Call The Bitch Out

Years ago when I first started calling out cockblockers, asking if their mothers taught them to be so rude, I didn’t have issues with girls who weren’t actively cockblocking. My rage was only channeled to blockers. But things changed, attitudes got worse. It got to the point where my nights in DC were full of calling out cunts.

It’s a fact that persistently calling out any sort of negative behavior will gradually eliminate that behavior. While a short-term solution for men is to avoid American women completely, public shaming is a long-term investment strategy that will result in culture change. The potential for humiliation, whether public or private, is one of the greatest drivers of human behavior.

Private Man has recently come up with a fun term for calling out deluded American women: nuking the hamster.

This is when a man has to directly confront a woman’s rationalization hamster and knock it out off its wheel with carefully constructed words and phrases. It’s an insult, to be sure. But it’s an insult that wields Red Pill wisdom and is not just some random put-down.

Remember in Fight Club when Tyler Durden gave members a mission to complete until the next meeting? Well here’s your mission: call out a bitch who deserves it. If she says something anti-man, criticizes one of your reality or scientific-based opinions, cockblocks you, or otherwise acts rude, I want you to ruin her night. Here are how five easy lines you can use (credit to Private Man and his readers for inspiration):

1. “You’re not attractive enough to be acting like that. Get over yourself.” Give her an elevator stare while grimacing before delivering the line.

2. “You must be single. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.” A nice follow-up would be a backturn.

3. “How many cats do you have?” Put on a confused expression on your face, as if you really want to know.

4. “Lady, are you pregnant? You should not strain yourself in that condition.” This is said to a bitchy fat girl. Make sure to look at her rotund stomach or fat arms before delivering the line.

5. “I actually know a nice guy who likes bitter women with attitude like yours. Do you want me to set up a date?” It’s always a great insult to give them relationship advice.

I want to be clear that these are not to be used if a girl merely rejects you. Every girl has a right to do so, and using an above line after a rejection will just make you seem insecure. But if she’s acting uppity and has not yet rejected your advances (maybe because you’re not even hitting on her), nuke the bitch.

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