Be Thirsty, But Not Too Much

Thirsty guys get a bad rap in these parts, and rightly so—their extreme pedastilization increases the self-perceived value of women and makes it harder for other guys to interact with them. At the same time, there is a downside of not having any thirst, where you don’t desire sex enough to motivate you to put in the required effort. What we need instead is some thirst that leads to an optimum sex life.

My thirst has gone down over the years, when I used to tolerate high levels of cunt behavior to squeeze in the notch. In other words, I’ve fucked a lot of girls who didn’t treat me how I wanted to be treated. I was thirsty back then because I highly valued sex and believed accepting short-term abuse was worth a sexual experience of dubious worth.

As my notch count grew and sex became less of a necessity to fill in whatever emptiness I had, I became much less tolerant of disrespectful behavior from women. I would walk away very early from interactions when women weren’t treating me in the exact way that I desired. As you may expect, this led to far fewer notches, which decreased even further as I began to fill my leisure time with other activities. Not only was sex less important in my life, but I was becoming proud. A proud man doesn’t accept even the most minor of slights from others, especially women.

When I came back to DC, the tough environment caused my thirst to increase to a level I hadn’t experienced in some time. I eventually sacrificed my values for a shot at sex with a British feminist. While I felt ashamed after the attempt, I can’t deny the result—sex wouldn’t have been on table had I not been thirsty. We wouldn’t have even made it to the twenty minute mark because of her stupid tests.

I don’t want to be insulted and disrespected, but I want a variable sex life that includes relatively easy intimate encounters with pretty girls, even if we’re not 100% emotionally compatible. Therefore I have had to accept that two spoons of thirst in my cup of game would lead to more sexual fulfillment (at the cost of accepting some rudeness in my life) than putting in no spoons of thirst at all. Because getting laid is such a challenging endeavor, we must add sweetener in order to attain the variety we seek. I would be the first man to sign up for a nationwide anti-thirst campaign, but we must admit there’s value in it if you want to sleep with more than a couple girls a year.

If you convince yourself that you don’t “need” sex, or that getting “meaningless” and “shallow” notches aren’t important, then we can make the prediction that you will have long dry spells. There’s nothing horrible with that, but to lay a respectable quality or quantity of women, you must believe that sex is an essential element to a man’s life and not getting laid at high frequencies is a harmful state (even if it truly isn’t). There must be a hint of urgency in your gait as you walk through a venue that you must find a girl. Otherwise, you just won’t care enough to do what it takes to get laid.

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