Becoming A Flexible Smoker To Increase Bangs

The farther east you go in Eastern Europe, the more likely it is that a girl will smoke. Even if she doesn’t, at least one of her friends will, and that friend won’t want to smoke alone.

In nightclubs they tend to do it in designated smoke rooms or outside, both of which are quiet compared to main rooms that can be ear-splittingly loud. While I can hear fine, girls have a very tough time hearing me in the second half of the night when their ears are shot.

In Lithuania, there were always girls in the smoking rooms, usually at a good ratio. Simply asking a girl for a light before going into your opener made it a normal talking approach. If the conversation goes well, you can easily invite her to the bar or to go dance. The main cost is smelling like cigarette smoke.

What has also happened is that I’d be talking to a girl and she asks me if I smoke. When I say no, she says she is going to smoke and will return. Most of the time she does come back, but it kills the vibe and takes me a step backwards. If I tag along and watch her smoke while I abstain, it makes me feel like a puppy dog that is following her. While this is not a situation where I’d smoke, I can see how it would help.

Being a casual smoker when going out in a place like Lithuania would greatly increase your approach opportunities and also strengthen rapport with girls who are smokers. Now I know it seems weird, maybe even beta, to start smoking just to get laid, but it’s an argument you can use on drinking as well, or just about anything that helps your cause to bang more women. In Lithuania, where a large population of smokers are segregated from the non-smoking areas, you would definitely get a better ROI by adopting a flexible smoker strategy. The four or five cigarettes you’d ending up smoking a week is unlikely to damage your health in the long-term.

In Industrial Shithole, where smoking is allowed everywhere (even in coffee shops), there is no point in lighting up since you already have continuous access to all the girls in the room. But if you live in a place where smokers are segregated, and the non-smoking areas don’t offer good logistics or opportunities, you might as well try it. In sausage fest America, where each approach counts, I wonder how many more notches I would have if I had adopted a more open-minded strategy while living there.

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  • Mark

    If as girl smokes, she most likely does something else the adage says.

  • Anonymous

    the g will love this. i remember way back in your dcb days, when you were very anti-smoking and hated even going to places that allowed smoking at all bc it made your clothes smell….are you still that averse to it deep down?

    5 stars!

  • http://[email protected] dont do it

    I smoked for 20 years. The problem is that five cigs a week will lead to 10, to 5 a day, to a pack a day, then you are hooked and wont be able to easliy stop. So the irony is that u started smoking to get bangs, but u will lose bangs in the long run because of bad breath and yellow teeth

  • Samplexus

    I smoke but I try to keep it to being a chill out or social thing. The problem is one may tend to think

    “oh, I just got done cleaning the apartment, I should go out for a smoke”

    when they should be thinking

    “Oh, I just got done cleaning the apartment, I should go for a walk and talk to some cute chicks and if she happens to smoke I’ll join her”

    That’s the mindset I’m trying to get back into.

  • Super Man

    Take drugs. A few lines of coke or speed will make you the king of the dancefloor and your game will be out of this world. Remember Viagra for the bang though.

  • Anonymous

    just get those electric cigarettes

  • The Glee Manifesto

    My dear brother The G Manifesto will revel in this news.

  • Gmac

    As much as I want to I just can’t do it… I’m too paranoid about my overall health.

  • Mage

    Most women are not worth damaging health. The few who are worth anything do not smoke.

  • Lika

    I smoked 2 packs a day for more than 10 years and quit 4 years ago.

    If I have to, I have no problem lighting up a cigarette and smoking it. I just don’t inhale the smoke in my lungs

  • samseau

    People who think you’ll get addicted from smoking a few cigarettes per week are obviously bullshitting.

    I’ve done this casual smoking thing for years, and I’ve never even come close to addicted…

    You need to smoke something around 2-4 butts PER DAY, not week, in order to become even mildly addicted.

    The argument that socially smoking will hurt you is as dumb as the argument that socially drinking will hurt you.

    And yes, I have gotten 3-4 lays from going outside to smoke with a girl. My poor lungs, how will they ever forgive me?

  • samseau

    I used to smoke regularly when I was 18, then I quit. Haven’t bought a pack since, yet I’ve still socially smoked.

    I don’t do this just for women either; if there’s a cool guy I’m getting along with, and he wants to smoke, I go outside with him too.

    Because of my flexibility, I’m friends with a group of doctors in my city as well.

  • dickbutt

    “People who think you’ll get addicted from smoking a few cigarettes per week are obviously bullshitting.”

    agreed. i smoke only when i’m out at bars/club and/or am drinking. otherwise never ever. self-control swag

  • Mys

    Mystery adopted social smoking for the same reason, then he got addicted, hahahaha

  • samseau

    “Mystery adopted social smoking for the same reason, then he got addicted, hahahaha”

    Source? Fuck you troll.

  • Lumiere

    I figured out a way to get around this without giving yourself lung cancer.

    Just say that you will come smoke with her.

    Then when in the smoking area, tell her that you switched brands. That you used to smoke real cigarettes but you switched to imaginary cigarette’s.

    Then mime pulling a pack of imaginary invisible cigs out, light it with your imaginary lighter and puff away.

    Feel free to bitch about how hard they are to find because most shops dont sell them, how you get through 3 packs a day and how your doctor has warned you that you might get imaginary cancer.

  • theakinet

    Carry a lighter and Parliament cigs (cute girls smoke this brand). Offer to light a girl’s cig. Wait for her to offer a cig as “payment.” If she fails to do this PLAYFULLY call out the faux pas. Smoke if you’re into that, and run your game. If you don’t smoke telk her you don’t smoke. She will ask “why do you have a lighter/cigs?” Ans: b/c people always ask me for a light/cigs. Run your game. You are welcome.

  • FFY

    Second samseau.

    If you think of it as casual and only something you do while you’re out, as opposed to a fix that you need, you’re not going to get addicted. It’s like a mental trick, and it works

  • Odds


    Buy the fake Herbal Cigarettes they smoke on movie sets like Mad Men. You can find them online and at any tobacco store.

    Stay Safe.

  • Aleph

    I also started smoking because it created more opportunities for me on nights out. Just don’t let it get out of control and you’ll be fine.

  • That lithuanian guy

    Some EE girl in the comments of your previous post has confirmed that EE girls make themselves easier to foreign guys because dating one provides them with higher status in society (it so because they are relatively poor, hate themselves and their countries). You don’t really need to start smoking, just be there and they will jump on your cock as soon as their hear you speaking your language (as an opportunity to change their miserable lives). You don’t need to act cocky and funny alpha, because most girls are insecure and will be scared away by that behaviour in addition to the language barrier. Your British or American humour is also completely alien to them, I suggest to prepare talking very long hours about how cool living in your country is (they are willing to relocate next day anyway) and some of your travel stories (they don’t travel outside Europe that much because they cannot afford that) – that will make you look cultured and well-travelled person (far better then anyone local).

    There isn’t much competition from local men also, because 98% of them take pride in being beta providers, brag a lot to girls about their petty achievements and latest purchases and are willing to pay for every second of her attention (nerdy consultants and tough construction workers alike).

    Roosh, what town and places you’ve been to?

  • Samuel

    Here’s my twist: I smoke Cherry Prime-Times.

    little cherry cigars that look like brown cigarettes.

    -They don’t reek like cigarettes, WAY less. Not sure why, but they don’t.

    -They make your lips taste like cherry (or whatever flavor you choose) and not only is it pleasant, its a fine point to bring up when you are smoking with a girlie. Perhaps if she is curious, she should give you a big kiss and see if you are right. When she tastes cherry during the kiss, you’re in BUSINESS.

    -They are different, so they are an excellent prop / conversation piece.

    – They don’t have the big nicotine hit that normal smokes do, so they won’t make you feel like shit or make you dizzy when you drink.

    The thing about smoking is that is takes the pressure off of a conversation and relieves awkward tension or fidgeting, which is a relief for most girls, and lubricates the PUA’s efforts.

  • Apocalypseman

    This. As long as you stay strong and can limit your smoking to these situations I agree. I’ve been out with many european women in London, where smoking is limited. It is an easy opportunity to isolate them. It’s gross but get over it. Besides the buzz is nice.

    I never smoked once back home. But letting them go out to smoke and staying inside does indeed kill the interaction. As you mentioned, going out and watching them smoke just feels stupid. Anytime I tried this I just went back inside and the interaction was dead.

  • The Marlboro Man

    Big League Chew my brothers!

  • Rone

    I definitely co-sign this. I’m a married man who only smokes on occasion. In many of the opportunities in which I’m out at the bar and a woman is “crossing the line” or giving signals that she doesn’t care that I’m married, a smoke is involved.

    It’s social bonding and has a free spirit type vibe attached.

  • NYCBachelor

    Organic Cigarettees are the way to go; American Spirts don’t have all of the carcinogenic additives that they put in regular brands of cigarettes to make them orders of magnitiude more addicting.

    Less chance of cancer, less chance of addition- same cool vibe.

  • Sid

    I think as long as you have no hankering to smoke when you’re alone, and you only smoke to be “social” (i.e., to increase your notch count), then it’s not that bad.

    If you were ever addicted to smoking, though, then becoming a social smoker again is a horrible idea.

    If you’re starting to crave cigarettes while you’re alone, then you need to stop smoking altogether.

  • Anonymous

    Can you achieve the same effect with a decent cigar?

    [Roosh: No, but you can try a cigarillo. Problem is they take way too long to smoke. You want something that starts and stops at about the same time as her.]

  • Razzy

    Thats ridiculous. Do not start, its obviouy addictive (read the statistics) and I dont need to tell you the dangers…

    Theres plenty of other things you can do/work on to improve your chances.

  • Hash

    Anyone afraid of addiction does not have will power

    I’m certainly not scared to light up, have no desire to alone, and don’t judge anyone for what they choose to do with their own life!

  • Saneul

    Ive been smoking socially since I was 12. One cigarette a day wont make you addicted.

    Those fake cigarettes that let out steam only would be a good substitute. Theyre basically toys with no chemicals.

    Side question: Does anyone else directly massage their prostate and refrain from washing hands before going out for good luck?

  • Kaywhole

    Good post. I’ve been preaching this for a while now, even though I have especially shitty lungs and cough for a couple of days if I really smoke.

    I run a lot of game at downtown hipster clubs that are so loud it makes approaches literally impossible unless you and the girl know sign language. I hang out in the smoking section and do all my talking out there. Only drinking and dancing and bathroom hjs happen inside the club itself.

    If you want to get your smoking game proper, you’ve got to get a metal cigarette case with Davidoff cigs and a nice lighter. Pull that out of your dinner jacket and smoke while flirting outside. Male hipsters will smoke hand rolled american spirits in the corner with their ratty beards and gauged ears and low test levels. Fuck all their women and don’t inhale!

  • Kaywhole

    @odds. Good idea with the herbal cigs. the only setback is if some girl wants to bum one she’ll think you’re weird for smoking them.

  • green crayons

    if you have asthma, I guess your out of luck.

  • Sid

    Also, sharing a hookah pipe with a chick is awesome. It gets kino going especially swiftly.

  • http://[email protected] 20th Level

    Sucking a dick every now and then doesn’t make you gay if you don’t enjoy it. A quick bj to a bouncer in the alley will get you vip priveleges and save on the cover.

    More money in your pocket and more time in the club instead of waiting in line will increase your noctch count significantly. Write this shit down.

    Oh and always spit it out and never swallow because that would be gay.

  • Vomit Sex

    Cigar bars pop up now and then depending on where you are be it the States or Europe. Essentially both men and women go there. These types of bars offer a vast selection of the best cigars from all over the world, as well usually you can order a drink to have with your cigar. The nice thing about taking a chick there is that you can get an idea of how well she gives head by watching her puff away on a decent sized stoggie.

    The only way I could see this being a problem if, unbeknownst to you, she happens to secretly be a hermaphrodite and she’s checking you out how well you puff away, the situation becomes socially
    awkward… okay never mind.

  • The Private Man
  • Marmot

    As much as I want to do it, I am just unwilling to spend money, harm my health and risk a serious addiction just to open some girls more effectively. Still, if someone has the stomach (er… lungs) for it, go ahead.

    Maybe with an electronic cigarette? But since it doesn’t smell (or at best it’s sweet rather than vomit-inducing like real cigarettes are) I don’t think it would pass easily.

    p.s. lol @ 20th level

  • Naughty Nomad

    100% agree. This is great advice.
    I’ve been a casual smoker all my life and never got addicted. I only smoke when I’m out. I smoke about 5 cigs a week. Just last Monday I used the “do you have light?” line and ended up bedding the same chick.

    Listen up kids.


  • Giovonny

    Why not?

    Most of us are already “flexible drinkers”

    Take as few hits as possible and become a master of “fake smoking”.

    I know a guy that rolls his own smokes using organic tabacco. Rolls um up anywhere, anytime.

  • Mary Lou Reton

    I am a flexible smoker!

  • Iknowexact

    For god’s sake don’t try this. So pathetic and try-hard (hurting your health to scurry about by her feet) It’s addictive as he’ll and you’re 47 and the doctor walks into the room to explain the test results– why does it look like he wants to cry? Don’t worry you’ll learn plenty about crying when you realize you’re done.

  • maybe I’d smoke…

    maybe…IF sh’s SMOKIN hot….not below 8.

  • arafat scarf

    yep… flexible smoking is useful. it’s nice for isolating and a good change of pace from the loud noise of the club. even if your smoking dog shit marlboro lights, a few cigarettes here and there on a night out won’t make you addicted.

  • fire

    the hot Russian I banged offered me to smoke a cigarette. I hesitated. First thing she noticed was that I’m not a smoker. I laughed, exploited her humor and admired her smoking skills and, eventually, got the bang.

  • Ben

    I’m a big fan. This is very foolish though. Dying of cancer is one of the worst ways to go and smoking definitely increases the risk of it. Even just being around women who smoke is bad.

    Personally, too, I’ve found it unnecessary. If you are confident enough, not smoking can actually work in your favour. When a woman asks me if I smoke (as, say, she is lighting up) I give her a cold, laconic, reproachful “no.” As in: “I disapprove and it’s my approval that *you* need to earn.”

    Current woman I’m seeing quit on my request within a day.

  • Ben

    “Sucking a dick every now and then doesn’t make you gay if you don’t enjoy it. A quick bj to a bouncer in the alley will get you vip priveleges and save on the cover.

    More money in your pocket and more time in the club instead of waiting in line will increase your noctch count significantly. Write this shit down.

    Oh and always spit it out and never swallow because that would be gay.”

    Heroin game:

    Banging a bit of heroin to secure heroin chicks. Works like a treat. Seriously. You need to start casual heroin use. Just find a good vein and go for it.

    What’s better, refusing to shoot heroin or losing a potential 9? Be smart. THINK!

  • Anonymous

    how come anti smokers are so hysterical about it?

  • Mr. Pointyface

    The reason some non-smokers are hysterical is because we work in health care and see the bodies and the broken souls who could not quite believe they are fragile machines.

    Unti they get the diagnosis. Then they realize being cool doesn’t provide the protection they thought it did.

    And they probably go home and cry iike little girls. I know I would. And it doesn’t help a bit.

  • SimpleMan

    WTF? You don’t need to light a cigarette to go talk to girl that’s smoking! Just go talk to her in the smoking area if you so desire. She’s not going to reject you because you’re a non-smoker lol

    And if she does? Who cares!?

  • Andy Button

    As someone who smoked for 8 years and quit, this is not something I would advise for anyone who has smoked heavily at some point in their lives.

    It’s possible that if you pick up smoking after the age of 18, you can keep your use casual. I don’t know, I doubt it for most people, but I guess it’s possible for some people.

    But if you’ve ever been a heavy smoker, having that occasional cigarette is really only going to lead you down the downward spiral into addiction again. It is inevitable. Read about the concept of fractionation in hypnosis.

  • Cam

    Yeah, Roosh, I normally love your material, but this shit is crazy. I hate smoking and no bitch is worth lowering my value to bang. Smoking accelerates skin aging and cardiovascular, so I take pride in knowing that I am better than the women who lower their value by smoking. Way better.

  • Icemancr

    If you have anxiety there is a good chance you will develop something called Globus, a mental disorder where you think you have throat cancer but in reality it is just a mental disillusion. I would also recommend white tea to counteract the chemicals in cigarettes. Also, drinking combined with smoking is more deadly than drinking or smoking in a singular capacity. This is especially true for throat cancer since both agents pass over this surface when consumed and in conjuction are a lot more risky.

  • Firepower

    Situational smoking is good.
    Ignore all the prissy whiners warnings.

    More likely, you’ll die from The Amazonian Clap.
    Either way, no one lives forever.

    Filet Mignon & Bourbon for lunch…

  • Prime™

    “Just say that you will come smoke with her.

    Then when in the smoking area, tell her that you switched brands. That you used to smoke real cigarettes but you switched to imaginary cigarette’s.”

    You’d better b the smoothest fuckin guy in the club or you’ll look like a straight lame

  • Rob

    Insane suggestion to ever light up. Cigs have been developed for addictive qualities by cig companies. And it happened to me.

  • madmax

    noooooooo! don’t ever smoke any of that shit ! I have done ih for 20 years and had to make an ENORMOUS effort to quit ! It’s fucking addictive, I had to isolate myself for almost 3 months and focus exclusively on not smoking. Don’t ever fucking touch that shit, you have no idea how it damages your organism! People smoke out of sheer ignorance, they don’t realize how fucking bad it is. It’s like being an heroin addict, the only difference is that it’ll take a bit longer to fucking die. Don’t be naive.

  • madmax

    PS. you cannot ‘choose’ to be a casual smoker. Casual smokers are only casual for a certain period of time. If you smoke and you’ll ever go in a difficult period of your life, you’ll attach an illusion of short-term gratification to smoking,and because of that, before you know it, you’ll have fallen into the spiral of chronic addictiveness. It’ll fuck you up, believe me. Even without cancer, a very high risk, you’ll destroy your lungs , smell like a 50 yo street hooker, and you’ll have to interrupt any of your activities every 20 minutes to light up that piece of shit and let your bloodstream absorb it.

  • Zelcorpion

    There are better ways of doing this. I am a non-smoker, but I puff cigars without inhaling especially at bars where most girls are smokers. I find that puffing a thick cigar gives you easily an aloof-asshole vibe – nevermind whether the stuff costs 200$ or just 2$ – she won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.