Bang Ukraine Will Be My Last Travel Guide

Before I tell you why it will be my last guide, I’m happy to announce its release for this Friday. If you buy it between then and Sunday, you’ll receive the following seven bonuses:

-Bang Ukraine analysis from a Ukrainian player. A man I met and trust went over my book with a fine-tooth comb, offering 22 pages of critical commentary that gives you a local perspective on how to bang Ukrainian girls while providing dozens of additional tips.

-21 Ukrainian women analysis. I present pictures of 21 Ukrainian girls that give you a representative sample of what you’ll encounter, from low-end talent up to the top. With each picture I give commentary on how difficult (or easy) the girls will be to pickup, along with extra facts on Ukrainian culture.

-How to teach English with no experience. Teaching English is a great way in Ukraine to meet women and make friends. I give you tips to make it happen along with sharing two resources that help you survive in front of a classroom.

-Sample English teacher resume. I share with you the resume I used to get an English teacher gig in Ukraine. From my example, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to construct your own.

-Curated raw data on Ukraine. I compiled and formatted the best datasheets and reports on Ukraine from my forum into one PDF file. You’ll encounter 48 pages of raw data, stories, venue recommendations (day and night), logistical information, and general advice from men who have tried to bang the Ukrainian cities of Kherson, Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, and Melitopol.

-5 things I should have done differently. I objectively review my Ukrainian experience and reveal some changes I could have made that would’ve improved my sexual success. I hope you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

-50% discount. The ebook will normally be priced at $9.99 but you can get it this weekend for $5.

In addition you’ll of course receive the ebook edition (pdf, mobi, and epub) of Bang Ukraine, a 103-page guide that breaks down Ukrainian women like no other book has done. Get the bonuses and the book (199 pages total) for only $5 if you purchase this weekend starting on Friday morning. On Monday, the bonuses will disappear and the book will be priced at $9.99.

But wait, there’s more. This weekend I’m also doing a super travel combo where you can buy all ten of my travel guides, which includes Bang Ukraine and the bonuses, for only $19. That comes out to 704 pages and 246,000 words, my life’s labor for the past three years.

UPDATE: Bang Ukraine is now out. Click here for details.

Why Bang Ukraine Will Be My Last Guide

After I wrote Bang Colombia in 2010, I had a thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool to write ten travel guides?” I decided to make it my project. After reaching back to my previous writings to compile guides for Argentina and Brazil, I went to Europe to complete the task. I calculated that I’d have to spend at least two months in each country while hitting the poosy hard to construct worthy guides that guys would get value from.

I lived in Reykjavik for two months and wrote Bang Iceland. Six left to go.

I lived in Copenhagen for two months, confused on whether I should write a guide on a place I disliked, but tried anyway for the experience, and Don’t Bang Denmark was born. Five left to go.

I lived in Poland for seven months, a place that had thin and sweet women who liked sex. The resulting Bang Poland guide was the most beta thing I’ve written. Four left.

At this point I began to tire of the guides. I went to the Baltics during winter while being hounded by internet haters, spending only one month each in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Maybe I should stop… ah fuck it. The three guides were released simultaneously (Bang Estonia, Bang Lithuania, Don’t Bang Latvia). One guide left before I could be freed from this nearly three year project.

Ukraine was unique enough that it give me plenty of material for a book. In fact, Bang Ukraine is the longest guide I’ve written, and perhaps my best in terms of sociological analysis. I want to go out on top, and hope this book accomplishes that goal.

I’ll still write about the locations I visit, but in blog posts that don’t take me months to complete (e.g., Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Croatia). I’m not writing more guides for a few reasons…

1. It got boring. I stopped getting satisfaction from writing them or even releasing them, regardless of the media exposure they received.

2. I stopped caring about “cracking” the code of a country. I’m much more interested in getting laid than being intellectually rewarded for successfully generalizing about a culture.

3. It’s too niche. How many guys in the world want to go to Ukraine in the next year but not pay for prostitutes? 500? I’m spending a lot of time creating work that just a handful of guys want.

4. I want to once again get leisure from travel. The reason I started traveling in the first place was to gain freedom from work, but eventually I turned travel into another job. From day one in a country I had to do research, write, and go out to get laid even if I wasn’t horny.

I’ve learned something important while doing this project: individual variance is huge. One man can kill it in a city where another man can fail spectacularly. This can occur even in the same club in the same city on the same night. This variance comes not just from your personal appearance but your level of game, style of game, age, personality, and girl preference.

I was writing guides that more-or-less stated “Do X and you will receive Y,” but some guys could perfectly do X and still not get Y, while in another country they may do X and get even more than I got. Every culture has common truths and patterns, but in a two week trip, it takes a sharp man to take advantage of that. The emails in my inbox tell me that the guides helped more than they hurt, yet now I wonder if it’s time to let you ride without training wheels and enjoy the raw discovery of a country like I have been doing the past several years.

If you liked this post then you’ll like Bang Ukraine, my 103-page book that teaches you how to sleep with Ukrainian women during a visit to the country. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to bang hyper-feminine Ukrainian women, with extra details not released on the blog. Click here to learn more about the book.

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  • TRR

    Do you plan to write books on other topics? If so what are you planning?

  • Philip

    I see you’re no longer telling us in which country you are either.

  • Tree

    Good work Roosh..

  • gavin madden

    Look forward to this. I was in Ukraine for a few months this year so It’ll be interesting to compare notes.

  • Francis Begbie

    So what’s next? Fiction? Something more in line with your Return of Kings material?

  • rivsdiary

    your ground-breaking work will become legendary.

  • outlaw

    I sense a thirst for your writing. People want to buy. Good position to be in, but creatively it will be a challenge.

    How about a book on 6 or 12 mini relationships you’ve had or will have. Name each chapter after the girl (name altered).

  • JJ Roberts


    Obvious question – what are you going to write about instead with your books or are you done writing books completely?

  • greenlander

    I will buy it, for what my $5 is worth…

  • juice

    will also buy but wondering what other types of ebooks you will put out

  • ladderff

    I understand man but I was very much hoping for a Bang Russia for several reasons. First, I plan on a mid-to-long-term relocate there and have little idea what I can expect. I’ve heard wildly different perspectives from various sources and would have considered yours valuable. Second,Russia is a big entity (obviously) and arguably one of the few remaining independent centers of culture, still with some influence beyond its borders. Bang Russia could well have cast some light on the CIS countries too which I also plan to investigate personally.

    Anyway thanks for all your work and don’t worry about how niche it may or may not be: a lover of freedom does not count noses!

  • god

    Roosh goes out with a bang, or not as is usually
    the case!! Tell me who is going to buy a book about a guy who admittedly failed in Ukraine.

    [Roosh: I failed in Ukraine? That’s news to me.]

  • Anonymous

    I live in Brazil, but I was not born here … one thing that I realized the Slav (women) do not like the Slavs (men) … they prefer men with bad face, see clear brown crossbred countries of the “3rd world”.

  • Anonymous

    “Tell me who is going to buy a book about a guy who admittedly failed in Ukraine.”

    You can learn from others’ mistakes, fool.

  • Richard

    I want to buy “Bang Ukraine” but don’t see a link???

    [Roosh: The book will be released on Friday.]

  • http://randomieee Randomiee

    WHy did this make me so sad…Rooshy i will miss you :(

  • Mr. Toad

    I froze in Ukraine for 2 months winter of 2006-2007, but did not crack the puzzle. My failure was a big surprize as I can probably get laid anywhere (except in Buenos Aires I have to pay) and I also speak Russian. Afterwards I retired to the Philippines, where banging is easy enough but the experience is flat. Lately find myself dreaming again of full-breasted Ukrainian girls. I plan to go there next summer. I enjoy all your books. Thanks for publishing this one just in time for my next adventure.

  • carles

    so..what are u going to do with “roosh v” after that?

  • isracolo

    Mr. Toad, what do you mean by “flat experience”?

    Roosh, way to go. Be your own man. I have been following challenges ever since I learnt about flagging and you always inspired me. Got 40 ‘clicks’ from 12 countries in the last 2 years, got to 60 by 30 and to (almost) every Latin country.. and decided it was time to just get back to enjoying it instead of racing it.. I might be a small fish compared to you, but I get it. So, way to go.

  • Nik

    “I’ve learned something important while doing this project: individual variance is huge. One man can kill it in a city where another man can fail spectacularly. This can occur even in the same club in the same city on the same night. This variance comes not just from your personal appearance but your level of game, style of game, age, personality, and girl preference.”

    The seduction process is anything but linear and one has to consider the factors of each man and woman. Nonetheless a general guide is always a good jumping point to start from.

    Which begs the question: What then will you do Mr. Roosh?

  • Juice

    Sad to see you go chief! At first when I saw the “Last Book” title I thought the feminists had passed the hat around and finally put a hit on you. Oops, scratch that. Don’t want to give them any ideas…

  • Roosh

    I’m not sure what I will do next, but ROK is keeping me busy. I’d like to build that up this year.

  • jason

    Hey Roosh, sorry to hear brah. Please re-consider writing on this topic again. That’s what you do best. F* the haters. I have written to Amazon staff many times because of all the fake 1 star reviews of these losers who only review your books. Most arent even amazon verified buyers. Anyways, I hope you find the motivation again to write obout this topic. Im still hoping for a book about russia, japan, Italy, france and places where the girls are “warmer” like cuba, haiti, dominican republic, mexico, paraguay, uruguay, panama, costa rica, bolivia, chili, honduras, nicuragua, antilles, suriname, venezuela, guyana and lets not forget african countries or asian countries like thailand, indonesia, philipines etc. Your fans are eagerly waiting for you to pick up the pen again!

  • jason

    Of course, let’s not forget to mention my home country germany and holland. Would love to read about how your game works here.cheers m8

    Ps I’m old school. I prefer book form in stead of blog form 😉

  • J Doe

    Roosh, I wanna see you try your hand at writing some fiction.

  • The Chrome Microphone

    Surprised at this if only from a money perspective

    But then again did the guides revenue cover your travel/lifestyle costs?

    Also a sequel to bang would sell like a motherfucker

    your last few stories have really showcased your game and how advanced it is – the things we’d never heard about like multitasking when kissing will have brought a lot of interest

  • madmax

    I understand you got tired of writing guides. Soon or later, we all get burned from doing the same things over and over. I own all your books and I still make it a point to, one day, read all your blogs (I think I have read about 60 per cent of them).
    Personally, I got tired of women in general. I really admire your persistence and hard work, I gave it a shot for a few weeks and certainly learned a lot, but in the end I thought, fuck it, I’d rather do things for myself and my own project, not just to get some stupid pussy for the night. Because, the reality is, no man can depend on women,and you know that a lot better than I do. So ,really, putting all that work and valuable time to get some bitch….nah, it’s not for me. Jerking off is not such a bad idea and where I live there are some pretty prostitutes that you would never think they are prostitutes, so for about 30 bucks I bang one for 10 minutes every week or couple weeks. No drama, no bullshit, no time wasted. My project is more important than any women, they are all bitches anyways. I don’t even want a fucking girlfriend, I know I would get either tired of her, or I would even regret having wasted my time on her. It’s ok to do that if you are 20, but I got older, pussy is no longer my priority. I just don’t give a shit about women anymore, they are too crazy and unstable, we as men want the opposite, we want some peace. These bitches are always doing something unexpected, who needs that. Fuck them. I did become a woman hater just like you, Roosh, although deep down I am a nice guy, like you (meaning,we would not do some crazy shit against the law,etc). But really, other than fucking a woman, she’s not good for anything else, in my view. I don’t want children either, so who gives a fuck. But, man , did I learn from you. A LOT, and not just about women. Of course I will buy this one guide too, it’s always interesting to read your stuff. And all the best for the ROK site, it is great to know you write there too, I’ll check it out more often.

  • madmax

    the only valuable thing I’ve got out of my learning experience about pua stuff, is that I am a lot less gullible, a lot more smart, a lot more detached from outcomes with attractive women ( I don’t see them as goddesses anymore, in fact I even thinks things like ‘she looks so cute, but reality is, she’s a whore like all of them, ready to change ship when the wind doesn’t blow in their direction, and really, she’s just a human being with a few holes down there. She has no tits either).
    So I am NOT AT ALL complaining about my ‘disappointment’ with what I learned from the pua community and you. Not one bit. At least now I -KNOW- women. I know how they think, and how crazy they are. Why they are so crazy, I don’t know, who gives a fuck. Life is too short to waste my time about the why the world works like it does. But I know how it works, certainly to a far higher degree than when I was a naive nice guy. So I still learned a lot! One day I might get into this stuff again, for now I want to work on my project, and there’s no place for women there. But you did an ass-kicking job, Roosh, thank you for all your insight and especially your candor in expressing your real thoughts in all you write. S

  • PiggyMoon

    Heya Roosh, I been a following your posts on this blog. Any advice for an 83 year old?


    Please do a guide BANG CZECHIA

    before retiring.


    Your dedicated fans

  • Roy Marvelous

    All part of the evolution. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  • Neil Skywalker

    So gonna buy this!

  • Rael

    I’d like to see you do some fiction also, Roosh.
    I’ve never bought any of your Bang guides,
    but I think I would buy some of your fiction.

    Maybe something loosely based on some of your life
    experiences with a few details changed for better dramatic arc …

    If I am ever travelling solo to any of the countries you have
    reviewed and I want to try picking up girls in bars instead of
    music festivals, I’ll buy a Bang guide for that country then.

    If you ever wrpte (for example) Bang Boom I’d buy that
    just for the entertainment value. The pickup tips are
    not needed since almost anybody can easily get laid at the
    Boom Festival… everybody’s high, everybody’s there to party,
    and everybody’s got a tent within walking distance …

  • jason

    Madmax = PSYCO.
    Goddamn, what a frustrated boy you are, lol. Just because you are a “woman hater” (your own words), just because you think all (or allmost all) women are “bitches” and “whores” doesnt mean that Roosh feels the same. I’m sure that isn’t the reason why he wants to take it easy (didn’t you even care to read his explanation)?

    I bet your frustrated loser ass, that you you didn’t even came close to sniff a puss.

    You may have the last word….types like you need to school men like me for closure purposes lol. I wont read it tho.

    Roosh, find your motivation again to continue!!!! It can’t stop now all of a sudden… other greats stop?! I don’t think so. Fans are waiting….

  • positive thinker

    madmax sounds like an lower-beta/omega loser with serious emotional issues.

    Dude, you need to stop with the negative thought patterns!

    Roosh is NOT like you and Roosh does NOT support descending into that kind of total bitterness and loserdom.

    While you are crying at home and agitating yourself to hate women and visiting prostitutes Roosh is drinking Champagne with a sweet normal woman he met and fucked last night and had a special moment with.
    (Roosh blog post some time back).

  • Dan

    “Bang Lithuania” – that is my favorite book. Now waiting ukrainian pussies…

  • Last guide?

    sad news, if this is really the last one. So many countries to go, hell whole continents (Asia, AFrica…) are awaiting Roosh.

  • thecaptainpower

    Ten is enough, Harry Potter made about 10, and there are only 3 for Lord of the Rings…

    I am interested in what’s next. More youtube work? Teach english? Open a hostel somewhere?

    At least now you have some income so you can be choosy about what your next step in life will be.

    Good luck!

  • barny

    Roosh you are the man. I can’t wait to buy this.

  • Frank

    You should do a bang Canada. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

  • Anonymous

    Bro(pakistani eng yorkshire accent)please do a bang guide on CZECH where girls are so much more liberated and up for it than Polad,thats coming from a Poznan guy,I think I have met u once in Dragon,remember that?:P

  • Lollerskates

    Then what are you going to do ?

  • Heast Inflection

    “From day one in a country I had to do research, write, and go out to get laid even if I wasn’t horny.”

    about that last part…

  • Starting Young & Aiming High

    Along with the numerous blogs that closed down in the last few months, this announcement basically signals the end of an era for this corner of the internet. As one chapter ends, another begins.

  • Thomas

    Long Live Roosh

  • AFemaleCat

    I’m going to stay positive, I think the new website is really good. So that should be fun and exciting. I hope you outdo and all those websites, that would be great to get on that level!! I’d rather have roosh media then our current media any day.

    This is a backhanded compliment but just fucking take it as a compliment…Because of your stories I said “Man if this guy makes money off of his books, I should be able to achieve my dreams too!” And this one single thought propelled me to doing my goals and things are looking better than usual, and I give credit where credit is due you know. It’s an odd place for me to find inspiration, but hey, it’s the end result that counts. So I’m sad to see your travel books go, but upwards and onwards. Goodluck!!

  • jango

    you gotta collab with that neil skywalker guy and naughty nomad to make a film series based on the books




    this will be the most important work of your life!

  • Keith

    “Everything that has a beginning has an end.”
    – The Matrix

  • Turner

    it is a sad day indeed but it was bound to happen.

    I second @11 Russia request. I suspect that could pull you out of retirement when you have taken time off. I too have heard wildly differently things.

  • K-Man

    Were they not selling well enough to be worth continuing?
    I have bought most of them, I’m planning to get Bank Ukraine too, what the heck, it’s $5 even if I don’t plan to go it’s worth it just for the entertainment value.
    Hope you keep it up, man.

  • Statsi

    The travel guide bundle deal sounds phenomenal and I’ll be picking up all ten on Friday. If possible could you do a larger deal that includes dead bat in paraguay also? Since it fits the travel theme.

    Or if you want to get really spicy do a life work deal for all your books? I already have Bang but I’d love to be able to get the rest and pass the new bang on to a friend.

    Thanks for the three years of effort, I look forward to reading!

  • Roosh Brother


    I dream of you writing only REAL STORIES of your REAL LIFE… what hapenned to you.

    Everybody can write fiction, but so few people write REAL LIFE… REALITY…
    and that is the most important

    I dream of reading your next





    Thank you Roosh
    You have enrichened my life

  • Don

    Roosh, BANG ROMANIA…please. Just one more :)

  • mebus

    What do you mean ‘my last travelguide’?

    There is still some serious untapped potential in North Korea.

    You can’t quit now!

  • Brianmark

    Roosh, we’ll miss the Bang guides. I know they take a lot of work. I know how tough it is to force yourself to get out everynight to do research. I find when I travel alone, I get lazy and have to force myself to keep going out too. I’d love to read a compilation of stories of all your European experiences! Good luck in your next endeavor!

  • qazwsx

    Ok, you are finished with guides, but at least please tell us that you will continue to write chronicle books like “A Dead Bat in Paraguay” and short real stories collections like “30 Bangs”. Because you are very accomplished in that kind of writing.

  • Vorkuta

    Shame your bowing out Roosh but thanks for contributing to the knowledge pool non the less. Your place as the doyen of Travel-Bang theory is cemented.

    Good luck in your future endeavours.

  • Ulick McGee

    I was so looking forward to Bang Saudi Arabia, Bang Afghanistan, Don’t Bang Somalia before you retired. Find those countries hard to crack. Could use some pointers.

  • Donkey Dick

    Bang Israel

    Israeli chicks are HOT HOT HOT

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  • madmax

    34 jason et al, BOF, i don’t give a fuck about what you think. I can think for myself and I know for certain that, in fact, I do have a very sound mind, , so… kiss my ass.

  • madmax

    PS. and I am not trying to discourage ANYONE getting laid, or learning about how women think. In fact, I believe every man should do it, i.e. approaching women, learning the stuff Roosh writes about. Like I said, I do not regret at all what I have learned, so to all the ‘newcomers’, don’t be discouraged by my negative thinking. I believe it’s realistic, but I only speak for myself, not everybody else. Ok? Good.

  • JT

    I was also eagerly expecting Bang Russia.

  • Rost

    Fucking Roosh,
    you are very welcomed again to Ukraine – please choose Kyiv.
    Be sure, after that your next book will be titled “Banged Roosh – hospitality in Ukraine” 😉

    [Roosh: Thank you for your offer of hospitality. Ukrainian people are very nice.]

  • Viewer

    You are a cheapskate.All your adventures stem from poverty.Just try to find a job in your country, make a decent living and finally find yourself a girl you can afford.

  • From Ukraine
  • Mr. Toad

    @isracolo, Philippines has been a “flat experience”: girls are sweet like an old 7-up, not spicy, not deep. Yes many are flat-chested after the first child, but I did not mean flat like that. Besides, the exceptions can be breathtaking.
    I’m still looking around here, yet feeling impatient to mosey on.
    Mr. Toad