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Top 5 South American Countries With The Hottest Girls

Since South America is a popular destination for American men, I wanted to give more detail on the level of talent you can find there. For each country on this list I included three photos of girls who are on the high end of their country’s beauty scale. They are not exactly representative of the […]

9 Things I Want To Say To My International Critics

Two years after I released Bang Colombia, the Colombian media exploded in three days of hate that sent hundreds of angry Twitter comments my way (many from attractive women). In addition to the book making it on primetime news and radio, here are the web articles I found: Publimetro Terra El Pais El Espectador Vanguardia Caracol […]

The Most Important Thing A Man Has

Read this email I received from a guy who calls himself Grandpa… In Bogota a few years ago I was talking to a HOT Colombian girl. She asked for a drink. I bought one for her and then she walked away. I was pissed. An old Colombian guy at the bar said, “You are new […]

The Medellín Diaries Postmortem

I wrote about Karl because he is the human form of Medellín. It’s interesting how some guys are Colombia guys, some are Brazil guys, and some are Argentina guys. Each attracts a distinct personality. I’m a Brazil guy, a place that isn’t even on Karl’s radar. Karl is Medellín, Medellín is Karl. The city is […]

The Medellín Diaries (Part 5 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 4 A few weeks went by when Karl booked a ticket back to Sweden. He wanted a good-paying job for a few months so that he could return and properly marry his girlfriend. He told me it would be “easy” for him to get a job on an oil rig in Norway, but […]

The Medellín Diaries (Part 4 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 3 Karl came into my room while I was working on my laptop. “Hey I’m about to call my drug dealer. You want anything?” “Yeah a joint, a small one though,” I said. “What are you getting?” “Some benzos. I have anxiety lately.” “The shakes?” “I don’t know what it is, but I’m […]

The Medellín Diaries (Part 3 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 2 The following weekend we went to a party hosted by the rich guy with the Mercedes. All you can drink for 50,000 pesos. Supposedly all the hottest girls in Medellín were coming and only fat gringos would be the competition. One month in Colombia and still no sex, I was hoping the […]

The Medellín Diaries (Part 2 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 1 Karl’s room was small and only had a twin size bed. I had a table with chairs in mine, so I’d leave my door open as an invitation for him to stop by. He usually would, always with a bottle of beer in his hand. We had a cleaning service but because […]

The Medellín Diaries (Part 1 of 5)

(Download the PDF file for all five parts by clicking here.) Karl said it was the Americans who ruined it for all gringos. “In the past two years there have been boatloads of Americans coming to Colombia to have sex with prostitutes. You can go on the internet and see it—sites devoted just to fucking […]

Bang Colombia: Textbook On How To Pick Up Women In Colombia

Four and a half years ago, after visiting Venezuela, I got the idea of doing a travel pickup guide. Hints of it were seen in my Real Man Travel Guides blog along with my book A Dead Bat In Paraguay, but I never commited myself to writing a complete guide for one country. In the […]

Most Livable Country: Colombia, Brazil, or Argentina?

My master plan was to live in Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina for six months each, and then evaluate which was best to live in for extended periods of time. Here are the total lengths of time I stayed in each country during my last trip: Colombia: Six months Brazil: Five and a half months Argentina: […]

The Bright Side Of Traveling

I want to share an experience I had in Colombia that I finally feel comfortable talking about now. It’s one of those events where you have to wait until enough time passes for it to be totally cool and worthy of a high five instead of horrified stares. In Cali I made friends with the […]

Logistical Nightmare With A Colombian Girl

It’s nice when you have a seduction that’s more like a lay-up and can be approached with copy and paste techniques gleaned from whatever pickup resource you are studying from. If you have a niche then this is very likely, and one bang may look very similar to the rest, but if you’re thrust into […]