Call The Bitch Out

Years ago when I first started calling out cockblockers, asking if their mothers taught them to be so rude, I didn’t have issues with girls who weren’t actively cockblocking. My rage was only channeled to blockers. But things changed, attitudes got worse. It got to the point where my nights in DC were full of calling out cunts.

It’s a fact that persistently calling out any sort of negative behavior will gradually eliminate that behavior. While a short-term solution for men is to avoid American women completely, public shaming is a long-term investment strategy that will result in culture change. The potential for humiliation, whether public or private, is one of the greatest drivers of human behavior.

Private Man has recently come up with a fun term for calling out deluded American women: nuking the hamster.

This is when a man has to directly confront a woman’s rationalization hamster and knock it out off its wheel with carefully constructed words and phrases. It’s an insult, to be sure. But it’s an insult that wields Red Pill wisdom and is not just some random put-down.

Remember in Fight Club when Tyler Durden gave members a mission to complete until the next meeting? Well here’s your mission: call out a bitch who deserves it. If she says something anti-man, criticizes one of your reality or scientific-based opinions, cockblocks you, or otherwise acts rude, I want you to ruin her night. Here are how five easy lines you can use (credit to Private Man and his readers for inspiration):

1. “You’re not attractive enough to be acting like that. Get over yourself.” Give her an elevator stare while grimacing before delivering the line.

2. “You must be single. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.” A nice follow-up would be a backturn.

3. “How many cats do you have?” Put on a confused expression on your face, as if you really want to know.

4. “Lady, are you pregnant? You should not strain yourself in that condition.” This is said to a bitchy fat girl. Make sure to look at her rotund stomach or fat arms before delivering the line.

5. “I actually know a nice guy who likes bitter women with attitude like yours. Do you want me to set up a date?” It’s always a great insult to give them relationship advice.

I want to be clear that these are not to be used if a girl merely rejects you. Every girl has a right to do so, and using an above line after a rejection will just make you seem insecure. But if she’s acting uppity and has not yet rejected your advances (maybe because you’re not even hitting on her), nuke the bitch.

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  • Tampa

    The sense of entitlement in American women is just astonishing. It’s pretty eye opening.

  • Yams

    I could have used these the other day. Damn these are awesome.

  • Obstinance Works

    This is so where I’m at bro right now you don’t even know. This is the new game. Just call a bitch out.

  • RioNomad

    The other weekend I used “Oh, now I see why you are sitting here alone in the corner….because you have an amazing personality.” after a girl was rude to me when her friend introduced us.

    Of course, my dipshit friend went over to spent the whole rest of the night with her after, but it definitely pissed her off.

    One I go with that might not be direct enough, but is good when you have a bunch of people around you know and want to keep your cool is, “That’s really interesting, sweetheart. Please…tell me more.” said stonefaced in a way that totally discounts her.

  • Evan

    You should alternate between calling them out and flat rejecting their behavior.

    When you call them out, get in the habit of framing your remark as if it is closed and not for discussion.

    Don’t get into conversations with cunts.

  • Feminist With Curves

    The butthurt is strong with this one. If someone insulted you and you really didn’t care about their opinion, you’d just laugh it off and walk away. If I got into an altercation with a stranger and he threw out one of these not-so-witty zingers, I’d feel like I’d gotten to him while my vagina would get more and more tingly. Slinging low-blow schoolyard “you’re so fat/ugly/bitchy” insults just makes it look like she hurt you, and you’re trying to hurt her back to even the score. Very defensive position to take with a stranger who you’ll never see again, but then again I’ve fucked a lot of guys who have insulted me.

  • Feminist With Curves

    Yeah, because these lines sound SO alpha.

    RooshV: teaching bitter betas how to broadcast their bitterness far and wide.

    That said, I would rather fuck an alpha who insults me than a beta who compliments me.

  • heartiste

    #3 is my favorite. said with a a very innocent curious look, furrowing the brow, could be hamster arsenic. yeah, i think to avoid any perception of butthurtness, it’d be best to call out girls when they’re in the middle of being bitches, rather than after they’ve had a chance at delivering their coda and rejecting you.

    and of course, right on cue, we have the masters of stoicism like comment #6 telling us how real alpha males would just walk off any insult, and let it fall away like water off a duck’s back. except that real alpha males, not bitter betas, are the ones who are more likely to call out girls’ bullshit, and happily do so. betas are the ones who usually keep their anger bottled up until it kills them from stress.

    i’ve seen plenty of alpha male naturals calling out girls over shit. the difference between them and the butthurt betas who occasionally fly off the handle is that the alphas demonstrate, through their body language and calm delivery, that their insult is the product of keen-eyed judgment, and not spiteful vengeance.

  • Shamrock

    This must be a butthurt woman (zingers?). These were designed for you and I’m sure you’ve heard them come your way before

  • Evan

    How the fuck was I blocked and “Feminist With Curves” gets to run her mouth?

    Check your bitch, Roosh.

    [Roosh: You weren’t blocked dummy.]

  • GP

    People who write about Alpha and Beta or even men and women have totally missed the point.

    It’s all about when someone is being an asshole to you, you stand up for yourself and give it right back. Self respect.

  • beta_plus

    Had a fat asian girl steal food off my plate at a bar. Went up and told her what she did was wrong. When she gave me the half eaten food back, I threw at her and walked away. As I walked away, I noticed her land whalrus and white knight friends running to protect her.

    Not sure if this was the best course of action, but it did feel good.

  • The Private Man

    “That said, I would rather fuck an alpha who insults me than a beta who compliments me.”

    Compliments kill the lady boner.

  • Brandon

    Yes, call the bitch out. Not because your feelings get hurt, but because she’s a cunt. She thinks she’s a smarter, more capible and desirable human being than you, and if you let her get away with that then she’ll continue to degrade and cockblock men.

    If there were no more complex society and a woman showed her ass to me or any person in my tribe, I’d go as far as to slap that bitch silly. I’m not kidding. It’s not immaturity or cruelty, it’s nature.

    It’s up to men to keep women in check. If you believe otherwise, then you’re a pussy and you deserve a life of having to serve these annoying brats.

  • My Food Was Stolen Too!


    I experienced this same exact thing a few months ago. I was eating some food with a small group of people at a bar, when I noticed this somewhat fat chick shuffling up behind me (with her back turned to me). I didn’t think anything of it, as I figured she was probably trying to get a drink or something. Then I noticed her twisting her arm around me, slithered her arm across the bar like a snake, and started plunking food right from MY plate.

    I was fucking appalled. I didn’t do anything initially when she sampled my food, since I was literally shell-shocked by such behavior, but then she actually had the balls to do it AGAIN. Thankfully I quickly came to my senses this time and grabbed her wrist, sat up in my stool, kind of twisted her around, and sternly asked her, “What are you doing?” She reeled back and retreated back to her group of friends w/o any real trouble or resistance, but my god, I have never seen anything like that before.

    There really is no limit to a girl’s shitty ass behavior, is there? I just hope food-stealing isn’t some sort of weird, fucked up trend.

  • The G Manifesto

    I like this idea in theory, but in practice?

    No thanks.

    I am not going to lower myself to anyone’s negative level.

    Nor am I going to waste my precious time and energy on someone that doesn’t deserve it.

    I am too busy enjoying life.

    – MPM

  • Ian Ironwood

    Homework: Done.

    Woman overheard in line at my regular cafe this morning, complaining vocally about her dating life to her friend, how all she meets are losers, and how she “doesn’t need a man” despite her apparent obsession with finding the right one to be her bitch.
    After the third iteration of “I really don’t need a man,” as she was walking away, I caught her eye. I’m not gorgeous or anything, but I’m striking and tall and I don’t wear a wedding ring. And she realizes I’ve been overhearing her. Clear interest.

    “Don’t worry, honey,” I said, smiling pleasantly, looking her up and down, “if you don’t need a man, you can be sure you won’t get one.” Turn to barista as look of confusion and disappointment crosses her face. “Venti brew, cream, four Splendas. And a grande skinny caramel for my lovely wife. Who damn sure needs me.”

    The barista knows me and my wife, and was clearly irritated at the previous princess and happy at my intervention. Princess retreated, red faced and silent. Washed down the Red Pill with a delicious cup of coffee and all was right with the world.

  • Frisky Business

    I don’t think any of these deliver red pill wisdom. I think a better nuke, for example in response to her saying something anti-man or criticizing a scientific based conclusion of yours, is to ask her to name a contribution women have made to science. If she says something about Jane Goodall or some other nonsense, say “I call your Jane Goodall and raise you a Charles Darwin”.

  • bush/hole

    Bouncers have kicked me out of clubs for using milder insults then those. if you are in a club, its sometimes better to just walk away.

    [Roosh: Sure they have, troll.]

  • elizabeth

    women are fucking whores

  • jenny

    rape me

  • The G Manifesto

    “Bouncers have kicked me out of clubs for using milder insults then those. if you are in a club, its sometimes better to just walk away.”


    What is a better use of your time and energy?

    Getting into a back and forth with some bitter girl you wouldn’t even invite for a cigarette?

    Or moving on and swooping some fly girl.

    Life is short.

    Spend it on positive endeavors.

    – MPM

  • marielyn

    I’m an AMERICAN woman ain’t been fucking in weeks.. who the FUCK here will man up?

  • girl next door

    hope to get raped tonight

  • mikeraw

    What’s an elevator stare?

  • Pilate

    I love the “who brought their little sister to the bar” line for these situations. Calling her out in front of her friends in a way that causes them to think she’s being a cunt makes them shun her, and usually helps to clear up logistics.

  • Brandon


    I imagine its just a blank stare like how you might be in an elevator zoning out and looking at the door. You’d have to be congruent when using a line like that and not be smiling as if you’re joking.

    This post has stirred their nest up I see. Rape is wrong. It’s awesome to have the ability to create strong sexual emotions in women through game. Apparently these women are jealous that a decent player hasn’t gamed them. I’d bet money that they fit the description in this post.

  • Lemon

    The more that women are insulted, regularly so, the more they will wake up and realize that they really have made themselves into the assholes of society.

    My rule is, NEVER call a woman a “bitch”. Why? Because they are proud of that term. It still connotes a certain type of womanliness. Call them a “jerk” or an “asshole”.

    “You’re not fighting for women’s rights. You’re just an asshole”

  • Wiscanada

    Whats with the weird rape trolling? Have I missed something?

  • Team-Red

    Unanimously order her a 2 year subscription to Cat Fancy magazine

  • Apocalypseman

    Some weird troll comments here. Made me laugh but odd at the same time.

  • Silbanis

    Roosh,would you also suggest not responding to
    a girl’s attitude/uppity behaviour ? Just walking
    away…making it clear that she has no effect on
    you…not dignifying her with a response ?

    Just a thought.

  • Corp.Slayer

    Roosh, the trolls are likely using blackhat SEO to slander you. They know that by posting the “R” word and associating it with you and your works online as much as possible it auto-slanders and insinuates you via google results. Your blog, works,and anything else connected to you online will be associated with the act and description. If those kind of search results dominate for your name and keywords then it can cause the wrong kind of hype. Don’t let the bitches get away with it.

  • The Glee Manifesto genius, humanitarian man, kind to animals

  • Anonymous

    I was daydreaming something like this the other day.

    Happens all the time: I’ll be walking around town and see a pretty girl who’s put together, one who already clearly prides herself in her appearance, and give her a subtle, non-threatening, appreciative glance (eye contact, definitely not leering or drooling or looking at her body). She sees this and shoots back get a quick smug, deriding look that says “hmph”.

    And it’s amazing how girls who aren’t even that good looking will cop tude like this. Why?

    Makes me want to run up, walk backwards in front of her, and say, with the most beta-hearted delivery I can muster:

    “sorry to bother you but I just saw you walk by and I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let you disappear into the world without telling you that you’re nowhere near as hot as you think you are”

    and then walk away.

    Yes that’s butthurt, which is why I don’t do it. Like I said, it’s a daydream.

    But honestly, that kind of social smugness does make them so unattractive. It ruins all that she’s worked so hard to construct… to watch her, with an undercurrent of glee, dole out a dose of cruelty.

    I’d just enjoy seeing her face go through the emotions of: “Oh God, here we go again” to “this guy’s a loser but he’s trying to be sweet and I’m getting a compliment here so I have to be nice” to the ultimate shock of the punchline.

    *I* know what I’m thinking before I try to catch your eye honey, whatever your hamster tells you. It’s not: “I’d like to do this or that degrading thing to her” like you probably think… it’s more along the lines of: “wow, very nice, she’s got it pretty nicely together… she’s in good shape, she’s put some thought (but not too much) into that outfit… she wears those red/yellow/mint jeans that are in style now better than most… nice metal feather earrings… beautiful skin, I wonder what her background is… now here’s a girl who knows how to walk in heels” and shit like that.

  • 123Alpha

    Good Post Roosh. At least I have your website.

    Shark stopped posting :/

  • Krauser

    I must admit I’ve become alot less patient with unpleasant women. I used to do a line similar to the first one – “You’re not cute enough to say that” / backturn.

    Last time I spoke to an American women was a little fatty while my friend chatted up her hotter Asian friend. Fatty became really rude and above herself, so the conversation ended with

    Fatty: You’ll never have success with girls talking like that.
    Me: Sure
    Fatty: Next time you go out, don’t wear that hat
    Me: Next time you go out, lose some weight
    Fatty: *mortified* If we weren’t in England, I’d hit you for that *weighing bottle in her hand*
    Me: If you did, I’d hit you right back *cold stare*
    My friend: He would too.

    Not the sort of interaction I want to be getting into, but my tolerance for cuntish behaviour is close to zero. I would’ve walked away earlier, but my friend was too drunk to realise the whole thing was turning sour and wouldn’t leave until this little flourish

  • Krauser

    My go-to line isn’t witty or clever. I just look at a girl and say “You are an unpleasant person” and backturn.

    Fortunately, I’ve only used this about 4 times in 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    As for post 35:

    From my experience, some of the most gentle rejections I’ve ever experienced were from the truely hot women.

    The very vicious nasty ones have come from the second tier sort of hot women.

    It’s definetly due to validation and ego. They get a thrill about rejeceting men in a manner that shows their sexual worth. They are simply empowering their hamster.

  • Matt H.

    I love the concept of calling them out but, ultimately, can we change their behavior like that?

    G Manifesto and #22 are right. A lion shouldn’t react to a cockroach.

  • Sandwich Artist at Subway

    The trouble with one-liners is they have to be properly delivered to work. Roosh’s lines are all good as long as you’re cold and indifferent when you say them. You’re dismissing the girl and will never think of her again. Show anger and irritation and you come across as a loser getting back at a girl who rejected you. Which means she won.

    Best thing I ever did to improve my dealings with people in pretty much any circumstance was 1) take an improv acting class; and 2) take one of those salesmanship classes companies sign you up for if you’re going to be calling on clients. Salesmanship classes have huge overlap with gaming girls. Closing a hot girl = closing a major deal. Same nervous feeling, same skills required, same thrill of victory.

  • ImmoralGables

    Roosh and G Manifesto bring some great points here yet I am going to side with The G by quoting an excerpt from Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power:

    From Law 36 (Pg 302, Paragraph ~5):

    “Remember: You choose to let things bother you. You can just as easily choose not to notice the irritating offender, to consider the mater trivial and unworthy of your interest. That is the powerful move. What you do not react to cannot drag you down in a futile engagement. Your pride is not involved.

    The best lesson you can teach an irritating gnat is to consign it to oblivion by ignoring it, then conspire in secret to d away with it, but it never inadvertently draws yur attention to the bothersome insect that will go away or die on its own.

    If you waste time and energy in such entanglements, it is your own fault. Learn to play the card of disdain and turn your back on what cannot harm you in the long run.


    [Roosh: I love Greene’s books, but he’s the ultimate keyboard jockey. Go to his source material.]

  • Anonymous

    I like that you said that girls have the right to reject you. For once, I am not convinced you’re a narcissist.

  • Timoteo

    While it’s a good idea not to get into long exchanges with the offending bitch, I do think it’s important to let someone know when they’re out of line. You don’t allow people to show disrespect to you without checking it. It isn’t about butthurt or rejection. I think you drop a well-delivered line, or go back and forth a couple of times at most, then dismiss. Pride well-managed isn’t a negative.

  • 20th Level

    I can’t roll with this personally.Not my style at all, way too negative. It’s all a game. It’s REALLY not that serious.

    I’m on to the next one…and the next.

  • Old lady on a bus

    #15 funny stuff!

  • Shawn

    Guys with sisters and shitloads of female cousins are (should be) naturals at this.

  • Soup

    This shit is going to come up if you are approaching girls. Ideally, I’d like to give off the vibe that will let her know in no uncertain-terms not to fuck with me.

    A lot of B&T Jersey bitches hit up the city on weekends, and they’re the ones that will actually throw down and fight you / make a scene.

    I can’t have that shit happening at my usual spots. I’m going to screen for these kinds of bitches before engaging them at all.

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  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, and as a feminist, I must tell you your use of the word bitch ™ is disrespectfull to femail dogs.

  • In the forests of the night

    “The butthurt is strong with this one.”

    OK, lets go over this one . . . more . . . time.
    That thing you are talking to is called a “mirror,” sweet cheeks.

  • M

    I was out last night and called a girl out. Bar was a bit dead, approached group of 3 hottest girls with “Hey, why aren’t any guys talking to you…have you been being mean or something?”

    One hooked well with “No I’m nice!” and we chatted. Her friend hardcore cut me off, like I didn’t even exist and then tried to drag her away. I said “Excuse, that’s rude don’t interrupt me…is she always like this?” Kept talking. She interrupts again, and I said “Princess, do I have your permission to speak”

    I said every thing chill, while laughing in disbelief at her cunty-ness. But this kind of stuff, even if you are positive, ends up ruining the set even if one of the girls is into you.

    The attractive ones won’t ditch their friends because that would verify that they, indeed, are cunts by association.

  • The One Reason

    #52: “The attractive ones won’t ditch their friends because that would verify that they, indeed, are cunts by association.”

    Surely: “and that in itself verifies…”?

    Blocker c*nts can, after all, operate in impunity only with the silent or otherwise approval of the target. If she does re-engage the blocker in conversation and drops you without an explanation or apology then she is in a way just as “guilty”. It is her right in a sense, but anyway shows a certain lack of tact.

    A largely deserted club and an approach of “having to sit down with them due to there being no other places vacant” met with a roaring laughter. Target engaged (unfortunately exclusively, my bad) and the friend cockblocks shortly. Utter lock-out. After a few seconds of gasping I wished the target a pleasant evening and left. In such cases calling the blocker out (which I contemplated) would be counterproductive because the target also showed a wish to be left alone.

    Hopefully they had a marveltastic girls’ night out…

  • Steve

    Yes I always do this. You have to show them whose boss.

    You know though once you give them a good seeing to, it shuts them right the fu** up (for a while at least)

  • Moses

    Always look out for the uglies/fatties in a group when you approach. They will be the most hostile. They know you are not approaching to talk to them. They’ll resent you and sometimes be incredibly rude.

  • Evan

    Liar. Anyway.

  • Anonymous

    iam playing my girl frnd.but that girl seel iam open blood and white colors liquid is outside.

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  • Anonymous

    “You remind of a famous celebrity. Ever heard of Miss Piggy?”

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