Christmas In Punta del Diablo (Uruguay)

I figure if you are going to spend Christmas alone, might as well do it from a quiet beach. Without cars, internet, malls, christmas trees and music, turkeys and hams, tinsel and static electricity, it wasn’t too bad.

View from my canbaña…


For more on Uruguay, check out my Uruguay travel guide.

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  • craig of

    I’m a big fan of Uruguay — sorta like the Indiana of South America

    craig of’s last blog post: Interviewed By TravelBlogs.

  • mike says

    not a bad way to go. happy holidays, roosh.

  • boc

    happy holidays man. good or bad, you’re living, and I wish I could do the same (career situation does not allow for it, just yet)

  • Sudamericana

    Good choice!!

    Oh, and since I am a Spanish spelling nazi, it’s cabaña, without the “n” …

  • Joe T.

    Roosh, I wonder what the cost of real estate is there in Uruguay. How much for a half acre or quarter acre of land close to the beach?

  • eugenius

    Happy Holidays! I drank to you…….a lot.

  • DanM

    A 500 M^2 lot (approx. 16m by 32m) two or three blocks off the beach runs about US$20K to US$30K right now. Two years ago they were closer to US$8K.

    My brother just built a new Hostel and bar there and my parents own two lots just about 3 blocks from the ocean. (

    The one side of the city slopes up-hill as you move away from the ocean, so even lots 4 blocks away have a good view of the ocean.

    I was there over thanksgiving, relaxing it is!

  • Roosh

    Dan: I stayed in your brother’s hostel for a night, but he packed us in the dorms like cattle!!! There was no space to move around and getting up in the middle of the night to take a piss was a hazard. I was pissed! That and it was a party hostel with all the irish people. I went to a cabana after one night and got some sleep.

  • Anonymous

    u guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not bad but not what I was frinken lookeing for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1