The Difference Between Brazilian & Icelandic Girls

In support of my Brazil Compendium, I put together a little video from Iceland comparing Brazilian and Icelandic girls…

There should be no doubt in your mind about the superiority of Brazilian women. If you’re interested in learning more about them, learn more about the Brazil Compendium.

I’m regularly asked when I’m going to drop knowledge on Iceland. Unfortunately it’s taking longer than I thought to package my notes and stories into what’s turning out to be a huge series of posts. I don’t see that trickling out before May. The good news is once the orgasm begins, there will be nonstop ejaculation of travel data from multiple countries.

Since I know a bulk of you don’t care about travel topics, I’ll aim for no more than one travel post per week, but understand they will be a steady fixture on the blog as long as I’m on the road. I’m confident, though, that most of you will be entertained about how Scandinavian, Eastern European, South American, and American women all stack up, including tips on getting with the two former groups. I consider my current travels to be part of a perverted anthropological project that may result in my strongest work.

The other project I’m working on is the day game book, which I’m happy to say is progressing faster than I anticipated. My best guess right now is a July or August release.

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  • slit Wrist

    you da man

  • slit Wrist

    good job, as usual

  • Day Game Book

    Could you like get the daygame book out earlier like say when its still summer?

  • beta_plus

    I had a hunch that roosh would score notches but be disappointed with Iceland. The feminists that he doesn’t like worship Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland for a reason. Women essentially have no constraints and will always be bailed out by those countries welfare states (assuming they are white). They have no need and no desire to make men happy in those countries.

    I’m interested to see if Eastern Europe will be an improvement, but I doubt that it will compare to Brazil.

  • Tampa

    Cool to see you chasing your dream. Keep up the good work.

  • sloopjohn

    the perverted anthropological project sounds great, can hardly wait. I’m very interested to see how it all plays out.

    Not complaining but for the record, some of us love the travel posts and would like to see more of them than once a week.

  • Giovanni

    Roosh, you are right on one thing: Brazilians girls are great and maybe the best (sensual, open-minded, fun) in the world for SHORT term things and easy to game on (in general). However, the story changes on long term stories. Been there done that :) . I actually didn’t get special impressions in Iceland, but did in Sweden & Norway…

  • Anonymous


  • mack

    You’ve been lifting weights, Roosh?

  • Michael Byc

    Your description of Scandinavian girls mirrors my own. I have yet to experience the fruits of Brazilian women and I hope that the recent prosperity of Brazil does not ruin them anytime soon.

    I have spent time in Poland and Ukraine as well as a ton of Eastern European girls here in the states and I would describe them as Ferrero Rochers. I am curious to see if your own experience will mimic mine.

    All the best

  • Snoeperd

    You always seem calm but kewl in these video’s. Not all hyped/coked up i expect a pua to be. Gives me hope actually, thanx man.

  • Yams


    Yea Roosh has some guns lol

  • hmm

    but bananas are natural and cookies are mad processed and unhealthy?! plus wasteful packaging!

    lmaooooo Roosh what you got against whole foods?

    ….also hoping for more frequent travel posts :~j

  • Anonymous

    Would you still be putting Brazilian women at the top if you weren’t releasing a book on how to get them?

  • Wolf

    Love you man, but this video is veering dangerously close to Charlie Sheen/ Gaddafi stuff… “You may need a knife ?!?” Sure Brazilian women are luscious and Icelandic women are closed up and protective maybe, but this was just….strange.

  • Bateman

    I can’t wait for the G Manifesto’s take on this.

  • P. Bateman

    Looking forward to travel posts….and more perversion.

  • Schwanson

    “there’s not going to be a whole bunch of…umm…praise for the women here.”


  • Roosh

    “Would you still be putting Brazilian women at the top if you weren’t releasing a book on how to get them?”

    So you’re insinuating I’d put my reputation on the line and lie about a country’s woman in order to give away free ebooks to my readers based on previous writings about those women that are already public?

    You = :catlady:

  • aa-non


  • elP

    long time female reader, first time commenter…

    you can’t diss the girls in iceland without giving SOME hint of a reason…come on now!

  • SAC

    how do you generate these emoticons? Is this a standard library?

  • greenlander

    I read your book (Bang): it was great stuff.

    Keep up the good work with writing and blogging.

  • Cliff Arroyo

    beta_plus: “They have no need and no desire to make men happy in those countries … I’m interested to see if Eastern Europe will be an improvement”

    It depends. As a rule, those with some upbringing and education like pleasing men but expect it to be a two way street and are anxious to move forward and settle into a stable ltr instead of staying in the fun endorphine rush stage forever. Guys who want (and are willing to invest in) an ltr are usually very happy.

    But … they can also think in terms of what’s good for them long term and will drop a guy when they realize he won’t ultimately improve their life even if they still really like them.

    The poorer and dumber are another story. More anxious to please and will put up with more but are still liable to dump foreign boyfriends out of the blue.

  • Mrs. Chocolate

    You dont need to miss Brazil. Chega de saudade.

  • pepini

    Roosh you have to skip Scandinavia all together and go to EE. For me the only women comparable to brazilian.

  • Roosh

    9: Not recently. I’ve been doing calisthenics on and off the past year.

    21: I kind of the did in the video with the shell analogy.

    22: Click the “Smilie Legend” link above the commenting box.


  • bengalltigerr

    Roosh seemed to have bulked up. @Roosh how much do you weigh right now?

  • Bob J

    Hey Roosh, I have been reading your website for sometime now and decided it is a good time to finally commment. I like your tips, have you checked out PUA stuff? Also, I think my website compliments yours as I have a database of ladies that are rated by country. Check it out –

  • DrG

    Roosh, May is too long to wait. Please start posting Iceland comments, especially as it comes to the quality of the their women asap! Thx

  • Fred

    Hey Roosh just read this and thought if it help u out with the ladies..

  • Anonymous


  • rooosh

    I’m 123 lbs soaking wet now..

  • The G Manifesto

    “I can’t wait for the G Manifesto’s take on this.”

    Well in that case it’s your lucky day, and I’m not talking about that character who gets smoked at the end of Trespass.

    The most important thing to do in another country is making connections with all the local G’s, which is never a problem for your humble author, because they all know me anyway. I recommend rolling suited down, locking down a dope eating joint to set up your home base, and travelling to the hood to hand out money, suited down. The other day I went to Jordan Downs in Watts dressed like Dolomite and walked around with a fistul of hundred dollar bills. By the end of the day, I was an honorary Grape Street crip. You can do this too if you have a fly enough get-up and visibly flash enough money. You should also roll there in an expensive car.

    You also need to be down for a felony, and I’m not talking about Jayo. Fly girls will think you’re weesh if you don’t roll with a heater or pull off at least one heist while you’re there. Since I have international playboy status, they let me bring my Mac-11 on the plane, but you might have to swoop some of the local girls until one of them has a connected brother that you can get in with. If you prove that you’re down, then you’ll have access to your heater and you’re ready for the next step.

    What’s the point of the next step if you’ve already swooped, you ask? Well, that’s part of my advanced futuristic game technique that I’m working on. You swoop, you unswoop, you say shit that doesn’t make any sense and you name-drop dishes that you can get at Italian restaurants. It’s some futuristic playboy shit, and I’m not talking about I, Robot.

    Anyway, for your next step, you should pull off a heist, and I’m not talking about The Italian Job. Wait a minute, yeah I am. I just finished watching the original and the remake back-to-back.

    So that’s my guide to swooping fly girls in other coutries which will always work unless you’re weesh. See, this is game at its highest level.

    I’m out of here, like last year,


  • Anonymous

    Can you really do twenty five pull-ups, Roosh?

  • Roosh


    But that was last summer. I doubt I can do more than 15 right now.

  • Bortimus

    You might have trouble in continental Europe. Turkish people there are analogous to Mexicans in the U.S., as the immigrant group everyone blames for all the ills of society while still going to their Doner Stands/Taquerias for cheap tasty food.

  • alpha dog

    roosh, i love your blog but you look like a fucking mess. get a haircut and a clean shave and you’ll pick up twice the pussy with half the effort.

  • bengalltigerr

    Alpha dog, you’re wrong dude!

  • Shawn

    “alpha” dog -

    Roosh and maximized his look with the medium-length shag haircut. The full beard could go though.

  • Anonymous

    hey roosh love the site but could you have more “in action” pick up videos. be awesome to get the feel for clubs and bars your going

  • Anonymous

    G – that was awesome! Keep ‘em coming :) ))

  • Anonymous

    This one is for you to practice online game. Brazilian girl in Brazil made a profile in LA…

  • Jaderr

    Brazilian woman, are trash, but they have something good in the culture, thats called, staying, perhaps thats why u like them. because they stay with the guys. its like a one night stand, its like u go to carnival and kiss one 2 3 4 girls in the same party, but they are not so easy to fuck, and they are not so good to take u into a deep relationship. european girls are afraid of beeing promiscuous, and they dont like to kiss guys so easily but once u kiss them u are one step to fuck them…

    i think both culture sux, woman in the whole world are notting but shit, beautiful shit but still shitt…

    and its usuall that guys from x country dream about girls from y country, until they go deep on that and find out they were totally wrong…

    lets teach woman how to behave, read my blog, leave comments there in case u wanna know more.

  • Jaderr

    by they way visit my blog. i wanna make a fucking revolution :D


    We have beatiful girls in Brazil. But unfortunetaly they are minority. Most of woman in Brazil are ugly. They can have a nice body with a nice ass, but their face are horrible. You can see it when you are in Brazil walking in the streets. Brazilian girls are good girls to have fun. When I say fun I mean have sex. But they are not good to date or get married. It is like to date or marry a prostitute. Yes, I know, it is sad, but I not here to lie, I´m here to say the true. The true hurts as everybody knows.

    In this video you guys can check out the average brazilian woman: