Brazilian Girls In The United States

I chatted up a Brazilian girl at a coffee shop recently. She was a solid 6 I’d say, but unfortunately her English was flawless. Not only did she have a firm grasp of English idioms but her accent was minimal. She was just as much Brazilian as American, and with her mediocre appearance it wasn’t at all worth pursuing. She was going for a graduate degree in something like finance.

I have some bad news for guys trying to get their first Brazilian notch in the United States: Brazilian girls who live here are second-rate. They are more educated, more ambitious, less attractive, and less sensual. I’m starting to think that Brazilian girls who come to the U.S. do so because they can’t physically compete in Brazil. They come to D.C. for school instead of being a model or actress because working in an office building is all they got left in life.

I’ve dated a couple Brazilian girls here and while they were nice, I would have gotten something five times better if I went directly to the source, with five times less effort. It’s scary how consistently mediocre the Brazilian girls here really are, and anyone who has met the rare hot Brazilian girl already knows how much attention she gets from horny Americans gringos.

I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to generalize Brazilian girls from the ugly ones you meet here. You must go to Brazil to see how it’s really like. Boa sorte.

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  • Grimytraveler

    I will finally get the chance to experience first hand in a couple weeks!

  • gig

    Well Roosh, I personaly know a brazilian girl, a 9 in your scale, that is on the verge of moving to Washington to work in the World Bank. ANother one is going with her, but this one is a 6 and not as feminine as the first.

  • Hammer

    Roosh, I love you bro, but how are intelligence, education, ambition, and command of the English language negatives? All of those things are deal breakers for me since I’m smart, educated, ambitious, and speak only english…

    Hammer’s last blog post: NFL Betting: Final Stop on the Road to the Big Dance.

  • Sudamericana

    Ha ha. That was mean! You’d better not dare say the same about girls from Argentina in DC :)

    In any case, I think you’d hate Argentine girls wherever it is they live.

  • jkc

    a few years ago i went out with a Brazilian au-pair a few times. she was hands down the hottest girl i ever went out with. dudes just stopped and stared…

  • Andrew

    Hammer – Ditto. I’m interested in learning what sorts of qualities are seen by Roosh as positive in this situation.

  • Nina

    I felt uglier now…

  • Anonymous

    Some of us have. The bs problems they have down there don’t go away just because they get Americanized, or rather “stay home”. After a while, you still have the same problem (boredom because all they know how to do is screw). It’s just in a different language, with different scenery.

  • Maria


  • Golden Seed

    yo Roosh –

    Where is the best place to meet Brazilian girls (or Argentine,Colombian for that matter) in DC? I recently took a business trip to Rio about a month ago and was blown away by the girls there. I see your point about the expatriates in the US being less attractive but I’m still interested. Suggestions?

  • James G – Expat Rock Star

    Its not that Brazilian girls in the us are less attractive than ones still living in brazil, its that they now have the “Americanized” attitude. After being around American girls or Americanized Brazilian girls they don’t feel its necessary to make themselves up when they go into public, dress nice unless they are going out for a special occasion, take care of their bodies and they have figured out they can have a crappy attitude and guys will still pursue them.

    This is also a way common occurrence with Korean girls when they live in the US for a wile

    James G – Expat Rock Star’s last blog post: Lumpini Stadium Bangkok: Muay Thai Mecca.

  • Arjewtino

    I chatted up a Brazilian meal last night.

    I gave it a 10.

    Arjewtino’s last blog post: Oh snap! I got dissed by my dad on Facebook.

  • RW

    Roosh this is an interesting post in several aspects. First that Brazilian movie about the guy who dates the hair dresser and she is really sexy in the beginning of the movie and then goes south in every regard, how would you compare the women in that movie to those in Rio?

    I’m wondering because when the lead character shot that guy, even the first frames of the girl walking with him was really sexy.

    Anyway, in the NYC area the Brazilian girls are all over the map. But in DC my guess is that you would meet the girls from families that are capable of sending them here have money. And that’s no small matter considering the exchange rate which you no doubt know well.

    So I think you are facing a completely different class of people by the given narrow scope of their backgrounds.

    Anyway, tell us your thoughts on the women in the movie compared to Rio. Because those types that lean more to the Euro type features are just so absolutely beautiful.

    Went out with a nanny who is here from south Brazil. And she’s pretty but her sex appeal and energy is off the chart. May see her again but let me tell you this girl is ALL GAME. Nothing like what you talked about down yonder on your visit.

  • jz

    Your chronology is interesting, and telling:
    1) You approached and chatted her up.
    2) You discovered her to be ambitious in her career.
    3) then, retroactively, decided she was not attractive enough to pursue.

  • The G Manifesto

    “I have some bad news for guys trying to get their first Brazilian notch in the United States: Brazilian girls who live here are second-rate.”

    Exception to this rule: Miami Beach. And to a lesser degree, San Diego.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Guest Manifesto: Call to Greatness.

  • The G Manifesto

    James G – Expat Rock Star,

    “Its not that Brazilian girls in the us are less attractive than ones still living in brazil, its that they now have the “Americanized” attitude.”

    Also very true.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Guest Manifesto: Call to Greatness.

  • ChalieTuna

    Met a Brazilian girl in my city of Nashville, def a 4 on my scale, but nice…I totally see what you mean

  • Anonymous

    It’s unfortunate that you’re intimidated by intelligent and driven women. Then again, I probably would be too if I was an overgrown slacker still living with mommy and daddy.

  • Anonymous

    Any girl, whether Brazilian, American, Korean, Slovakian or Martian, who goes to DC will necessarily be less attractive because DC attracts ambitious, intelligent women and there is, in general, an inverse relationship between physical attractiveness and intelligence for women. Los Angeles attracts wannabe models and actresses and DC attracts wannabe policy wonks and high school valedictorians — no wonder they say DC is Hollywood for ugly people.

    When you’re really attractive, you tend to grow up relying on your beauty instead of cultivating your mind.

  • prinks

    Not true, they don’t all come to DC because they are not attractive. There’s a big problem with Brazilian girls moving to NYC, DC and LA and getting into prostitution. Sad but true.

  • RW

    To 20. That’s really sad man. Not doubting that it’s true. It’s worse in other parts of the world and in Europe women are often tricked to going for work in other countries and then trapped into being prostitutes by force.

  • Roosh

    “It’s unfortunate that you’re intimidated by intelligent and driven women”

    Yeah i’m intimidated by paper pushers who are going to die alone


  • Anonymous

    What do you think your crude little cycle is going to end in? Don’t be so quick to rule out dying alone, Chewbacca.

  • Anonymous

    everyone dies alone…it doesn’t matter if you’re married. its an individual experience that must suck

  • The G Manifesto

    “What do you think your crude little cycle is going to end in? Don’t be so quick to rule out dying alone, Chewbacca.”

    Everyone does die alone.

    Although “Never Die Alone” by Donald Goines is one of my favorite books.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: City of God’s Son by Kenzo Digital.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, looks like someone’s butthurt. Ill move on now, lest you actually examine your empty life. No matter how much time you waste trying to be an “alpha male,” you’re still just afraid of being hurt.

  • Chase

    Dayum! A sad day for Brazillian lovers…

  • Brandon

    I agree in a way, but I will add that while Brazilian girls in the states are as good as the ones in the country (Argintine girs in the states as well from what I hear) they are still better than most American grls. And I know a couple here that are just as hot as any of the other girls I would see if I was in Brazil, but here we have over 400 Brazilians in a town of only 5000 people. They usually come here to earn money and go home after the winter. You could just imagine how easy it is to find a fine Brazilian girl here.

  • Brandon

    I meant to say “Brazilian girls in the states are NOT QUIT as good as the ones the Brazil”*

  • Zictor

    Ok, that does it.

  • gig

    correcting my first commment. The World Bank invited girl A, a 9 even in Rio, to work in Washington. She denied BECAUSE OF HER BOYFRIEND.

    So the job went to girl B, which is a 6, a little chubby and must have a masculine digit ratio, given her behaviour. SO your post couldn’t be more correct

  • Eugenius

    Daaaaaaaaaaaamn..really fucked up…one less Brazillian model…….

  • Andrew

    14 JZ – hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Its like i saw an an interview with 50cent.
    he got into talking about how any “version”of a foreign women here in the states comes nowhere near what you get in the counties they come from where all you see is “asian girls” in the asian counties he toured.He also mentioned how fine brazilain women were down in brazil compare to the brazili one in nyc or in the states in general..
    he also got into saying how a 9 in hollywood,Ca can never be pleased,because she already has and wants more Channel and dolche this,and Proda that. The price is higher and for what.
    .So he concluded he’d rather get the hottest girl from their respected counties than f-with american knock offs or water down foreign versions of the ones here.

  • Roosh

    14: have you not read anything i’ve ever written about brazilian girls? a brazilian FOB that is a 6 is really an 8 by american standards. but an americanized brazilian 6 is still a 6. to see what the deal was i had to interact with her. also, please don’t comment here anymore

    34: I find myself in complete agreement with 50 cent

  • Benedict Smith

    spot on here, i noticed that the girls i met here (with the exception of a number of au pairs) were all working on advanced degrees, decidedly less concerned with men, and on average, i was told by my brazilian friends who are guys, not NEARLY as hot as the homegrown and raised variety back home.

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: Work?.

  • speakeasy

    You know, it’s fucked up what happened to that Brazilian model, but you know what, if the same shit happened to a woman in central Africa or Burma, nobody would give a damn and the world would collectively yawn. But when she’s young and beautiful it’s such a tragedy and must be reported as a front page story in international media. It’s the same thing with that Natalie Halloway story. If it was some ugly chic that happened to, nobody would give a damn.

    That is crazy though, I’d like to know more about that disease. If it can kill a completely young and healthy person within a month, that’s some shit I need to be on the lookout for.

  • Anonymous

    as a girl born to immigrant parents in the US, I’m told I’m hot, but not nearly as hot as some of the girls I met when I visited the home country last year. Some of the girls are truly breathtaking, but more than that, its the attitude they possess and old fashioned skills they have.

  • speakeasy

    In my experience, I find the Italian-American women to be much better looking than the women in Italy. I didn’t see a whole lot of hotties in Italy like I thought I was going to.

  • Kyle

    I live in Orange County, and there is this bar in Newport Beach where all these Brazilian expats hang out. I went there after my one month Rio extravaganza and found the girls to be prude and snobby. Brazilian girls that have assimilated into our American way of thinking are more stuck up and bitchier than your typical OC blonde chick.

    I tell my friends all the time – when I’m ready to settle down and marry, I’m going to Brazil and finding my wifey.

  • bob house

    i met some brazilian girls last summer. lets just say that was a good summer!

    bob house’s last blog post: Sell House Fast : Gain on Time and Cash.

  • goom

    Rotten job, trying to fit 70 million women in two or three slots.

  • Roosh

    42: There are 70 million brazilian women in the u.s.?!

  • HappyMan

    Hey Roosh.

    There’s nothing compared to brazilian girls, both in attitude and beauty – and adding to it, most people only know about Rio. In Brazil, Rio would be 4 or 5 on the top 10 list of places where to find the most beautiful girls. The 3 states at the south are definitely the top ones, and Minas Gerais state (that does not even have beaches) would follow closely. You are probably right about brazilian girls in US not being as hot as those in Brazil, but that is totally OK to me, since i do live in Brazil. Better try your luck with mexican girls.

  • Vanessa


    I am brazilian, I lived in United States (for one year and half) and this post is just as ridiculous as a 30 year-old-man who is trying to hook up with foreigners because he is not competent enough to find an american girl to marry with.

    The fact you´ve written a book to teach people how to have fantastic “getting laid” skills is even more pathetic. Believe me, if you knew how to do it for yourself you´d be married with a barbie girl from your own country. You´d not be chasing brazilians, or argentinas, or whatever.
    You´re not that young anymore to keep on playing games. Look around and you´ll see all of your american male friends married, taking care of their third child by now. When you get to this point, the only way left is trying to get a foreigner girl for yourself, because specially here in Brazil, most of the girls don´t know that single 30-years-old american guys are the ones whom any americans girls wanted for theirselves.

  • Falo_Surf

    Hi Man…or whatever u r…
    Firt of all: r u saying that brazilian girls r ugly for u? ….
    …for ur fucking and disgusting face…??
    if u r weak in ur tries to conquer one of that girls…its only ur fault…
    if u dont have enough ability to conquer a girl, u r nothing…
    so…stop blowing ur coments about a subject u r not able to do…
    i love all of girls in the world…if u dont…be quiet…u r not a man…sorry!

  • Brasileira

    Vanessa must be ugly.
    And I’m still learning english but I’m pretty sure I never saw “theirselves” in my life.
    Isn’t it “themselves”?
    Ok, anyways. I’m probably wrong BUT i’m linda =}
    Ela deve ser feia.

  • Brazilian


  • xzx

    You deff didn’t look in SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA…. man
    the Brazilian Girls over there are way too hot to even talk about!!!! but they are really hard to get tough..

  • Catherine

    Hey ROOSH
    DO you want to see a very beautiful Brazilian Girl in US??
    contact me, I’ll show u my picture and u will see that YES, US have prettier brazilian girls than brazil!!

  • Rio Cara

    OK – so, here is my Brazil take. I LIVED in Brazil for 2 years. I speak fluent Spanish AND Portuguese, and I am not a gringo, but rather a Latin man born and raised in Yew York – no, I do not wear a gold chain with slicked back hair like a Goodfella. Funny, to a Brazilian, anyone not Brazilian is a gringo – even a Colombian man visiting Brazil is a “gringo”, a Japanese man in Brazil is a gringo, and an Argentinian man in Brazil – well, is just plain out for a shitty time as the soccer rivalry between the 2 cultures is BRUTAL! Funny, but that is how they think – ass backwards.

    The problem I had with Rio is that you will find all your skanks, party girls and typical tourists. Unfortunately, I saw more 60 year old men, with beer bellies kicking a soccer ball around in a pair of SPEEDOS 2 sizes too small down the beach!! Yikes! Than I saw beautiful women.

    And those that were beautiful, were obnoxious snobs!

    I was there during carnaval too, and what a joke – the main parade is in the worst favela you can imagine – it’s like having the superbowl played in a stadium somewhere in the middle of a Brooklyn or Los Angeles gang infested ghetto for Pete’s sake!

    Ok – so, while in Rio I got laid 0 (zero) times out of easily more than 100 times I approached and opened. However, when I was in Brasilia (the capital) I got laid 7x out of the 8x I approached!

    there is NOTHING to do in Brasilia in way of tourism, which is why girls are friendlier and more open to meeting someone new and interesting as opposed to the stigmata of being seen with a gringo in Rio or Sao Paolo.

    In America, I can bang a Brazilian girl living in the US in about 3 dates (or less) – no matter what city she is from back home in Brazil. Weird!

    Somehow, Rio is not what is sold to be. Most girls have no tits at all, and as a matter of fact, men prefer ass girls – so they focus more on their “bundas” than their “tetas”. Wih very ugly faces!

    Another thing I commonly saw is “but-er-faces”. It was incredible how many times I ran behind a girl to approach, and as soon as she faced me I wanted to yell “Great Scott! what happened?”. Brazilian women just do not have pretty faces like their neighboring Latina counterparts! Seriously!

    I liked Brazil – it has some great places like Angras, and Brasilia and Coiba to meet som every nice girls – even Florianapolis is great to meet surfer chics with incredible bodies and personalities. However, if you can, so yourself a favor, and skip Rio, and head straight for Curitiba or Brasilia or any NON-TOURIST city – you’ll thank me later! LEARN BASIC PORTUGUESE!!


  • Anonymous


  • shaun

    Brasilian girls are not the most beautiful in the world, go to Moscow tallinn, Riga prague Vilnius and then make an informed descision.

  • Cris

    Rio is great!And you,went to the wrong places,and met the wrong girls…Not all the girls are prostitutes.Let me went to Copacabana?That’s what you get!Go to Barra da Tijuca,Recreio,Leblon…And try to go again,when it’s not carnival,and the beautiful and nice people,are still Rio.Because many people in Rio,do not stay in Rio during carnival.Carnival in Rio,is more for tourists…

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys! Just want to give you all some advice… forget Rio! I have lived in Brazil for over two years and by far the best looking brasileiras live in the south… if you travel to Floripa, Curitiba or Porto Alegre you will have your mind blown away. After living here in Curitiba I find the girls in Rio ugly. I really want to move back to the US soon but I think I am gonna get depressed when I get back there and see all the frump bad attitude chicks..
    Inclusive se tem alguns cariocas aqui falando que as mulheres do rio sao melhores do que as do sul ta viajando meus amigos… as loiras e morenas no sul sao 20 vezes mais lindas do que la… eu pessoalmente namoro com uma gaucha… ahhh que vida boa!

  • Anonymous


  • Adriana

    Who the hell is this dick head who wrote this article?! Man…i gotta tell you this….YOur brain must be cooked by the Brazilian beauty. You are so f**** superfitial that makes me laugh, and laugh, and laugh…MAN!!!! And I am a very hot looking Brazilian lady living in the USA….but modest, and my sensuality is not to be shown, as if I would be advertising…it’s a different mentality. Oh well…crap, don’t even know hy I am writing here….whatever… YOU’re just a stupid gringo, probably very white, bold and fat who are not used to beauty at all.

  • Adriana

    Oh and by the way…whenever I dont have toilet paper in my house, I will use your books to clean my beautiful Brazilian butt!

  • Tammy

    Sorry, that was just lame. You should be trying to learn some brazilian culture and lifestyle instead of thinking about how 6 she’s outside her country.

  • Vitor

    Wow! I am married to a Brazilian woman. We have 2 beautiful daughters, who hold dual US and Brazilian citizenship.. My nieces in Brazil are tall and curvy – drop dead gorgeous and I have to remember that I am their uncle (lol)!… Maybe I am impartial, but I think Brazilian women are the hottest women on this planet in terms of charm, affection “carinhoso”(when they want to show it), sensuality and of course those awesome bodies that many of them are famous for. Their moca-cocoa butter skin drives me wild. Having lived in Brazil and traveling there back and forth frequently, I can tell you that I speak from experience. Of course, the women are mixed and of various races, often blended to marvelous perfection. While I agree that alot of Brazilian women have “average” faces,(but not ugly, like the guy before me said) some of Guarani Indian extraction or Japanese, African-Euro ancestry have exquisitely beautiful faces and strikingly beautiful feminine features. (Oh, and don’t forget that straight jet-black hair on the “morena” girls that can drive a guy wild!) The first time I saw my gorgeous wife
    undressed I thought I was dreaming! It was so strange because I used to have a reputation for my roving eye, but when I hooked up with my wife (please, no offense) American women just could not compete in physical terms – not even close! Brazilian women have this natural instinct – they know how to treat a man physically and psychologically (flirting included)and feed his natural desires. When my wife and I walked down the street I was more afraid of other guys lusting after her than anything else. (On a scale of 1 to 10 body wise, I think her body was like 11, seriously!…Now we are much older, but she is still attractive. On a personality scale, living in the US has turned her into a materialistic, self-centered person, sadly).

    I agree, Rio is really overrated. The South of Brazil has lots of beauties, but so does the Northeast, and like another blogger pointed out – Brasilia, the capital (Distrito Federal) and Goias are good places. If you want to meet a nice pretty girl, start out by going to language schools – they all want to learn English these days. And, finally, Brazilian women, once they are married, make loyal wives, contrary to the casual sex/slutty stereotypes often promulgated by jealous American and Portuguese women. They are very family oriented and give everything for their kids. 😉 NOt every Brazilian girl is gorgeous, but truthfully many are, so Brazil is a great place to go looking for a girlfriend. Besides, the female to male ratio is like 3 to 1.

  • Brazilian

    Dick head!!! I’m sure you are fat and white like a cottage cheese!!! Any country you go you will find a easy woman to hook up with. You probably forgot to mention here how much you paid this girls for your night stands. I live in Florida and turn heads. I don’t do night stands and never did. No need!!! I can wrap any guy on my fingers!
    Btwy. Girls only do night stands if they absolutely have no intention to get attached with the man. Don’t flatter yourself, in your poor experience, the girls were probably hormonal or just looking to get laid for a free ticket to US.
    Another hand, American girls are so slut, and that it’s all about pleasure. I lived in a prestigious college campus with wealthy college kids, and the girls hook up every day with a different guy or sometimes two or more at the same time. Maybe one of these girls could be your sister or future wife. Or better, maybe your mother went to this school. The girls there even slept with other girls. Still, they call themselves straight or just experimenting. It’s all about pleasure. I never seen this type of behavior in Rio… The other explanation I have for you is you hooked up with the poor girls from favela, where they have no education and they slept with you hoping you would bring them to “America” for a better life. So, I wouldn’t call the brazilians easy and try to sell your mediocre book to dolt boys looking to get off from your fantasies.

  • Thiago

    Yeah, you are not trying to find a nice brazilian woman, you are just trying to find a whore!!!

  • Rachel

    I agree 100% with the comment made by “Brazilian” and also happen to think that Roosh is just a flat out idiot that can’t get laid.

    For the records, I’m a hot, educated brazilian women that live in the US and turn heads everywhere I go and to be quite honest, you are the kind of guy that I wouldn’t even look at in Brasil and will never have a chance with a girl like me here in the US.

  • Rachel

    I agree 100% with the comment made by “Brazilian” and also happen to think that Roosh is just a flat out idiot that can’t get laid.

    For the records. I’m a hot, educated brazilian women that live in the US and turn heads everywhere I go and you are the kind of guy that I wouldn’t even consider looking at when I lived in Brazil and would never have a chance with a girl like me here in the US.

  • M.

    You are right: Brazilian women in the U.S. are the ugliest, the most mediocre, the most aggressive, the rudest, the most ambitious, the sluttiest (no acquaintance will see what they are doing), the most brain washed feminists of them. If they are ugly and unpleasant and they cannot fight like a woman (get a nice man…and keep him!), they try to fight like a man (get money – no matter how).Brazilian men in the U.S. are as mean as the women (overly ambitious, greedy immigrants).The best of Brazil is (with few exceptions of course)…in Brazil! I recommend you teach English in an English course (idiom institute) in Brazil: it is an easy job to get (mainly for native speakers and rather well paid) and you can meet the best looking and nicest ones (and get into a social circle more easily, especially if you are a gringo – they love different guys, as if such men were from another planet – it is a lot harder to bang one when you are an ordinary Brazilian man, just a countryfellow).

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Roosh, or whatever you are, you are just ridiculous!!!!
    You are less than a street dog!
    Clean your mouth before talking about any women!

  • Anonymous

    you all are just a buch of premature ejaculator assholes with small dicks


    Hey man. Its wierd to read this. I didn’t know that most of brazilian woman in U.S were well educated and ugly. Maybe you just met this type of brazilian girl. For sure there are beatiful and sexy brazilian girl living in U.S. The best way to find hot brazilian girls to fuck easily is coming to Brazil. Because in U.S you are just one more in the middle of million. In Brazil you are diferent.

  • Carl

    There are many pretty girls from Brasil. but one has to go where they are, and this is in the Brasilian neighborhoods. Many work for bars or for beauty shops,local brasilian food stores and yes some are prostitutes. Either way, if one has some portugese language skills your chance of pulling a pretty above average one is much greater. My current girl is a braslian woman from Santo. Her english is not so great, but my portugese is pretty good. Her face is nice but that ass makes dudes here want to fight!!

  • Ty

    I met a Brazillian bomb shell in Arizona who had previously lived a married life in Florida with a husband who desired crack more than her.She was a phenomenal individual who owned two massage palors in Mesa. I highly respect her and she’s nothing like average “AMERICAN WOMAN”!Oh, yeah I never slept with her because she didn’t do married men.But,she was fantastic to say the least.She also cautioned me about Brasil and told me it was not a place I would like to visit because of the crime!She came from a poor background and was very family oriented taking care of her sisters and brothers as well as her own children.My experience with Brazillian women is much like a previous comment of them being able to relate sensuality above the level sex which in turn creates an enduring relationship.CHAO!

  • Ty

    I met a Brazillian bomb shell in Arizona who had previously lived a married life in Florida with a husband who desired crack more than her.She was a phenomenal individual who owned two massage palors in Mesa. I highly respect her and she’s nothing like average “AMERICAN WOMAN”!Oh, yeah I never slept with her because she didn’t do married men.But,she was fantastic to say the least.She also cautioned me about Brasil and told me it was not a place I would like to visit because of the crime!She came from a poor background and was very family oriented taking care of her sisters and brothers as well as her own children.My experience with Brazillian women is much like a previous comment of them being able to relate sensuality above the level sex which in turn creates an enduring relationship.CHAO!

  • Anonymous

    Stupid girls for stupid boys!

  • rafael
  • brasilian girl

    uhm i dont like how you said brasilian girls come to US becuase they cant compete in brasil im 14 n everyone that sees me always tells me that i am a very beautiful educated brasilian girl and ive been in the US since i was 5 and everyday guys come to me asking what nationality am i there is no typical looking brasilian girl and not all have big asses i do im african brasilian but people often mistaken me for a portugese brasilian becuase of my skin color..american men soo typical and btw im from santo andre sau pualo brasil..

  • Anonymous

    I have been married for 7 years to a very attractive brazillian “girl” with whom I have had an amazing son. As wonderful as she is, she never kept a promise or invested one cent in our home. I supported her with everything from her personal items to her health insurance since I helped her arrive to NY. After she got the best job of her life, she refused to contribute to our marriage and took one month vacations each year. I think that we did not have the same interests: she wanted Disney; I wanted the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii. She came from a good home but not from an “upper class” home. She became stingy and abusinve over time and was legally removed from our home. Never seeking resolution, she remains very charming but angry and vendictive.
    The sweetness that you see in a Brazillian woman may not last if you expect mutuallity “sans” pouring her with constant attention and support,

  • Anonymous

    OMG this could not be more ridiculous, you can’t simply generalize all educated brazilian women living in america or other countries like that, it is impossible for all people in any country to be hot or models or anything of the sort, and brazilian people are more open in general, but when it comes to the bedroom they are incredibly conservative.. i bet you wouldn’t call any of the brazilian models living in america second hand, and i’m pretty sure you’re not a model yourself so why hold everyone else in the country to a different standard? the truth is that you can’t get a brazilian girl to do what you expect of her, because your expectations are just so stereotypical!

  • laylalala

    This guy RooshV is muy pathetico

  • o chefe

    What you have to understand is that there are two distinct tiers of Brazilian immigrants.

    I live currently in Brazil and have since 2008.

    Before that I sampled a few Brazilian girls while living in San Francisco. We had both the fuglys and the super hot girls. The super hot girls usually rode a dick into American, broke up and were on the prowl. The ugly ones crossed the border from Mexico or some shit like that. They worked as illegals. The ones that rode American dick into town usually had a good job. In San Francisco I met one with a 11 body out of 10 and she had married a guy working in the financial sector and had gotten herself a job as a glorified secretary, with the title of “office manager” or some such idiocy. She got the job because she was hot. Hell, I would hire her too and THEN figure out what she can do for me around the office. The house cleaners were not above American 5s and 6s. If they were hot, then some dude down here would have picked them up and taken care of them. So it’s a mixed bag – what you get up in the states.

    Hot – but slightly used.

    Ugly – and who cares?

  • Mike

    YthingMaibe one day you will learn how to treat a woman, doesn’t matter her nationality. I can tell what kind of woman was your mother looking your txt. You are so stupid and dumb. Anyway, go to anyplace and 4 sure, you will have big problems with your dirty mind. Gringos like you will be killed easily in Brazilian Jungle. Lol…. Go there duck! So you can learn anything out of your bubble, the real life. Seu Zé Ruela!

  • Female Power

    Guys like you end up getting what you deserve…sexual transmitted diseases, a throat cut, bitterness through life. You don’t treat people as meat, asshole. You are so stupid and dumb that you need this shit to feel a men. I feel sorry for people like you to EXIST. Taking advantage of people and thinking that everything between two people is just about sex and money. I feel sorry for all the ones that commented here too…and as I get what you look for. You stupid gringos go to Brazil thinking that you are getting stoked and pimped out…and actually you are being laughed of… as stupid loosers you all are. I imagine what YOU look at when you look in the mirror. Sorry ass…

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for you… You know nothing about Bazilian girls or culture.. I think you KNOW nothing about WOMAN. I feel sorry for the girls that had the misfortune to meet you. You are pathetic. Don’t even go to Brazil, because people like you would be beaten to death, and I mean it.

  • Robb

    Okay guys, I know it’s an old post but I just thought I’d give my two cents, even though I’m probably getting a lot of flak from my fellow countrymen, but I don’t care. I was born in Brazil and have spent most of my life here. I’m yet to see this paradise of hot women that you foreigners keep mentioning over and over. Let me make this clear to anybody considering coming here: The average Brazilian woman looks NOTHING like the fashion models or TV superstars you’re used to hearing about. Those women are cherry-picked from the whitest-looking portions of our largely black and brown population and represent roughly 0.1% of the female demographic. As for actual Brazilian women, while you have to give them credit for not being nasty feminists with chips on their shoulders as huge as the ones in North America or the U.K., the vast majority of them are 5/10s at best in the looks department, most of them being short, poor, overweight, nappy-haired, and very poorly dressed overall. Most of the so-called hot women are butter-faces, as pointed out in other comments, with fat asses, flat chests or fake silicone tits (which sucks if you’re a boob guy), unladylike facial features, deep voies and steroid-enhanced leg muscles. They also tend to be just as shallow, self-centered and uninteresting as the average, say, American or Korean woman, with virtually nothing to talk about.

    You guys keep saying that Brazilian women are very feminine and careful about their appearance. Well, they aren’t when it comes to me or any other average Brazilian man I know, and you know why? Because we are their equals, so they see no practical reason to treat us any better than the women in your countries treat you. Any demonstration of femininity, sensuality, availability or a nice personally by most of these Brazilian women you meet stems solely from the fact that you guys have a North American or European passport – and in their mindset, LOTS of money. They’re using you and their ultimate goal is to marry one of you guys and get the hell out of this third-world hellhole. The moment you decide to marry one of them though, she’ll turn into pretty much the same as your average American female and you’ll be asking yourself what went wrong. To be fair though, I don’t blame them and would probably do the same had I been born a female. This country sucks after all. As for the Brazilian women you meet in America, they are not as concerned with seducing one of you for obvious reasons – they’ve already left home.

    You guys seem to be having a BAD case of confirmation bias if you ask me. Feminism aside, some of the most beautiful women I have met – 8/10 and up – were actually Canadian, American and European. The Irish were generally very hot (although they seem to age badly), and the Dutch and Belgians were absolutely stunning. Also there’s Latvia and Lithuania, where I struggled to even find ugly women, even in their 30s or 40s. With a few exceptions, most of them were surprisingly friendly and open to give me a chance to get to know them, something that would NEVER happen in Brazil, and I’m generally attractive. In my experience, any Brazilian woman who’s an 8/10 is most likely a celebrity or an upper-middleclass snob.