Bang Poland Drops On Friday With 6 Bonuses

Since I know most of my readers have no immediate interest in Poland, I wanted to sweeten the deal by adding additional content that will encourage you to check out my newest travel guide, Bang Poland. If you buy it this Friday, June 22, you get the following bonuses:

-50% discount. The ebook and Kindle editions will normally be priced at $9.99 but you can get it on Friday only for $4.99. The paperback will not be discounted but you still get the bonuses if you buy it on Friday.

-My raw game notes from Poland. I share my working game notes along with my post-mortem analyses from pillaging three Polish cities on weekend trips. These are personal annotations that at the time were for my eyes only. You’ll be able to take a look at the method to my madness.

-Sneak preview into my Latvia guide. You’ll get the chance to read my Scammer Chicks section of the book before anyone else.

-Interview with Polish-American player Michael Byc. He shares additional tips on Polish girl game along with some adjustments you’ll have to make with Polish girls living in America.

-11 minute long private video. I give you a top 9 countdown of all the countries I’ve been to in the past 17 months, including breakdowns on Ukraine, Finland, and Sweden that I’ve yet to release publicly. You’ll also be able to download the audio in MP3 format.

-$5 off coupon towards my mega ebook combo that includes Bang and Day Bang. The coupon will be valid for the next month and includes five other titles for a total price that is under $20.

You get the above bonuses only if you purchase Bang Poland this Friday when it will be priced at $4.99 for the Kindle or ebook editions. After Friday, the bonuses disappear and the book will cost $9.99. If you buy the book on Amazon, forward your receipt to to receive your bonuses.

The reviews on Bang Poland are starting to come in…

I am willing to wager that while writing Bang Poland, there was a smile on [Roosh's] face and an air of contentment because of the wonderfully satisfying (both physical as well as emotional) experiences he was having. This genuinely comes off in the book. This is the first Roosh book that I’ve read where I get a sense that he is actually batting for the local women with all his heart.

Early thoughts on the book suggest that this is probably the best travel guide I’ve written.

“But Roosh, won’t your book spoil Poland? Can’t we keep it our little secret?”

Understand that for the past 11 years I have been directly competing against other guys for pussy. I embrace this competition because it has honed my game and made me the person I am today. If you are scared to compete, if you operate with a scarcity model of the world, then you don’t deserve Polish women. If your sexual success is dependent on hiding information then your game is weak and I hope you get smashed by some up-and-coming players. I will find out what spots you are trying to hide and put it out there for all to read.

Right now there are two main groups who are enjoying Polish women: Spanish men and Polish men. They are in Poland, as we speak, making love to feminine, big-breasted women. By not publishing this guide, all I do is protect their interests.

Bang Poland will turn out to be the cockblock of the decade. Spanish and Polish men will now have to go up against a Roosh-trained American sex army that I hope will fly into this magnificent country by the millions dozens. Those guys with weak game who are enjoying Polish women today are not ready for the pain train that this book is going to bring. Their poosy paradise will become tougher so that my countrymen can experience a taste of what I was lucky enough to experience last year.

God bless America, and all the men who want better than American women.


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  • tart

    what about, would polish women date asian men?

  • KE

    @Tart – I don’t know about dating but I know asian men who have gotten the bang in Poland. I was there. All I got was a makeout with a local from Krakow but that was without even trying, and I only had two days there.

    I’m 100% asian(Filipino) and have non-asian flags from places like Spain/Australia/Colombia and countless makeouts with Russian/Brazilian/French-Canadians/Croatia/etc.

    I don’t even go out thinking about how being asian affects my game. I’m just a man trying to get the bang.

  • Damian

    You are so rigth Roosh – yeah, Polish women ARE feminine, sexy, curious and laid back. I have lived in Poland 2 years and enjoyed their company a lot. They actually care about men.
    Now I live in Denmark and suffer as Danish women are look-alike masculine robots who are so bloody self-absorbed.
    I miss Poland and Polish women every day.

  • Asf

    I think you should charge more. The bang books have value aside from being a field guide to pussy.

  • repo man

    Podcasts, Roosh….podcasts.

  • derthal

    Some Polish men are also Roosh-trained…

    Seriously, as you’ll be enjoying your forthcoming stay in Poland you may want to challenge Orla Perć (unique hiking trail). You are tough guys, aren’t you? (it’s not me on this film). If you do it’s sure that your memory of Poland will be much, much stronger.
    You may also score some points because quite many Polish girls (especially students) love mountains.

  • Theophilus

    Nice timing. Spending a week in Warsaw in August.

  • dragnet

    @ Tart

    Please ban this race troll before this thread gets out of hand.

  • Turner

    I am not on the forums, as such, I thought I would throw my review here from the advanced copy. Cheers Roosh.

    Also, note on Krakow being overrun with tourists is on point.

    Roosh delivers yet again in his straightforward, no-nonsense guide to dating in Poland. Unlike previous guides, this one strikes a more optimistic and positive tone as it introduces you briefly to Polish dating culture. What sets Roosh’s writing apart from other dating coaches is his direct, easy to follow style that is highly relatable without all the bs jargon. His earnest approach takes you from A to Z in the steps you will need to succeed in Poland. From finding the ideal lodging situations to the best time of year to visit, and even a discussion of less talked about issues in an intelligent, clear manner such as racial relations and general societal sentiment, Roosh outlines the best way to proceed in Poland, even if your stay is short. And lastly, Rooshs tempers his emotional response to Poland by focusing on what the data he received from his failures and successes indicates, rather than solely relying on observation. All to often, hindsight, and even overt, bias may tarnish or over justify certain outcomes, yet Roosh remains data-centric in his analysis and discussions. Bottom line, this book will save you precious time and if you have an interest in meeting women that act like women and want to get out of tourist-ville, this guide is for you.


  • Anonymous

    Proud foot soldier in the “Roosh-trained American sex army!”

  • Bianca

    Scumbag Roosh, complains about american women being damaged, writes guides so that men can damage women in other countries.

  • doom

    The dark hordes of liberalism and the managerial elite have already descended upon Poland. Swarthy foreigners will make no difference, for in a healthy society, nothing but the maladjusted would lay hands on them.

    Look for the root, not the symptom.

  • haha

    Ukrainian female journalist and Dutch soccer fans:

  • WestCoast

    Will happily be buying if it saves me a single day of analysis that’s completely worth 5 bones.

  • Sparks

    Will the bonuses be available if I buy through iBooks? Do I receive them via e-mail?

    [Roosh: Won't be on ibooks this week because of the slow approval process. The ebook edition comes with pdf, epub, and mobi formats to read on ipod/ipad.]

  • Brandon

    I’m really curious about the game notes. This is an awesome deal for sure.

  • Jarrod

    fuck yeah!
    Going to poland in August!
    Perrrrrfect timing!


  • WestCoast

    @ Sparks just upgrade your iOS the PDF’s go direct to iBooks in the same format.

  • CiaoMain

    Will buying the book make me hairier? If I don’t turn into a sexy sasquatch after purchase, I ain’t buying.

  • Jennifer

    Why would you go to Poland? The women there aren’t as successful (or beautiful) as American women. They just like American men like you because they want to marry their way to citizenship. Oh well, what ever works I guess…

  • Magic

    Polish Guy here:), i would like to thank rooshv as maybe my polish friends will finally have to get up from sitting on their lazy asses and improve their life a little.

    personal question to roosh:

    I agree that with big competition in the future from american brothers dating standars of polish girls will go up, but my question is:
    Dont you that polish guys with game and look will actually have easier to bang more polish girls becouse they already had some guys that seduced her fuck her , and she liked it, and is now more open to the no commitment banging??

    [Roosh: Polish guys have a huge head start, and since most American guys visiting will only stay for 2 weeks, I don't expect a huge problem for them, especially since less than 100 or so guys will actually go there in the next year because of what I write. Polish is a big country so my writing won't have an effect like if I sent everyone to a smaller place like Estonia.]

  • Magic

    Becouse i imagine it will be like that: american guys fly to poland for a month or two, fuck 5-10 girls and fly back. Only very few will stay and take a girl from dating pool dor a long time, (becouse honestly, there will be a little bored after long time)

  • Magic

    And I guys advice making very carfull due-dilligence , before dating polish girl long-term as most of them change rapidly, after 2-3 months of dating….

  • Vik

    Where can I buy the ebook combo that includes bang and day bang etc.? For less than 20 bucks?
    What other ebooks does it include?

    [Roosh: You'll get all the information in the download package.]

  • Pete M

    Can we get this deal if we buy through smashwords before Friday?

    [Roosh: Sure but you don't get the discounted price.]


    @Magic, gratuluje podejścia, szare myszki takimi pozostaną więc nie oczekuj że nagle konkurencja w klubach wzrośnie, ale jak widze etiopskich 50 centów uganiających się za polkami to już mnie chuj strzela i niech amerykańskie pajace nie myślą sobie że powitamy ich tu chlebem i solą

  • Anonymous

    HAZZE, mieszkasz w warszawie?

    Ja nie mam Tego problemu, chyba, ze sie przejde do harendy w Warszawie, ale zazwyczaj podrywam directowym aprochem(2 minuty i wypad) na ulicy co druga daje, numer co czwarta sie spotka a co osma idzie do lozka w ciągu trzech-czterech randek, wiadomo, ze jakies 10 procent dziewczyn na wejsciu preferuje murzynow a kolejne 10-20 kolesi z zachodu,ale to zazwyczaj dziewczyny sredniej jakosci, wiec poprostu zajmuje sie pozostalymi 75% ;-)

  • the passanger

    Niech pan Roosh sprobuje wziac Polke na dluzej, na zwiazek. Po 3 miesiacach zobaczy jak jest pieknie.
    Zacznie mu biadolic o tym aby kupic samochod, kupic mieszkanie na kredyt na 35 lat, dawac jej bizuterie co 3 miesiace, itp. Z jego stylem zycia nie wytrzymalby dlugo ;-) Szkoda mi tylko Polek.
    Polacy malo polotu we flircie i w lozku, zero energii i humoru w zimie. Amerykance tylko pobzykac na pare dni i byebye. Co biedna polka ma poczac? Chyba tylko murzyni jej zostali… i tak bedzie.
    Spojrzcie na niemcy, szwajcarie, francje. Czarno, coraz czarniej….

  • the passanger

    Eng. translation:
    hey mr Roosh, try to hand around with one polish chick for longer than 3 months. She will insist to buy a car, a flat on mortgage, buy her jewellery, clothes, etc. You could not live like that.

    What can a poor polish girls do? Locals are stiff and sad win flirt, sex, no energy during winter, little sense of humor and of course, not a very fat wallets. Americans? Can only bang few times and will leave her for other easy chicks. There are only blacks ready to marry/settle with polish girls. You can see the same trend in France, Germany, Switzerland.

    [Roosh: Who would you rather date than polish women?]


    Nie, jestem z południa i jak pójdziesz do Krakowa do jakiejś lepszej miejscówki (Cień, Diva itp) to jest tego pełno. Passenger props 100%. Najlepsze jest to jaką opinię mają nasze rodaczki za granicą, łatwe, chętne itp więc nic dziwnego że inni przyjeżdżają tu z myślą o łatwym ruchaniu. żenada. Btw jakby ktoś był w posiadaniu owej książki i byłby skłonny się podzielić chętnie bym przeczytał.

  • Roosh

    So I made one change: the bonus video is now 11 minutes long. My first cut had too much fluff so I tightened it up and made it easier to watch.

  • Magic

    I agree with passenger if polish girls are the best for longer dating than three months we are living in the sad world indeed

  • Magic

    Hazze zaraz pewnie bedzie na chomiku;-)

  • Shon Starr

    Luckily my International game is pretty tight so I actually enjoy reading Roosh’s books AFTER i’ve already been to a country to compare notes and possibly pick up some tips for the next trip…

    I have been dating fresh off the boat Polish girls in the States for almost 10 years now and I’m here in Warsaw this summer for my first time ever in Poland so i’m definitely looking forward to grabbing this book to compare my experiences to Roosh’s.

    Poor Polish girls??? PLEASE!!! My Polish girl has a car, nice modern luxury flat, degree from London’s top biz school, great career and she still cooks for my ass every night :)

  • Shon Starr

    Forgot to mention this in my last comment… but i’ve spent a lot of time in Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina and Roosh’s books have all been pretty much accurate and on point so i’m pretty positive Bang Poland will be the same. Looking forward to it!!!

  • the passanger

    Shon, of course in every country there is a social pyramid of wealth and status. There are plenty of polish girls with nice cars, ultra expensive apartments and all that. However, these are at the very top of the pyramid. The majority is poor, esp. comparing to USA, Canada, UK, Denmark.

    This is the topic Roosh does not cover: how to rise your own status to bang higher status girls. It works universally in every country. The best bang for the buck seems to be Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Thailand. However, if your goal is to meet 10s- UK is a much better place to find them than Poland. Waaay more chicks which are spectacular.

    Roosh, next time you must stay in Warsaw, since the club scene is way hotter vs smaller cities.
    I was only in LubuDubu/Caryca clubs in Cracow, but you can’t compare it to Klubokawiarnia, Platinium and Monobar in Warsaw… in these three clubs, you’ll find a massive number of girls in range 7-9s.

    Anyway, I’ll buy your book, i expect it to be a fantastic read, from my polish perspective;-)

  • Pete M

    Not fussed about the discounted price – have a drink on me

  • Magic

    the passanger: nie podkrecaj gdzie sie lazi w Wawie, nie chce, zeby mi sie hordy amerykancow paletaly po klubo;-)

  • Shon Starr

    @ the passanger good points, even though i never found UK girls to be that sexy “in general”. by the way if we are talking just about banging chicks and not gf’s, marriage, etc. then i really can care less about a chick’s status. I only care how nice her ass is, how good she looks and how much fun she is – in that order lol… But for guys who are trying to hook up with girls with status what has worked for me especially if you can not afford to or just don’t want to impress them with your $$$ has been to kick over their princess pedestals real quick and treat them like any other chick, sometimes even worse just to confuse them. Most of the time I don’t even acknowledge their status. For example I was hanging out at The Miss USA pageant a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas and while other guys were begging for pictures and ogling all over them I just laid back confidently looking so unimpressed without a care in the world about who they were and what they did. I flirted and chatted with them just like they were some no name chicks, at some no name hole in the wall bar, on the side of some no name highway. And it worked!!!

  • Brandon

    If Polish women are half as good as I’m learning, then they deserve the best men they can get. Let those lame Polish guys have our American women if they want to complain instead of bettering themselves. It sounds like they’ve been riding the gravy train for a long time. This is survival and replication of the fittest on a global scale.

  • the passanger

    Magic: lepiej jesli foreigners tam beda, bo przyciagaja oni fajniejsze panny.

    Americans, it will be beneficial if you’ll come here and date our girls. Reason: when a girl has more positive experiences (sexual, conversational, emotional, whatever) with men, she herself starts to be a better person. The worst thing in the world is when a women treats a men as an enemy, acts with hostility, etc- and such behaviour can only happen after a series of bad experiences from her past.

  • Plumpie

    Maybe it’s me, but the price still seems to be $8 for the kindle edition and there’s no mention of the extra’s.

    [Roosh: You're outside of the USA and that's why you're seeing a higher price. Amazon bumps it up for some countries regardless of what I set it at. If you buy through Amazon, simply forward your receipt to to get the bonuses.]

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  • Randy

    How long were you in Poland for? How long did it take you to write the book?

  • Crazy

    can we get the bonuses if we order off of

    or any sort of discount if we order multiple guides + bonuses?

  • samochody ciężarowe poleasingowe

    bardzo wybitny

  • pattytheungreat

    The truth is only ugly polish girls have sex with foregin guys, coz Polish guys dont want them. Ive seen many times in Krakow ugly girls with brits or spaniards. The ugliest ones were with blacks or asians: pink-faced blondes who look like pigs or big noses brunettes with turkish faces :D no wonder Roosh wrote that Polish girls are ugly XD