Blog Recommendations

The first is See Mike Draw, a brilliant cartoonist who has a very disturbed sense of humor. I looked at his archive to highlight his best cartoons but they’re all good. Start with this zombie inspired one.

Second is I Was In Korea, about a young (?) traveler currently in Dubai who likes picking up girls along the way.


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  • What Liz Said

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    What Liz Said’s last blog post: Moving On.

  • c

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m 25. And I moved to Doha yesterday. If you ever visit the Middle East, don’t feel bad about not visiting Doha. If you close your eyes and bury your head in a sandbox while an Indian guy yells at you for 20 minutes, it will be a similar experience.

    c’s last blog post: I’ve been here a couple hours now.

  • The Entire Female Population

    Please don’t feel bad. It’s not you – it’s me.
    I’m just not attracted to greasy arabs guys.

  • RCR

    Apparently the Entire Female Population is a dumb bitch. I knew it!