Bang Poland: How To Make Love With Polish Girls In Poland (UPDATE)

Today I’m excited to release my latest travel guide, Bang Poland. Here are just a few things that the 93-page book contains:

  • A breakdown of the best Polish city to visit for getting your Polish flag
  • A detailed description of a Polish girl’s body where I address the stereotype of them having gigantic breasts
  • How many approaches you’ll likely have to do in order to make love to a Polish girl
  • My method to getting one-night stands in a country where one-night stands aren’t common (I describe what type of venue to hit, when to go out, how to approach, how to maintain a conversation, two moves to help escalate the interaction to a kiss, and four surgical routines that release a Polish girl’s inner sex demon)
  • What to do when a Polish guy inevitably tries to cockblock you
  • Detailed city guides on Poznan, Gdansk, Sopot, Wroclaw, and Krakow, where I describe the best day and night spots for meeting Polish women

Here’s a review from a guy who received an early copy:

This is the first time I read one of Roosh’s books. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Judging from the title, I assumed it was merely directions on how to get laid in Poland. Well, it does give you a breakdown to getting laid but also a very entertaining read. I ended up reading the book fully in two days because it was that enjoyable.

I have read many of Roosh’s blog and forum posts. Many of his detractors call him a woman hater, misogynist, and other flattering descriptions of a man who takes no prisoners. I think those same people would be shocked at some of Roosh’s conclusions. I tend to think even Roosh, himself, was shocked by the end of his trip.

Poland was never a destination that I thought about until I read Bang Poland. Now it is a must see destination.

Click one of the following links to continue:

If you bought Bang Poland on release day from Amazon, forward your receipt to to get your bonuses.

UPDATE: Thanks for pushing it to number one in Amazon for the Travel category…

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  • Theophilus

    Ooh yeah. I got me some fine summer reading.

  • NuMbEr7

    Does anyone have a link to the mega ebook combo? Can’t seem to find it

    [Roosh: Here is the cart link:

    The link is also included with the coupon that comes with Bang Poland.]

  • The G Manifesto

    “11 minute long private video”

    Video of two Polish girls in Bikini’s and high heels, while making out in the kitchen?

    - MPM

  • Keith

    Bought it. All hail Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    yo bro, in the spanish, drop the yo (locals won’t use it) and its subjunctive because the mood is doubt. Make Mariana proud

  • Jacopo

    Hey, i just bought it, along with 30 Bangs, hail Roosh!

  • Anonymous

    It’s still eight bucks on Amazon

    [Roosh: That's because you're not in the USA. Amazon increases the price for foreign buyers. That's out of my control, unfortunately. Just buy the ebook package via Paypal... it includes the MOBI edition.]

  • heartiste

    your experience with polish girls in their homeland matches my experience with their darling expats. truly they are an island in an angry sea of feminist western women.

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  • the passanger

    I’m reading Bang Poland and Roosh…
    i have to say it again. Visit Warsaw and you can have waaaaay better polish experience!

    Summer in Warsaw is far away from being dead. There are many girls from outside of capital city who come here for few days or weeks. Sort of a “holidays”.
    The clubs “Wow Factor”: you’d be surprised. There are places in Warsaw where you have 2x more girls than guys…. And most of them are cute or at least interesting.
    Last but not least- the number people. Including the ones from rural/small cities and suburbs, Warsaw is approx 2.5 mln. Roughly 5 times more vs Poznan/Gdansk/Wroclaw. Girls here also tend to be relatively more upper class…

    Of course, you won’t see 50 hotties during a minute walk across a major street like in Tokyo, but considerably more vs smaller cities.
    Spend 3 months in Warsaw and you’ll never want to go anywhere else ;-)
    Well, maybe except.. Tokyo. it will blow your mind. Its a totally different, huge universe comparing with Denmark, Iceland or Latvia. The number of cute, petite, submissive, sweet women is simply off the charts.

    [Roosh: Poland is a huge country. I only touched the surface of what the riches this country can provide.]

  • The Glee Manifesto


    LIttle Egg misses you.

  • Brandon

    How cool is it to have these guides…I only wish I’d thought of this idea myself.

  • Hristo

    hey roosh, if i buy it via Amazon to get it in kindle format, then i’ll just have to email you a .jpeg of the receipt? or is there some sort of link i can just send you to get the bonuses?

    i was going to get the ebook version (with everything included), but some ebooks don’t come out looking right on the Kindle. would this book be an exception?

    [Roosh: Or you can just forward me the email receipt that Amazon sends you after purchase. That'd be easier. JPG screenshot is also fine.]

  • The Glee Manifesto


    The Dutch get it on to promote Roosh’s books:

  • Javed

    Roosh–paypal won’t take my credit-card–weird, b/c I’ve used it to buy your earlier books.

    [Roosh: Email me... we'll try Google Checkout.]

  • Anonymous

    What is in the mega ebook combo?

    [Roosh: Bang, Day Bang, Bang Colombia, A Dead Bat In Paraguay, Brazil Compendium, Argentina Compendium, Compliment & Cuddle.]

  • derthal

    How to cockblock American guy in Poland: “I bet you read Bang Poland, didn’t you? Have fun.” ;)

  • blurb

    For those that bought it on the Amazon Kindle, how long until we get the bonuses and discounts through email?

    [Roosh: Forward your receipt to to get the bonuses.]

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    Thumbs up for Bang Poland. Here’s my review:

  • DiabloBravo

    @blurb It took 37 minutes to get an email back.

  • Gannicus

    On Amazon after buying Bang Poland, next to the recommendations of Roosh’s other books, it shows that all of the Fifty Shades of Grey books are the top sellers for Kindles. His and hers recommendations?

  • Anonymous

    right on time for the Euro Cup. Thanks ;-)

  • greenlander

    Roosh, I succeeded in buying a couple of your books. But it was a major struggle because of PayPal.

    It would be great if you could offer at least one other payment method, perhaps Dwolla? PayPal is almost as evil as feminism.

  • rg

    Good read and great tips. For $5 I would recommend these to anyone, just for the sociology research. One thing I noticed was that it said Krakow was reconstructed off drawings and maps, but wasn’t that Warsaw?

    Also I have some questions.

    1. Would Florida-style beach game work on the Baltic Coast in the summer?

    2. Your thoughts on going to Zakopane to snowboard and trying to swoop Polish snow bunnies?

    3. Is the anti-foreigner fighting scene 1 v 1 like Australia and Hawaii, or is it mob beatings like the interracial jumpings in public schools in the Old Confederacy?

  • rick

    unrelated but check out matt forneys website right now. like this vey moment i dont know how long it will be like this.

  • Szwagier

    You guys better listen to sol campbell and stay away from Poland or else you’ll come back in coffin.

  • David Lee Roth

    Dude your book is at the top of the list and yet Lonely Planet doesn’t even make the grade, HA! Excuse my rant here: For those unfamiliar, the Lonely Planet guide has basic tourist info, however unfortunately with a strong bent on where FAGS can go and engage in some wild Mapplethorpe shit sex, and a section about ‘women travellors’ where some token lesbian writer spews blanket hatred about the men of the country, topped of with the typical entry about poor widdle ‘wymyns issues’. In short, LONELY PLANET GUIDES ARE NOTHING MORE THEN HETEROSEXUAL MAN HATING, MARXIST SOUNDING BOARDS.

    Whew! That felt good.

    This is where Mr. Roosh’s guides are exactly what straight boys like myself are looking for. His books are a breath of fresh air, free of politically corret excrement and marxist caterwauling.

    Thank you, sir.

  • Steve

    Have you guys ever tried Belarus? The sweetest girls you will ever meet, and the guys are very friendly and open too..

    You need a Visa too and Ryanair don’t fly there, so you haven’t got the English stag party twat effect…

  • derthal


    It’s better learn The Game than throw lightnings of hate from eyes. It’s more pleasant, more productive and more beneficial than worry about things you can’t control. Americans aren’t supermen and you can outcompete them. Just read, learn and work hard.

  • Anonymous

    ” number one in Amazon for the Travel category…”

    Kudos, sir. Major kudos.

  • #13

    Can I still participate in the deal?

  • Shon Starr

    @Roosh good read my man! i’ve been dating and partying with Polish chicks for like the past 10 years and i’m here in Warsaw now for the summer and i have to say your generalizations of Polish women and the dating culture here are spot on.

    (the passenger) is right Warsaw is FAR from dead right now. and the male/female ration here is pretty decent. the women are very attractive and this is coming from a dude that has great game, spends a lot of time in Rio, and spent last summer in Medellin, Cali, and Cartagena. so i know attractive women :)

    i will mostly be in Warsaw all summer, but while i’m here I also plan on spending some time in Poznan, Krakow, Sopot, and a few other cities as well. so I will compare notes.

    haven’t seen too many big tits probably because i’m an ass man and not really paying too much attention. by the way whoever started the stereotype that white girls have no ass must have never been to Poland. even some of the asses on the skinny model types are unbelievable. i’m in heaven here.

    AGREED! more exotic guys to the Polish norm here will do very well. i used to run a nightclub at a ski resort in Nevada where Polish girls came to work/travel during the summer and Brazilian girls came during the winter. and like Roosh mentioned the Brazilian girls were after the blonde blue eyed guys which were exotic to them and a lot of the Polish girls would go after the black and Latino guys because this was unusual to find in their country. Just FYI fellas even though the Polish girls are a lot friendlier, sweeter, and easier to meet they are not blind, deaf, and dumb and going to just drop their panties instantly because you carry a foreign passport. you will still need a little swag and some basic game at the very least as Roosh points out.

    and @Roosh i feel ya man on the Polish women having you contemplating turning in your Playa Card and settling down. i recently reconnected with an old Polish flame from almost 10 years ago and i’m having those same thoughts. i’m 34 now and have no problems pulling young girls, but i’m thinking to myself i don’t want to end up the embarrassing old guy in the club. i rather go out on top of my game then go out like Muhammad Ali did lol.

    …so now i’m just waiting for all these other foreign fuckers that are here for Euro 2012 to leave town so I can have free rein of this Polish Paradise :)

  • j

    @ Shon Starr and Roosh…. How easy or hard is it to teach English over there if you are from the US?

  • szopen

    Poland is on the very beginning on the road which was treaded by USA for 40 years. We, males, kno wno game, girls are relatively nice and know no game.

    As a result, letting Roosh going into Poland is like letting Mike Tyson to participate in kindergarten’s boxing competition.

  • TD

    Hi Roosh,

    It’s been more than 10 days that I forwarded you the receipt from Amazon and I am still waiting for the bonuses!!!

  • JohnyMichal

    Rooshv you beat me to it!!! Damn, I wanted to produce a site/books on selection of optimal locations for men (and women) to invest
    time in seeking pussy. 10 years ago I left the states in disgust – travelled all over scandy and eastern europe. went to poland aiming to spend 1 week and stayed for 7 months. Now 8 years after first visiting PL, I am married to a Polish girl with 2 kids.. Thing with PL is that it is very family oriented, so if you;re a polyamorous chap like me, you’ve got to play carefully. Once you make the girl pregnant it is hard to get an abortion. And it is deeply frowned upon not to marry a lady you impregnante in PL.

    Anyway, I am kinda stuck in marriage now.. Having to go behind the missus to look for fresh pussy!

  • Anonymous
  • mera

    Roosh (or whatever) you’re such a dick..

  • Anonymous

    OMG all of you guys are such dicks… @Johnny Michal you especially make me sick to my stomach yuck!

  • Anonymous

    The truth is polish women simply love foreigners :) foreign accent and she is all yours, she must be just a lil bit intelligent to understand what u r saying

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