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Hotel Miami

My second night at Hotel Miami in Asunción, I went to my bathroom and saw this: It was big and not afraid of me. I couldn’t find anything to kill it with except my room’s soft-cover bible, but if I failed to kill it I was scared it get mad and try to kill me, […]


Paraguay and Bolivia are the two poorest countries in South America and the only two that are landlocked. Coincidence? I had to escape from Asunción yesterday due to what happened to me at 4:15am Thursday morning. No, it didn’t involve a transsexual, or any other person for that matter. Story coming. I’m starting to seriously […]

How To Get A Paraguay Visa In 9 Easy Steps

1. Show up at the Paraguay Consulate in Buenos Aires at 5pm. Notice they closed three hours ago. 2. Come back at 12PM the next day. Get told to fill out two forms and return with a passport photo the next day at 8am. 3. Find a photo place after 30 minutes of asking random […]