Being A Native English Speaker Is More Valuable Than You Think

I’ve long advised men to learn a foreign language in order to increase their access to foreign women, but my recent experience in Russia reminded me how valuable it is to be a native English speaker in a world where English is the most desirable language to learn.

I moved to a small Siberian city with two goals in mind: (1) improve my Russian, and (2) sleep with beautiful women. I figured that both of these goals were perfectly aligned since the more beautiful the foreign girl, the less likely she will speak English, a phenomenon I’ve encountered in most countries I’ve been to. The one thing I didn’t expect is that Siberian girls in the 6 or 7 range would be void of English as well, meaning that I got to practice my Russian on over 90% of the girls I interacted with.

Because I was so motivated to learn Russian, something interesting happened: I lowered my standards on girls who spoke zero English. In other words, a girl I would have never considered in a place like Poland or Scandinavia, where English is common, was suddenly a worthy prospect in Siberia simply because practicing Russian brought great value to me. Even if I failed in my pursuit of her I would still get the language practice out of it. I went on dates just as hungry to speak the language as to get sex, meaning that even rejection came with its own reward.

Now it’s important to state I don’t need to actually learn Russian. It’s a hobby that will not increase my income and maybe only marginally increase my love life if you account for the hundreds of hours I must spend mastering it, but pretend you’re a foreign girl for a second. English is much more important to you from a survival standpoint to increase your employment prospects. It’s also important if you want to travel just about anywhere in the world. Do you now think that she would lower her standards to date a man who speaks English just so that she can get to practice this important language? Of course she would.

Let’s put this realization in clear terms: I have banged many girls who wouldn’t have banged me had I been from their own country. Many probably felt just neutral about me, maybe only slightly attracted, but decided that at least she would get to improve her English, so she spread her legs when the time came. Relationships of mine that ended suddenly could have been because she got bored of practicing and desired to speak her native language again.

Strong attraction is when when a foreign girl hates English and doesn’t speak it but decides to bang me, even if my grasp of her language is on the level of a six-year-old child. The catch is she will definitely be less beautiful than a girl who wants to learn English since I provide less overall value to her. This is actually what I have seen in Ukraine, where the girls I banged using Russian only were less attractive overall than the girls I banged using English (though not by much).

I’m afraid that I have inadvertently provided an argument for not learning a new language, because even when you become proficient in one, it may not be enough to get higher quality than if you use English alone. Of course there are clear exceptions (especially in Latin America), but we can’t be absolutely certain of a substantially higher sexual payoff.

The reason the phrase “English groupie” exists is because this language has so much value that a girl will fuck you just to practice it. My recommendation to you is to bang some English groupies of a foreign country first before committing yourself to learning its language. Unless you encounter many situations where you think, “Damn, if I knew this language I could have spoken to that pretty girl,” it won’t be worth it for you. Only when you can definitively conclude that an increase in language ability will broaden your romantic options should you dive in for real.

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