Calling Girls On The Phone Is Dead

Four years ago I asked the question “Is the age of calling girls on the phone coming to an end?” Today I can confidently say that it has. There are very few circumstances where calling a girl under 30 to set up a first date is a proper move. Today you won’t lose out on a single bang by not having “phone game,” something that personally took me a couple years to master.

Here’s a chart of the telephone’s adoption rate (solid grey line):

You’ll see that it took about 70 years for the telephone to hit a 70% penetration rate. Until 1950, it wouldn’t have been bad game to write women letters or just pop up at her door to ask for a date. But in 1970, do you think the girl would be open to a random knock on her door? Would she promptly reply to a letter that you sealed with a drop of your masculine cologne? Probably not.

Now let’s take a look at the adoption rate of smartphones:

It took 20 years for smartphones to go from nothing to a 70% penetration rate, meaning we’re forced to adapt three times quicker to this technology and the new habits it brings forth (text messaging, mp3 listening in public, social networking, etc.). The chart shows that things didn’t really get started until 1999. Check out this:

When you call a woman, you are spitting at the above chart. You are saying, “The girls I talk to are unaffected by the culture. They are my luddite lovers. I will ignore technology and trends and do what I’m used to doing.” Are the girls you’re hitting on oblivious to Facebook? Do they not attention whore on Instagram? Do they not send 1000 text messages a day without hesitating to hit the silent button whenever a call is received, even from family?

Game is a reflection of the culture, and a rejection of that means your game is autistic, existing in its own special little world that only you understand. Even from a contrary perspective, calling girls will not result in more bangs. It is not a shortcut. The odds that a girl is ready to talk to a new guy she met three days ago at the exact same time he decides to call her, and be open during that conversation, is just about zero.

In today’s world where everyone thinks they are “busy” with bullshit tasks like watching Honey Boo Boo on television, calling someone when they don’t expect it is inconvenient and even considered rude. When you consider that if you do it right texting doesn’t cost you dates, and cumulatively takes less time than a typical 10 minute call, you actually spend less energy getting bangs than back in my day when I had to take a deep breath and dial a number.

For those of you who still want to cling to calling girls, there is a case you can do it. It has to be when the following two conditions are met:

1. She already has your number in her phone. She knows it’s you so when she picks up there is no need for you to introduce yourself and have that potential “Oh crap I don’t want to talk to him right now” moment.

2. She strongly hinted that she prefers calling over text. If a girl says “Call me” then it’s a good sign she will be open to a phone conversation, but unless she’s explicit with that preference, calling a girl who probably has little experience talking to new guys on the phone will lead to an awkward conversation.

Do you lose out on a date by texting the above case instead of calling? Nope.

I’m not saying that technology should be blindly embraced. I’m not saying that the world is a better place because of Facebook, text messaging, and so on, but I am saying that for better or worse these developments have been rapidly embraced by attractive women. Not adapting with the times by changing your methods is the same as an old man complaining about the shallow nature of the internet. Sorry old man, but calling is dead. Text instead.

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  • Tampa

    A blantant case of women cutting off their nose too spite their face. Make men now put it even LESS work to fuck them.

    Only American women could have developed this set of social norms…

  • Animal Mother

    Saw this coming and ten years ago dumped all my money into media and telecom stocks while my older bro went into science/tech. I’m winning.

  • Thomas

    I remember calling back when I was 14, girls actually used the home phone like it was facebook, sitting on it for hours talking shit.

  • Castor Troy

    “In today’s world where everyone thinks they are “busy” with bullshit tasks like watching Honey Boo Boo on television, calling someone when they don’t expect it is inconvenient and even considered rude.”

    Honey Boo Boo…hahahaha….

  • Brandon

    Dude, this is brilliant research.

  • Celtic

    There’s another case where it’s preferable to call. If she is from a foreign country where phone calls are more common, she’ll take the call, and she might even see it as weak if you ask her out via text message.

    I think this is the case with the Latinas. If she was from a different culture and I didn’t know if calling/texting was more popular in it, I might even ask her about calling vs. texting in her culture in the initial conversation.

  • Anonymous

    Just spoke to someone, called her out when she didn’t call back in 3 hrs. She said her phone has been on silent for past 6 months. Calling is dead.

  • Soltero en Madrid

    I can’t remember the last time I called a fertile women.

  • greenlander

    I’m chasing girls in Siberia, I think I’ve come to agree with this.

    In the past I’d always call girls, if only to prove I wasn’t a wuss afraid to call them on the phone.

    But I independently came to the same conclusion, it’s just easier to text them and it works even better. There’s no penalty for texting like there used to be.

    It’s just as well, I can forget all that “plowing” crap I learned about “phone game”. It served me well in the states dating girls in their late twenties and early thirties but it’s a dead horse now.

  • Caller

    Only issue with texting is you can’t control getting a reply like speaking to them would. With texts, do you send out one invite, wait a few hours, and if no response then text the next one on your list?

  • TheIVth

    I agree, texting is the way of the world now. What goes around, comes around. Way way way back in the day, all folks could do was write letters and wait for them. I dont mind that texting has taken over, cause if a girl likes you, she likes you. And after a girl falls for you and wants to be around you and talking to you 24/7, youll be glad that you never set the precedence that youll be talking to her on the phone all the time.

  • Fit

    @Caller: never text a girl for at least 3 weeks if she doesn’t answer your text. seriously. She’ll laugh and tell her friends “about the creepy guy who won’t stop bothering her”. If your text game is anything less than an A+ you’re fucked.
    Content, frequency, length, time of day, etc are all scrutinized by her (oh yeah, she’ll forward them to her friends to get their opinions on them too).

  • Paper

    The year was 1989, my 3rd year of high school when I vowed never to send a LETTER to girl again, as long as I lived. Like a true omega/beta piece of shit that I was, I listened to my mother and wrote to this girl I was interested in. The ensuing humiliation was not as important as the utter lack of utility the move produced. I finally realized my mother was from the 1950s (worse, 1950s foreign third world country) and any advice she gave would be completely outdated and crap.

  • Anonymous

    I think even texting girls is bullshit.

    The reason why calling doesn’t work is because they’ve realised that they can easily be put on the spot by a guy if he games her correctly. On the other side, texting gives them the upper hand because now, it is up to them whether they choose to respond to your texts or not.

    The only way out of this is to go for Same night lays or same day lays. Lately, i’ve never had any success getting a girl to text back after getting her number during the day. The only way is if i’ve pushed her into going on an instant date to a nearby coffee shop.

    I would say, push things as far as they will possibly go. Otherwise, you will simply be wasting your time getting dead numbers.

  • Mark

    I saw a page a couple of days ago where a girl said she would immediately blow off a guy if he only had a flip phone and not a smart phone. “How could I send him an email if I was running late” I’m sure it was as much about money and style as anything.

    I’m not really playing games with people but phone call tend to annoy from just about anyone. So I can see where this post is the gospel.

    But if any girl doesn’t respond to any form of communication I make with her with a fucking hour, I will blow her off. If they really like you and are attracted to you then they don’t fuck around. So if they take longer than an hour then that is all the signal I need that she just isn’t that into me. Besides it makes me feel like I have control. If it goes into the next day then I immediately delete them and forget about her.

  • DarkTriad

    What I’ve done is call once (because modern girls lack the defenses to deflect a direct conversational “ask out”). If I get through, great, if not, I just switch to text game, and I don’t feel it costs me anything. I time the phone call for the end of the “Big Game” everyone in town is talking about – “Did you see that last interception…”, or the very end of a show I know she likes to watch.

  • Pete

    I was roommates with an HB9 in college and whenever guys would call her she would put it on speakerphone and we would all listen to the idiot go on forever while we drank or played board games or whatever. She’d go “uh huh, cool” every few minutes and the guys would just keep talking and talking

  • sj

    great post and I agree. Even in Latin America places like Brazil and Colombia texting has taken off big time. I text ladies in Argentina last year and worked easier than a phone call at first.

  • anonymous

    that graph doesn’t show the smartphone penetration rate, it shows the number of smartphones in millions

  • Bronan The Barbarian!

    You can’t get tit pics from a phone call. Long live the text.

  • Flynn

    #16 Pete
    Yup, phone calls should be for logistical set ups ONLY. Call her, 1-2 minutes of fluff talk maybe, but then get straight down to business
    and set up a MEET.

    Texting is similar – keep it logistical for the most part.

    To know where you stand and to move things forward you must meet and game her face to face.

  • Nomad77

    Most young girls don’t even know how to talk on the phone anymore. They are uncomfortable doing it. They are far more comfortable texting or chatting.

  • Captain Chardonnay

    Last Saturday morning waking up, I decided to call the numbers on my phone of girls I’ve met over the past couple of weeks.

    I text girls either the night I meet them or the day after so they add my # into their phone with me fresh in their memory. The girls I called Saturday are the ones who have not responded to my texts.

    So I called 9 girls and had 4 pick up and 1 call me back. All of these girls are under 24. All university students.

    Out of the 5 who did pick up:
    1. Said she started seeing someone. I responded with no big deal, lets be friends. We’ll hangout when she gets back from Toronto.
    2. Also in Toronto. Said we’ll hangout when she gets back.
    3. From France, said she’s swamped with homework for the weekend but suggested coffee this week for which i countered with drinks.
    4. Picked up hungover in bed. I said I’d call back but I forgot. She texted me that night.
    5. The girl who called me back: She called. I picked up, said hello? She didn’t say anything then hung up.

    I think calling has a chance when you have tried texting and get no response. She doesn’t respond to your text because she doesn’t remember who you are so your escalating the communication medium, email > text > calling > meeting up.

    When I called these girls, 2 asked me who I was. I responded, “good looking asian guy you A)met and the bank, B)met at the pizza shop”. They immediately remembered me.

    Another point; if everyone is texting, what you should be doing is calling. Be rare.

    I’m not disputing the fact that people text more than they call today. This is my recent personal experience.

    [Roosh: You’re batting 0% with your calling experiment on 9 girls and you still advise on calling? Is your comment some sort of internet psyop cockblock?]

  • gunslingergregi

    yea never thought i would be texting but yea i mean it is way the fuck easier to keep a bunch of ho’s texting than not texting
    or when they call just grunt and got to go
    you can be fucking a chick and getting texts from other chicks after you get a break you just answer other texts and setting up future dates
    yea its wild shit and can be in same room lolzzzz
    definetly to the guys benefit who wants a lot of ho’s
    course imagine how many dudes a chick can juggle now jesus

  • Raj

    I always go for instadate whenever I approach a girl. Unless she’s late for work or something (which I can tell from her mannerism before I approach her), if she doesn’t want to instadate, she’s not interested and is just being polite. Phone number in this case is worthless except one text.

    Just because a girl responds to your communication in no way means she’s interested in sex. Many times its the opposite. She’s just opening up to you because you seem like you could be a good friend.

    FORGET about attracting a girl by text.

    When I text a girl, if she doesn’t respond within an hour, I delete her number. This forces me not to text her again till she does. If she responds after a day, I go like “who r u” and take it from there.

  • BDM

    This is interesting. I’ve had women say “Oh my God! You called!” like I was doing all the chivalry of a Pride and Prejudice character. My response has usually been, “Yeah, fuck texting.” It’s usually seen as a considerate move, and appreciated by the women I call. For girls who require extra aloofness, might not be best, but for women who appreciate directness it’s a good way to differentiate.

  • Casual

    Thanks god. Never had much phone game, but my text game is solid. As technology adoption grows, it makes things easier and easier for us nerds.

  • OGNorCal707

    Cue the G-Manifesto to come in and tell us all that texting is for beta males…

  • (R)Evoluzione

    Although I text primarily with a lot of girls, there is still a place for phone calls. I hooked a hot 24 year old model using a combo of phone and text.

    Make no mistake, though, SMS has definitely changed the nature of communication. My phone calls to her were very quick, to-the-point, even terse. They served one purpose, and one purpose only–to lock in a place & time to meet for drinks. I’ve found that a quick phone call makes for less flaking than texting for the same purpose.

  • Shawn

    Just a friendly reminder to not text anything that would embarrass you if it were displayed on a jumbotron, but you already knew that so carry on.

  • anonnn

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the massive rise in flaking and other antics of unreliability by females has coincided with the explosion of texting.

    Think about what you’re saying here: that a girl that doesn’t have any real desire (or ability) to simply TALK to you over the phone somehow really does want to FUCK you and will FUCK you in very short order. Huh???? She can’t be relied on to talk on the phone with you but she somehow can be totally relied on to show up at a meeting with a total stranger who she knows only wants to fuck her? No. Doesn’t work that way.

    Sitting around waiting for some child with the body of a 24 year old human female to respond to your 4 text-block chunks of indecipherable baby talk with her own is almost as outright gay as the sight of any male actually talking into a cellphone for any reason other than to report to emergency personnel that his femur is actually right now protruding thru his thigh.

    The kinds of girls whose lives revolve around texting are the kinds of girls who are dtf RIGHT NOW in the nearest bathroom stall, semi wooded area, or dumpster and deserve not even the minimally useless consideration required to send a text. If she’s the kind of girl you would text then she can be called as well. If you think she can be texted but not called, then you wasted your only chance when you had her actual body in front of you the first time because, really, she’s not worth the text either. Calling cuts down the investment significantly–in every way–time money, physic effort. The girl who can’t sit and talk on the phone in a simple getting-to-know-you way cannot be counted on for anything-at least not as it relates to you.

    If she never picks up the phone, then you have your answer about the kind of girl you’re dealing with and you never had to say a word or get stood up (because you NEVER leave voicemail messages). You call, get no response, it’s over. Move on. No putting anything out there, no waiting around for a reply. If she doesn’t want to talk to you, she doesn’t want to fuck you. Period. She may say she’ll be somewhere to meet you for something. But she’ll never show up.

    The girl who will actually pick up the phone on a first time half remembered caller and sit and talk to him (awkwardly or not) DOES have some interest and is a much more reliable option to actually show up

    [Roosh: “Calling cuts down the investment significantly”… it mostly cuts down on your notches. Your call old man.]

  • Pierce

    “The more american women text, the fatter they get” hehe

  • gunslingergregi

    i kind of thought same shit before i got my cellphone anonn and didn’t understand the whole texting thing but it does seem to make a dif
    allthough if chicks know i’m out with another chick they do actually call rather than text and some chicks only call he he he

  • Jack

    I do better when I reach girls on the phone. with texting, you’re constantly waiting for their response, timing yours as to not be eager, etc. And if a girl won’t even talk to you on the phone, she won’t fuck you either. Phone convo is an overall lower time commitment.

    Then again, most bitches screen their calls so it can be phone tag at times. But a surprisingly high number don’t.

    Texting doesn’t work for me much. My phone game is better than my text game I guess.

    [Roosh: “And if a girl won’t even talk to you on the phone, she won’t fuck you either.” I believed this too for a while, but it’s incorrect, and why texting is ultimately superior.]

  • keirin

    Had one gf about 6 years ago, and after we had first hooked up I realized that we had not actually spoken to each other on the phone until after we had had sex. Being old enough to have been in the dating game when getting a phone number was a “big deal”, I looked on this with some amusement. In reality it was just part of this trend.

  • Anonymous

    @23 Lifetime .000 average and wants to join the coaching staff.

  • Mage

    Where I live it’s normal to chat and arrange meetings via phone text or e-mail, but 99% of cases people call each before leaving for meeting to make sure the other person has no sudden changes in plans or as you call it “flaking”. This applies to all meetings both dating and business, both with men and women.

    Is this different in US?

    I wouldn’t leave my home to met a girl (or any person) who doesn’t pick up phone or calls back before I leave home, no matter how willing she may appear in texts. Yes, maybe I risk losing a notch, but I don’t risk losing my time that is more valuable under a proper abundance mentality mindset.

    Roosh, what do you say about such a last minute call? Do you practice it? Do people in USA practice it? Or its just 100% pure texting? If its 100% texting then I find it useless better skip it and aim for immediate lay at same night. Could even leave phone at home.

  • Brian Mark

    I agree 100%, that calling is dead. I hardly ever take a call. I only look at texts. Calls are even more dead Overseas. Go overseas and it’s 90% texting! The internet and smartphones have killed dating as it once was. Girls never have to live in the moment they can always be texting or talking to their friends. The guy that is in the arena trying to meet the girl always loses!

  • Jerry

    So annoying people are getting a shorter and shorter attention span…yeah giving 1 person 100% of your attention is soooo 1970..much better to be boring to 5 people at a time! I noticed also in other countries everyone is going to black berries, whatsapp or facebook for chatting, so msn messenger and yahoo, etc are going the way of the dodo.

  • Mr magic


    I actually agree with Roosh, these hybrates of new idiot chicks and technology are definitly almost only reach able by text proof of it I use to bang this chick dumped her etc, great in bed but I just could not see myself with her ina year or two….Anyhow she is a text pheen, texting is her thing one day I told her ”listen just call me I would rather have this conversation over the phone this is serious stuff I dont wont text this back and fort texting is usually just to confirm quick appointments.”Mind you I was trying to play the good guy card since I treated her like shit in the past and felt bad about how things ended between us. Her response to me “get with it grandpa’ lol Lets just say I haven spoken to the little cunt since except one other time…… These modern hoes have no depts and they dont want you to have any either flakiness is now at in art form and dont excpect ”deepnest” or something meaningfull excpect random text bullshit and air head stupidity upgrade get with how they now do business with there pussies or die a non game death. You have been warned its a new era out there now.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    The problem with texting is that everything is there in writing.

    When you have a conversation, the only way to recall it is by memory. And often memories of a good conversation will paper over anything stupid that was said.

    When you text, your words are there to see — forever. Since women are hormonally-driven and often irrational and fickle, what seems good to her at one point might turn into drama the next day when she shows it to her friends and/or generally decides to go hysterical or cold.

    With a phone convo, if a woman calls upset the next day you can always say “I never said that” or “That’s not what I meant,” etc. With texting, you’re stuck with what you text. And as someone above pointed out, texts can be ignored much easier than phone convos.

    Which leads me to my next point: how many of us have called a skeptical or cold girl we met on Yahoo messenger or at a club and had her engaging in phone sex by the end of the convo? My hand is raised! This kind of seduction can’t be done over text and I found phone-to-real-life gaming very effective (it helps if you have a decent voice).

    Anyway, while you can’t turn back technology, you can find a way to try and avoid the landmines it provides. I’d recommend texting sparingly and figuring out a way to talk instead.

  • samseau

    I still use calls to get bangs. I don’t have a system for when I call or text, but I have “gut feelings” that usually steers me in the right direction.

    I especially like to call if I’m going for a bang on the same day. So I’ll call them up and then push to meet them within the next few hours.

  • Jay

    Have to disagree with you on this one brother. It may work for some but, for me, texting chicks is a very indirect way of communicating. And by indirect I mean non-assertive. If I do my job and boldy approach the woman, create attraction upon that approach and number close, I see no reason why I should then downshift to communicating indirectly with the girl. I usually won’t text a girl that much until after we’ve banged.

    In my experience, the only times a girl would not take my call after initially meeting them was when I failed to create enough initial attraction. If they’re into you, they’ll take the call. Then again, this has only been my experience.

    I’m not suggesting that texting is always bad, as sometimes is useful. But, as Mystery said, when you control the frame you can do whatever the fuck you want to do in a seduction, can communicate however you want to communicate. There are no rules for he who has no master.

  • Don

    Three arguments for calling:

    1. You show her you have guts, it takes a lot more guts to call than to text.

    2. If she likes your voice, or even find it sexy/masculine you have a advantage that speaks to her emotions.

    3. It’s harder to reject a person on a phone, and you can hear her mood and respond accordingly.

  • Vice from SoSuave

    This argument has been raging on the SoSuave forums for a while. Here are the facts on communication:

    55% Facial Expressions
    38% Voice Tone
    7% Words

    Basically, what you’re doing by texting only is cutting your communications effectiveness to only 7%.

    You’re actually using more than 45% of your communication skills when you’re on the phone, because your facial expressions influence your voice tone a little.

    But why run at 7% efficiency when you can run at at least 45% efficiency?

    If you have worked on your voice and ability to influence and inspire people, calling is the best way to go. You simply cannot rely on text to achieve this.

    Many girls these days rely only on text. But those girls are usually not the ones you want to be with anyway. Because if they’re afraid of a simple phone call, that’s a red flag.

    Better to develop strong influence skills and voice tone (a.k.a. “game”) and capitalizing on the situation at hand than relying on text.

    Is it possible that if you cold approach a girl on the street and stun her with your boldness and audacity by being direct and telling her that you wanted to meet her? Because that way you set the frame of the interaction. You’re playing on YOUR terms, not hers.

    Texting is falling into the game of jumping through women’s hoops. There’s too many girls out there to deal with that shit. Don’t sell yourself short.

  • 20th Level

    Calling on the phone is dead and gone….period. There are certain advantages and certain rules that need to be followed though. For instance making sure you wait twice the length of time she replies to you before you text back whether its a minute, ten minutes, or an hour.

    Another advantage of texting is that it gives you time to evaluate the situation and come up with the perfect reply. I’ve overcome two attempted flakes in the past week alone just by using proper text game.

  • 1942

    @44 Don: Girls don’t care that you have guts. That’s like the default for any guy she sees as alpha – he has to have guts by definition, and if he doesn’t, he’s no alpha.

  • Doc

    I text. The only time I call, and usually leave a message, is when I have to cancel, or ditch a woman – used to do that in person, but women are psycho these days.

    Texting is almost exclusively to see if someone wants to join me doing something.

    For instance this past weekend, texted 5 young women saying I was going somewhere and the first response before a specific time would be the one joining me. Got three responses, so two were… “Too late…” Keeps them on their toes, although I always promise to make it up to them. The winners always come back with a way to do that, which is something that I enjoy.

    Training women is a skill that many men are losing…

  • Turner

    ha I cant even remember the last time I called a girl – text and fb are what’s up. That way I can use all kinds of sexual innuendo with the extra benefit of the mindfuck.

  • Mr. Magic

    I remember I had another girlfriend my ex, my last ex she hated the phone and would only exclusivly text me. There was no real “connection” she would text me during the week and come over on the weekend I learned alot from that relathionship and will not date a girl in that fashion again, I will fuck em but not for my girlfriend. Shit felt hallow and dead thats why she no longer is my girlfriend bitch was not human.

  • x2d4d

    I would say use phone game if you’re good at it and enjoy it. Texting has some pitfalls, Vice(45) details it nicely.

    But that’s no excuse not to use texting. Texting is superior to calling in so many other ways you’d be a fool not to make use of it.

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  • Mage
  • Jake

    ADD communication style, works best.

    I like to ping with random picture messages, send to customized groups I have set up. Once in a while, take some shot somewhere fun, attach to message, “You been here? It’s epic!”

    Taking standard marketing to the dating game. I don’t even bother messaging one girl, or calling one girl. Actually A/B testing different picture messages and text, creating new groups for new chicks, even got a few criteria (sluts, young ones, etc) to group them by.

    Send one one “you been here?” message to 20 girls (some of them just numbers from dating site, some numbers from clubs, etc etc), well done, gets 6-8 replies.

    It’s just a ping. Sometimes I hit a girl that’s home alone and bored, and she’ll send me a message asking to hang out.

    Totally applying Web sales marketing strategies. Pseudo personalized messaging.

    One to one communication in dating is dead.

  • Jake

    Here’s the original post I had on the subject of using marketing rules for dating stuffs:

    Whatsapp is great in some countries, and free. Has cool grouping tools already built in. Go to a marketing site like quicksprout, learn the basics of strong e-mail list marketing – apply to dating.

    For me I’m either out to have fun, or to get laid, and in all cases, I’m probably collecting a few numbers for my ‘marketing list’.

  • Mr_W

    I suppose you pansies would dump a girl by text as well. Grow some balls, speak to a girl on the phone for anything of value. Just my 2c. Yeah texting is the modern way but not the manly way. Be different, be original….he’ll, write them a letter and send it in the mail.

  • Rich

    Mr W,

    You keep being blockbuster and we’ll be redbox.

  • Vice from SoSuave

    Texting is for high school boys. I don’t have time to hold a little piece of plastic, sending cute text messages to girls. It’s pathetic, and YOU’RE NOT FORCING HER TO EMOTIONALLY INVEST IN YOU WHEN YOU TEXT HER. You’re but another dude in the sea of dudes that she texts. Another anonymous pixelated name in her phone.

    I’m running a real estate business. I’m always in the car, always going on appointments. At the courthouse, you can’t bring yur phone. I’ll call a girl if I’m on my way to her part of town and set something up with her. It’s worked for me. Waiting for a text isn’t feasible.

    You guys use “internet marketing techniques” and “social media” and all this other faggot texting shit. I prefer to use the marketing techniques used to secure multimillion dollar real estate, aircraft, and defense techniques: establishing a repeated, solid relationship that can be counted on.

    If YOU set the rules, are dominant, and only call, she by definition as a woman (submissive) will respond to that. If she doesn’t work on becoming more influential and dominant. Sending a mass text or smiley face isn’t dominant. It’s high school. It’s what “friends” do.

    I will text if it’s not feasible to call, like sending her my address or texting her to meet me outside so I can fuck her in an alley. But most of you are too busy sending her cute pictures of “odd things” in the city in hope for a response.

    But guys that rely mainly on text make it SO much easier for me, so keep being meek, it’s raising my notch count.

  • Wilson

    We get it, Vice, you are old don’t like seeing us on your lawn. Be careful though, your misrepresentation that Roosh is telling us to send cute pictures indicates that you are entering into that petulant second childhood stage of life, so you better lock down a woman to be your nursemaid ASAP.

  • Vice from SoSuave

    Wilson, I’m 22 years old. Regardless, stay off my lawn, I’m trying to get some tenants in my properties so they can pay off my mortgage for me and put some money in my pocket.

    I used to be on the hardcore “yay text message!!!” and “omg faceBOOK! TWITTER!!!!” camp until I started realizing that all that shit was killing my attention span, smartphones were making me dumb, and that Facebook made me compare myself to others. And how ultimately, all that shit was turning me into a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Nice strawman argument there, Vice!

    If you’re texting properly, then you should be *forcing her to emotionally invest in you when you text her*.

    And for all the other BS-spouting old-timers who think that text messaging can’t prod women emotionally, check out these two products:

    1) The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game (Love Systems)

    2) Magnetic Messaging (Bobby Rio/TSB)

    The examples in both books are golden, and have lots of examples of quick messages that push girls’ emotional buttons.

  • kosmos

    Of course phone is dead, talking on the phone is just ackward.

    Text is slowly dying to… Facebook / social network is the next thing. It has many advantages :

    – They care less about giving you their facebook and adding you to their friend list than giving you their phone number and anwser
    – Its less formal than the classical I-take-your-phone-I-ask-you-for-a-date thing. They are less on the defensive with facebook.
    – You can have a more fun interaction on the chat than by text without the akwardness of the phone
    – They can remember how good looking you are by looking at your pics
    – They can have a glance at your awesome social life / your hobbies / your passions
    – They can see that their’s other hot girls in your friend list and that she is probably not the only girl you’re gaming
    – They remember you over time because your awesome statuses are periodicly apparing on their friend feed.
    – There’s no time limit : you can recontact her every once in a while without being akward. With text you have only one shoot. You can be more persistant over time with facebook.

    I’ve fucked girls that gave me their facebook that I’d never fucked with only their phone number. Well used it have the full potential to make the hamster spin.

  • Anonymous


    That’s not the whole story.

    If you were weak in-person and didn’t make the girl attracted to you enough during the first interaction — then yeah, she might balk on giving you her number or answering your text/call when you get in touch.

    If your game is tight enough, though, she should be looking forward to your follow-up call/text and making plans.

    With a hot girl, becoming her Facebook friend is just another chance to be grouped in with her beta orbiters. You know those guys — on every beach photo or formal function photo of hers, they comment: “You’re so hot! Love this photo” and shit like that.

  • kosmos

    63 : You’re answer is only theorical. Of course the thing is not being a beta orbiter, as you’re not being neddy by sending her too much messages when she give you her number.

    If you’re attractive enough she will answer to the phone too, but today it’s nearly impossible to get to this level of attractiveness because phone is such a old fashioned way of communicate, this is the point of roosh’s post. I just mentionned that facebook has some advantage over text and that this is the next way girls will stay in touch with you.

    This is the future, train you’re chatting skills !

  • HCE

    I’ve zoomed in on this graph of smartphone adoption rate and it say “millions”, not “percentages”. Not that it invalidates your point because still at least 30% of population has one, I just think it delays it slightly.

  • Giovonny

    I finally came out of the stone age and decided to text more and call less, alot less. No doubt, texting is the way to go nowadays.

    But, sometimes, I like to be different and call her. This is usually when I’m feeling especially talkative and in a funny/chatty mood.

    I like to experiment.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t tell G Man or Hooligan Harry though. They’ll insist your a fag for getting lad through text. Idiots.

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