Bang Ukraine: How To Sleep With Ukrainian Women In Ukraine

Today I’m excited to release my final travel guide, Bang Ukraine. Here are just a few things that this 103-page book contains:

  • How you can hack the backwards Ukrainian mentality to get laid
  • How to respond when a Ukrainian woman tries to cross-examine you
  • Description of the 3 types of Ukrainian girls, and the one you should go for in order to obtain sex
  • How to develop a solid backstory so she doesn’t think you’re a sex tourist
  • A detailed breakdown on how to pick up during the day, including opening strategy, conversation tips, pitfalls to avoid, and how to best answer their common questions about your visit
  • The best nightclub pickup strategy that has ever been put into print for the country of Ukraine
  • How to have a conversation with a Ukrainian girl who possesses bad English, with over a dozen topics and ideas to be used both for when you meet her and on dates
  • Three date strategy for sealing the deal, with specific venue suggestions, tips, and moves
  • What to do when a Ukrainian girl tries to extract resources from you in a long-term relationship
  • Two short stories that offer additional insight and information into Ukrainian culture, including interesting examples of making love to Ukrainian women

If you purchase the ebook edition of Bang Ukraine before Sunday at midnight, you get the following seven bonuses:

  • Bang Ukraine analysis from a Ukrainian player (22 pages)
  • 21 Ukrainian women (pictures and analysis)
  • How to teach English in Ukraine with no experience
  • Sample English teacher resume
  • Curated raw data on six Ukrainian cities (48 pages)
  • 5 things I should have done differently in Ukraine
  • 50% discount off regular price

You get 199 total pages of Ukrainian advice, data, stories, and strategy for $5. After Sunday, the bonuses will disappear and the price will rise to $9.99. (UPDATE: The bonuses are no longer available and prices have increased).

Click one of the following links to continue:

Bang Ukraine is my tenth and final travel guide. I’m doing a special where you can get all ten of my guides and the Ukrainian bonuses for only $19. The download package contains pdf, mobi, and epub formats for each book.

Click here to order the Super Travel Combo.

I started writing my first book, Bang, back in 2006. In the past seven years, I’ve written 14 books that contain 1,432 pages and 518,924 words. I’ve also produced a Bang audiobook with the help of a voice actor. In this final combo special, get all 14 books, the Bang audiobook in mp3 format, and the Ukrainian bonuses for $35:

Click here to order the My Life’s Work Combo (256 megabyte download).

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who has bought one of my books in the past. Your support enables me to put out writing that gives men value. I’ll be glued to my laptop all weekend so email me if you have a question or a problem with downloading.

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  • Anonymous

    Damn. Considering the life’s work package…

  • Anonymous

    The effort you have put into your life’s work is greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be buying your life’s work package, to show my appreciation for the work you do for us.

  • Gavin Madden

    Sounds like a good read.

  • Anonymous

    The price/quality relation of these books is stupendous. I’ll be buying the life’s work combo.

  • Praetor

    Thank you so much for everything Roosh.

  • rivsdiary

    congratulations roosh. a real man gets shit done, and you have gotten shit done in a big way.

    impressive work. you are already a legend.

    only one request: bang paris

  • madmax

    for anyone ‘considering’ R’s life work, BUY it, I have read all his other books ,it’s a killer deal you ll never regret it, the 5 h audiobook is worth 35 bucks on its own

  • Drinker

    Reminds me of how Borders bookstore advertised their clearance sale. Everything must go! Act now!

  • The G Manifesto

    Great work Roosh.

    That is quite an accomplishment to put out that many books.

    Hat tip amigo.

  • rivsdiary

    just bought the $35 life’s work pack.

    feels great.

    thanks roosh.

  • Anonymous

    What a great collection! Thanks for all your hard work Roosh, many will benefit from your real life experience.

  • Trouble

    Any way to purchase your books with a gift card? Tried using Amazon and PP but wasn’t giving me options for gift cards (got some for Xmas I want to get rid of).

    [Roosh: I don’t know what kind of gift card you have. Contact me at ]

  • Neil Skywalker

    Got me the Bang Poland and Ukraine combo today. Now I only need 30 bangs to complete the collection.

  • Dream

    Knowledge is priceless. Acquired all that you gave out. Thanks Roosh. May I be wise and man enough to put this knowledge into practice. Otherwise, shame on me. Everything I need is out there. And still I haven’t sensed a single poon since my childhood. Why oh why I wonder …

  • Worldmusic

    What if you just want to purchase the hardcover (paperback) edition?

    [Roosh: Forward your Amazon receipt to and I’ll email you the bonuses. ]

  • Fan

    You’re on wikipedia:

  • juice

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Roosh, I need the South America ones for sure since I will be going to the world cup next year

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  • GP

    Just bought the guide, with the money I hope you have a drink on me.

    Keep it up

  • Anonymous

    I think that “Latvia” is spelled wrong on the cover of the book in the picture as “LATIVA” ?

  • thanks

    Thanks for everything Roosh. Just wanted to say you were the only one that strongly urges expatriation, out of all the folks out there. I plan on following that advice. I’ll be watching for what you write next, since you are bored with social commentary.

  • Anonymous

    This has to be the vilest, most appalling website I’ve ever seen. Congratulations! You’re a creepy asshole.

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  • Papermache

    @23, yeah we are creepy assholes, but getting laid by whores like you. Think about, the last one-night stand you had was mostly likely from someone following Roosh’s advice. Just keep those butt-cheeks spread wide, cupcake.

  • Chris

    @Anonymous – You forgot to include “hairy”. As in, creepy, yet magnificently hairy asshole. 😉

  • PUMPsix

    How long are the offers for? Paypal takes ages to clear money.

    [Roosh: Sunday at midnight.]

  • LosAngeles

    Just bought Bang Ukraine.. A very nice and informative work, yet again. Congrats, Roosh!

  • Brandon 2.0
  • solo

    I’m thinking of buying the Super Travel Combo, just wanted to make sure they are ebooks and not paperbacks as I can’t bother to carry 10 book with me all over the world?

    [Roosh: It’s ebooks. You will be prompted to download them after checkout.]

  • Anonymous

    Man, it’s kind of profound for even me to see 14 books laid out for 35 bucks being called ‘life’s work’. It must be a real trip for you. What’s next for Roosh?

  • James

    thanks for all you do, Roosh. You’re an inspiration.

  • Silalez

    Roos. I read book!

  • Rick

    Is compliment and cuddle included in Life’s Work package? I’m torn as I have half the books so I don’t know if I should get this package…

    [Roosh: No I took that out. I priced the packages so it would still be worth it to guys who owned a couple of my other books, but maybe it’s better if you buy each one separately.]

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    I would just like Bang, Day Bang, 30 Bangs, and Bang Ukraine with 7 bonuses. Can I have that and how much ?

  • YouSoWould

    I’ve read a few of your travel books in the past, and your blog is consistently high quality, so I thought ordering your life work combo was the least I could do.

  • D

    Roosh, I’ve heard your name for years now, but I only recently took the Red Pill and now here we go. Time to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes…

  • The Turk

    even though I don’t care much for some of the travel guides, I’m getting the life’s work edition to support this guy who is a very refreshing renegade voice in the world of deluded western mice…


  • Anonymous

    If buying the combo with Bang Poland do I still get the bonuses?

    [Roosh: Yes. Everything comes with the bonuses until tomorrow.]

  • RYAD

    would like to start a friendship with an ukrainian girl

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  • Jordan

    Got the life work and can’t wait to read it, kudos to you roosh. i hope the book sales can finance another adventure for you

  • michelin

    just got my copy! great bonuses included :)

  • WF

    Your Life work is the highest value for money in 2013!

    I see some other people requesting, so me too
    Bang Sweden!
    Bang Dominican Republic!
    Bang Italy!
    Bang Montreal!
    Bang St Petersburg!
    Bang Philippines!

  • xyz

    Here’s a YouTube comment :)

    Thumbs up if you have realized that Roosh charges (for his life’s work) less than what an average Latvian “normal” (non-pro) girl asks for one night bang (20 lats/40$).

  • Yuriy

    Hello Playboy,

    Obviously your education level is not too high – what is Lativa??? I guess, you meant LATVIA?! Instead of wasting your lifetime, study rather few languages instead! 😉

  • no name

    Poor people, only american guy who does not get laid much with american women could do this. Seriously. I feel sorry for american guys, their women treat them like trash.

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  • Nat


  • Nat


  • Mary

    Poor people, only american guy who does not get laid much with american women could do this. Seriously. I feel sorry for american guys, their women treat them like trash.

    totally agree

  • Beautiful Ukrainian Women

    Sounds like a great book!

  • http://None Lina

    Bang yourself !

  • Anonymous

    You assume that anyone that is disgusted by this site is a woman. I’m a heterosexual man with a healthy appreciation for women and their feminity and I find you disgusting. Somehow you have completely lost the meaning of what it means to be a man, and how God has created us, as men, to treat women. Being a man means honoring and protecting women, it means loving them and leading them, not plotting with each other to see how best you can take advantage of and dishonor them. Do any of you have daughters? Do you seriously not cringe when you think of someone like yourself preying upon them? Call this what you you want, say it’s not true, but you know it’s true, and inside you’re rightfully ashamed of the slime that you’ve become. There’s a better way to live — choose it.

  • Fischer

    i wanna meet a sweet, full of life beautiful ukranian girl! who is 18-25 years old. and you are healty, betven 155cm-170cm thin/trained, and you are loking for a strong man at 28years, i train and take care of my body! i nam loking for serius meetings, who now if you are perfekt for me! we get married and make famely. but i need one i can tell everithing to, and she to me. and she must LOVE to make hot nights, days, swiming. I WANNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN, give you al my heart. and give every thing to mee!

  • http://[email protected] Crazy people

    I’m sick

  • one ukrainian citizen

    you my friend are a fucking swine. if i ever meet you here in ukraine, ill fucking beat out the shit of you. and i´m not the only one who wants to rip your guts apart, so you better watch out next time you visit Ukraine. For your own safety – just go somewhere else…

  • Marina

    you think that all Ukrainian women can sleep with a guy because of his money as you visit only bordellos and know only whores. i’ve been to America and most of American boys are limited and stupid, it is possible o date with them only because they attractive ( may be thats why some women want money from you, because u cant offer something more)

  • Nelson Gambala

    I do agree with some of the things you’ve said in this article differentiating American women to Ukranian women. I myself have met and dated a couple of ukranian girls. And I’m corresponding with a very beautiful, lovely, sweet and caring one right now. And Yes, ukranian girls are very different to american/english or aussie women. These girls dress to IMPRESS! I’m fortunate enough to be with one ;). However, Anonymous is right. Women are human beings too. SO you need to treat them with respect like you would normally like to be respected as a man. But be careful where you shove your middle leg man, it can cost you big troubles or even your life in the end. Im talking about sexually transmitted diseases. If you honor marriage with a Ukranian woman and value relationship and family, you’ll be a happier man, than wandering around the world hoping where your middle leg’s gonna end up in. But it’s your choice. After all you’re the one who mentioned that man just have to be better than a monkey. But good article non-the-less mate :).

  • Евгений Якименко

    Oh man!!! What so hard ? Most ukrainian women, give you, if you only start speak on English, believe me. They beautiful, and they know about that, and use this. It very sad for me, because i am from Ukraine too, but it true.

  • Sacred Warlock

    I will have to send you a book on Bang South Africa, my own country! Its good to have fun with the locals, they will teach a lot more than you think

  • Sacred Warlock

    His life work is incomplete without Bang Paris!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good information in the book and well worth the price. However, posturing yourself as a broke foreigner by taking a local job at Ukrainian wages, renting a mediocre apartment, announcing an intent to obtain casual sex w/o offering any hope of relationship, arriving w/o advance internet contacts with women, taking women on cheap dates and then trying to get laid by top tier women seems like an uphill battle. Maybe the book should be re-titled “Against All Odds” I did things differently, with much better results.

  • Traveladdict

    You are a revolting, mysoginistic pig! Women are not there to be treated as sexual objects. Just you remember that, when all the men who treat women with respect have healthy sexual relationships while you have to go on an STI- ridden patrol around the world to prey on helpless women in order to get any sexual satisfaction as clearly any woman who is not using you, wouldn’t touch your microscopic penis. Please sort out your inferiority complex, you swine! No matter how many women you sleep with, you are still a pathetic excuse for a man.

  • dro

    Really damn u must be American

  • dro

    Privet! Ya Americans are stupid but not all of them its a big country!!!

  • dro

    Ya there a bunch of spoiled whores that act like men

  • KKK

    agreed – we will kill this nigger – the KKK is watching…not to long now…the call is out and were on this hit…too easy…thanks for the support brother in Ukraine

  • thomas moloian

    women of eastern europe are all fucking gold diggers and the whole world knows this and when western men go after them to marry their beyond stupid.

  • _crosssy

    lol, im ukrainian girl and dying laughing. as u can see I speak English haha

  • Max Bounty

    guys it’s much easier to get girls online then in clubs in Ukraine and all other countries, there are many travel dating website with plenty of eastern european girls as this website i always use it each summer when I travel around east europe and i got many girls trust me!

  • Conscience

    I hope Ukrainian girls will take all your money, you loosers