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We Are Nothing More Than Distracted Sheep In The Real Game Of Power

Beliefs in the manosphere are often termed “red pill,” an analogy to the Matrix, where those who know “truth” are unplugged from the system and can see the world for what it really is, but men who use this analogy did not watch the two Matrix sequels, where we learn that the robots allowed the […]

Men Are Nothing More Than Clowns To The Modern Woman

I have a bank of rotating stock questions I ask women that let me know how I should proceed with my game. One of the questions I used to ask was “Do you need a man?” Out of the dozens of times I asked it, not a single girl answered yes. Even in Eastern Europe, […]

The Female Hierarchy Of Needs

When one of your wants are satisfied, another pops into its place without any conscious effort. For example: I’m in a new city looking for a good cafe. Once I find that cafe, I then realize I need to find a good burger restaurant. I’ve been trying to grow my beard out to a certain […]

It’s The Boner, Stupid

There is a growing barrier between the sexes in America. It’s large enough that men are undertaking training to learn how to communicate with their women (game) or are taking energy and time-consuming trips abroad to meet foreign women (travel). If we were to explain in one reason why men are doing this, it’s because […]

The Contradiction Of Pursuing Casual Sex While Advocating For Traditional Values

There is an argument floating around that goes like this: I’m just as bad as feminists in destroying Western civilization because I advise men to pursue easy sex instead of seeking marriage. How can I reconcile the fact that I advocate for “traditional sex roles” when my tactics can be used for pumping and dumping […]

How To Create A Manosphere In Your Own Country

The manosphere is primarily an American phenomenon. While you do see some men’s rights activity in Canada, UK, and Australia, the fusion of game, biology, and truth-seeking in the “red pill” genre of knowledge has been mostly cultivated and developed by Americans. This is odd considering that feminism and political correctness has not been as […]

8 Things American Women Must Do To Make Themselves More Attractive For Men

Sometimes I can be overly critical towards women, but understand that it comes from love, not hate. I want women to be the best that they can be. If American women follow the suggestions I’ve outlined for them below, they will be truly world class. Here we go… 1. Lose the god damn weight The […]

An Epidemic Of Thirsty Men Is Making It Harder To Get Laid

For every girl that you reject for being unattractive or bitchy, there will be a line of men behind you trying to win her over. Every time you “punish” a girl by rejecting her after she displays bad behavior, she will not have to wait long until another man close to your value wants to […]

The Rise Of Heterophobia

A new psychological disorder called heterophobia is infecting America. Promoting a heterosexual or traditional family lifestyle is becoming increasingly shamed while criticism of homosexual lifestyle is no longer allowed. Our culture is making it clear that when it comes to sex, only heterosexuality can be ridiculed, especially when it is practiced by men. I believe […]

How We Stood Up To The Mob And Won

Last week, an article Tuthmosis wrote for ROK called “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder” went viral. And by viral, I mean that it was the most shared article to ever come out of the manosphere in its short history, receiving nearly 1.5 million page views in five days. In spite […]

What A Time To Be 17 Years Old

My little brother is a senior in high school. When I was his age, it was a no-brainer to go to college. At a cost of about $4,000 a year, it turned out being a wise investment because once month after graduation I was fully employed with a good salary. Times are different now. Tuition […]

Katie J.M. Baker Purposefully Distorted My Work To Advance Her Socialist Agenda

Jezebel writer Katie J.M. Baker recently wrote an article in Dissent magazine that reviews Don’t Bang Denmark. And by “reviews,” I mean cherry-picks the contents to create a fictional narrative that game doesn’t work in socialist countries. Many left-leaning outlets such as The Hairpin, Washington Monthly, Kottke, and NY Magazine celebrated the article as proof of socialism’s […]

The Unintended Consequences Of Domestic Violence Laws

There is a large tree in the forest where ants and bees have been living for a hundred years. A natural balance has existed between these species so that the population of one has not been strong enough to dominate the other. They’ve actually been helping each other survive. The bees share excess honey while […]