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Ecuador Death Road & We’re Pretty Much Homeless

I’m editing my next video production, which will be ready on Monday. Here’s two other very short videos you may have not seen. The first is called Ecuador Death Road. Captions throughout help guide you through the complex narrative. Ecuador Death Road from Roosh V on Vimeo. The second video is called We’re Pretty Much […]

Listen To Me, Not The NY Times

With great interest I checked out the Times 53 Places To Go In 2008. Cool there is Buenos Aires, which is fun but not the best city in Argentina. There is Easter Island which I lie about going to with the help of my travel buddies. Oh look there’s Quito…. Quito?! While Quito has a […]

Girl Vs Guy Travel

I talked to a girl who showed me a stack of napkins with notes written in Spanish by Ecuadorian men, mostly waiters. She couldn’t understand them so I translated. They were all along these lines: It was nice to meet you. You are very pretty. I hope I can see you again. [email protected] Juan My […]


There is a British girl who I keep running into (Lonely Planet = seeing the same people again and again and again). She’s very cute but I concluded early on that she is not serious about sex; she never has more than one drink, she always goes home early, she has low social intelligence, and […]

The Boob Of Baños

I’ve been getting requests for pictures of girls, so I did you one better and got you some partial nudity of a full-figured woman. I took this one day before my camera fell and broke in an ill-fated hand off. What I liked about Baños is that all the bars are within two blocks of […]

Ecuador Means Equator In Spanish

Joe T, prolific commenter and traveler, is starting his own travel site called Volette. Right now the blog is up, of which you will find my first contribution about Quito: Mitad del Mundo is the built-for-tourists attraction about an hour and a half bus ride from the center of Quito. Even though the equator goes […]

The Two Prostitutes Of Tena

Tena is the whitewater capital of Ecuador. Before I bent over some Class IV rapids on the Jondachi River with my monstrous rowing stroke, I studied the townspeople by watching them from a park bench in the central square. Within half an hour, two random girls sat on my bench even though all the others […]

Is It Safe?

Side view, no joke: Most of the ride was on pavement, but I could have done without the one hour long skidding on mud at the edge of a cliff thing.

Ladies Night For Real

We all know that ladies night promotions are a scam by club owners to attract more men into a bar. The reason, of course, is because men drink a lot more than women. I’ve never been to a ladies night that wasn’t a sausage fest, but there is ladies night here in Quito which is […]

I Got Robbed

On my third day. August 10 is Quito’s Independence Day, but the celebration started the night before. I was observing a staged reenactment in Plaza Grande until I got bored and decided to walk back to my hostel. One particular street crossing was very crowded and there was a lot of unnecessary pushing and shoving […]

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day In Quito

Many will leave disappointed. Alternate caption: Picture I took five minutes before I got robbed.