Brazilian Girls


Most Brazilian girls look like half-Middle Eastern and half-Western European, darker than Argentine girls but lighter than girls from other South American countries. Since Brazil is similar to the United States with its large immigrant influence, it’s harder to pin down their physical features as easily as the Argentine girl.

If the average girl in a US club ranks a 5, and in an Argentina club she ranks a 7, in Brazil she’d be somewhere between a 6 and 7. This means the average Brazilian girl is bangable, but what separates Brazilian girls from the others is their vibe. If you are a guy and you look at a Brazilian girl, your mind jumps to sexual thoughts much faster than usual. Since it is not because she is more attractive, I think it’s a combination of body and body language. Having a larger than average ass helps. Argentine girls are beautiful dolls you want to show off on your arm, but Brazilian girls you want to get to the bedroom. American girls are a mixture, excelling at neither.

Most Brazilian girls in Rio speak English, and it’s not hard to see why with an English school on every other block. Your approach will be the same as on American girls, and their initial response will be the same as well (sometimes a little aloof), but what’s different in that if the Brazilian girl is feeling your game, things ramp up quickly and within two minutes it will be obvious if things will progress. She will ask you a bunch of questions, ask you to dance, or ask you to come hang out with her friends. You will get the “kiss me” vibe much faster than other girls as well, and the head turn you see in Argentine girls simply doesn’t exist here. Brazilian girls can be extremely aggressive if they like you, which means grabbing you or kissing you outright. To me that is novel and fun, but to some Brazilian guys it is annoying.

Argentina is the biggest conformist culture I’ve seen, more so than the United States. Argentine girls have the exact same hair, shoes, jeans, and even cut-off shirts. And they all smoke. One reason it’s so hard to select an Argentine girl out of a group you approached is being they are carbon copies of each other, but Brazil’s culture is more individualistic where creativity is rewarded (wait until you see pictures from the Carnival parade). Girls in the same group are very different so it will be rare you are debating between two of them.

Some problems that exist in the United States exist in Brazil as well. If you move up the socioeconomic ladder to the Brazilians who are wealthy and hold Western culture as their idol, their attitude will be just as bad or as worse than the yuppie lawyers you may hit on in DC. But there is less of a problem that a girl who ranks a 7 in Brazil will pretend she is an 8 or higher, as is common in some U.S. cities.

The best thing about Brazilian girls is they play far fewer games. I think it’s because they simply don’t know how. Many times I’m dealing with a Brazilian girl and think, “Doesn’t she know she is making it so obvious she likes me?” They show affection fast and often. On the other hand, American girls are professionals at playing games that slow down the interaction. If you show genuine affection to an American girl you are casually dating, you will be punished in some way. The interaction always has to be breezy so no one is showing “too much” interest, whatever too much is. (A person cannot handle affection if they don’t know how to give it.) The Brazilian girl is so unbreezy that you don’t have to think about regulating or keeping track of the affecting you give—in fact you won’t even be able to keep up with her. The way I view and interact with women would be completely different if I was raised dating Brazilian girls; I would put so much less mental energy into girls this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

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  • Tastemakers Blogazine

    Really insightful post Roosh, just a reminder that you need to adapt your game to the local environment. Heck game that works in South Beach might not work in Alabama and vice versa

    Tastemakers Blogazine’s last blog post: 2008 Yamaha YZF R6.

  • virgle Kent

    “Argentine girls are beautiful dolls you want to show off on your arm, but Brazilian girls you want to get to the bedroom. American girls are a mixture, excelling at neither.”

    Oh YOU know I laughed

  • Beach Bum

    I think the stuff you said about Brazilian girls might be spot on. We don’t play games, guy don’t play games either. And we don’t make a big deal out of kissing. If we like you, you can kiss us within 5 minutes of talking to us. I have a few American friends who have rules about not kissing in the first date, and all that crap. What’s the point of having these “rules”?

    Beach Bum’s last blog post: Brazil.

  • Bobby Rio

    It took me 5 months of dating a previous long term girlfriend to tell her “I love you”

    it took 4 months for me to tell me current girl “I love you”

    One week of dating a girl in Rio we were both gushing the “i love you’s”

    not something I’m proud of but just wanted to make a point about all things move faster with brazilian girls..

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: Bobby and Mike on FM Radio Friday.

  • Sudamericana

    You are so right about Argentina being a conformist culture… It’s quite suffocating in that sense, and it is actually one of the things that keeps me away from living there. People are constantly posing, looking and being looked at. Not living in such a n environment can be so relaxing… cause even if you try to remain unaffected by it, you end out falling into it anyway…

    I think I am still very much like the typical Argentine girl in the way I dress, cut my hair, etc. But outside my country, those things are considered quite original… I am actually the only Argentine where I live now. And that’s awesome. I can still keep the Argentine look, which I love, and still be considered as having an “individual sense of style”. ha

  • Anon

    “The way I view and interact with women would be completely different if I was raised dating Brazilian girls; I would put so much less mental energy into girls this blog probably wouldn’t exist.”

    Yeah, America is a huge mindfuck to most American males. We’re the richest country in the world because the media mindfucks males into thinking they need more money to get girls. So guys work and work and make the alphas richer.

    Add in the actual ass-rape divorce and child support laws, and we have a nation where middle class males have to bust their butts working. Middle class males exist in America to work to make The Man richer, pay girlfriends/wives/ex-wives, and pay more taxes to support the unemployed dips who have 10 kids with 10 differnt women.

  • T.

    Argentina is the biggest conformist culture I’ve seen, more so than the United States. Argentine girls have the exact same hair, shoes, jeans, and even cut-off shirts. And they all smoke.

    Sounds like the sorority girl Jewish American Princesses (JAPs) that NYC is overrun with.

    T.’s last blog post: The Rocky Fallacy.

  • T.

    Beach Bum said:

    What’s the point of having these “rules”?

    I’m not sure myself, but from what I’ve seen, the goal is to end up old, bitter and alone/stuck with a beta.

    T.’s last blog post: The Rocky Fallacy.

  • Ava V

    “The way I view and interact with women would be completely different if I was raised dating Brazilian girls; I would put so much less mental energy into girls this blog probably wouldn’t exist.”

    what a sad world that would be. thank god for this blog.

    Ava V’s last blog post: Expectations.

  • Pete

    So you finally find the type of girl you were looking for (Brazilian) and you then decide to promptly leave come back to the land of uber bitches. Dating hot/cool girls would require you to completely rethink you’re whole outlook on women/life. It’s much easier to come back here and suffer with what you are familiar with. It’s already too late for guys like us… Welcome back.

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  • Rael

    Brazilian girls would be perfect except for a one major flaw: they’re insanely possesive & jealous. They become jealous of (definitely) any female friends, (probably) any male friends & (possibly) your pets.

    If your just pumping & dumping you might not notice. Try having an LTR with one & you’ll find out quickly.

    Brazilian girls assume their boyfriends will cheat. They expect the boyfriend to make up for the assumed infidelity by giving 100% of their attention to them when they are together.

    Anything short of this is considered disrespectful – i.e. looking at or talking to another woman while the BG is in the same room is disrespectful.

    Most American men will simply find this impossible to deal with.

  • Anonymous

    I have been seeing a brazilian Nanny for about a month now… One of the hotest girls I have ever been with. Things definately progress quickly we kissed when we first met and each time we have dated after have gone a step further. This particular girl obviously come from money in Brazil, but unlike American girls (I live in NY) she is fun and rather easy to get along with. I don not get along with most American girls but I find I genuinely click with this one. However she seems a little shy in the bedroom it has been a mission to gt her naked although she has nothing to be shy about. Have not gone all the way yet maybe i am a typical American guy and i usually dont take long to get what I want. We havn’t gone to the finish line yet but I figure it will come… to me about a month and a half seems like a long time but maybe I’m impatient. I stick with it though because I like her and I figure it will be that much better when we do. Will see what happens just taking it as it comes… I just know now that I have been with a brazilian I am all about foriegn women :)

  • got tiby

    First of all this website is the shit, and what you said “Brazilian girl is so unbreezy that you don’t have to think about regulating or keeping track of the affecting you give—in fact you won’t even be able to keep up with her.” This is very true. I met a braziian girl at a local bar and by the end of the night we were making out, this dosen’t happen often to me because I’m farly shy about that kind of stuff. She took charge and took my number. A day later she called me and we met up at the same bar. Once again she took control with the affection. At this point I’m loving this. Well a few encounters go bye and eventualy I get her back to my house and we make out on my bed till 7 am but no luck with the score. This was fine for me because I knew I could wait, It would be worth it.
    Were having comunication problums but still able to show are feeling and basic conversations. Yet I feel like I am falling in love, I hope this is not a trick. Like you said tho, they don’t play games and thats what I’m use to is the tipical american girl and her games. Well thanks for reading.

  • Anonymous

    Brazilian girls are interest in a good time and some money if they can get it from you

  • Anonymous

    Brazilian girls do play games. Believe me its all about your money with the poor ones. Especially in the Northwest of Brazil. I have lived in Brazil for 3.5 years. It is always about the money.. Believe me. The girls with money wont give you the time of day. Yes it is easy to get them into bed but if they get their hooks into you you and your money are toast. I do know. Been there done that. I have been taken before and have warded off many more. Pretty – yes…smart yes…play games definitely. Brazil is the most dishonest samming country there is. Starts at the top with the government down to the men and women.

  • Anonymous

    To correct the above I was speaking of the Northeast of Brazil not the northwest.

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  • Anonymous

    Question. I am attending college at a local university and there is a 27 yr old Brazilian girl where we have been in several classes together.

    We have a good friendship, I’ve helped her with her papers because he English writing is average and we email each other alot.

    I find her very attractive and I think it’s mutual. Last night after class I explained to her that I like her and I was hoping to get a response but I felt my response “threw her off guard”. She was very happy to hear my response and gave me a big hug and said we’ll keep in touch throughout the summer.

    Normally an American would say yes or no and if yes, we would go out immediately. I’m thinking because of her values and culture, this is how it works. Does She need to think it through?

    Basically I want to know if she likes me more than just friends. What’s my next step?

  • Roosh


    1. Subscribe to my newsletter

    2. Stop telling girls you like them and instead get them out on a date and make a move. Less talk, more action.

  • Doug

    I am relocating to Rio to teach english abroad. I hope my long-term stay increases my chance at finding that much younger marraige partner! I’m 50. Thanks Roosh for this site!

  • Brandon

    Brazilian girls are awesome. I initially had a bad experience with a Brazilian girl, but I’ve been hanging out with more Brazilians lately and they are awesome people. I met two Brazilian guys, and they got me back in good with the friends of the Brazilian girl I hooked up with that went sour, and they are all pretty good looking. And the girl I hooked up with went back to Brazil.

  • Anonymous

    I’m Brazilian and just to defend myself I have NEVER EVER dated anyone for money like someone previously mentioned. Yes, a lot of girls have that in mind but that does not apply to Brazilian exclusively, American girls are all about money too!

    “The girls with money wont give you the time of day” I live in the U.S. make decent money and I just look for a person like everyone else, someone that I like and care about. Maybe that’s my problem, I noticed guys here are used to girls that complain, only get their way of doing things and step on them…

  • jason

    I just returned from Brazil. In my first 3 weeks there I did not approach any women…and did not meet any women. In my last 2 weeks i started approaching them, “Fale Ingles? and then asked them a random question about Brazil. Or I just grabbed a girl and danced with her. From then on I hooked up nearly every night, unless another girl i talked to earlier in the night tried to cockblock me, which happened a few times.

    So yes, Brazil is a great country to meet women. I was also standing in line behind one woman and she turned around, looked at me, and then went to kiss me!

  • Anonymous

    I have been friends with a Brazilian girl for a year now, we are both attrative to each other but I’m married and she knows it.

    I’ve tried to make a move but she cannot because of my situation. I sent one final message trying to see if she would break and no response.

    Not really knowing the dating culture, should I drop it or keep pursuing her?

  • Andrew Parsons

    Am am American and I have been dating a Brazilian girl now for 10 months, we plan on getting married next year. All I can say about my whole experience dating a Brazilian girl is this: ATTENTION! ALL GRINGO GUYS! GET A BRAZILIAN GIRLFRIEND!!!!! She is by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me. The girls are so sweet, kind, honest and VERY LOVING! TRUE TO THE CORE. My advice is STAY FAR AWAY FROM all of these stuck-up American bitches! and also (BIG BONUS HERE!!!) SHE CAN COOK LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS!! LIKE A REAL WOMAN!!!!

  • alex

    Hey I just want to agree with you guys who have finally found out that Brazilian girls & others as well have these most of these game playing American girls beat by a mile. I would like to hear from other guys that live in Long Island, New York & tell me if this isn’t the place with the worst acting girls on the planet. My friends & I are out all the time & meet quite a few attractive girls here but most of them have an attitude that their owed something because they are kinda cute. Qualities: rude,selfish,stuck-up,ungrateful & a complete lack of manners & ignorant. But soon as they see you have a hookup or you make good money then their interest perks up. The guys here make it worse for themselves here. If somebody walks in somewhere with a hot girlfriend they are tripping over themselves to try and show they have money to offer. Big sign on their forehead saying “step all over me & i’ll still offer you the world” No wonder girls here have no respect for us. Go to Brazil & ignore them here.

  • Andrew Parsons

    I am glad you guys are finally seeing the light! I am a DIE HARD RED BLOODED AMERICAN! but my women will ALWAYS BE BRAZILIAN! I have met several Brazilian girls now, and All I can say is this: They all have been super cool, super sweet, and best of all…SUPER PRETTY!! C’mon! Start looking for that South American honey already!!!

  • ESR

    Hey Man, I’m from Brazil and you are right on. Every time I come back to America from Brazil, I think Americans are so prude.

  • Camila


    I don’t believe you. Roosv..whatever you name, you speak so cynically.
    Do you respect you mother, at least?
    do you HAVE a mother?
    Man I hope you come to Brasil again so i can slap you right in the face …the next time you see an nice brunnette walking in your direction, don’t think you got lucky this time, you better RUN! I’ll kick your ass you’ll be so sorry to say such horrible things!

    man, you suck. you really really do.

  • Adriana

    Hey! I am brasilian girl. And I guess you cant speak about the brasilian girls. Because I am sure you did not sleep with all girl here. So Why you just speak about the girl that did sleep with you.
    I hate it, many girls here has the great way in come someguy take just one bad girl and speaks her as BRASILIANs GIRLS. tHIS IS crazy.

    Sorry my bad English..

  • Brazilian girls do it better ^^

    Hey there! Well… As a brazilian girl I must say that some things Roosh said are true. Like how friendly we are here in Brazil, but not all of us are that easy… we are just so used to hang out and make out that we just don’t make a big deal about it. In my case, however I do play games. And really know how. (Used to be a player just for the fun of it ^^) Anyways… I have just one thing to complain about foreing guys: they don’t approach us like the guys here do… Foreing boys stare like the really want it, but they don’t come around to talk or anything. Maybe we are in such a rush that we think you guys are way too slow, so mostly, we end up making the first move. My advice is: just go for it. Ask her out, whoever she is. I think it’s much better when men approach. You may get a negative answer but who cares… there are many other pretty chicks in Brazil. But most of all HAVE FUN! You’re always welcome here! 😉
    p.s.: Andrew Parsons, you sound like a REALLY nice guy! Lucky compatriot girl.

  • 8


  • Brandon

    Brazilian girls do it better^^ wrote “I have just one thing to complain about foreing guys: they don’t approach us like the guys here do… Foreing boys stare like the really want it, but they don’t come around to talk or anything.” haha, all the Brazilian girls say the same thing, American guys have no game! I think it is true too after going to Brazil and seeing how aggressive the guys are. I think Americans are more like that though because it is more of a big deal to get rejected here. In Brazil, they don’t really have shame. If you get rejected, so what, go for the next girl. After going to Brazil, that’s how I look at it now, and I’m a lot more agressive than I was. Have no shame! Entao beijos, valeu gatinha!

  • Brazilian girls do it better^^

    Hey cute Brandon, you gotta come visit us again. Whenever you do I’ll have to make sure I’ll find ya! Greeting from Brasil! beijo 😉

  • RW

    Well have to agree with my somewhat limited knowledge of Brazilian women; I have more experience with the men having played a lot of soccer here in New York City.

    I met this Brazilian girl after leaving a village blues club and we were taking the train and on entering the station I noticed this girl was staring at me continuously.

    Went over spoke to her and we were in contact by email mostly as she has this habit of ignoring her phone. But we went out and she was warm and there was a lot of handholding at dinner and arms waking around each other after. But I didn’t try to kiss her as she even brought up going out the next day.

    But it didn’t happen and it’s been a long spell since. She had to be out of town for a month and then emailed that she was going back to Brazil for a short trip.

    Have no idea if there will be any continuation now, but there was a lot of connection there. Unfortunately the time apart it’s faded. Wonder now how it will go but if she is back in the US, I may see her.

    But as for the game, she clearly enjoys plenty of it. She talks a big one (how many girls are bold enough to talk about a second date while having dinner on the first?) but her follow through was not so good.

    Still a lovely girl with a real beauty beyond looks.

  • Brandon

    Oi gatinha! De onde voce mora em Brasil? I’m going back sometime this summer (your winter) but I don’t know when because first I’m going to Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Chili, and Uraguay. I’m going to end my trip in Brazil though for about two months. I will go to Floripa (maybe), Sao Paulo, Bragança Paulista, Rio, and probably Vitoria because I had some frieds invite me to stay there too. Maybe you’ll find me if you’re around. And maybe you can help me improve my horrible Portuguese. I’m sure you know how they say the best way to learn Portuguese is. haha! tcha tcha! Entao gatinha, valeu beijos abraço tchau!

  • Brazilian girls do it better^^

    Too bad I won’t be here this winter… I’m going to Canada to visit some friends… But I’m sure you will find someone to teach you Portuguese. LOL You’re definitely not leaving without “learning” it ^^ Have fun, sexy! beijo

  • Brandon

    Whoever wrote the 16th comment, what the fuck are you talking about? Where ever you live in Brazil must suck! I’ve met a Brazilian girl at the bar, I go, “Hey, do you want a drink?” The girl goes, “Yeah,” and throws her credit card on the bar and buys both of us drinks. Just don’t go for the poor ones. I don’t know what you are talking about the rich ones not giving you the time of day. The only Brazilian girls I’ve been with were rich, in the states and in Brazil.

  • Brandon

    Awe, bummer! How long you going to be in Canada gatinha?

  • Brazilian girls do it better^^

    hmmm July… the entire mounth… =]

  • Brazilian girls do it better^^

    month* XD

  • Brandon

    Awe, well I should be in Brazil while you are there. I plan on spending at least two months there.

  • Andrew Parsons

    I don’t know for sure if all Brazilian girls are better, (I am pretty sure they are) but I just got lucky with mine. She is a needle is a fucking haystack. I have never met someone as great as she is.

  • Rob

    Brazilian girls are simply the best….. Met mine 9 years ago for the first time, let her get away and we hooked up again a few months ago which has made me the happiest guy on the planet! For the years we were apart I thought about her all the time and dreamed about getting back together constantly!…and then one day it happened… and I wont let her go again.

  • Brandon

    I just came to a conclusion…. Some Brazilian girls do know how to play games (poorly), it deffinitely seems like most don’t. Just like you said, when they like you, it is usually painfully obvious. There is this one Brazilian girl that has a crush on me, and it is really obvious (especially considering the fact her friend has been trying to make me hook up with her), but she trys to play games. She tries so hard that it is unattractive. I’ll be talking to her, and she will start flirting with another guy or saying something really stupid like, “You already have a girl, don’t you?” It’s so dumb. I would have stuck it to her, but now she totally blew her chances by trying too hard.

  • anony


    You are just a dick, she blew it because she tried so hard. ..DICK!

  • Brandon

    48, you’re a puss.

  • u know who

    Women in Copacabana speak English. Even though
    Copacabana is in Rio, the majority of the people
    in the State of Rio speak Portuguese. Copacabana is the City. Go out to Santa Cruz, Botafogo,
    Rio das Ostras, Quemados. See what language they speak. It’s Portuguese.

  • khiale to

    can a moslim (musulmane)marry/love affair withbrazilian women?because i stay in sao paolo for 7 weeks and im 21 yrs virgin,i want to get temporary marriage and see how it goes….because in my beleifs muta ,a temporary marriage is aloud.i have only been with a girl when i was 15 yrs old!4 2 wks!i am not used to chatting and flirting with womens.but i dont want to do the fornication!can i start family?are brazilian women clement and warm and loyal wives,or nagging?how are they?i need help!can i still marry/love with a brazilian without alcohol and bar?i dont wanna use and dispose the brazilian women for sex i wanna bring home to my family and make child with her maybe ya know?cuz i practising musulmane do brazilian women respect i cant go to both gender parties and i lower my gaze if i speak to womens just me!!!so i need help my brothers and hermanas!peace and love to u all!!!!

  • Brandon

    51, with your mentality, it is going to be hard to even pick up a Brazilian girl. They are very sexual and like aggressive men with experience. Good luck trying though.

  • khiale to

    brandon thanks man,but ill try….i have brother with brazilian lady so it could work out i dont know…..peace and blessings to all my freinds!

  • nick

    i am about to take a trip to brazil and i am looking to date one and possibly bring one back from overseas and i was wondering if anybody had any pointers for how to approach things. I am at the point where i am sick of the american women and all the b.s. i have heard alot of good things about the women over there. the looks, personality etc. But i was wondering if anybody who has been there and dealt with the women can give me any advice or pointers.

  • Mariana

    My name is mariana and i’m a brazilian.I read everything you guys posted till now. Andrew Parsons, I’m really happy you found a brazilian girl that you like and respect so much. You’ll want to know why it is easier to go out with brazilian girls?It is simple. Brazilian guys takes brazilian girls for granted. That’s a fact, men are brought up here to be the stallions. And because of the “corrupt cultural style”, cheating is more frequent in brazil then in other countries.The “breezy style” is part of the process of women here trying to act as guys here do.Girls here are so easy to talk and affectionate to others because it is how we are brought up. Brazilian girls play games, the only difference is that they know you are interested that means you care about her in some way. Hope you’ ll understand this line of thought. By the way, americans are slower when approaching brazilian girls. It’s not a negative thing, but the way a brazilian guys thinks is different, more like “let’s get over with this.” That’s way they seem more impulse and carried on. Roosh,hope you don’t feel offended but the girls you hanged out with here are very young about 15 to 17 years old and this generation is known now a days(to us) for being the most wild or better saying too wild …
    You’ll thinking I’m probably an old woman nagging about the men of her country..bla,bla,bla
    But I’m not.I’m 26 and I thought that all these conversations above were lacking vital information so brazilian women don’t get stereotyped as prostitutes or not worthy of respect! Hope it can clear things up.

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  • Anonymous

    this roosh is promoting the sex industry in south america, im concerned about brasil because of that im going to inform policia federal about this american, whos trying to make a profit selling sex tips and informations about sex in brasl and about the brasilian womans hes just a PINP, he treats braislians womans like dogs, roosh your name is going to the policia federal in rio, if you dont remove brasil from your sex tour in south america, brasilian woman demand dignity like american womans we will catch you, soon or later, remove brasil from this site or policia federal will investigate what yu are doing, brasil cant allow a american to profit from the sex industry online, denegrating the brasilian woman image.

  • Lika

    “brasil cant allow a american to profit from the sex industry online, denegrating the brasilian woman image.”

    Lol wtf ?

    Since when picking up non-pro regular women in the streets and in bars and giving advice on that is profiting “from the sex industry online” ?

    This poster sounds like a crazy Brazilian feminazi bitch lost in Portugal… :-)

  • sirmarjalot

    Getting really excited about getting my white skinny english ass out to Rio Brazil and meeting some of these girls you seem to know so well. Well they are world famous. Is the Copa the place to hang out in the daytime, I hear the Help disco has closed down now, so wondering what are the best clubs to hit

    sirmarjalot’s last blog post: Odessa Streetwalkers.

  • Jo

    I am a Brazilian girl and i maybe i can contribute a bit.
    What you said about them not being more subtle in showing affection, it is normal and already installed in the culture indeed.
    We tend to be more euphoric and outgoing in affectionate occasions, but i may advise you that there’s a possibility it’s all a fake-up.
    Why do i say this? Simply because i know lots of girls (and unfortunately friends of mine) that commonly sustain this effusive and seemingly cute behavior as a part of ‘being polite’.
    It’s like you’re obliged to show extreme happiness to the person to convince her the situation is enjoyable.

    To the average brazilian girl, you the gringo serves like a ‘trophy’ you know?
    She can tell all her friends now she made-up with a gringo, and i’m pretty sure her friends will be jealous since it looks like a badge of ‘the best the country has to offer’ has been stuck on her chest, you know?

    So well, take this in mind and don’t steriotype us so much.
    I made an imparcial analysis on how you guys can be fooled by our supposed affectionate and outgoing behavior.

  • Herica

    You are so mistaken! Brazilian girls are not to take to the bedroom, this is such a general comment that should nerver be made. Funny like american girls are “angels”… I am Brazilian, beautiful and very respectful… I’ve been living in the States for a couple of years now, and eveytime i hit the clubs i am shocked by american girls’ behavior. You will never see in Brazil girls grinding on guys, showing their breasts and panties… like they do in America!
    You should def review your concepts …

  • Jase

    Herica, come on now you know Brazillian women are probably some of the most lusted after women in the world. But you do see how they are portrayed in the american media. I’ve never been to Brazil but I’ve never seen a homely Brazillian. And I have no problem with that. I would love to go to Brazil one day. And i did think they had a humping committee to welcome you when you got off the plane. Do they call black Americans gringos?

  • Brazilian girls do it better^^

    Herica is right, we are outgoing and warm people. But because we are very sexual, most people don’t understand. We do not show boobs in parties like that! Hell no! We tease! haha And we dress up a little sluty but don’t take it wrong, it’s just for fun. Girls here are smart. They know exactly what they’re doing, believe me. And if you’re foreing, Jase, you’re a gringo. Come visit us! You’re more than welcome. =]

  • Brasilian badass

    brasilian is an nationality, there are brasilians of all colors and racial backgrounds. most brasilians are black or half black esps in the (north east) so you can find the same type of women in your own country, so pelase stiop trying to pass my country off as sum buttermilk skin nation. srry to bust your bubble but most real brasilians away from copacabana are black, mixed with black or just pasty and white. in the south where i’m from most of us are white/asian/mulato. who ever wrote this articule really does not know Brasil or Argentina for that matter, as fare as jase, if you can speak portugues with a brasilian accent then u will be more easy excepted by people because (assuming ur black) monst of the country looks like you or has relatives that do, but if you go there with a frat american boi mentality which i think this whole site is about then yes ur just a loser gringo who comes to exploit our people and good luck finding a brazilian girl who actually likes you for you….but seeing from the way you people talk about brasilians and the sellout so called “brasilian” piranhas and escrotas that would suite ya just fine

  • Lika

    @Brasilian badass
    “a loser gringo who comes to exploit our people”

    Exploiting your people by leaving his money in your country, I guess…

  • Anonymous

    it does show that some people here have no real knowledge of brazil,the population is largely of african and native american indian decent,and is the reason most foreginers enjoy the complexions and body types,after all its easy to find easy pasty faced girls in your own western countries,i actually find the argentine look ugly and traditionaly spaniard culture wise. give me the music and spice of the darker culture on any day.maybe roosh is spaniard himself(looks so) and is so, in search of finding his roots.other than that maby every one here needs to start appriciating what all these woman have to offer and not just looking to take or should i say rape there pried away the same as your racist ancestry did and trumped the cards economicly in your favor relize they run to you not cause of your looks but because of desperation for money or self hate that has been ingrained in them from those that oppresed there for may feel intitled but is that all there is to life a lot of you here need a hug

  • RJV

    I’ve always had a profound interest for Brazil, its culture and women and I would LOVE to visit either Recife or Rio sometime this year just to explore.

    Some of you make a good point, I’m tired of having to deal with American women and their games — I want a woman who is educated, honest, loving, optimistic and beautiful in and out and it seems like Brazil is a great place to look for a wonderful girl. I’ve been so interested in it that I’ve been teaching myself Portuguese in the last few months. Overall, Brazilian women are the most exotic and beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I’m actually crushing on a Brazilian girl right now who attends my University in Kansas. She is a graduate student and 4 years older than me — and we’re friends. How do I go about this?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the problem there americans? We always hear you say how the USA is the best country in the world with the best people and everything… So why don’t you just stick with your fucking fat women and their fucking games?!!! Leave our latin women alone! It’s just a shame how desperate you are. And when a girl turns you down you just come to the internet crying and saying it’s all about the money. And if it really is about money you are not better than she is, just looking for bodies. Shut the fuck up and go home to your moms. Brazilians will use you too! If you can’t stand the heat, GET THE FUCK OUT! You’re pathetic!

  • Mario

    Yes I agree about Brasilian girls being so laid back about their sexually.I married an Argintine girl,big mistake,and now paying for it.But i look on the good side as soon as my divorce comes through that i am able to return back to Brasil with a content hart.Argintina no way,aster la vista baby never again for me Argintina.

  • Willheorwonthe

    Heh, i married a beautiful Brazilian girl two years ago and she is now expecting out first child. I am a pasty english gringo and she looks like her ancestry was Amazonian Indian. She is stunning with high cheek bones, great skin, great bottom and legs to die for. Im the luckyiest man alive and would not go back to English women.

  • tito 7

    All of the stories is interested to my. I know Brazlian gril, are good looking. But i dn’t know how much, untill, I met a Brazilian gril last in Clapham London England. I did not belive what i sew. The gril had one of the best ass, have ever seen in a woman and she wear her ass with joy, unlike english grils. I would like to date a brazilian gril, i would even go as far as saying, I would like to marry one. But I dn’t know were to met one in London England. I hope to vist Barzil soon. Were is the best place to vist in Brazil? I am looking for wiffy….

  • http://Myass FUCK YOU ALL

    You guys should all fucking die ! brasilian girls are all whores just like amaerican girls are the only difference is that the girls down here in brazil are bit smarted when it comes to relationships. They act like men, the dont gave a shit. WHY cause guys here are asshole but thing is guys are assholes EVERYFUCKING where ! I am brazilian, ive dated 2 american men and my first love was an american man . . . conclusion not matter where the FUCK you go people are all the fucking same . FUCK YOU Roosh for promoting sex here you fucking white cracker hope you burn in hell . . . how dare you make shit like about Brazil when your shitty country promotes more sex than education ? people in america are stupid and in brazil toooooo FUCK EVERYONE AND EVERYBODY DIE ALL FUCKERS .

  • Anonymous

    LOL this cracked me up LOL


    Brazilian girls do play games. Maybe you didn’t notice this. But they do. I guess because you were an american so it is easier to talk to brazilians girls and kiss and fuck them. But as a brazilian man I know that brazilian girls play games. Most of the time they just want our money. If you don’t have a lot of money, they don’t even look at your face.

    Another important thing is that the brazilian man praise the brazilian woman all the time. They say things like “The brazilian girls are the best in the world”. But the brazilian girl don’t say that about the brazilian man. Brazilian girl don’t give a shit to brazilian man. When the brazilian girl has a chance, she go out with another guy, even if she has boyfriend/husband. Its very common in Brazil. Last week I fucked a brazilian girl who had boyfriend. In the front of him she is like a princess, but behind his back she make jokes of him. So don’t think brazilian girl are angel that don’t play games. Maybe you fucked some brazilian girls just because you were from North America and they wanted to get married with you just to get the fuck out of Brazil.

    I forgot to say. The more stupid guys who the brazilian girl make full of them are the soccer players. Those guys in general are very ignorant, don’t have good education, have no brain, but they have a lot of money. So, what do the brazilian smart girls do? They get married with those stupid soccer player and take all the money from them.

    Brazilian girls in general are not beatiful at all. There are more ugly girls in Brazil than beatiful girls. Maybe most of brazilian girls have nice ass, but the hace fucked up faces.

    Take a look in some brazilian girls.

    In this video, some brazilian girls got agressive:

    This is a competition of beauty in a ordinary city in Brazil:

    A brazilian party in some city in North of Brazil:

  • geoff

    I love brazilian women…do brazilian girls like english guys?

    interesting article!

  • Brazilian Babe

    Brazilian girls like to flirt. We are flirty. But not because I’m flirting with you it means I like you and I want to date you. Maybe yeah I just wanna make out and done.

  • anonimous

    For you all brazilian fans, thanks, and for you haters, whatever! I am a brazilian chick and have been in several dates where the dude sits across the table from me and starts asking me why I am not hispanic, that they want a honduran or else, and I am like dude: you are on a date w a size 0 chick, enjoy the ride, where are all the dudes who like sophisticated girls? Maybe I tend to attract losers, I can laugh about it but being asked to be someone else hurts.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh Good list for the most part but the musical instrument? Who cares? And nothing wrong with Ikea furniture, just don’t cover you whole house in it…

  • Berfin

    :” I would like to play both “coraeipa Suassuna” & ” coraeipa Jogo de Dentro” Someone answered :’Good Luck! “.Well I took it seriously and I enjoy to practise this task !VOVO’

  • Paulo

    Guys, if you see some brazilian girls, tell them :”Quero comer teu cu”. They will love you!

  • Brazilian guy

    I have read soooo many stupidity here… Guys, you don’t know anything about brazilian girls…

    a) Brazilian girls are less wilder and more conservative that Americans!!!! The myth of brazilians girls being wild is the biggest myth I have ever seen…

    b) Rio de Janeiro is a country aside… the rest of the country has nothing similar to Rio in terms of girls… The girls in Rio are wilder, but they are uglier…

    c) This is one of the only things I read that are true:

    Brazilian girls would be perfect except for a one major flaw: they’re insanely possesive & jealous. They become jealous of (definitely) any female friends, (probably) any male friends & (possibly) your pets.

    If your just pumping & dumping you might not notice. Try having an LTR with one & you’ll find out quickly.

    Brazilian girls assume their boyfriends will cheat. They expect the boyfriend to make up for the assumed infidelity by giving 100% of their attention to them when they are together.

    Anything short of this is considered disrespectful – i.e. looking at or talking to another woman while the BG is in the same room is disrespectful.

    Most American men will simply find this impossible to deal with.

    **** THIS IS SOOOOO FREAKING TRUE!!!! They are not robotic, everything is intense and with passion… ****

    d) It’s much easier to get an one night stand in USA/Canada than in Brazil… believe me…

    e) Brazilian girls they have the “MOJO”… That what makes them unique… You look at them and all you think is to f*** them… they are extremely sensual, but at the same time they are very conservative and freaking jealous…

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  • Leonardo Lana

    Dude!… you´re so wrong!…
    come and stay at my city in Belo Horizonte, for a few weeks and i will show what really happens!

  • Anonymous

    That is bullshit.
    where you guys have found these girls? In brothels?
    This post sounds offensive and wrong. Brazilians in general are more emotional and sensitive. Maybe you guys are looking for girls in the wrong bars and places here in Brazil.

  • Canadian eh

    Hey Brazilian girls! :) Do you like Canadians? Better yet, how about redheads?

  • Just bein’ a brazilian gurl with a freakeh bad english

    Humn… Ok let me say something. You can’t just say that brazilian girls “don’t play games”. I see that you are just talking about Rio in that text. It really depends on the city. Actually, in São Paulo (the richest city of Brazil) the girls aren’t as impulsive as you may think. They play games, they really do. That’s a matter of the state you are talking about. Guys, try to remember that Rio isn’t the only brazilian city.


    Wtf man! This is sooo ofensive. You guys think that brazilians girl, in the first date, will just go to your bed and have sex? WRONG! Man, Rio isn’t the only city at Brazil. And, actually, the girls from the other cities are much less wild and much more sensitive. So try to go to other cities, São Paulo or Campos do Jordão, for example. And go sit on the corner and think about what you said.

  • Mike Craker

    I was living in Brazil for 11 months and Argentina for 7 months. (I am from the UK) I found the Brazil girls much easier to date (in Recife) than the girls in Argentina. Especially in the Capital Buenos Aires. They were very stuck up. Brazil girls are much more approachable. After I returned to the UK, I went to dating online at to find a few friends before returning to Recife. Now I have been married to a Brazil lady for 1 year and it’s great ! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Argentina but for finding a Lady…go for Brazil everytime !

  • Anonymous

    WOOOWW! So many bullshits in here. First of all, in all countries will be sluties and easy girls to get. The difference is that Brazilians girls know what they want and they go for it and don’t act like stupid like american girls do. They don’t care what you think. It’s not all the girls that are interesting in money. Its not all about where you came from or what you can afford to them . There are several places in Brazil that you would never get to go to bed with a girl in the first date. I totally disagree with the post. Gringos see Brazilians girls as a sexual objects and they go to brazil with wrong thoughts. Why? Just because they have a nice body? Several people said that brazilian girls have a ugly face but a nice body. That is not true. Go to south of brazil and you will find girls that look like american girls. Brazil have all kind of women types. You cannot talk about all them if you have had only a few. Just keep up this in mind before saying what you heard about brazil without even being there. If you think that kissing is a big deal, you must change your concepts because kissing doesnt define a character or if she is easyy or not

  • Alexandre Iglesias

    slutzlians fame present everywhere…. far easiest women in the world..!!!

  • Tygon

    It really sounds great. Why do you think its like that in Brazil? I’ve heard that women in Finland are more sexually assertive too. I wonder why. I guess in those cultures maybe women aren’t as ashamed of their own sexuality.

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  • anonimus

    I am a Spanish man, I do not speak English, but here in Madrid,

    Average know Brazilian women, and are ugly

    average Brazilian women