Beta Male Of The Decade Award

I know we have a whole year left but I got an interesting email from a guy who has been reading me for ages, before blogs were known as blogs. He informs me that Shlonglor, one of the internet’s first celebrity gamer geeks, knocked up a girl who is now destroying his life. In addition to his child, he’s raising her 6-year-old from a previous relationship, calling the kid his own.

Let’s take a closer look.

So I give her $400 for groceries, next day she wants money. She was supposed to take some of the money up to her moms and use it for groceries this month so her mom wouldn’t have to pay for everything. She spent $100 in one day here. She just took another $100 and she wants another $50. I bought airline tickets for $800, GPS/Camera (like $500). It never ends.

See I’m buying a house and It’s like $3,100 a month vs. $2,000 a month for my current rent. When I met her I was at $1,200 a month. She doesn’t have a job so it’s up to me. ๐Ÿ™

I’m going to have to pay like $800 to move, get a washer, dryer, fridge. I have to pay like $800 to get out of the apartment. I have $77/month college loan payment coming up, I have $3k on my credit card because of all these bullshit purchases, and I owe $1k on car insurance. She’s getting us another loan to help stay alive that I have to pay back within a year.

It’s a horrible time for me to buy a house… I should say no but this is the only time I can probably get a decent place where I got it. She keeps saying that if you wait, you might never see interest rates like this. She might be right. We’ll see.

She made him buy a house during the biggest housing bust since the Great Depression. Ouch.

I got rid of cable, netflix, gametap. That’s like $150.

She made him give up everything that kept his meek existence the least bit enjoyable.

I will eventually in a year get like 10k back in taxes for the house but that’s a long time to survive until then. I’m thinking of borrowing some money from my 401k despite it being down $40k.

What a shitty way to live.

He confesses in the comments that he complains about his girlfriend online so that she’ll see it and hopefully get the hint. Fucking epitome of beta. A man who doesn’t stand up for himself and instead cries on a blog with sad emoticons deserves nothing but total ruin. Get a spine man! Stop giving that bitch money! The only question is if she will be able to find a bigger beta to raise his kid once he’s reduced to living in his Honda.

If you’re wondering why a man would put up with this sort of thing, it’s the same reason why women stay with men who slap them across the face from time to time. Low self-esteem, low confidence. They think they can’t do better and that they’re lucky with whatever they got.

I believe he has reached the point of no return where no amount of advice or game will change the outcome. Helping him would be like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

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