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The Girls Of Brazil

Quintus Curtius joins me to discuss Brazilian girls and what they can offer men. We describe their general appearance, their demeanor, and what type of game will lead to successful intimacy with them. We share what you can reasonably expect from a 1-2 week trip there, including how much you will spend per day and […]

Top 5 South American Countries With The Hottest Girls

Since South America is a popular destination for American men, I wanted to give more detail on the level of talent you can find there. For each country on this list I included three photos of girls who are on the high end of their country’s beauty scale. They are not exactly representative of the […]

9 Things I Want To Say To My International Critics

Two years after I released Bang Colombia, the Colombian media exploded in three days of hate that sent hundreds of angry Twitter comments my way (many from attractive women). In addition to the book making it on primetime news and radio, here are the web articles I found: Publimetro Terra El Pais El Espectador Vanguardia Caracol […]

The Brazilian Government Is Trying To Censor Me

On the heels of being denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, I recently received the following email from [email protected], a domain that leads to Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism. It was forwarded to me, my domain registrar, and the “abuse” address of my host. It’s the first time that a government organ has contacted me […]

4 South American Travel Itineraries For Guys

I’ve been to every country in South America except for the three that no one ever goes to (Suriname, French Guiana, and Guyana). From my 17 months of experience there, these are the four trips I’m recommending if you only have time for a two-week vacation… The Newbie Trip (Argentina) Itinerary: 7 days in Buenos […]

The Brazilian Way To Carry Grocery Bags

In Brazil, grocery stores can be quite far from the favela. Because carrying plastic bags with your hands over long distances is painful, Brazilian people who don’t have cars have come up with two novel methods to carry groceries that transfer the load to their shoulders. The Saddlebag Method This is usually done with four bags. […]

Gheridge (Part 5 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: PART FOUR In my entire life it had never occurred to me what the maximum speed of a city bus was, but I can now tell you it’s about sixty-five miles per hour. I know that because the bus driver gunned it during a three-mile stretch of freeway. He turned off the interior lights […]

Gheridge (Part 4 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: PART THREE “You got her over already, nice,” I said. “So was there sex?” “Nope.” “But you kissed her right?” “Nope, not yet.” It took everything in my power to restrain my displeasure with the speed of his seduction. I had to be gentle. “You know that she’s… Brazilian, right?” “Yup.” “And that they […]

Gheridge (Part 3 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: PART TWO There weren’t many clubs in Botafogo, the neighborhood where we lived, but there was Casa do Matriz. The first time I went there was years ago when I met Mariana, and since then I hadn’t been able to find a place in Rio where I could pull so consistently. Of course I […]

Gheridge (Part 2 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: PART ONE Henrik was icy toward me at first. He was careful with his words and didn’t ask any other questions besides where I was from. I pegged him as a snobby European who hated America. Plus he was from Denmark, a country that, according to my high school history class, was so insignificant […]

Gheridge (Part 1 of 5)

(Download the PDF file for all five parts by clicking here.) There was always someone in the bathroom. That’s what happens when there are six adults living in an apartment with just one toilet. If I left my door open, I could see part of bathroom door, enough to know if it was being used […]

Roosh’s Argentina Compendium: Pickup Tips, Guides, And Stories

Roosh’s Argentina Compendium is a book that helps you sleep with Argentine women in Argentina without having to resort to prostitutes. It gives travel information and stories on eight popular cities while sharing the best advice and analysis on how to pick up the women. It is available in paperback and ebook. Contents The 64-page […]

The Difference Between Brazilian & Icelandic Girls

In support of my Brazil Compendium, I put together a little video from Iceland comparing Brazilian and Icelandic girls… There should be no doubt in your mind about the superiority of Brazilian women. If you’re interested in learning more about them, learn more about the Brazil Compendium. I’m regularly asked when I’m going to drop […]