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At What Age Does A Player Peak?

It’s hard for a guy under 35 not to get excited when he becomes good at game and unleashes its awesome power. He sees firsthand how the female species has been given 10 years of immense beauty while giving him decades more of potential peak performance where he can leverage his resources, resourcefulness, and experiences […]

My Spring 2014 Game Workflow

When I want to get laid, I execute the following steps, which complement my nature, personality, schedule, and sex needs. If I have zero prospects upon beginning this workflow, I will get laid with at least a 7 within 1-3 weeks. Here are the steps: 1. Wait until I haven’t gotten laid in 10 days […]

No Girl Can Hurt A Man With Options

I’ve been fortunate and hard-working enough to fornicate with many great girls in my life. I can confidently say that being with them at the time made my life brighter than not, but even in spite of this, there is one fact I cannot deny: losing them all has not decreased my happiness. No matter […]

The First Foreigner Effect

One of the most underrated factors in attraction is curiosity. Many girls will sleep with certain types of men just to see what it’s like. For example, every white girl will want to sleep with at least one black guy, and every black girl will want to sleep with at least one white guy. This […]

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Direct Day Game

A recent foray I’ve made into direct game has been adventurous but ultimately unsatisfying. It’s not so much because of a change in results (I can’t say it’s much different than my indirect game success rate), but because I don’t see how it can be declared a superior method. Now before direct guys start frothing […]

Are You The Player Or Are You Getting Played?

There are only two roles that can exist in any male-female relationship: The player The person who gets played The player has the upper hand in the relationship. He or she dictates terms. He or she determines the frequency and depravity of sex. For the last girl you dated, I want you to ask yourself: […]

The One Thing I Will Never Give A Woman

Getting laid is hard. Even when you get really good at it, the process from meeting an attractive girl to banging her requires several hours of time, not to mention competency in several disciplines, ranging from social ability to female psychology insight. This difficulty is made more apparent when you consider that even when a […]

Don’t Shed A Single Tear After Losing A Girl You Banged

There is nothing like the rush you receive after a new sexual conquest. All the work you did before it has paid off with the reward of a woman’s body. It is a glorious success indeed that keeps men such as myself pursuing this dopamine high for much of their adult lives. Oftentimes, the pussy […]

How Sexual Feasts And Famine Affect Your Quality

There are two conflicting drives within every player: the need to get laid versus the need to get laid with high quality. They are opposing forces that, when balanced out within any man, yields an average conquest that falls somewhere between his basal boner test and his dream girl standard. My need to get laid […]

How Many No’s Does It Take To Enter A Vagina?

It will be rare that you have sex with a girl who gives you no resistance before sex. While many men have a “I met her in the club and banged her in the bathroom five minutes later” story, this is the exception more than the rule. You will always receive some no’s before you […]

How The Game Changes When You Get Older

There hasn’t been a lot written about what happens to players as they age, especially ones that have been brought up on current models of game that originated in the late 90′s. The reason is that most players actively using game are relatively young—the average age of my reader is around 26, and most of […]

Player’s Prayer

Heavenly father, thank you for shining the light of game into my life and allowing me to drink from this fountain of knowledge. I was blind to the sexual world that surrounded me but now I can see. Thank you for giving me the legs to approach a woman, a voice to speak to them, […]

She Was 17 Years Old

Growing up in America, it was hammered into my mind that 18 was the cutoff to have sexual relations with a girl. Even if the age of consent was 16, pursuing a girl so young was sure to prompt “jailbait” comments from well-intentioned friends who also warned about ambiguous statutory rape laws that require a […]