Bang Missions Are Therapy

The best way to lose your fear over something is to desensitize yourself to it. We can talk psychological mumbo jumbo all day and doctors can prescribe you the best medications in the world, but the only way to get rid of demons is to face demons.

Are you afraid of approaching? Approach a lot.

Are you afraid of heights? Look down from a tall building, time how long you can stand it, then try again a day later for a longer time.

I used to be a hypochondriac. You’ll pick up on that if you read A Dead Bat In Paraguay, where at one point I was certain I was dying of rabies. If I had a headache I’d think it was brain cancer. I had panic attacks about having HIV. I used to have flare ups every month or two, but in the past year I haven’t had a single episode. It stopped. The reason is that I addressed the root cause of hypochondria: a fear of death. I read articles involving death and I meditated on how my own death would be like. I still don’t want to die, but the idea doesn’t scare like me it did before.

There is one thing you can do to help you face all your fears, your hypochondria, and your anxiety: a weekend bang mission. This is when you fly alone to a new city in order to get laid at all costs. Let’s take a look at what this entails:

  • A flight
  • Exploration into the unknown
  • Massive amounts of rejection
  • Possibly getting an exotic illness
  • Threats from local men who don’t like you hitting on their women
  • Possible failure at your ultimate goal

A bang mission is a microcosm of a man’s life. All the bad things that can happen to you in a year of normal living can happen in this one weekend. Your ego is bombed, your self is questioned, and your fears are grinded into your face. To top if off, you’re alone without any social support. Bang missions are so tough on your mind and body that it will likely take you several days just to recover from them. In an age where classic forms of masculinity are being shamed into obsolescence,  bang missions are one of the few remaining ways that a man can test his ability, face his demons, and have a valuable experience that will remain with him for life.

You probably have some issues right now. You have anxiety. You have self-esteem problems. You have self-doubt. It’s hard to avoid developing these problems when living in a culture controlled by ideologies that marginalize the role of men in society. Instead of paying $250 an hour for a blue pill psychiatrist or taking mind altering drugs that don’t address the root problem, I prescribe four weekend bang missions for you in the next six months. Your problems will lessen, your character will strengthen, and you may even get laid. There’s not much more to ask for.

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