Calling Girls On The Phone Is Dead

Four years ago I asked the question “Is the age of calling girls on the phone coming to an end?” Today I can confidently say that it has. There are very few circumstances where calling a girl under 30 to set up a first date is a proper move. Today you won’t lose out on a single bang by not having “phone game,” something that personally took me a couple years to master.

Here’s a chart of the telephone’s adoption rate (solid grey line):

You’ll see that it took about 70 years for the telephone to hit a 70% penetration rate. Until 1950, it wouldn’t have been bad game to write women letters or just pop up at her door to ask for a date. But in 1970, do you think the girl would be open to a random knock on her door? Would she promptly reply to a letter that you sealed with a drop of your masculine cologne? Probably not.

Now let’s take a look at the adoption rate of smartphones:

It took 20 years for smartphones to go from nothing to a 70% penetration rate, meaning we’re forced to adapt three times quicker to this technology and the new habits it brings forth (text messaging, mp3 listening in public, social networking, etc.). The chart shows that things didn’t really get started until 1999. Check out this:

When you call a woman, you are spitting at the above chart. You are saying, “The girls I talk to are unaffected by the culture. They are my luddite lovers. I will ignore technology and trends and do what I’m used to doing.” Are the girls you’re hitting on oblivious to Facebook? Do they not attention whore on Instagram? Do they not send 1000 text messages a day without hesitating to hit the silent button whenever a call is received, even from family?

Game is a reflection of the culture, and a rejection of that means your game is autistic, existing in its own special little world that only you understand. Even from a contrary perspective, calling girls will not result in more bangs. It is not a shortcut. The odds that a girl is ready to talk to a new guy she met three days ago at the exact same time he decides to call her, and be open during that conversation, is just about zero.

In today’s world where everyone thinks they are “busy” with bullshit tasks like watching Honey Boo Boo on television, calling someone when they don’t expect it is inconvenient and even considered rude. When you consider that if you do it right texting doesn’t cost you dates, and cumulatively takes less time than a typical 10 minute call, you actually spend less energy getting bangs than back in my day when I had to take a deep breath and dial a number.

For those of you who still want to cling to calling girls, there is a case you can do it. It has to be when the following two conditions are met:

1. She already has your number in her phone. She knows it’s you so when she picks up there is no need for you to introduce yourself and have that potential “Oh crap I don’t want to talk to him right now” moment.

2. She strongly hinted that she prefers calling over text. If a girl says “Call me” then it’s a good sign she will be open to a phone conversation, but unless she’s explicit with that preference, calling a girl who probably has little experience talking to new guys on the phone will lead to an awkward conversation.

Do you lose out on a date by texting the above case instead of calling? Nope.

I’m not saying that technology should be blindly embraced. I’m not saying that the world is a better place because of Facebook, text messaging, and so on, but I am saying that for better or worse these developments have been rapidly embraced by attractive women. Not adapting with the times by changing your methods is the same as an old man complaining about the shallow nature of the internet. Sorry old man, but calling is dead. Text instead.

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