Brazilian Girls In The United States

I chatted up a Brazilian girl at a coffee shop recently. She was a solid 6 I’d say, but unfortunately her English was flawless. Not only did she have a firm grasp of English idioms but her accent was minimal. She was just as much Brazilian as American, and with her mediocre appearance it wasn’t at all worth pursuing. She was going for a graduate degree in something like finance.

I have some bad news for guys trying to get their first Brazilian notch in the United States: Brazilian girls who live here are second-rate. They are more educated, more ambitious, less attractive, and less sensual. I’m starting to think that Brazilian girls who come to the U.S. do so because they can’t physically compete in Brazil. They come to D.C. for school instead of being a model or actress because working in an office building is all they got left in life.

I’ve dated a couple Brazilian girls here and while they were nice, I would have gotten something five times better if I went directly to the source, with five times less effort. It’s scary how consistently mediocre the Brazilian girls here really are, and anyone who has met the rare hot Brazilian girl already knows how much attention she gets from horny Americans gringos.

I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to generalize Brazilian girls from the ugly ones you meet here. You must go to Brazil to see how it’s really like. Boa sorte.

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