Choose Your Game Funnel

Funnels come in different sizes. Some have wide necks and others have narrow necks, affecting the rate in which you pour liquid into them. If you go down to the extreme end of funnel narrowness, you have a sand timer, where only a few grain’s width of sand can safely pass through.

You also choose a funnel when it comes to game. A wide neck means you let many prospects pass through by using a light screening process. A narrow neck means you exclude a lot of girls from your efforts after they fail to pass one of your tests or character standards. Let’s take a look at two hypothetical examples that took place over a three-month period:

The man with the wide funnel got more bangs, but he had to work harder because he didn’t screen as heavily when it came to approaching and dating. The man with the narrow funnel worked less, but also got less bangs. To determine which strategy is better for you, consider these two factors:

1. Level of game. Beginners should be using a wide funnel, which means chasing generally poor prospects in order to gather enough knowledge about women that creates a lasting understanding of seduction. The beginner will have to endure flakes, abuse, and many nights of blue balls to know what it takes to minimize those very occurrences in the future.

2. Level of energy. Some guys simply have a lot of energy that must be released in the form of social interaction. It’s hard for them to stay still. For them it would be more natural to have a wide funnel because doing so would have little cost compared to an introvert who prefers to avoid being social.

As time goes on in your game journey, it’s inevitable for your funnel to get narrower, because your mind will prevent you from entertaining situations that it knows has a low probability of success, a phenomenon that can only happen from experience. While decreasing your funnel size may seem like a decline, since it will likely lower the quantity of your success, it’s actually necessary to prevent burnout. Mindlessly repeating the same task to get similar results, especially if it’s not a necessity, is something that you will not be able to sustain indefinitely. Use a wide funnel for intense learning and then slowly narrow it as your skill level increases.

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