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My Experimentation With “Older” European Women


During my first trip to Poland, it was tough to find a single woman older than 25 in the club, but something happened in the proceeding three years to where the the night scene is now full of them. I regularly witness a consistent flow of older women (ages 25-30) who failed to find a […]

My Firsthand Experience With Thirst

By the third week of my recent DC visit, I fully internalized the horror that became of the city’s night scene. While there were glimpses of pretty girls if you happened to step foot in the right bar on the right day at the right hour, there definitely was a decrease in attractive women who […]

When You Should Walk Out On A Date

In a perfect world, girls would be feminine, beautiful, and sexy. They would insist on treating you with respect. They would feel honored to spend an evening with you in a bar having drinks with their cell phones turned off. The reality is a little different. Through no fault of your own, women may show […]

The Home Dinner Date Move

Some girls can be especially hard to extract to your place. You may live too far from her for a spontaneous venue change or she can be an early riser. As you already know, getting a girl over is half the battle, so why not eliminate that issue completely by inviting her over for dinner? […]

The Secret To Landing A Man

Feminist culture has done a good job robbing American women of their natural feminine allure. All that’s left are empty shells of human androgyny that is begging to be filled by so-called female dating experts who were unsuccessful in landing a man themselves . Cosmo, self-help books, and Jezebel are eagerly filling the hole, creating women who […]

Girls Are Huge Fucking Liars

I know I’m stating the obvious but only recently have I realized how much girls lie, and it’s only because of how much I’ve been lying to them. As my game has gotten better over the years I’ve been able to have more than one girl in the rotation. Chances are that one of the […]

Post-Sex Evidence Cleanup

Life was easier when I was at my dad’s. Girls knew they couldn’t come over to “my place” so I did all the banging at theirs. They had to deal with cleaning up after my body hair, sperm, drool, mud streaks, etc. Even when I had my own place before I’d still do a lot […]

Thought Experiment

You’re on a first date with a fine Colombian girl who knows just about the same English as you know Spanish. It’s a toss up as to who speaks each other’s language better. Should you speak in English or Spanish during the date? Think carefully through the reasoning. Correct answer: Speak in English. When you […]


You arrive late to your house after a rough day, starving. You haven’t eaten in twelve hours. Every carry-out shop seems to be closed. The last thing you want to do is cook but you have to eat so you decide to whip up a tomato and onion omelet. You slam a frying pan on […]

Does Armpit Odor Make Me Irresistible To Women?

I knew a guy who had atrocious armpit odor. Because of its signature scent I could walk into a crowded room and know if he was there or not. As a result he made me more uncomfortably aware of whatever funk I was putting out. I started trimming my pit hair and masking the area […]

The Economics Of Sex

After a night at the theater, I posed a hypothetical scenario to Roissy… “So the economy is going down the shitter,” I said. “Let’s say it’s worse than the Great Depression—absolute worst case scenario.” “Alright,” he said. “And retail dies, putting a lot of young girls out of work. And since there is no more […]

Warning Signs

If I see these around a girl then I mentally prepare to be disappointed in some way… Flip flops – “I don’t need to put effort into my appearance.” Hybrid automobile – “I can pollute the environment with a clear conscious.” Eat, Pray, Love – “I will read what every other girl my age reads.” […]

How To Pick Up Girls For Under $100 A Month

When I had a job I’d spend over $500 a month to pick up girls in bars and clubs to take them out on dates. That $500 amount is now my entire budget for the month but my horniness has not ebbed. How do I continue getting laid while living in a suburban desert without […]