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Drama, Vodka, Sex, and Blood

Before I came to Denmark, Henrik introduced me to his Swedish fuck buddy over Skype. At that time I was planning to go to Sweden, so he was trying to do me a favor by setting me up with a local. The Swede and I friended each other on Facebook. Unfortunately, he told her about […]

The Ditch Move

My new Danish roommate, a 22-year-old student, figured out that it was a whole lot easier to get laid if he let girls come to him. He set up a CouchSurfing profile that advertised his apartment as being “just a few steps” from the central train station. He sorted through a dozen requests each week […]

How To Pick Up Danish Girls At Night

I made a response video the criticisms coming out of Denmark. Click here to watch. Night game should be any strapping young man’s bread and butter. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to visit a bar or club to pull pussy for the night. Unless… every venue is a fucking sausage fest. Going […]

The 3 Types Of Danish Girls

Don’t Bang Denmark was recently the subject of a panel discussion on a Danish morning show. Click here to watch. There are only three types of Danish girls that I’ve noticed: the perma-student, the older woman, and the mom. You know those people that have been students for what seems like forever, always working on […]

Danish Girls Are The Most Masculine In The World

Danish women possess no flirting ability. They have zero charm and zero allure. Not a feminine drop of blood courses through their veins. They don’t know how to treat you well, cook for you, or make you laugh. They don’t know how to look sexy. They won’t defer to your masculinity. They can fuck you, […]

Danish Girls Are Ugly And Fat

Danish girls have thick, stout builds, with Pepsi can bodies and faces that have come into contact with every branch of the ugly tree. They rank up there with the women of Fortaleza, Brazil, as the huskiest women I’ve ever seen. If you want to have a football player son, I advise you to procreate […]

The Biggest Cockblocker In The World Is From Denmark

The Danish system of equality is amplified by Jante Law, a set of cultural rules that is deeply engrained in every Dane. Its main tenet can be summed up as: “No one is superior to anyone else.” It’s taboo to show off, brag, or even indirectly show your value. You can’t talk about how much […]

Introduction To Danish Culture

Denmark is one of those countries that saw glory several hundred years ago, lost its power, and then reinvented itself into a mostly pacifist nanny state. Thanks to its participation in the NATO alliance, Denmark has reasonably low military expenditures that—with its high tax rates—allow it to divert funds into social programs, in which it […]

One Bitch On Your Nuts Is Worth More Than Two Trying To Peep

A big mistake that guys make is trying to upgrade from a girl they haven’t fucked yet. I wrote about this in The 9 Immutable Laws Of Pick-Up… If one night you have both a sure thing and a “maybe” with another girl, always go for the sure thing. It’s never happened in the history […]

Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark

If you follow my Twitter feed or have read this post on the forum, you’ll see that I’m not too happy in Denmark. Stupidly, I locked myself into a two-month lease when I arrived because I assumed it would be at least as good as Iceland, but it’s not even close. Just last week I […]