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Top 5 ROK Posts From March 2015


Here are the top 5 from a total of 118 that was published on ROK last month: 1. Fat Girls Who Have Sex With Drunk Guys Are Rapists If a girl has sex with an equally or more inebriated male, she can wake up the next day, decide she hadn’t built the requisite trust with and […]

Top 5 ROK Posts From February 2015


ROK published over 100 articles last month. Here are the top five from February: 1. 20 Signs That We’re Not Living In A Patriarchy According to the Bureau of Justice, there are more than ten times the number of men in prison than women, many of them jailed for drug possession and other nonviolent offenses. So […]

Top 5 ROK Posts From January 2015


ROK published over 120 articles last month. Here are the top 5: 1. 35 Things Wrong With America Pervasive politically correct environment where dissenting thought is labeled sexist, racist, or homophobic. This is usually immediately followed by a witch hunt to end the person’s employment. 2. Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better I challenge you […]

I Started A New Web Site:


Today I’m proud to announce the official launch of a new video game site called Reaxxion. It is based on the Return Of Kings model where articles are submitted by weekly columnists and guest posters. To understand why I opened this site, take a look at Welcome To Reaxxion. Here’s an excerpt: I’m starting a video […]

Culture War Live Chat Tomorrow At 7pm EST


Two weeks ago, Quintus Curtius and I did a spontaneous live Youtube show where we talked about the ongoing culture war. It inadvertantly served as an overview to red pill thinking. If you missed it, you can listen to the recording below (start at 26:55 to skip the technical difficulties): We’re doing another show tomorrow […]

There’s Not Much Time Left To Download The Special Package

I know you’re getting tired of Poosy Paradise promotions, so this will be the last post about it. I just want to remind you that you have until midnight tonight to grab the poosy package before the bonuses disappear. If you buy after midnight, I can’t help you in getting the juicy bonus offerings. If […]

My New Book Drops Tomorrow

My new book will be released with five bonuses and priced at $5 if you buy it this weekend. Hang tight—all details will be provided tomorrow. Here’s the picture I took that the cover is based on:

Spring Hiatus

Here are my 13 most favorite posts from the recent session (click here to see the full archives): Cultural Collapse Theory Thoughts On Being An Excellent Man We Are All Sisyphus 6 Life Tips That Will Make You More Productive You Must Space Out The Things That Make You Happy We Are Nothing More Than […]

Winter Hiatus

Gonna take a couple weeks off. In the meanwhile… Read Return Of Kings Browse through the forum Subscribe to my newsletter (big box underneath this post) Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Facebook. Bang hoes, stack paper Пока.

My Top 10 Favorite Posts Of 2013

1. The Perfect Game. “By the time the study concluded, a total of 182 girls gave their number to Mike and a little over 100 was penetrated by his sex organ (in the final month of the study, he crushed 14 out of 15 girls).” 2. The True Nature Of Women. “…within every woman on […]

The End Of An Era

The travel era, that is. The ten datasheets that I have released the past week will likely be the end of me doing travel reporting and intensive socio-cultural analysis. It now bores me to describe what foreign girls are like and how to have sex with them. Enough has been said that there is nothing […]

10 Datasheets Package

Since last fall I have traveled to many cities without sharing a whole much about what they are like. I took copious notes on my experiences, but I was unsure of what to do with them after retiring from writing full-length travel guides (Bang Ukraine was my last). I came up with the idea to […]

Day Bang Audiobook Specials Ends At Midnight

I don’t care for doing these distracting launches. While I like money in my pocket, the business side of selling books doesn’t interest me. I much prefer creating the content, but I need reserves to allow me to comfortably do so (i.e., to sit for hours a day working on a project that may have […]