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Top 5 South American Countries With The Hottest Girls

Since South America is a popular destination for American men, I wanted to give more detail on the level of talent you can find there. For each country on this list I included three photos of girls who are on the high end of their country’s beauty scale. They are not exactly representative of the […]

Roosh’s Argentina Compendium: Pickup Tips, Guides, And Stories

Roosh’s Argentina Compendium is a book that helps you sleep with Argentine women in Argentina without having to resort to prostitutes. It gives travel information and stories on eight popular cities while sharing the best advice and analysis on how to pick up the women. It is available in paperback and ebook. Contents The 64-page […]

Most Livable Country: Colombia, Brazil, or Argentina?

My master plan was to live in Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina for six months each, and then evaluate which was best to live in for extended periods of time. Here are the total lengths of time I stayed in each country during my last trip: Colombia: Six months Brazil: Five and a half months Argentina: […]

How To Bang Argentine Girls: The Final Chapter

There are a few things I learned upon my return trip to Cordoba, Argentina. 1. A white Argentine girl is harder to bang than one with a little bit of brown in her. These brown girls are more similar to Colombians in the work it takes to get with them. And I must stress similar […]

How To Pick Up Argentine Girls (From An Argentine Guy)

Comment from the other day: You talk about how hard Argentina is but for me it was the biggest pick-up cakewalk I have ever had. The only one I have ever had. The women chased me aggressively. The reason? Because he “groomed” himself. Yes, dude banged Argentine models because he shaved and put on a […]

Why Travel To A Country That Is Harder To Get Laid Than The U.S.?

I got an excellent response to my American Girls Are Easy post: I always kind of got the impression that THE major benefit of going to places like Colombia was that they were stocked full of beautiful women (way more 8s, 9s, 10s per capita than the U.S., in other words) AND you could seriously […]

Colombia Analysis

I’m getting a lot of questions about how Colombia is, especially the girls. I’m going to hold off until after I leave to give you the complete run-down because I want to make conclusions on the full experience, but there are a couple things I can say right now. Argentine girls are hotter than Colombian […]

Argentine Girls Final Thoughts II

PREVIOUSLY: Argentine Girls Final Thoughts “Sex is mathematics.” —American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis One class of email I get are guys who need advice on how to deal with girls from Argentina. I’m posting parts of one recent email along with my answers. Hey, man. I’m from Washingon, DC. I saw your posts a […]

Ecuador Death Road & We’re Pretty Much Homeless

I’m editing my next video production, which will be ready on Monday. Here’s two other very short videos you may have not seen. The first is called Ecuador Death Road. Captions throughout help guide you through the complex narrative. Ecuador Death Road from Roosh V on Vimeo. The second video is called We’re Pretty Much […]

Argentine Girls Are Weird

I just got a friend request on Facebook from a girl in Argentina I didn’t recognize. It took me a couple minutes to figure out who it was. In December I hit on this Argentine girl in a Buenos Aires club for a couple hours. We exchanged emails midway through but later on she disappeared […]

The Three Best Cities In South America

I’ve been to 33 cities in every South American country except Colombia, Guyana, French Guinea, and Suriname. Even though I’m confident three of those four countries would never make the list, I may have to make an edit to this post some time in the future. 1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The secret has been […]

Brazilian, Argentine, & American Girls

Previously: Introduction To Brazilian Girls How To Pick Up Argentine Girls Brazilian: “Where are you from?” Argentine: *Crickets* American: “What do you do?” Brazilian: Open toe slippers with some design Argentine: Closed toe American: Target brand flip flops Brazilian: Hair length depends on current life stage Argentine: Has either Argentine Girl Haircut #1 (long, with […]

Twenty-Four Hours In Buenos Aires

I think it’s a safe bet that most of you will visit Buenos Aires at some point, though maybe a few people less after my killjoy discussions on Argentine women. During severe rainstorms the sewage system overflows and floods the poorly constructed shacks, giving the air a permanent, foul smell. Every home protects their lone […]