Becoming A Flexible Smoker To Increase Bangs

The farther east you go in Eastern Europe, the more likely it is that a girl will smoke. Even if she doesn’t, at least one of her friends will, and that friend won’t want to smoke alone.

In nightclubs they tend to do it in designated smoke rooms or outside, both of which are quiet compared to main rooms that can be ear-splittingly loud. While I can hear fine, girls have a very tough time hearing me in the second half of the night when their ears are shot.

In Lithuania, there were always girls in the smoking rooms, usually at a good ratio. Simply asking a girl for a light before going into your opener made it a normal talking approach. If the conversation goes well, you can easily invite her to the bar or to go dance. The main cost is smelling like cigarette smoke.

What has also happened is that I’d be talking to a girl and she asks me if I smoke. When I say no, she says she is going to smoke and will return. Most of the time she does come back, but it kills the vibe and takes me a step backwards. If I tag along and watch her smoke while I abstain, it makes me feel like a puppy dog that is following her. While this is not a situation where I’d smoke, I can see how it would help.

Being a casual smoker when going out in a place like Lithuania would greatly increase your approach opportunities and also strengthen rapport with girls who are smokers. Now I know it seems weird, maybe even beta, to start smoking just to get laid, but it’s an argument you can use on drinking as well, or just about anything that helps your cause to bang more women. In Lithuania, where a large population of smokers are segregated from the non-smoking areas, you would definitely get a better ROI by adopting a flexible smoker strategy. The four or five cigarettes you’d ending up smoking a week is unlikely to damage your health in the long-term.

In Industrial Shithole, where smoking is allowed everywhere (even in coffee shops), there is no point in lighting up since you already have continuous access to all the girls in the room. But if you live in a place where smokers are segregated, and the non-smoking areas don’t offer good logistics or opportunities, you might as well try it. In sausage fest America, where each approach counts, I wonder how many more notches I would have if I had adopted a more open-minded strategy while living there.

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