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The Swedish Girl In The Coffee Shop (Part 2 of 2)

PREVIOUSLY: PART 1 Once outside, my first approach was on a girl walking behind me. What I did was pause at the intersection, stare at my phone confusingly, and wait for her to catch up before hitting her with my night street opener (“Can you recommend a bar that is still open?”). She didn’t know […]

The Swedish Girl In The Coffee Shop (Part 1 of 2)

My true feelings about a country come out after I get the flag. It tells me a lot about what I need to know about interacting with the local women, and unless I see hope of something a little meaningful, unique, or special, I back down. That’s what happened after getting my Swedish flag. I […]

“The Best Sex I Ever Had”

I was beat from my Finland flag mission, but I still had to get my Swedish flag. For the first 24 hours in Gothenburg I tried to get some momentum going, but Sweden had less beautiful girls than Finland. My mind didn’t want to put in the same amount of work for less. I went […]