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There Will Be No Bang Croatia

But there was a thorough breakdown. Check out these posts I wrote on Return Of Kings: Everything You Need To Know About Croatian Girls 22 Photos Of Pretty Croatian Girls 16 Tips For Having Sex With Croatian Girls Top 5 Clubs In Zagreb To Get Laid Croatian girls in a nutshell: pretty and thin but […]

The British Virgin (Part 3 of 3)

PREVIOUSLY: PART 2 My plan was to walk straight to my apartment located fifteen minutes away, but when we were only a couple hundred feet in front of the club, she sat on a bench. I didn’t object. You can’t be too heavy-handed with this sort of thing. “It’s a beautiful night out,” she said, looking […]

The British Virgin (Part 2 of 3)

PREVIOUSLY: PART 1 “Great. Did you take a long walk by the pier with him, stare at the stars, and watch the sun rise?” “No, nothing at all like that.” Wanting to put the focus on me she asked, “Did you meet the girl of your dreams?” “No, not yet. But I’m pretty sure it’s […]

The British Virgin (Part 1 of 3)

I went with an old friend to Hvar Island, Croatia for a three-week stay. Times have changed since we were prowling clubs in Washington DC, many of which have closed. Back then a phone number had a reasonable chance of leading to a date and not every club was built around table service. Flaking and […]

“You Broke Me”

One week before I moved to my logistically superior Zagreb apartment, I encountered a 20-year-old girl at a taxi stand late at night. We ended up talking and I got her to come with me to an after-hours bar. We kissed. We met up again a few days later but she insisted on not drinking. […]

The Secret To Fast Sex

When you learn the game from scratch, you can’t help but codify every part of your game and try to make a guess on what is helping you and what is not. You analyze your look, your opening lines, your routines, the method to getting a girl’s number, and so on. Once you start getting […]