Bitter Jaded Man

“What is flirtation? One might say that it is behavior leading another to believe that sexual intimacy is possible, while preventing that possibility from becoming a certainty. In other words, flirting is a promise of sexual intercourse without a guarantee.”
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

I’m on a curly hair kick right now. When a cute curly-haired girl looked at me and smiled I was over in a flash.

“Hi!!!!” I said.

She pretended she was a tough smart ass when I could tell she was much more vulnerable. I like girls who wear their emotions on their sleeve because it’s only through emotions that real connections can be made.

As luck would have it, a tall blonde I talked to earlier wouldn’t stop looking over at me. Curly hair noticed this and said that if I really wanted to go talk to her I could and she’d leave us alone. I laughed it off. There’s game to tell a girl you are desirable and then there is another girl staring at your junk to tell a girl you are desirable. One is more powerful than the other.

About a half-hour into our courtship I made a comment along the lines of “I guess we’re going to have to hang out sometime soon.” She didn’t object to that statement. I think I would date her if it came down to that, and if she was reading this now I doubt she’d deny there was something there besides alcohol and dim lighting. It’s rare that I care about meeting a girl these days.

Her friends were leaving. She wasn’t ready to be kissed. I asked her where she lives as I reached for my cell phone in my pocket.


“Wait, where?” I asked.

“Richmond, Virginia.”

“When are you going back?”

She looked at her watch. “In about 10 hours.”

“That information could have been useful to me an hour ago!”

“Oh so you wouldn’t have talked to me then?”

I glanced away, unwittingly giving her my answer.

It was a Friday night and the bar was about to close. There was nothing more to do. The night was done.

But I was cool. Only when you cross certain bridges can you allow a girl to make you feel emotions such as anger, frustration, or even regret. A kiss is the first bridge and sex would be the next. If you let girls affect you before you got what you wanted then I imagine you would turn into a very bitter, jaded man. Those are not attractive qualities.

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