Bang Colombia: Textbook On How To Pick Up Women In Colombia

Four and a half years ago, after visiting Venezuela, I got the idea of doing a travel pickup guide. Hints of it were seen in my Real Man Travel Guides blog along with my book A Dead Bat In Paraguay, but I never commited myself to writing a complete guide for one country. In the past year I realized that my free time and background made me very qualified to work on such a project, and that it’d be fun to try. At the start of my fifth month in Colombia I buckled down and began work on Bang Colombia, finishing it about nine months later. Here’s the synopsis:

Bang Colombia is a strategy guide designed to help you sleep with Colombian women in Colombia without paying for it. It contains dozens of moves, lines, and tips learned after six months of research in Medellin, where I dedicated my existence to cracking the code of Colombian women, who are more challenging than their Western counterparts. In addition to teaching you the differences between Colombian and Western culture, it details the logistics of traveling through Colombia, tips on studying Spanish, a packing guide, and recommended nightlife for the country’s three largest cities. You’ll learn three effective methods of meeting Colombian women, how to combat their flakey nature, how to ask them out via email and phone, how to date them, how to seal the deal quickly using non-obvious shortcuts (even if you’re staying at a hostel), and much more. With lines shared in both English and Spanish, Bang Colombia aims to be a must-read for every Western man visiting the country.

You can get your copy at It’s available in paperback or Kindle editions from Amazon, and an eBook in PDF format. On the website I also share notes of the mindset it took to write the book and specific details of exactly what’s inside.

May every man who reads the guide get their Colombian flag.

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  • Vincent Ignatius

    If it’s anything like Bang, I’ll be done reading it by tomorrow.

    Hopefully someone else will try this out in Colombia and write a review.

    I’m looking forward to Bang Ethiopia.

    Vincent Ignatius’s last blog post: Bang Review.

  • bangbus!

    Very informative guide! seems like you had a lot of fun there… I definitely agree with you on learning foreign languages, it increases your options, specially if one wants to get married.

    btw I personally prefer the line: “I have to use your bathroom” said with a straight face than “can I use your bathroom?” the less asking I do, the better results I get.

  • The G Manifesto

    Roosh, good work, I read it last night.

    I will write a full review soon.

    For anyone going to Colombia and wanting to swoop girls down there, I would say this book is almost as important as bringing a couple of cartons of cigarettes and 3 Zippo’s filled to the brim.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Las Vegas Broken Down to The Organic Compound.

  • The Rookie

    will pick up a hard copy. can’t do the reading on the screen

    The Rookie’s last blog post: It’s Getting Fierce Out Here.

  • Zoom

    I think the free download is a good idea- more exposure and more backlinks.

    Zoom’s last blog post: Training Physiology.

  • Vincent Ignatius

    I just finished the book.

    I wanted to comment about the flakiness. Even men in Latin America are much flakier than their American counterparts. The whole culture is very laid back and it’s not a big deal of this or that doesn’t happen exactly when they say it’s going to happen. I’ll be over at 6 really means, I’ll maybe be over no earlier than 7 but I might not even come at all so we can catch up next week instead. The unannounced drop by is also much more acceptable.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think this will sell well…

    How many western guys go to Colombia each year just to slay women?

    1000 tops

  • Superman

    This must be sign. I have a day 2 with a Colombian’s girl this Friday. Granted we’re in the states and she was born here, some stuff might still hold true. Will check it out.

    Superman’s last blog post: Finding My Mojo.

  • Willy Wonka

    Good shit. I skimmed through it a little bit. If/when I ever go to Colombia, I’ll probably cop the hard copy. I’m with Rookie, I’m not a huge fan of reading on the screen.

    I still need to read A Dead Bat In Paraguay. I might have to cop that soon too.

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Purple Dress.

  • Riker

    Bring the zippos, the cigs are cheaper to buy there :)

  • aaron

    Bang Brazil… that’s what we need next.

  • damok

    bring on Bang Brazil!

  • Stone

    I browsed the book quickly, looks like a great read.
    I can only imagine if some Colombian girl saw this… especially a girl whom you banged. It would unleash a whole new world of hate. I can even imagine some of the shit that would be thrown at you:
    – demeaning to girls that a male chauvinist pig views them as a piece of meat, or a “flag”
    – appalling that someone fucked them not for them, but to get experience to put in a book to make cash from
    It may add a few new flavors to the twelve types of Roosh hate.
    Keep doing god’s work, bro.

  • virgle Kent

    Get em, keep doing that work

    virgle Kent’s last blog post: The Temptation of the Dogooder.

  • Anonymous

    can anybody give cliff notes for this shit?

  • Roosh

    I increased the price of the Kindle edition to $2.99 to qualify for Amazon’s 70% royalty rate, but it will still be $0.99 for another day or two. Here’s the Kindle link:

  • fox

    where did this retard get so many people to believe he’s some kind of playa?

  • dsadf

    I want to read it for shits and gigles but can’t download the free copy. Is hairy dummy blocking the proxies?

  • Anonymous

    So how did you go in Colombia? Roosh any field reports?

  • Anonymous

    just read the guide. was actually quite impressed. overall good analysis.
    I disagree that Colombian women are not as horny as American. They are….just take a date or 2 more due to their moral/religious convictions.

  • Anonymous

    We need Bang Brazil…I got a Rio trip coming up in a few months.

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  • Anonymous

    Do not, I repeat do no do to Bogota during a rainy season. You will regret it unless you already have some girls lined up.

  • koala

    why european dont like americans !!

  • Steve

    I might check out this book. I went on my first trip back in September and had an amazing time. I like reading Roosh’s work. However, for the short time visitor, I think you are much better served with pay-for-pussie. The putas in Colombia are awesome and very cheap. Most of the girls are as passionate as your college sweetheart and you can bang some of these beauties for as little as $17.

  • Colombian

    I’m from Medellin and I’m pretty sure you didn’t get laid with any decent girl there. I saw your video full of hatred towards Medellin and I could see that you stayed towards the north (poverty) all the time. Sure you went there only looking for drugs, and probably you found some (as in any other city in the world), as well as prostitutes.
    You are by far the biggest looser I’ve seen on the web. I don’t know what my country did to you, but you have to show some respect for people. I lived in U.S back in 2003 and I really think americans are nice people, and I like your country (I have travelled a lot through it), but people like you… shouldn’t exist.

  • AlwaysSargin008

    To all the Roosh haters:
    How can you guys hate on this guy?
    He is living every guys dream, and reporting all the details back to us!
    I love to travel, and have traveled throughout western Europe (I’m from U.S). I wish I had the time to write all my experiences down: what worked and what didn’t work..
    Instead, I have stories to tell my close friends about what happened and it ends there.
    Thanks for all the information Roosh!
    Keep doing your thing man!

  • Anonymous

    I’m with 26 Colombian, Roosh V you are a disgusting person and probably shouldn’t exist (malparido)…. I am an American living in Bogota and I meet sex tourists like you all the time here which is a pity because you give self-respecting gringos like myself a bad image. Oh well, maybe you will get Aids or some other horrible STD and drop off from the face of earth. What a waist of time and a person.

  • Mark

    Hey guys, I live in London and have lots of luck with Colombians and Pinays (filipina chicks). Both are good but I prefer Colombian chicks. Spanish is a “must” though, as they rarely speak any english. I learned it in school (basic conversational level, not fluent).

  • hecker

    Pues a mi me das asco ‘man’, hacer dinero hablando mierda, vete al demonio imbécil

  • Colombian Woman

    I am a Colombian 26 year old girl, and honestly, this is riduculous and very disgusting, you only were with not decent girls in Colombia,
    I bet you are such a fucking loser. get a life asshole. That’s another reason why I dont like gringos. I agree with many things that answered Colombian #26 on this blog.

  • Lina Colombian woman!!

    This is disgusting and offensive, colombian women are as promiscuous as european women and american women can be. But as they are from a poor country they are whores??? We are in the XXI century and women are still nothing but a sexual organ, we are more than that, we are kind and warm, we go to college and study, we have morals, we are daughter and sisters, we are wives, we are mothers, we are spiritual, a couple of bimbos and foreign misogynist losers can’t say what we are!!

  • violeta

    an ignorant American like yourself should be banned from this world. obviously you are nothing but white trash a looser and the most disgusting jerk. It is an ass like you that makes us Americans being hated all over the world.
    If you have a brain????? which I doubt, think x2 before you publish your trash.

  • Colombian Woman

    I’m Colombian and what Youd said is pretty offensive, easy women to get laid are found in any country, we’re nice, we’re intelligent, not like you say you can’t find at all someone to have a deep conversation, we’re more that just bodies, and sexual objects. I think you’re just a loser, and so close-minded to think that of us, you’re just an ignorant, a trash, and if you have girlfriends, sisters or at least mom (because you’re just a jerk) i bet you wouldn’t like people treated them like that right? And of course women from my country couldn’t have a deep conversation with you, because you have no brain, and you can’t talk with someone like that right?

  • Pascal

    Hope you will never come back to colombia..Guys with stinky dicks like you should get rapped one day in their life…

    you are such a stupid gringo (US) asshole like most guys coming from your country

    thats why everywhere in the world nobody likes US!!!

  • George

    Colombian Woman, Roosh is being rejected by (and therefore avoiding) educated women everywhere, it’s not specific to Colombia. His main “game” is according to his own words “fucking [north-]american sluts”. This is his madonna whore complex making him target and despise low quality women everywhere.

  • Kevin

    Cancelling this order.
    You sent a payment of $9.99 USD to Roosh V.
    Feb 7, 2013 17:33:51 PST
    Receipt No:1987-3042-2606-9830
    Hello kevin estevez,

    This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *ROOSH V.

    Merchant information:
    Roosh V
    [email protected]
    Instructions to merchant:
    None provided
    Shipping information
    Shipping method
    Not specified
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Bang Colombia
    Item #: 791947
    $9.99 USD 1 $9.99 USD

    Total: $9.99 USD
    Receipt No: 1987-3042-2606-9830
    Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You’ll need it if you contact customer service at Roosh V or PayPal.

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  • Cami

    it’s funny to see that most negative comments here are from Colombians, and the comments are from two years ago and a year ago, all because roosh’s book was on the news exactly two years ago and one year ago on the paper, Colombians have poor thinking, they only comment when they see a news article, their rant is usually over a day after and they go back to their normal lives, roosh’s book is legit.

  • Natalia

    Why not a book about how to bang your goddamn mother, you idiot? I feel sorry for all the women you said you have “banged” around the world. I find this book very sexist, pathetic and offensive. I’m a 22 year-old Colombian girl, and trust me that my goal in life is not to sleep with foreing guys, specially like you. We are sweet women, intelligent and very polite.

  • sam

    What an idiot this guy is. I am a gringo(australian gringo!!) and I have to say i love Colombia. This guy makes all of us look pathetic. The problem is though, is that a lot of stupid gringos have been going there lately and then returning home to tell all their loser friends things like, The women in colombia are unbelievably good looking, sexy and friendly which is not the case in our countries(Normally really hot women in our countries wouldn’t talk to them) So then all the stupid gringos who can’t meet a girl in their own country go there thinking they can do what they want and think they are special there. Its really disappointing as gringos are now getting a really bad reputation. Idiots like this guy are going around promoting it to people like its really easy. So now colombian people won’t want anything to do with gringos. I like colombian women because they are beautiful, sexy, friendly, passionate, fun people and if you go there with the right attitude you will experience this but if you act like a desperate, stupid, wasted gringo with a bad attitude then they won’t want anything to do with you.