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Roosh Life Update

Last week was mostly promotional for the second edition of Bang. It case you missed it: Monday: I shared details of the new edition, especially the text messaging section Wednesday: I discussed the gloomy future of game Friday: I gave the most optimal method for studying any game resource I received a lot of emails […]

Why Bang Colombia?

From a business standpoint, writing Bang Colombia was a big risk. How many of my readers have thoughts of visiting Colombia in the next year or two? I’ll be surprised if it was more than 50. That means I spent many months writing a book for a few dozen people. Why didn’t I work on […]

Bang Colombia: Textbook On How To Pick Up Women In Colombia

Four and a half years ago, after visiting Venezuela, I got the idea of doing a travel pickup guide. Hints of it were seen in my Real Man Travel Guides blog along with my book A Dead Bat In Paraguay, but I never commited myself to writing a complete guide for one country. In the […]

New Book Tomorrow

It’s my shortest at only 54 pages, but it has information that is pretty hard to find anywhere else. Here’s the availability breakdown: Paperback: $12.47 Kindle: $0.99 eBook: Free download I’m experimenting with a “pay what what you want” model for the eBook. If you like the book then you’ll be able to donate. Full […]