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15 More Articles I Strongly Recommend

Here are some recent long-form articles I got a lot of value from: 1. The many flaws within the theory of evolution [Link] 2. Nassim Taleb explains how so-called intellectuals are actually “idiots” with no skin in the game [Link] 3. Silicon Valley elites, such as the co-founder of Lyft, hope to usher in a […]

14 Articles I Strongly Recommend

Here are some recent long-form articles I got a lot of value from: 1. When a Trotsky communist was captured and interrogated, he revealed secrets of the international bankers [Link] 2. Congressional transcript explains how Cultural Marxism will destroy America [Link] 3. Disaster can be the stimulus for victory [Link] 4. A prayer before study […]

She Said She Wanted A Serious Relationship (Part 2 of 2)

Previously: Part 1 The girls openly talked about leaving the club and going somewhere else. I said, “How about we all go to my place for a drink or a cup of tea?” “Where do you live?” Beata asked. “Down the street, about three minutes away.” It was more like six minutes but I doubted […]

She Said She Wanted A Serious Relationship (Part 1 of 2)

I poked her with my erection as the sun rose but she didn’t reciprocate, so I was even hornier than the night before when she gave me two orgasms. I could have released the horniness later with a tug session, but there’s no glory in that. I’d have to go out again and hunt for […]

The Train

I went out to a DC bar with a new wingman who didn’t have much approach experience. While he wasn’t well-versed in the art of bar pickup, he’d had several sexual partners in the past and wasn’t fearful of stepping out of his comfort zone. There wasn’t much action at the bar, so we talked […]

Anna (Epilogue)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 5 I became tense if she would take a little too long to reply to one of my messages or not answer the phone on the first ring. There was a large danger I was being so needy that she would get turned off, so I did my best to hold back attention […]

Anna (Part 5 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 4 After my orgasm it was honesty time. I could now think clearly and know if I just wanted to fuck her one time or if I wanted to keep her. I looked carefully at her face, her hair, her body. Her beauty did not decline in my mind. She still looked the […]

Anna (Part 4)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 3 I called Anna, as promised, and she answered the phone. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m making the cake! It takes some time so right now he has to sit for a while.” I mentally translated cake into Russian and confirmed that it’s a masculine word, hence her reference to it […]

Anna (Part 3)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 2 I didn’t want to give up, but the resistance was tough. I put her hand on my dick and again she did nothing—not even a pinch or a twist. I wanted to see if she liked rape game, so I got on top of her and physically separated her shut legs with […]

Anna (Part 2)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 1 The forum was experiencing a lot of problems, crashing every hour. I desperately tried to find a server guy to fix it, but this was no easy feat on a Saturday. By the time it was 9pm, I realized I had to step away from the computer and get some air. A […]


My second trip to Ukraine was coming to a close. This time I stayed for three months, and had only one last weekend before I was set to leave for Poland. One thing greatly bothered me: after living in Ukraine for a total of six months, I had not scored a one-night stand. Not one. […]

The Border Run (2 of 2)

PREVIOUSLY: PART 1 I slowly walked down the car line. Most were filled with several passengers, though some had lone drivers. I brought extra money for bribes, hotel, or a chance apocalyptic border event; 2,000 zloty (about $700) in total, all in 100 zloty bills fresh from the ATM. These people had to have a […]

The Border Run (1 of 2)

I no longer have interesting days. My life is one big habit. Wake up, eat, read, write, blog, coffee shop, gym, eat, shower, drink. In a life of routine, nothing sticks out until something goes wrong. You don’t visit your normal lunch spot and get blown away by a new taste; no, you get burned […]