Black Guys Game

hand-on-ass-technique.jpgThere are two kinds of black guys: the urban / hip-hop kind that is heavy on the slang and mimics stylings they see in rap music videos, and college-educated black guys whose style is a mix of urban and suburban mall-strip culture. I’m not impressed with the game of the former.

Over 50% of the time, I notice their opener is “Hey *slang identifier*, you got a man?” If you are a single girl that has no information about this guy besides his appearance and common line, why would you say no? He’s giving you an out and the whole interaction that follows is usually him trying to convince the girl to put the man aside and give him a chance. Direct game does have its uses, but the boyfriend question puts you at a huge disadvantage as soon as you open your mouth. It would be like calling the cops and telling them which bank you are going to rob right before you rob it. Why make it harder for yourself?

I’m confident there is a whole generation of black men growing up that is used to the fact that 99% of all women have a boyfriend.

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