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Blog Crush Happy Hour

I’m doing another happy hour with Arjewtino and Lemmonex at Marvin next Friday. For more details on the concept visit their blogs now.

The Tipping Habits Of Washingtonians

Young people in large groups that come exclusively for happy hours tip poorly. At tables they drop out one at a time and always underestimate the cost and number of their drinks. They also forget about tax, which at 10% eats half a 20% tip. With them I automatically add gratuity. The last guy standing […]

Picking Up Hipster Chicks?

One of my recent day game students was a hipster. I poked fun at the subculture a bit and he told me I should seriously consider hitting hipster spots. He said, “At Black Cat, 60% of people there are girls, and half the guys there are gay.” He added that they are also cuter than […]

Pick-Up Expert

I was recently quoted as the pick-up expert in The Great Inaugural After-Party (City Paper). My quote comes at the end. They asked me if I think the extended nightlife hours will help guys with their game. Speaking of pick up, I caught VK’s recent post describing his idea for a Plan B Commerical: If […]

Day Game Workshop Recap

I have taught three day game workshops, including a dry run with Roissy. Let’s start with his thoughts: Recently, I participated in a “dry run” day game workshop with Roosh to help him streamline operations. Since my day game is underdeveloped, I happily volunteered to be a guinea pig. We covered the major types of […]

ISO Girl Who Speaks Fluent Spanish

I’m looking for a Spanish talking partner. I can read Spanish somewhat well but my speaking is weak because I don’t practice it much. I prefer a female speaker because when I travel again that’s who I’ll mostly be talking to (in bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc.). Any Latin background is fine except Chile (I […]

Day Game Workshop

Introducing the Day Game Workshop, a four hour course where I teach you how to pick up girls in the following places: Coffee shop Street Book store Subway → Grocery store Retail store I know a lot of guys who are sick of DC bars and clubs and the same old nightly dickfest with mediocre […]


I know I was lazy with the blog this week. I have a feeling I’ll be lazy next week too. But the good news is the manuscript for Not Yet Titled will be done today, and by manuscript I mean something that’s pretty close to the final product barring major edits by my editors. This […]

Blogger Happy Hour

Next Friday I’m teaming up to throw a happy hour at Bourbon with Arjewtino, a hardcore player posing as a huggable beta for his predominantly female readership, and the lovely Lemmonex, an American woman who actually knows how to cook. Bourbon is one of the only bars I know that has Stone Pale Ale, a […]

Hot Girl Game

It was a cool summer night. I wore a thin cashmere jumper my mom bought me for my birthday. At the bar I took steady sips of my caipirinha while talking to my two wingmen about our dimming prospects. And then I saw her. It’s a cliche to be drawn into a girl any guy […]

The Art Project

My art project is complete after two months of carrying around a cheap disposable camera. Here are the results: (click to enlarge) I got jealous of my Dad’s garden so I bought a bag of “plantable basil” and put it in a pot, which I’m holding in the picture. I wanted to feel that gardener […]

In A World Crowded With Pick Up Artists

My hostel in Cordoba, Argentina was full of guys who were cocky motherfuckers. It was harder to differentiate myself from the pack when our styles of game was so similar. If you liked a gringo girl there, which was rare since the natives are so much more beautiful than chubby English girls, you’d have to […]

Rock Band Audition & Possible Summer Internship

Roissy and I have started a rock band called Heavy Sack. He plays bass while I rock out on guitar. We are looking for a female singer to take our band to the next level. Of course I’m talking about Rock Band the video game and not an actual rock band, though I’m sure with […]