come back stronger physically and mentally!

  • Jake

    Basics. Possibly. And / or places where supply and demand is strongly tilted in one man’s favor.

    I just spent an evening of total sensory overkill, hundreds of hot, naked, available girls. My perspectives are getting all kinds of re-evaluated.

    My night:

  • j

    Maybe it has nothing to do with game and it has to do just with the country you are in? Sounds like just some countries/environments you do better than others.

    I see no evidence game had anything to do with it. Some countries were just easier for you.

  • Anonymous

  • Sha

    Fat beanbag with a head wonders why he cannot get laid. Blames the PUA scene.!

  • John Doe

    Man,you just bang young silly student girls,ugly aswell judging by the pictures on this site.This shit is pathetic.Look at you man,get a grip.Fucking hell,I dunno what kind of loosers buy your shit

  • Murray F. Rottencrotch

    Right on.

  • Anonymous

    G Manisesto, you need to go back to the basics and go to your simple blog that noone reads. It was so nice without here your poser wanksta bs.

  • Jonathan Manor

    I feel like I did this this week. I would treat girls like fast lays and end up turning them off really quickly. Then I change my focus on taking things slowly and just kissing, and with the very first girl, I’m heading into something commitable.

    Its weird, now that im getting serious, I dont know what to do with the knowledge

  • Viktorvaldez

    Roosh nice website en insights, I even have ur book Bang which is good
    However the region I live is filled with expat workers and only few girls n I have banged a few of them.
    Now I see that I m going thru a cold streak
    Can you suggest something where there is a lot of expat population, girls usually know what you want when there are situations like these, plus I m an Asian and thus I have seen it affects me a lot as these girls prefer white guys as they think they are better…a real big problem I face due to nationality
    What do u wanna say on this?

  • Buddy Love