Bang Audiobook Edition

Last year I did a survey where a fifth of you expressed interest in an audiobook version. I finally got around to hiring a voice actor to produce it. Here are two audio samples:

Bang Audiobook Sample No. 1

Bang Audiobook Sample No. 2

I outsourced the job because it would have been too labor intensive for me to make it error-free and smooth. I picked the actor for his deadpan delivery (similar to mine), so his tone shouldn’t confuse you. The total length of the audiobook is 5 hours and 15 minutes.

I’m selling a Bang audiobook and ebook combo for $23.97. After clicking the link below and checking out with Paypal, you’ll be prompted to download the ebook and unrestricted MP3 files, which you can put on any device…

Click here to buy Bang Audiobook.

If the response to this audiobook is positive, I will do one for Day Bang next year.

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  • Mala

    It would be so funny to be a fly on the wall and watch this actor as he was reading and delvering the lines, while he was in the process of making this. I wonder how many times he cracked up at the absurdity of it all.

  • thedistrictsucks

    Why does your website often re-direct to a french (I think) youtube video?

    (Roosh: Because your IP address has been banned)

  • Marmot

    The actor is very good, smooth and great job.

  • The Private Man

    “Don’t buy the juice until you get a squeeze.” Nice.

    The voiceover guy sounds good.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a legit voice actor. I’ve listened to other books he’s narrated. Like, serious books, not fuck guides. I’ve gotta get this.

    Roosh, you should see about selling this through For realies.

  • Sean

    This guy sounds like a text-to-speech voice. TOO deadpan, and the pauses seem overdone/artificial.

  • Anonymous
  • Luckystar

    Yo Roosh, this guy sounds like he’s never ever gotten laid. I’ll volunteer to dub the Day Bang book…haha.

  • JM

    personally i think it sounds too much like an xtra normal voice. i was definitely considering getting the audiobook, but i find this pretty difficult to listen to. i’d reconsider if i were you. my 2¢.

  • AnlamK

    This was hilarious! You should get someone with a British accent for the next book.

  • Peter

    Ah, finally, Blind Bang. I’ve been waiting for this.

    When will Bang be available in braille? I think Deaf Bang could be a big hit.


  • Xtranormal

    This sounds like an Xtranormal movie…the guy seems disconnected from what he is talking about… Personnally I prefer your own voice (as on your youtube videos, clear and balanced), but maybe it´s a matter of getting used to another voice. If I were you I would try with my own voice, if only for a test sample on the forum. Also, the idea to podcast is great.

  • Anonymous

    I was cracking up listening to this. Hopefully the voice actor learned something useful.

    I agree with AnlamK: British guy for the next to make it even more deadpan, preferably David Attenborough.

  • Haap

    “This guy sounds like a text-to-speech voice. TOO deadpan, and the pauses seem overdone/artificial.”

    I agree. This sounds like either 1) an EXCELLENT text to speech voice program, or 2) the pauses are too ‘gated’. (ask the audio engineer). Funny listening tho.

  • Melville

    I got excited because I though Roosh was going to do it with his deadpan monotone. ALthough, this was still hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    i have a question.
    what if you bang a girl with mixed heritage. do you get both flags?

    (Roosh: No, only one flag from the country she was born. Heritage does not matter. Do a search on “flag” .. top right.)

  • Farmageddon


    I purchased the audiobook on Friday and have listened to the entire thing on the weekend. I thought the guy did a great job and will definitely purchase your Day Bang audiobook when it comes out.


  • Roosh

    Thanks Farmageddon.

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyway to buy JUST the audiobook? I can’t seem to find the option and just want the audiobook version.

    (Roosh: That was a 5-day special only.)

  • SFL Knight

    I found nothing wrong with the narrator’s voice or delivery myself – definitely a lot better than the cheesy narration for the “Mystery Method” audiobook. I’ll definitely grab the “Day Bang” audiobook if it comes out, especially if there is a similar special purchase offer 😉

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely look forward to the Day Bang audiobook as well. I have both the kindle and paperback versions, but there is just so much wealth of information to absorb, that I think an audiobook that we could listen to while driving would be super useful.

  • Anonymous

    Day Bank Audio book now please…

  • Deployed

    What 23 said. I’m deployed for 6 months and this is all that I read and listen to :/

  • German fan

    Hearing Bang, reading Day Bang as well as watching your youtube clip “Plans & Thoughts For 2013” increased my anticipation and curiosity:

    Is there a release date for the audiobook Day Bang?

    Thanks Roosh.

    PS: Hope Day Bang comes in the same great American accent again.

  • Roosh

    I hope to release Day Bang audio in the middle of summer.

  • Rich

    audio links don’t play at present