Bang Ukraine Will Be My Last Travel Guide

Before I tell you why it will be my last guide, I’m happy to announce its release for this Friday. If you buy it between then and Sunday, you’ll receive the following seven bonuses:

-Bang Ukraine analysis from a Ukrainian player. A man I met and trust went over my book with a fine-tooth comb, offering 22 pages of critical commentary that gives you a local perspective on how to bang Ukrainian girls while providing dozens of additional tips.

-21 Ukrainian women analysis. I present pictures of 21 Ukrainian girls that give you a representative sample of what you’ll encounter, from low-end talent up to the top. With each picture I give commentary on how difficult (or easy) the girls will be to pickup, along with extra facts on Ukrainian culture.

-How to teach English with no experience. Teaching English is a great way in Ukraine to meet women and make friends. I give you tips to make it happen along with sharing two resources that help you survive in front of a classroom.

-Sample English teacher resume. I share with you the resume I used to get an English teacher gig in Ukraine. From my example, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to construct your own.

-Curated raw data on Ukraine. I compiled and formatted the best datasheets and reports on Ukraine from my forum into one PDF file. You’ll encounter 48 pages of raw data, stories, venue recommendations (day and night), logistical information, and general advice from men who have tried to bang the Ukrainian cities of Kherson, Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, and Melitopol.

-5 things I should have done differently. I objectively review my Ukrainian experience and reveal some changes I could have made that would’ve improved my sexual success. I hope you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

-50% discount. The ebook will normally be priced at $9.99 but you can get it this weekend for $5.

In addition you’ll of course receive the ebook edition (pdf, mobi, and epub) of Bang Ukraine, a 103-page guide that breaks down Ukrainian women like no other book has done. Get the bonuses and the book (199 pages total) for only $5 if you purchase this weekend starting on Friday morning. On Monday, the bonuses will disappear and the book will be priced at $9.99.

But wait, there’s more. This weekend I’m also doing a super travel combo where you can buy all ten of my travel guides, which includes Bang Ukraine and the bonuses, for only $19. That comes out to 704 pages and 246,000 words, my life’s labor for the past three years.

UPDATE: Bang Ukraine is now out. Click here for details.

Why Bang Ukraine Will Be My Last Guide

After I wrote Bang Colombia in 2010, I had a thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool to write ten travel guides?” I decided to make it my project. After reaching back to my previous writings to compile guides for Argentina and Brazil, I went to Europe to complete the task. I calculated that I’d have to spend at least two months in each country while hitting the poosy hard to construct worthy guides that guys would get value from.

I lived in Reykjavik for two months and wrote Bang Iceland. Six left to go.

I lived in Copenhagen for two months, confused on whether I should write a guide on a place I disliked, but tried anyway for the experience, and Don’t Bang Denmark was born. Five left to go.

I lived in Poland for seven months, a place that had thin and sweet women who liked sex. The resulting Bang Poland guide was the most beta thing I’ve written. Four left.

At this point I began to tire of the guides. I went to the Baltics during winter while being hounded by internet haters, spending only one month each in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Maybe I should stop… ah fuck it. The three guides were released simultaneously (Bang Estonia, Bang Lithuania, Don’t Bang Latvia). One guide left before I could be freed from this nearly three year project.

Ukraine was unique enough that it give me plenty of material for a book. In fact, Bang Ukraine is the longest guide I’ve written, and perhaps my best in terms of sociological analysis. I want to go out on top, and hope this book accomplishes that goal.

I’ll still write about the locations I visit, but in blog posts that don’t take me months to complete (e.g., Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Croatia). I’m not writing more guides for a few reasons…

1. It got boring. I stopped getting satisfaction from writing them or even releasing them, regardless of the media exposure they received.

2. I stopped caring about “cracking” the code of a country. I’m much more interested in getting laid than being intellectually rewarded for successfully generalizing about a culture.

3. It’s too niche. How many guys in the world want to go to Ukraine in the next year but not pay for prostitutes? 500? I’m spending a lot of time creating work that just a handful of guys want.

4. I want to once again get leisure from travel. The reason I started traveling in the first place was to gain freedom from work, but eventually I turned travel into another job. From day one in a country I had to do research, write, and go out to get laid even if I wasn’t horny.

I’ve learned something important while doing this project: individual variance is huge. One man can kill it in a city where another man can fail spectacularly. This can occur even in the same club in the same city on the same night. This variance comes not just from your personal appearance but your level of game, style of game, age, personality, and girl preference.

I was writing guides that more-or-less stated “Do X and you will receive Y,” but some guys could perfectly do X and still not get Y, while in another country they may do X and get even more than I got. Every culture has common truths and patterns, but in a two week trip, it takes a sharp man to take advantage of that. The emails in my inbox tell me that the guides helped more than they hurt, yet now I wonder if it’s time to let you ride without training wheels and enjoy the raw discovery of a country like I have been doing the past several years.

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