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The Shameful Media Reaction To Bang Iceland

After writing guides for three South American countries, and getting no local reaction besides a few hater comments on my blog, I was expecting more of the same when I released Bang Iceland. Instead, every major Icelandic media outlet reported about the book. Because the coverage was almost universally negative, for one week in November […]

Top 5 Nightlife Venues For Reykjavik, Iceland

One reason that Reykjavik nightlife is so active is that the outlying suburbs have so few venues. On the weekends you get hordes of people coming into the city that you don’t normally see, which is why you shouldn’t freak out if you don’t see any talent walking around mid-week. Disclaimer aside, here is my […]

7 More Things You Should Know About Icelandic Girls

1. Don’t bother trying to get phone numbers and date. Notice how in my night game breakdown there is absolutely nothing about going on dates with girls. If you’re moving to Iceland permanently, get as many numbers as you want, but if you’re only there for a short time, asking for phone numbers from girls […]

I Don’t Want You To Get Raped

I was walking home from a coffee shop when I noticed a girl crossing the street in a path that would collide with mine. “What’s that building there?” she asked, in a thick accent that made it clear she wasn’t Icelandic. She pointed to a large glass structure that was being constructed. I had asked […]

Are You Okay?

I decided that I had to get my Icelandic flag no matter what. If I had to fuck a fatty, I’d put an honest effort into doing so and there would be no bitching or complaining until the deed was done. I had to release the unbearable pressure. The only problem was that I couldn’t […]

How To Bang Icelandic Girls Using The Afterparty Move

There are no bars that remain open after 5:00, yet people will still want to party (Icelanders live for the weekend, if you haven’t noticed). This leads to a strong afterparty culture where some guy randomly decides to host people in his house. He invites four or five people and then word spreads to a […]

How To Pick Up Icelandic Girls

The most important night to pickup in Iceland is Saturday, which I consider the night to get laid. Everyone goes out on Saturday night to get fucked up, so the night venues will definitely be more packed. Friday is still a great night to go out, but when it comes to fucking, it seems like […]

The Peculiar Personalities Of Icelandic Girls

Icelandic girls are extremely shy, boring, and cold (I’d describe American girls as annoying, abrasive, and cold). Unless you get them drunk, you’ll have a hard time building any sort of connection. When I met someone who was unusually warm (asking me questions and maintaining strong eye contact), it would be a guarantee I was […]

Are Icelandic Girls Hot?

The first time I heard the phrase “Icelandic girls,” I thought of hotness. How can a race that has procreated on a lonely island for a thousand years with little outside influence have nothing but the most ravishing blonde beauties? While there are plenty of those beauties to be found, I want to first describe […]

10 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Traveling To Iceland

1. The weather sucks. The average high temperature during the winter in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold, but bearable. Depending on where the thermometer falls, you either get daily doses of cold rain or fat snow, meaning it’s rare to see the pavement completely dry. You also have to deal with […]

Iceland Is Not A Sausage Fest

It’s only been two months but I’ve already forgotten how it’s like to be in the middle of a sausage fest.

Hello Iceland!

Let the new adventure begin! :banana: