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How To Pick Up Girls On The Street

1. Consider another venue. Yes, the first step to picking up on the street is asking yourself why you want to pick up on the street. It’s the hardest venue, hands down, meaning every other day venue you can imagine is easier. Is there a mall or retail shop nearby? Coffee shop? Grocery store? Hell, […]

How To Pick Up Girls In A Coffee Shop

1. Go to crowded coffee shops. Your best bet is to visit coffee shops so crowded that all tables are taken. Find the cutest girl in the room and ask if you can share her table. If there isn’t a crowded coffee shop near you, sit at a table where a lot of people have […]

Day Game Support Forum

It’s been eleven days since the release of Day Bang and the response has been amazing. Six-hundred copies sold by the end of day three, a feat that took Bang 16 months to achieve. I was on my email constantly on release day, giddy like a little kid, eager to see how many books were […]

Day Bang: How To Casually Pick Up Girls During The Day

After much delay, I’m happy to release my day game book. It addresses a major weakness of my previous game book Bang, which is teaching men how to approach women during the day. Day Bang is a 201-page book that teaches you how to pick up women during the day, primarily in a coffee shop, […]