Blog Crush Happy Hour

Blogger Happy Hour

I’m doing another happy hour with Arjewtino and Lemmonex at Marvin next Friday. For more details on the concept visit their blogs now.

You're Invited To My 2015 World Tour

Join other likeminded men in your city and attend my 2015 world tour. Starting in late June, I will be visiting Berlin, London, Washington DC, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto. Each city will have a 4-hour event that includes a speech by me, a Q&A, and also a meet & greet.

For full details on what's in the speech, the dates, and how to reserve your seat, visit Roosh World Tour.

Discounted pricing if you reserve early
Visit Roosh World Tour to learn more

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  • The G Manifesto

    You should have these at Gentleman’s Clubs.

    Just a suggestion.

    – MPM

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  • The G Manifesto


    The comments don’t work on your newest post.

    – MPM

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  • Roosh

    Yes I’m leaving them closed until the final part.

  • Large Hadron Collider

    I didn’t know you played the harmonica…

  • GiantMidget

    I just got laid off today and am considering a descent into Roosh inspired slackerdom. Wish me luck.