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A Face That I Could Love

When I’m hunting, I view a girl who crosses my path from the bottom up. Her legs, after seeing so many thousand pairs, reveal to me her body’s size and shape, even if she’s wearing a long winter coat. I look away if the legs are misshapen or lumpy, not daring to risk accidental eye […]

The Problems With Teaching Men How To Find A Wife

I recently read an article by Michael Perilloux titled How To Catch A Wife, the latest example of how modern game teachings have impacted traditionally-minded men. Unfortunately, I believe Perilloux’s advice falls short in helping men actually find a wife. I have my first kid on the way with my beautiful traditional wife. I’m blessed to have […]

The Dangers Of Romantic Love

Since we were children, we have been bombarded with propaganda that romantic love is the ultimate relationship ideal. Hollywood movies, Disney cartoons, and literary fiction all portray romantic love as an absolute necessity in any wedding union, but how much of that narrative has been a lie? Is it possible that our pursuit of romantic love […]

The Elephant In The Room

There’s an elephant in the manosphere room. Men are nervous to talk about it for fear of being labeled a beta male, and even I’ve avoided the topic for years simply because I don’t fully understand it in a logical manner. The elephant is pointing out that love exists. You can call it a neurochemical […]

A Woman’s Body May Incorporate DNA From The Semen Of Casual Sex Partners

Compelling new scientific research has shown that female insects and mammals are able to absorb foreign DNA throughout the cells of their bodies. In human beings, this phenomenon has been conclusively shown to occur in women during pregnancy where genetic material from her growing fetus becomes fused within areas of her brain, affecting her chances of […]

7 Things I Require In The Future Mother Of My Child

It’s common in these parts to make fun of women for having a delusional shopping list when seeking out a mate, but is it possible that our lists for finding women are also unreasonable? I asked myself this question while constructing a list of requirements I need in a woman who I think would be suitable for reproduction (and […]

Warning Signs A Girl Isn’t Worth A Relationship

In the past I’ve shared warning signs when a girl will “disappoint” you in some way. I’ve discovered some other more serious infractions based on the way she interacts with you. In the movie A Bronx’s Tale, a mafia don teaches a young man that after a girl gets in his car, she should lean […]

The Girl Score (A System For Rating Individual Girls)

The 1-10 system is a pretty reliable way to rate the attractiveness of women. It does have its flaws (one man’s 9 can be another man’s 6), but it gets the job done more often than not. What we don’t have is a way to measure the overall quality of an individual girl that accounts […]

How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught

Over the past year I’ve been much more open to getting into a relationship with a girl I like, but unfortunately I can’t tame the dog inside me that wants to fuck a new girl every other week. So my current game strategy is to get a girl-next-door type who isn’t a club rat and […]

Should You Marry The Conservative Girl Or The Whore?

I received a very interesting email from a man who has done both. Let’s take a look: I wanted to write you a note because you posted a blog about being with a whore or being with a conservative woman. I know from experience with both that whores are the best. I was married to […]

Of Course You Can

There is that festering question that pops up in the minds of men and the more desirable he is, the more frequently it comes. “Can I do better?” Think about how many billions of girls there are on the planet. Whatever girl you end up with, there will be millions of others you can get […]

Open Letter To Poetry Girl

Dear Poetry Girl, Reading your comments in yesterday’s post pleased me. I’m happy to see that you still think about me, even in hateful terms, because it’s a testament to the strong bond we had going until you found out about my blog. Do you remember the night we met? You were wearing a yamaka […]

11 Signs She’s A Keeper

1. You’d still hang out with her when she’s on her period and there is no chance of sex. 2. You don’t get the inexplicable urge to leave after you ejaculate inside her. 3. You don’t bother to notice if other girls are checking you out when you’re with her. 4. Because you actually enjoy […]