Is Banging Prostitutes A Worthwhile Alternative To Game?

In Medellin I met a lot of guys who frequented prostitutes, and I want to talk about the main argument they use to justify their behavior:

You’re paying for it anyway. You have to take her out to dinner and drinks. That costs money and there’s no guarantee you’re going to get laid.

Somewhat reasonable on the surface, but it’s only true for men who don’t have game, where the cost of new pussy acquisition (cost per notch) can be the per capita income of some third world nations (no joke).

If you have solid game, getting laid is incredibly cheap. Most of my lays in the United States are one night stands, and that’s a cost of $0 until you start counting the indirect costs related to existence (true cost per notch). Half of my dates are simply going over to the girls place to bang and many others are where she pays because she knows I’m poor.

Game is like having passive income, where even if you are not currently paying to play, you still have residual pussy that you can fuck for free. With prostitution the moment you stop paying is the moment you stop fucking.

It’s true that learning game is not cheap and takes time, but if you put in at least a year of solid work, you can have a lifetime of scoring pussy relatively easy. It’s like getting a college degree for a job that guarantees full employment until you die. The alternative is not getting the girls you want, whining on men’s rights forums all day long, and having to pay a whore each time you want to fuck. Your only hope of a relationship in that case is a mail order bride (which I’m not bashing but just saying).

The main difference between guys learning game and guys banging prostitutes is laziness. The second is creepiness. Meet a regular john and you’ll understand what I mean—they brag about fucking prostitutes like a college guy brags about fucking a sorority slut. I’ll just say this: if the girl you fucked wouldn’t acknowledge you on the street afterwards, and in most cases would ignore you and pray you don’t recognize her, then I consider your bang to be shameful and something you should keep to yourself.

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